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November 2018 Featured Articles

Karma, Sanskrit karman (“action”), the universal causal law by which good or bad actions, thoughts, words determine the person’s future existence. This law of cause and effect is not punishment, but is for the sake of learning.
Here is what you need to know about karma.
  * The universe returns to us all our actions and feelings that we have caused in other people. In other words, our reality is the result of all our actions, thoughts, prayers and curses. So, if we want to be happy, live in peace and love, then we should BE happy, peaceful and loving.
What do you call it when a first responder has to make an on-the-spot, life-threatening judgement call? Or when a doctor must make that same decision in a surgery gone awry to save the patient’s life? There is usually more than one choice in those scenarios, yet it could mean the difference in life or death. This is what many would call intuition, or more importantly, a combination of rational and intuitive thinking.
Steve Jobs called intuition “more powerful than intellect” – and powerful leaders everywhere are expressing similar sentiments, ranging from Albert Einstein to Steve Appleton to Warren Buffett. Intuitive thinking, or “trusting your gut” has become such a powerful mindset in the cultures of many major companies today that over 44%....
Humans are historical people.  We all have our histories of life experiences that when unexamined define us in the present moment.  Our histories are our stories of how we made past experiences relevant then and now.  Sometimes we HAVE our history story and sometimes our history story HAS us.  One of the great lessons of life is to learn to observe ourselves as historical story telling beings. We consciously or unconsciously create our experience of the present moment from the past – this we call our baggage.  Likewise, we project our experience of future possibilities beyond this present moment of NOW from our same history.  When we are aware of ourselves as the interpreter and creator of our history stories, we can reframe our past and grow emotionally.
We can then KNOW and HAVE our history and live in a mood of Aliveness and Joy.  Conversely….

Everywhere you turn, “trauma-informed” seems to be the newest buzzword. You may find yourself asking, “What does trauma-informed mean and exactly how does that apply to me?
According to the SAMHSA (Substance Abuse and Mental Health Services Administration), trauma informed care is an organizational structure and treatment framework that involves understanding, recognizing and responding to the effects of trauma. There are several key principles rather than a prescribed set of practices or procedures. They are: 1.) Safety, 2.) Trustworthiness, 3.) Collaboration, 4.) Client empowerment, choice and voice and 5.) Recognition of differing cultural and gender issues.

October2018 Featured Articles

In Chinese Medicine, we have an analogy that explains how we view digestion by looking at a pot cooking over a fire: if the flame is too low, the food doesn’t cook properly. This is the same with a weak digestion. The digestive fire has to be strong in order to “cook”, or digest, the foods we eat properly. If the digestive fire is weak, we get uncomfortable digestive symptoms. The most important thing you can do is maintain a healthy and strong flame under the cooking pot. If you eat frozen or cold foods, the digestive fire will have to work harder and longer to cook the food. If you eat warm or room temperature foods, the digestive fire works with ease.

When I was earning my practitioners license from the Centers for Spiritual Living back in the late ‘90s I would drive home through the peaceful, expansive high desert of Nevada reflecting on all I was learning about the co-creative nature of reality and personal consciousness and responsibility. We were reading the classic writings of Ernest Holmes, Thomas Troward and others, and learning how to consciously move positive energy in our lives with our thoughts, prayers and consciousness. I would leave class filled with a sense of possibility about all I wanted to create and experience in my life. The beauty and expanse of the scenery driving home supported the beauty and expanse of the concepts I was immersing myself in. I was grateful to have found the tools to make my life the best it could possibly be. It felt like I was....

The Tragedy; Awareness of Multi-generational Trauma by Judith R. BrownHawk MS/P
Native Americans represent a very heterogeneous grouping of cultures. However diverse; Native Americans do share beliefs in unity, the sacredness of nature, and a focus on the community versus the individual. This racial group comprises 1.6% of the total United States Population.
Currently there are 565 federally recognized tribes in the United States. There are also tribes that are not federally recognized. Federally recognized tribes are provided health and educational assistance through a government agency called Indian Health Services. There are currently over 630 recognized First Nations or Bands spread across Canada. Those tribes who are not recognized, do not receive any help or funding...

