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September 2020 Featured Articles
There have been so many ups and downs, strange happenings and unusual history making events these past few months that it’s got many people thinking that this might just be the end of the world.
It is the end of the world as we know it. We will never be the same!
It doesn’t seem like this right now on so many levels but Gaia couldn’t take any more, and mankind needed a shake-up. And this is just what we got.
What topic would you like to discuss? ANNA’S BIG LIFE ADVICE
Hello Hedra Readers,
Thank you for the questions and topics you submitted for this month’s issue.
One of the themes running through the topics submitted was “How do I manage my own well-being during these wild times?” This is such a great question and a really broad topic. I’ve put together a smorgasbord of strategies to help navigate the waters in which we find ourselves.
Testosterone and Heart Disease by Mary Migliori, MD
Is Testosterone safe for women and men with a history of a previous heart attack or congestive heart failure?
Years of successful Testosterone Replacement Therapy (TRT) in men and women with heart disease suggests it is safe, however, no long term studies have been done.
Testosterone is shown to keep cardiac arteries dilated around the heart by inducing the release of nitric oxide.  Open arteries provide more oxygen to heart tissue reducing the risk of heart attack.
What is heard without a word - The Amazing World of Canine Body Language by Shirley Scott
What’s your dog saying to you with his body? Canine body language is a large part of communication in the pack and with humans.
Playing - When playing, the ears are up and forward, usually the mouth is open and the eyes are relaxed. Dog to dog play is a way they learn to fight, hunt and reproduce. Many times the first move to initiate play is a bow or pawing the air at each other. It’s like they are telling each other that all the biting, growling and stalking is not serious, it’s playtime.
August 2020 Featured Articles

A Whale’s Tale by Pastor Christine Haggerty, M.Ed. 
A friend of mind recently sent an article to me about a whale.  I want to share this story with you because of its display of kindness and compassion.
A female humpback whale had become entangled in a spider web of crab traps and lines.  She was weighed down by hundreds of pounds of traps that caused her to struggle to stay afloat.  She also had hundreds of yards of line rope wrapped around her body, her tail, her torso, and a line tugging in her mouth.  This is really her story of giving gratitude.
How To Create Your Perfect Day by Geri Habstritt
Have you always known what you want your day to look like but you just can’t seem to make it happen? Energy follows intention. Without intention your daily flow will be determined by physical needs, habits, patterns, worldly influences and others around you that have more passion than you.
If you want to set your life in a new direction, then you must first set an intention.
Your Transformation Check List by Julie Matheson
Transformation is always possible. It starts with our mindset, how we think, how we talk to ourselves, and our ability to assess where we are now. Below is a checklist to help you determine where you are right now, today. Wherever you are is perfect. Let’s just assess. Awareness is how we go to the next level.
On a scale from 1 to 10 how are you feeling for each of the following categories?
1. I’m able to relax my mind and body when I need to.....
The Corona Virus seen through a Shaman’s Mind by Jonathan Hammond
At this tumultuous time on the planet, many of us are yearning for a spiritual context for the devastating Corona Virus and for higher guidance to show us the part that we are each to play in the global crisis that we now face. There are no easy or “pat” answers to these deep and troubling questions. My Hawaiian shamanic tradition postulates that the only universal truth is that “everything is,” and that everything else is merely something that someone made up. The waters that we are currently navigating are unchartered, so now more than ever, we must each individually feel into our hearts and minds for our own answers in order to find the next steps on our path.

July 2020 Featured Articles

Essential Grounding by Rand Gholson 
In these last few months, attending to our biological health and keeping emotionally healthy has been in the forefront of our entire society, indeed world-wide. An energy focused essential for healing our body or moving out of fear (and all that involves), is to have a grounded energy system.
Just as we need to ground the electrical feeds to our homes, we need to maintain effective grounding for our body and its energy systems to provide adequate access to the flow of energies through us.
When we hear, are we truly Listening? By Pastor Christine Haggerty
Listening is one of the most loving things you can do for someone. It can lift the emotional burdens and allow the heart to gently heal. It’s the key to the beginning of true transformation. It helps us to build a bridge of understanding and reconciliation. Listening comes before forgiveness. Forgiveness is the pathway to a higher quality of relationship with your partner, family members, neighbors, your community, and with the world. Here’s the question we need to ask ourselves: Are we willing to be good listeners?
Skin Problems or Liver Issue? Healing Psoriasis, Acne, Hives, Vitiligo by David DeHaas
It was clear. The Doctors had no clue on what was going on. “Probably Contact dermatitis of some kind he muttered.” He handed me a prescription and said, Fill this and I want to see you in a month.” Could this be an allergy or the result of some type of toxin?” I asked. The doctor shrugged and hurried off to his next appointment. I walked out of the office and said to myself, time to double down on cleansing because this prescription is not the answer. Sure, it gave some relief for a bit, but I knew this wasn’t a long-term fix.

