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                                        than the sign you’re accustomed to. Sidereal astrology is different from traditional tropical astrology, so your regular sun and rising signs may not apply in a sidereal reading or forecast.  If you need to look up your sidereal sign placements, use the easy online calculator at to find out for free.

April marks the beginning of our annual celestial slowdown, so expect the pace of life to shift as we move through the month. Even while Mercury has resumed direct motion, Jupiter, Saturn and Pluto will all take turns entering retrograde as we progress through the month.

Watch for secrets to be revealed and for hidden information to come to light in the days near April 2nd, when Mercury meets up with Neptune in Aquarius. Gossip and scandal are a real risk at this time.

Long term agreements which may have seemed difficult or impossible to come to accord on in the past two months may show signs of progress near the the 7th, when Mercury and Saturn exchange friendly greetings.

Artistic inspiration and deep insights are favored near April 10th, as are financial negotiations and discussions with influential and powerful people.

Obstacles and limitations may come up which prevent us from really moving forward, however. Unmet obligations and outstanding commitments require attention, and that can slow the pace of progress.

Jupiter stations retrograde in watery Scorpio the same day, reducing our ability to make headway and slowing growth as he retraces his steps between now and August 11th.

Personal growth and development are emphasized when Jupiter retrogrades, as our desire to learn and explore is turned inward toward our inner selves. Our ideas and philosophies on life and living come up for reconsideration and what we’ve outgrown can be discarded now. Opportunities for self discovery may come up, and it’s possible we may learn something new about ourselves or our beliefs.

Check your natal chart to see which house Scorpio occupies for a clue as to where your best opportunity lies for second chances and do-overs.

Love commitments made near the 12th of April are lasting and sincere, and any business arrangements entered into near this time are likely to be long term.

The same day, Mercury re-enters Pisces after returning to direct motion late last month, now resuming his tour through the sign of his fall. Recall that a planet in fall is in a weakened condition, its strength undermined by its circumstances. To have the planet of communication in the most private of signs is risky at best, and Mercury will be here, in debilitated state, until early May. Keep private matters private.

Mars acts up when he goes out of bounds on the 20th of April--his best and worst qualities will be on display in all of us through mid June.

When Mars is out of bounds--meaning when he orbits north beyond the Tropic of Cancer or south beyond the Tropic of Capricorn--we have a tendency to become more headstrong, driven and ambitious than usual. Our courage runs higher, though with Mars retrograde that may be a courage to face our inner adversary over an outer one.

We can also be far more self centered, impulsive and overly aggressive than we might otherwise be, and coupled with the tendency of Mars retrograde to make us collectively irritable and frustrated with delays and detours, out of bounds he’s even more likely to influence us to over react in rash and perhaps uncharacteristically violent ways.

We pick fights unprovoked, and overreact in anger. Be aware of this tendency and cultivate patience and compassion for yourself and for others. Practice forgiving and forgetting. This influence lasts until mid June, when Mars returns from out of bounds travel on the 12th.

On the 24th Pluto stations retrograde late in his tour of sidereal Sagittarius, an annual window for turning inward to heal, explore the psyche, and renew and regenerate through our private inner worlds.

The pace of transformation and healing may seem to slow or even stall during this time, and issues involving sex, death, transformation, wealth, authority, influence, or power may come up for reexamination and transformation. This influence lasts just over five months, through October 3rd.

Then, at month’s end, Saturn begins his five month long retrograde in Sagittarius, giving readers of all signs an opportunity for a bit of a breather in the house Sagittarius occupies in the natal chart.

Sagittarius marks where we are being challenged through difficult lessons, and with the taskmaster planet in a weakened state we’ll collectively get a reprieve--at least until after September 18th when Saturn finally returns to direct motion.

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Apr. 15 - May 15: Aries - You could have the opportunity to begin a new solo project at the early April new moon in Pisces, so watch the days around April 5th for news or make your own opportunity by starting one in the days following. This is an excellent time for exploring spiritual pursuits and discovering new self care practices. A joint project or partnership matter may be coming to a conclusion at the full moon in Libra April 19th. You can use the 10 days after the full moon to wrap up any final details.

May 15 - June 16: Taurus - The new moon brings a renewal of activity to your social life in early April, dear Taurus. You could receive a social invitation through a professional contact or make a new friend through a group activity. This is also your best opportunity all year to take action toward a long held hope or dream you’d like to see through to fruition. You may be finishing up an important work project near the April 19th full moon--don’t hesitate to enlist the help of a friend if you need.