The warrior is a child: Lessons I learned from my grandma. by Christine Hagerty
Let’s think back to the times when we were young, strong, and healthy. We could do anything and never give it a second thought. We were always helping others. For example: When friends needed help moving into a new home, we were there with a strong back and arms like a warrior. In fact, it made us happy to lend a helping hand when someone was in need. Helping others came easy and naturally to us. I remember when my grandmother was ill, I would mow her lawn, take care of her dog, do the shopping, and even helped her get ready for bed at night. I was happy to help and she often said that I was a blessing to her.

September 2018 Featured Articles

There is a wondrous creature living in the world. Elusive and delicate, sometimes bold and impetuous. Powerful and fierce and yet often they keep to themselves for fear of being in the spotlight. Capable of sensing the slightest change in the air and able to react with the deepest of conviction for the truth. This creature is known by many names, but most have known them as Empath.

It is common to hear tales of this empathic creature as being shy and introverted. Many times the world is just too much to bear for those that are sensitive to its ever changing chaos and uncertainty. For this group of empaths being in large crowds and around loud sounds is overwhelming....

Hypnosis for Children by Dan Pickel, Certified Hypnotist
Growing up in the Middle School and High School education system, can be very traumatic for young people. The stress and anxiety some students encounter can manifest in many ways (mental, emotional and even physical in the form of pain and discomfort). Often times, families are led to medication to help curb the negative effects of schooling, without any effort being given to mental health care. We’ve all seen violence in schools seemingly increase over the years, while no more attention seems to be paid to help our young people cope with the many stresses they face on a daily basis.

Medication, while sometimes helpful, can have a downside. The medications prescribed to children and young adults often come with side effects, can be difficult to obtain....

by Victoria Savage - “Wisdom Guided Oracle”
Did you know that your business has an aura too? Well it does, and it appears way before you walk into that networking or sales meeting.

Intellectually, you may have your “elevator speech” prepared and memorized perfectly, you’ve dressed for success, and your business cards and brochures are in hand and ready to be handed out to all interested parties. But as it turns out, no one seemed to hear you. It’s like you don’t exist. Hardly anyone even came up and talked to you after. Why??? Your product or service is valuable, affordable and really amazing and people would really benefit from it so why aren’t people responding to you?

Trigeminal neuralgia is a chronic pain condition that affects the trigeminal nerve, which carries sensation from the face to the brain. It is also called “tic douloureux”. It feels like an electric shock, and it can sometimes be intense. There are 12 pairs of cranial nerves in the head. The trigeminal nerves are among these pairs, and they let the face feel sensations. One nerve runs down each side of the head. Each trigeminal nerve splits into three branches, controlling the feeling for different parts of the face. The ophthalmic branch controls the eye, upper eyelid, and forehead. The maxillary branch affects the lower eyelid, cheek, nostril, upper lip, and upper gum. The mandibular branch runs the jaw, lower lip, and some chewing muscles. The disorder can affect any of the three nerve branches, causing pain from the forehead....