June 2020 Featured Articles

Is that Mine or Yours? by Julie Matheson
So often after an unpleasant interaction with another, I have heard others say, or I have said to myself, Was that theirs or was that mine? In other words, where does the responsibility lie in certain interactions when things go wrong? For anyone who cares about conscious communication, this is a natural question to ask. Conscious, responsible people naturally want to own their part in things and make things right when things go haywire. Further, how can we know where to start unless we first assess what happened? Asking was that theirs or mine seems like a reasonable place to start.
Animals aren’t human! by Shirley Scott 
What wonderful movies us humans come up with to humanize animals.
Domesticated animals came from the wild a long time ago and they have their own DNA. This DNA tells them who they are and how to act and react to situations.
Many people don’t live in a survival mode because we have phones for emergencies, money for food, running water, electricity and basic things many of us take for granted. This is why most of us don’t understand animals.
Animals live in a different world than we do. They live in a world of survival first.
The Wonderment Of You! by Kirstin Gooldy
Hello beautiful Souls! What a doozy of a few months it has been, wouldn’t you agree? To my surprise, I had to dig deep, reclaim who I Am and step forward into the great unknown in an even bigger way than I am used to – and I often play big! I am sharing with you at bit of my experience over the last two months. As you read, I ask that you find yourself within these words. Acknowledge the wonderment of you, reflect in awe who you are. It is with you and your unique Soul expression fully realized that we begin to envision and create a world beyond dreams.
If Your Liver Could Talk by David DeHaas
The Liver is a fascinating organ, comprised of 50,000 bile ducts tasked with filtering the blood and doing some 2000+ tasks each and every day.
If you have been diagnosed with a hormone issue or a thyroid issue you need to look further inward and ask the question why? 
Why are my hormones off?
Why is my thyroid not functioning properly?
What you will find is a toxic liver. If you were to take a walk thru the liver you would probably find heavy metals, pathogens, neurotoxins and parasites. The average body today has over 80,000 chemicals in it. Your poor liver is carrying a heavy burden.

May 2020 Featured Articles

Tell Me Something I Don’t Know…. by Lady J
Today I want to talk about communicating better with fewer misunderstandings. Originally it came from an organization called Slack; it was meant for the workplace. However, I am adapting it to our current situation whether it’s sheltering in place or working from home if you are lucky enough to be able to do that. We are, as a society, using a lot more digital and virtual communication tools than we ever had. Here are 7 ways to help be sure that you are communicating what you think you are communicating....
Navigating with Fuel, Fun & Focus by Geri Habstritt
Fear no more, the 3 F’s are here. Whenever a predominant energy exists (fear), the opposite energy is also available; unfortunately, this energetic availability isn’t broadcasted via the media. This is the nature of living in a world of polarity.
How do you break free from fear? First you must realize it’s an illusion created by the ego. Yes, it feels very real while you are in it and you will create all kinds of events and circumstances that will support it. However, when these events appear, you have the opportunity to remember the powerful creator you are and release instantly that which no longer serves.
Immune Preparedness in a World of Viral Exposure by Mary Migliori
Our world is in a state of panic and economic upheaval due to the novel coronavirus.
A quote I’ve lived by this week is: “Deal with the big while it is still small.”
Here, Covid-19 represents the “BIG” while our symptoms are the “SMALL.”
Symptoms are clues into how prepared our immune system is to deal with the BIG. These symptoms develop from a variety of environmental and genetic factors.
The American Academy of Anti-Aging states that illness is comprised of 20% genetic factors and 80% environmental factors. Lifestyle habits, stress, diet, detoxification and....
April 2020 Featured Articles

We Are Birthing by Geri Habstritt
EVERYTHING is birthing right now. The trees are budding with new flowers. The ducks are preparing to birth their ducklings and all of humanity has been mandated to their homes to birth themselves. Birthing is painful and often not much fun until the baby is born. We have all been given a gift, in the form of a virus, as a time out from the treadmill of life. We’ve been given an opportunity to go inward and reflect, re-organize, create and renew. At the end of our incubation period we will come out anew. How we do this is individual.
Many will use this time to go deeper into fear, hoard, obsess and ride a downward spiral of self-created hell. Others will reflect on their lives, the path the.... 