June 16 - July 17: Gemini - Early April could find you in the initial stages of a whole new professional project which could ultimately have an educational influence on you and help broaden your mental horizons. Travel and continuing education related to this project boost your career profile, as can publicity efforts. Is that love in the air at the full moon, dear Gemini? Maybe. . . maybe it’s an opportunity to finish up an important creative project or to take a calculated risk. As ruler of this 5th House full moon Venus is unaspected, which gives a wild card effect. So, any of these--and a host of other outcomes--are possible.

July 17 - Aug. 18: Cancer - You could be getting involved in a publishing or broadcasting venture or even begin planning a trip somewhere far away as April gets underway, dear Cancer. If you’ve been thinking about going back to school, there may be grant or loan money available to you to make that possible. Then at the full moon April 19th finish up a project you’ve been working on around the home, and you’ll likely find yourself pleased with the result.

  Aug. 18 - Sept. 18: Leo - Financial matters are likely to have your attention in early April, and if you can enlist the help of a partner in clearing through the confusion you’ll have an easier time. When the full moon arrives April 19th you may find yourself traveling to somewhere nearby. Financial matters may have you deep in negotiations, and though Venus is unaspected and therefore a bit of a wild card, the good news is she is still exalted in Pisces and therefore likely to express her best qualities on your behalf.
Sept. 18 - Oct. 18: Virgo - A partnership opportunity could come your way through a coworker or employee near the new moon in Pisces April 5th. Or, make your own opportunity by taking action on a joint venture in the days just after the new moon. If you followed planetary guidance and took steps to increase your income at the new moon in Libra last November you could see your efforts paying off in the days near the April 19th full moon.
Oct. 18 -Nov. 17th: Libra - Your creativity could lead to a job offer near the new moon, dear Libra, so be sure to be paying attention if the idea has appeal. Or, you can turn your hobby into an employment opportunity by leveraging your knowledge and skill set. This is a risk that can pay off if taken now. Then at the full moon, something very personal to you may be drawing to a close, or a familiar role may be ending as you prepare to move on. Take heart--in the long run, it’s very likely for the best.
Nov. 17 - Dec. 17: Scorpio - Does this month find you looking to conceive, dear Scorpio? You could do that now--or, spend that creative energy on a new hobby at this new moon instead, such as photography, film, or theater. Your home can provide an inspirational setting for your new “baby”. A parent may support you, too. At the full moon take steps to put the finishing touches on a solo project you’ve been working on and then take some time to yourself to relax before you launch it into the world.
Dec. 17th - Jan. 15: Sagittarius - Your home and family life are in the spotlight as the April 5th new moon arrives, You might be in the process of beginning a home improvement project or helping a parent, and a neighbor or sibling may be in a position to help. Then at the full moon April 19th, go out and do something fun with a friend. Enjoy yourself, you deserve it.

Jan. 15th - Feb. 13: Capricorn - Don’t be surprised if changes are afoot in your neighborhood in early April, dear Capricorn, as the April 5th new moon will activate your solar 3rd House ruling neighbors and your immediate environment. You could hear from or about a sibling or extended family member, as a few other possibilities. Or, take the initiative and reach out yourself via phone, text, or email. Late April marks the time to be putting the finishing touches on a professional project or important career matter, one which could win you a measure of recognition.
Feb. 13 - Mar. 15: Aquarius - The April 5th new moon could bring an income opportunity, dear Aquarius, so keep an eye on the days before and after. If nothing manifests just make your own mojo by taking steps to boost your income in the days just after the new moon--your ingenuity is the key to unlocking prosperity. In late April you could find yourself taking a trip to somewhere distant, or exploring foreign cultures and new ideas through study and reading. Legal matters may arise for some Aquarius readers.
Mar. 15 - Apr.14: Pisces - April 5th marks your birthday new moon, dear Pisces, a once-yearly opportunity to begin something really special. This year, follow your most secret dreams or embark on a solo project of some kind and discover a whole new you. Spiritual pursuits and quiet reflection can offer avenues to explore your identity. If you’ve been working to get funding for something important, it may finally come through near the April 19th full moon. Watch for news within the four days just before and after.