August 2018 Featured Articles

In the sacred Hindu text, The Bhagavad Gita, Sri Krishna says to his disciple, Arjuna, “It is better to strive in one’s own dharma than to succeed in the dharma of another. Nothing is ever lost in following one’s own dharma. But competition in another’s dharma breeds fear and insecurity.”
In translation, “dharma” equates to purpose, the path that a person walks which is most in alignment with him- or herself and what he or she came here to do. So, the above passage could also be translated, “It’s better to live in your own purpose than to succeed in someone else’s.”
What does this have to do with creating wealth? Everything!
Living an Empowered Life by the “Wisdom Guided Oracle” Victoria Savage, RN
Empowered! It’s such a buzz word! You hear it everywhere. So, what does that even mean? To live an empowered Life? Living from empowerment? Being empowered?
Well, here’s my two cents worth:
My definition of empowered living is acknowledging our power to direct the basic framework with the guidance of our power team…The Universe, (God, Source Energy, The Creator, Big Daddy,) your angels, and guides. This means you get to participate in moving forward rather than just holding on and hoping for the best.
Wouldn’t it be great if it were possible to heal a lifetime in a moment?! Unless Enlightenment strikes us, the other option is finding a process that works, employing a little focused effort to clear one pattern at a time, and doing it over and over for each pattern we have.
In fact, this is what I propose: that we can clear an entire pattern in one sitting, and that we effectively work on just one pattern at a time.
By clear I mean resolve, change, remove, heal and in some cases re-pattern an entire pattern of belief, thought and behavior you no longer wish to have.
By one sitting, I mean, change an entire pattern in one dedicated session.
Using ITEX dollars for Healthcare submitted by Sandra Harshman
How are your healthcare costs? Driving you freaking insane? Us too!
But you do have options. Along with HSA’s, self-insuring, or cancelling insurance altogether, many companies are reducing this employee expense by opting for higher deductibles and discontinuing dental and eye care insurance. This helps contain costs but reduces benefits to your team. To supplement this, consider using your ITEX account to replace some of these benefits.
By becoming a member of ITEX with Free membership weather you own a business or need services as an Independent Person consider joining ITEX to lower your Health Insurance costs for yourself, family members or your employees. Let me Show you How!

July 2018 Featured Articles

Emotion Freedom Technique (The Tapping Solution) by Dr. Jerry Cunningham
This innovative therapeutic technique started with an amazing discovery by Dr. Roger Callahan. He had been studying the meridian system from China that is often called Acupuncture. The meridian has what are know as end points. He had been treating a person named Mary who suffered from a severe water phobia from childhood. He had used several currently accepted psychotherapy procedures including hypnosis, cognitive behavioral therapy, client centered therapy with minimal success. One day he directed Mary to tap on a relevant acupuncture endpoint and she immediately reported that the discomforting phobic sensation regarding water had vanished.

Enhancing your loving nature by Pastor Christine Haggerty
When clients come in to see me for energy healing, they are often surprised that their relationships with family and loved ones also begin to improve. They soon realize that all relationships are based on Energy. They learn that positive relationships reflect love and understanding in every aspect of togetherness: mental, physical, emotional and spiritual. For example: The energy of a loving couple in an intimate relationship blends in a harmonious way, allowing love and good emotions to flow between them easily and freely. Conversely, when a couple is in a poor relationship, arguing and fighting, the energy fields don’t blend and flow. They actually clash and repel….

Testosterone Pellets for Women by Mary K. Migliori, MD
Remember the Righteous Brothers’ song, You’ve Lost That Loving Feeling?

She didn’t really lose it, she was just TESTOSTERONE deficient.

Seriously, testosterone is the first hormone to drop in women often as early as age 35 rendering a lower quality of life.

Rebecca Glaser, MD, breast surgeon and author of several articles on testosterone and breast cancer prevention states, “Testosterone is the most abundant biologically active female hormone. It is 20 times more active than estrogen and is essential for physical and mental health in women and is breast-protective.” In a radio interview, she stated, “Testosterone balances estrogen in breast tissue.”….

Hypnosis provides relief for many physical issues. People have used hypnosis for centuries, prior to the development of pharmaceutical drugs, for any manner of aches, pains and ailments. The mind/body connection is so strong, that hypnosis has been successfully used for surgeries, amputations and the healing of physical disease.

The cells of our stomach are riddled with nerve endings, more nerve endings in fact than in our spinal cord. It is for this reason that our stomach is sometimes referred to as a second brain….

June 2018 Featured Articles

Ways to Calm Your Mind by Stephanie Babauta, LAc
In Chinese medicine, there are many different systems of classification we use to help treat the body. One of those systems is called the Five Elements, which are five specific elements that have a mutual and direct relationship with one another. Each individual element generates the next one in the cycle, and they can also control one another. If there is an imbalance in one particular element, then its relationship with all the other elements can be affected.