In Times Like These... by Julie Matheson
This morning I canceled a business trip. It is not the first event I’ve had to rethink. Almost all group events are being postponed with no new dates yet being offered. Classes are being cancelled and students everywhere are tuning in on-line instead. Graduation ceremonies will be done virtually. Weddings are being postponed. Businesses are asking employees to work from home. Grocery stores have unusually empty shelves. Whole cities and states are being locked down. Surreally, we find ourselves in the midst of a global pandemic.
In times like these, our first response is to ask, “Is this real? Should I be concerned? What is really happening?” Once we determine the reality of the situation, our next question....

Which do I use, Ice or Heat? by Kym Thomas
The application of ice or heat on an aching muscle depends on the stage of the injury. All muscle pain is not created equal. Ice is best used on acute injuries (an injury that occurred up to 48 hours ago). Heat works well on chronic injuries (an injury that has been around for a long time and keeps reoccurring or an injury that is in the maturation stage, when mobility and strength is the focus).
Ice decreases pain directly, reduces swelling and inflammation, and perhaps most importantly, decreases metabolism of the cells so they don’t need more oxygen than is available. The result is....

Boosting the Immune System with Energy by David DeHaas
Can electricity change your Internal Being, thereby boosting your Immune system?
We are energy Beings. We have One big flow of electrical communication centers throughout the entire body. When energy gets blocked, usually from Stress, we can use many different means to change the interrupted energy pathways. Each and every cell, of which there are over 50 Trillion, uses energy to move nutrients to restore, repair, and communicate to keep you functioning.


March 2020 Featured Articles

Musings on March by Stephanie Telesco
“….We live in a radically participatory, co-creative universe that is saturated with divine intelligence and care.” ¹
We begin the month with Mercury over halfway through its first retrograde period of 2020.  Mercury rules many things from our communications, how we talk and write, our intelligence and memory on the personal level, to computers, mail, contracts, travel and transportation in the world.  Stories abound of computer failures, travel delays, document mistakes, automobile problems, communication misunderstandings during Mercury retrogrades.  However, life does not stop nor can it, so this time begs the question, what is the most skillful, best co-creation? 
The Art of Self Care by Mark Cook, ART (Regd)
It’s often said, “the best offense is a good defense” and that really comes into play with the coronavirus and personal health care in general. The headlines read coronavirus this, coronavirus that. You could scare yourself to death reading or watching the news these days. But it isn’t just this virus, improving your immune system through lifestyle changes is a good idea in any case. A heart concern made me realize I wasn’t eating a diet that helped my heart (or general health) one bit. And now I eat a tasty, nutritious, fun diverse diet and eating is a lifestyle change blessing. This wake up call allowed me to focus on enjoying improving my lifestyle and learning what is best for “me”. You can die a number of ways, but improving your immune system and lifestyle probably won’t be one of them. Take time for a life “reboot”. The coronavirus is just....
Could it be Your Thyroid? by Mary Migliori, MD
Feeling tired with chronically cold hands and feet?
Is your quality of life where you want it?
If you think you could feel better, then, finish reading this article.
Dr. Mary, director of Integrative Medicine of Idaho is constantly researching and looking for the fountain of youth. There is no one fountain of youth but there are many little fountains that restore youth in our aging bodies.
The most important hormone in our bodies is our thyroid!
Your energy production and overall health depends on how well your....
Obsessive Compulsive Disorder by Charles Lightwalker
Obsessive Compulsive Disorder (OCD) is a mental disorder found in persons who have certain thoughts repeatedly called obsessions. The need to perform certain routines repeatedly are called compulsions. This may occur when a person is unable to control either their thoughts or activities for more than a short period of time. The typical obsessions are fear of contamination or dirt, needing things orderly and symmetrical, aggressive or horrific thoughts about harming self or others, unwanted thoughts, including aggression, sexual acts or religious subjects and more. For example fearing that family members might get hurt if they don’t put their clothing on in the exact same order every morning, fear of being contaminated by touching object others have touched, worry about whether one has remembered to lock the door or turned off the stove, intense stress....
February 2020 Featured Articles

Time to Love Again by Pastor Christine Haggerty
If I could lean in close to you and whisper something in your ear, it would be this: “If there are pieces of your past that are weighing you down, it’s time to leave them behind. You are not what has happened to you. You are someone unimaginably greater than you have ever imagined, and perhaps it’s time to consider all the possibilities that are within you. The time is now to let the love flow that has been trapped inside your heart and soul.”
Most of us have been hurt by love in some way, and often after that injury, we tend to build a wall of protection around us so we are never hurt again. We start to distrust others and begin to see the world in a dark way. We block ourselves off from seeing the beauty and love all around us, and we begin.... 

7 Hermetic Principles of the Universe By Nate Gatfield
If you want to learn to control your life in ways that you never thought possible, I suggest learning how to use the 7 Hermetic Principles of the Universe. The 7 Principles or laws come from The Kybalion, which is based on the sacred writings of Hermes Trismegistus. I will give a brief description for those that have not heard of them, with a sample of how they have helped me.
#1: Principle of Mentalism- All is mind and everything is mental. Everything first started as a thought and everything that is experienced in life is mental. Life is experienced through electrical pulses from our senses to create the world we live in. This principle helps me understand how to manifest things in my life with more ease.
The Surprising Secret to Health and Longevity By Linda and Charlie Bloom
While it may not surprise you that Americans spend twice as much on health care as do other developed countries, what may surprise (and disturb) you is how little we get for our money. According to a recent article in the AARP Bulletin, in a 2011 study of 17 industrialized countries, American men ranked last in life expectancy (75.6 years) and American women ranked next to last (80.7 years). More disturbingly, the gap between America and other countries has been widening for the past three decades!
Concerned about these statistics, the National Institute of Health ordered a broad study of U.S. deaths from a variety of sources, including drugs, alcohol, obesity, diabetes, lung disease, heart disease, and homicide. According this study, researchers found what they called....
Have You Been On An Emotional Roller Coaster As Of Late? By Victoria Savage RN
If you’re anything like the rest of us lately, you’ve been on a huge emotional, physical roller coaster! There’s good reason for this from an astronomical point of view.
I’m not going to elaborate on that further as there are experts in that field with lots of information regarding that for you to read. But it is helpful to know why you’ve been so thrown from pillar to post. This is a time of great change for the human race and it’s time for you to awaken to your power, gifts and desires. You! The lightworkers out there.
How do you know if you’re one? That’s pretty easy right now!

January 2020 Featured Articles

Keep Your Spark Alive by Christine Haggerty
Let’s begin this new year by dedicating ourselves towards creating a more positive mindset, a new way of seeing the world, and more importantly, a new way of being. As we enter into the new year, I’d like to present to you a four-step approach that will begin the process of personal renewal and help to keep your ‘spark of life’ burning bright.
1. Hope: We all must have hope. Not just wishing for hope but to truly experience hope. To have hope in your heart no matter what life may throw your way. If you lose hope, you lose vitality in life. You stop thriving and are only surviving. It is the power of hope in your life that makes all the difference. Hope is the belief that life gets better.
January and Winter Snow by Susan Ozimkiewicz
January became the first month of the year about 700BC after the Roman King Pompilius added it to the calendar along with February. Janus is the ancient Roman god of beginnings and endings plus he is the god of gateways, gates, door and doorways. He had two faces one looking back and the other forward.
Winter is the season when the world slows down. As snow falls and covers the earth in some areas as an insulating blanket one knows it is winter time. People pull back their energy and hibernate too. They might reflect on what was accomplished in the last year and formulate new ideas as seeds to plant for the coming year....
Reforge Your Life with Mantras! by Kathleen Karlsen
Everyone experiences heartbreak of some kind. We’ve all got our life credentials. A few years ago I had an experience that was deeply painful. I had formed what I believed would be a lifelong partnership to fulfill an incredible spiritual vision. I was completely invested on every level—financially, emotionally, psychologically and spiritually.
Suddenly my partner changed directions without explanation. Everything that we were building and planning came to an abrupt halt. I was devastated. I could hardly sleep or breathe or move or think. But when a door closes, a window opens. In the aftermath of that experience, I began to practice a new way to heal my heart: I was chanting.
Energy Testing - Getting the Information From the Body by Rand Gholson
Most people consider every testing of the muscles to either be a magical thing or fraud. Both considerations come from a lack of knowledge and experience.
Testing the muscles for strength and the integrity of the muscle is generally termed muscle-testing of applied kinesiology, another term is biomechanics. These tests are utilized to test the integrity of the muscle’s energy flow.
In the modality “Touch for Health” this was taken to new levels of response in the 1970’s and used for muscle groups that individually received their energy flow from specific Meridians (from Chinese Medicine). In this context the ‘muscle tests’ became more specific to determining the flow of a Meridian and if blocked, connecting...