The Five Elements in their sequential order are wood, fire, earth, metal, and water. Each element is correlated with certain seasons, organ systems, body tissues and orifices, colors, taste of foods, time of day, and even emotions.

Where Energy Flows, Healing Grows

Why is it that people tend to take better care of their automobiles than they do their own health? You know it’s ok to do both; taking care of your car and taking care of you……because you are worth it. Taking time for yourself should be a top priority in your life and taking care of your energy system is vitally important because energy is everything and everything is energy.

When energy flows through the body properly, you are in a state of health. This is the most fundamental truth about prana, the body, the mind, and our health. If the aura is clean, the meridians clear, and the chakras balanced….

Go Smudge Yourself!: a Brief Introduction to Smudges submitted by Altar Egos
We are often asked many questions about our smudges, the most common are: What do each of them do and What's the differences between them? Today, we are going to cover each one briefly, their uses and how they differ.

Probably the most well known smudge is Sage (featured bottom right). Sage is a small perennial plant with a woody stem. Its leaves have a grey hue, and its flowers range from blue to purple. Sage has a unique aroma profile, described as a warm, astringent fragrance with a sweetness kin to menthol. Magically, Sage has a variety of purposes including: …..

Born perfect, our soul enters this material world with a set of plans, goals, and intentions. With all the excitement the cosmos can muster, we leave our spiritual home for the adventure that only this world can provide. We have things to do and can’t wait to get started. Unfortunately it doesn’t take too long to realize that not everyone supports our trajectory. Diving head first into a sea of obligations, social requirements, limiting beliefs, and responsibilities it’s a wonder we ever remember the original plan of our soul. We are the proverbial babes in the woods, completely at the mercy of our caregivers and surrounding circumstances. As time beats on, life can beat us down. As we struggle to navigate this human life we eventually begin to forgo the plans of our soul and succumb to the survival of our physicality.


May 2018 Featured Articles

Every once in a while I will hear about some healing modality that promises easy emotional transformation without pain, or without having to revisit the trauma from the past.  When someone offers a “no pain” with “lots of gain” approach I say, hum…I’m not so sure about that.  The grist that creates revelations is in the struggle.  The true gifts of awakening lay waiting in the trapped energy of the past. 
In fact, real tansformation happens when we get brave, and venture to revisit feelings associated with some defining, painful life moment and....
Energy Work and Your Emotions by Beverly Hobbs, Integrated Energy Healer
Your emotions have a big influence on your body, especially ones that you deny you are feeling.  To deny your feelings you may push them out of your conscious thoughts and tell yourself that you have handled them. Poof! They are no longer there. But where did they actually go? They are still there. You may have pushed them to a deeper space within your body like your low back, your shoulder, or your gut, for instance. Problem solved until your body decides to get your attention by causing those areas to become inflamed or painful. Your usual plan of action may be to go to the doctor, who may run some tests or give you something for the pain. Those are good options and usually help.  What he probably won’t have time for is to ask about what is going on in your life….   
One of my main jobs as a Certied Rolfer is educator. Rolfing brings a new understanding of how the body functions in gravity and how to best embody the changes in a positive way. During Rolfing sessions I do my best to impart the Rolfing approach to structure and movement.
But the education process also extends into the community.
In my experience, the vast majority of people have never heard of Rolfing Structural Integration. Unfortunately, the ones who have, are often misinformed by others who have never had direct experience with RSI. A bit like getting your sex education from the kid down the block, who has never had formal education or experience!
Lifestyle Changes Effective in the Treatment of Depression...cont.  by  Dr. Jerry Cunningham
Recent research indicates that 15 million people (nearly 5% of the entire U.S. population) have been taking antidepressant medication for greater than 5 years.  Many are interested in discontinuing but encounter a condition called “discontinuation syndrome” causing their symptoms to return making coming off the medication difficult.  Given this difficulty, one might consider alternative lifestyle changes such as exercise, rumination mitigation techniques, and omega 3 supplements prior to medication when appropriate (remember to discuss with a holistic physician prior).

April 2018 Featured Articles

Telepathy is the language of communication in the spiritual realm. Imagine knowing the thoughts of all the people around you and having all your thoughts revealed without speaking. No one could manipulate or pretend to be other than who they are. All our motivations, fears, and loves would be exposed. Here on earth, our thoughts also influence our lives and the environment around us in significant ways, but not as quickly or as completely. We need to rely on verbal and written words to express our thoughts and how we give voice consciously or unconsciously has great power....


Do you try to eat as healthy as you possibly can but still suffer from occasional or frequent fatigue, brain fog, digestive issues, or other health-related problems? As much food as we eat on a daily basis in our whole lifetime, the education on nutrition that we receive while growing up is quite minimal and usually one-sided. We all hear about carbohydrates, fats, and proteins that make up the components of the foods that we eat. But have you ever wondered about or even acknowledged the idea of the energetics of the foods that we eat and how it can affect our bodies?


In our increasingly sick modern American culture, illness and disease are becoming more prevalent. In response to our dire health dilemma, Americans are witnessing the return of holistic healthcare modalities, as many people turn to ancient natural treatment methods to improve their health and wellbeing.

Reiki is one such modality with promising results. Reiki is NOT a religious belief. Reiki is an ancient hands on Japanese healing art. Reiki traditions maintain that we all have an ability to tap into an unseen healing force....


From losing a few to many pounds, weight loss is a common desire for almost everyone. When you think of the people in your life, how many do you know who are completely content with their weight?

Even with a million ways to lose weight, keeping the weight off is the real struggle. If you're like me, you've lost the weight, and then before you know it, you gain the weight back. Adding insult to injury, you probably gained a little more than you lost. It's almost as if your body is putting up resistance so you never try to lose weight again. 


March 2018 Featured Articles

I can't tell you how many times someone has stopped me to ask about the advertising magnets I have on each side of my car.  The magnets say:  Into the Light Pranic Healing.  People ask me all the time what the word "Pranic means".  It's a great way to begin a conversation and talk about healing energy and where that energy comes from.  Most people have heard of chakras and auras, but Pranic is a new term to many.  Prana, or Pranic is a term for "Life Force".  Every living thing has energy and that energy comes from a Life Force.  Pranic energy healers, can harness this prana....
Kidney stone disease is when a solid piece of material (a kidney stone) occurs in the urinary tract.

These stones typically form in the kidney and leave the body in the urine stream. A small stone may pass without causing symptoms. If a stone grows to more than 5 millimeters it can cause blockage of the urethra resulting in serve pain in the lower back or abdomen.

A stone may also result in blood in the urine, severe pain in the side and back, below the ribs, pain that comes in waves and fluctuates in intensity and radiates to the lower abdomen and groin, nausea and vomiting or frequent and painful urination, urinating small amounts as well as fever and chills if an infection is involved.


Most people think they understand the cause and effect of illness and injury. On the surface that makes sense to them as it is what they have been taught and experienced in their own lives. Germs cause illness, and medicine heals.  Injuries need medical attention to heal. Those work most of the time. But sometimes those methods don't completely resolve the problem. The treatments may make them sicker or cause new side effects.  People may never consider that there is another level of healing that needs to take place.  The human body runs on an unnoticed energy force. If you've ever looked through a microscope....


We open March with a Full Moon on the 1st, experience the New Moon on the 17th, and welcome Spring with the Equinox on the 20th.   March ends with the first Mercury retrograde period of 2018 which begins on the 22nd.

The Farmer's Almanac has published since 1792, "Planting by the Moon's Phase", an annual guide based on cycles of the Moon.  In the 2nd century AD, the astronomer Ptolemy noted that Roman Empire farmers timed their actions according to the phases of the Moon.  Grant Lewi, known as the Father of Modern Astrology, observed....

February 2018 Featured Articles

Wow, it's already February 2018! Life sure flies by when you're having fun!

New year, new hopes and new desires. The Angels are waiting to hear from you to see how they can help you with your dreams.  Just ask them for assistance with the intention and expectation that you be given an answer.  Being open and receptive to guidance is the key.  Your answer can come from a myriad of places; Angel messages and signs, your intuition, your Heart, your Knowing and from answers to your prayers.  Just ask and then listen.

Running through a field of us beating down every bit of new growth in the fields that define us on a daily basis, keeps us from sowing the seeds of self-care and love we need for ourselves. Allow your fields to rest and recover while you feed them so that when you sow the seeds you want to grow the ground will be ready to receive them.

The analogy of field and seeds applies to most things in life but especially to creating love in your life. The expression of love is the simplest and yet hardest thing we can do as a human. The human condition seems to be focused on our own shortcomings....

Because there is so much confusion in the media about bio-identical hormone replacement therapy (BHRT), I attended yet another conference in my search for the best delivery system. Dr. Briant Herzog, MD founded the Hormone Therapy Centers of America in Plano, Texas after placing over 20,000 hormone pellets in women and men with astounding results. The history of pellet therapy dates back to the 1930s.

After several hours of didactic review of the literature, we went to Dr. Herzog's office to talk to his patients and perform the quick procedure. Before placing his pellets, one gentleman told me....

When people think of the word "massage" they often come up with a variety of associations. Some think of massage "parlours' or Asian spas with less than therapeutic services, or day spas with luxuriously expensive beauty treatments. Some think of New Age hippies waving around sage and chanting unintelligible phrases whilst rubbing scented oils and herbs upon the bodies of their victims. These are the stereotypes that sincere licensed massage therapists are actively working to overcome, and with good reason.


January 2018 Featured Articles

Thyroiditis Disease, also known as Hashimoto's Thyroiditis, is an autoimmune disease in which the thyroid gland is gradually destroyed. The thyroid gland is part of the endocrine system, which produces hormones that coordinate many of the body's functions. Hashimoto's disease is the most common cause of hypothyroidism in America. It primarily affects middle-aged women but also can occur in men, women and children of any age.

The exact cause of Thyroiditis is not known, but many factors are believed to play a role. They include: autoimmune disease such as, rheumatoid arthritis, type 1 diabetes, lupus, genetics, hormones, and excessive iodine exposure. Those who get Thyroiditis disease or other autoimmune diseases, often have.....

Today I want to talk about stopping that cough naturally.  Seems like what I am hearing the most from folks that have had "the crud" is that the cough continues on forever.  Most of these coughs do not require a doctor's care but it can continue on for 2-3 weeks which is most irritating to say the least.
There are a lot of natural remedies that help.  I was reminded of a few of my favorite ones in a BottomLine article last fall and I have added some more to their list.
Both of the following can be most effectively used at bedtime when coughing prevents sleep so necessary to get well. The best recipe is.....
What is Integrated Energy Healing?
Integrated Energy Healing is the fluid integration of several energy healing modalities.  I believe that all healing modalities share the same central source but present different ways to access it.  I have evolved my own modality of healing through my 15 years of studying and practicing Reiki, Matrix Energetics, and other modalities. My approach recognizes the interactive relationship of the body, mind, and spirit in the process of illness, and healing. Thoughts and beliefs have energy that can influence the body.  Your thoughts, beliefs, and emotions may all play a part in the underlying causes of illness, injury or pain, or in blocking your healing.  You may be holding.....
We've all been there, life is going fairly well and then all of a sudden, it changes on a dime.  An accident, an illness, the loss of a job, the death of a loved one, the betrayal of a trusted friend, etc., and you feel like you've been hit from left field, you never saw it coming.  Your life has drastically changed and it will never be the same.  After the initial shock wears off and the dust settles, you take an inventory of what happened, what's the damage, what still works, what needs repairing, who can help, etc., and thus, the journey begins.  Your new beginning; and it usually starts with the smallest of baby steps.