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                                                       Be sure to read for your sidereal sun and rising sign, which may be different
                                        than the sign you’re accustomed to. Sidereal astrology is different from traditional tropical astrology, so your regular sun and rising signs may not apply in a sidereal reading or forecast.  If you need to look up your sidereal sign placements, use the easy online calculator at to find out for free. (See Chart Below)

     Tempers could flare suddenly in early December, burning hot and unusually slow when Mars and the sun square off in the opening days of the month. We must learn to pick our battles strategically and to let go of perceived slights.
     Neptune complicates matters on the 5th when he squares off with the sun in watery Scorpio. Disillusionment can leave us feeling angry or argumentative, or even inclined to retaliation.
      On the 6th of December Mercury returns to direct motion, making for an unpredictable day. Give this one some space before doing anything important, as Mercury will behave erratically near this date.
     The new moon in Scorpio arrives on the 7th, auguring a new cycle of transformation which is structural in nature and which burns away our illusions and denial.
     This is an opportunity to embark on deep dives which result in personal transformation and opportunities for emotional and psychological healing.
     Spend time enjoying traditions near the 16th, when Venus and Saturn join forces to cast a nostalgic mood over the last days of the week. We are primed to take pleasure in family heirlooms, traditions, and rituals at this time.
     The sun moves into Sagittarius on the 17th to stay until mid January, emphasizing a collective desire to connect with loved ones--sometimes across great distances--in celebration, observance, or in fellowship and communion.
      The sun joins Saturn and Pluto already transiting Sagittarius, and Mars and Pluto shake hands in a friendly greeting that same day. Both worldly and mental explorations are energized, and offer a profoundly transformative experience.
     Surprises are possible near the 20th, when the sun and retrograde Uranus connect in the fire signs. A sudden change of circumstances or a fortuitous turn of events could provide unexpected benefits.
     The 21st could turn out to be a lovely day, with a dreamy, romantic or fantastical vibe to it. Mercury and Jupiter team up for their third and final time this year, bringing good news, plenty of conversation, and excellent travel prospects during the December holiday season.
     This is an excellent weekend to take in a film or theater performance and truly enjoy yourself.
     The full moon in Gemini December 22nd heralds a crescendo of conversation, commerce and travel just before year’s end, as the world collectively wraps up another year.
     Use these last days of December to finalize details and complete any unfinished business from 2018 so that you can make a clean, fresh start early in the coming year.
     This is a great time to be thinking about what major initiation you’d like to make in early 2019, when we have the support of every planet in the solar system in direct motion all at once.
     Go ahead and make your new year’s resolution, but don’t start it until after the first new moon of the year and Uranus, our final retrograde rebel, returns to direct motion on the 7th. This major new moon--a solar eclipse in fire sign Sagittarius--brings a stellium into play, and you’ll want to harness this power with intention and a plan to make the most of it.
     Mars will move into watery Pisces on the 24th, a six week long stay lasting until early February. Fiery Mars is less at home in Pisces than in other signs, but can urge us to spend time relaxing, seeking out spiritual pursuits, and escaping from the bustle and stress of the outside world.
     A misunderstanding or other challenging news could make this turn out to be the kind of day you wish you’d just stayed in bed.
     Late in the month, Venus and Pluto team up to set the tone for year end celebrations. Holiday parties scheduled near the 28th can be full of sparkle and sizzle, so make your plans accordingly.

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Apr. 14 - May 15: Aries - The new moon December 7th activates your 8th House of other people’s money, bringing an opportunity for you to benefit from the generosity of another within +/- four days. If you need access to funds or other resources, use this new moon to make your request or submit your application. Then at the full moon December 22nd, take a trip to somewhere nearby, or finish up a writing project, report, sale, or negotiation.
May 15 - June 15: Taurus - Watch for activity in your marriage and partnership sector within +/- four days of the new moon December 7th. An opportunity for a joint project could come your way, or you may decide to begin something in cooperation with a partner. Or, you could make a long term commitment near this date. At the late December full moon, you could see an influx of cash--such as a raise--to your earned income sector, or sell off a possession you no longer need.
June 15 - July 17: Gemini -  The last new moon of the year is your best opportunity to turn over a new health leaf, dear Gemini, so if you’re considering making a health or diet related resolution for the coming year, don’t wait. Start just after the new moon December 7th and set yourself up for greater long term success. This full moon a highly personal project or role may be coming to an end. If you’ve been working on an important project, use the days just after December 22nd for the finishing touches.
July 17 - Aug. 17: Cancer - This new moon activates your romance and true love sector, bringing a sparkle to your love life this holiday season. If you’re single and looking, be out and about for the best chance to meet someone new. If you’re wanting to start a family, you can try now. Or, if you’re happily single, you can use this new moon to initiate an important creative project. Wrap up a solo project and get it ready for presenting in the days following the full moon in Gemini, on December 22nd. If you’re wanting to quit an addiction or dependency of any kind, use this full moon to let it go for good. Find a healthy habit to replace it.
Aug. 17 - Sept. 17: Leo - A family matter could arise near the Scorpio new moon December 7th, dear Leo, so watch within +/- four days. Or, a home or property related matter may capture your attention. If you are considering looking for new digs or starting a home improvement project, make your start in the days just after the new moon. Then at the full moon December 22nd, spend time with a friend, or fulfill a long held hope or dream instead.
Sept. 17 - Oct. 18: Virgo - The Scorpio new moon activates your solar 3rd House of travel and communication, bringing a travel opportunity or other news within +/- four days of December 7th. Make your own opportunity by taking steps to plan a short trip or start a dialogue in the days just after the new moon. Inner healing and shadow work may be relevant themes at this time. You could be recognized for your professional contributions near the December 22nd full moon in Gemini.
Oct. 18 -Nov. 17th: Libra - n income opportunity could come your way near the new moon in Scorpio December 7th, watch for news within +/- four days. Or, make your own income opportunity by taking steps to start a side hustle, second job, start a business, or make your case for a raise at work. Take action in the days just after the Scorpio new moon. The Gemini full moon December 22nd lights up your international sector, the perfect time to publish a new book, launch a product or tour, or take a trip somewhere far away. If you need to make a presentation to an international audience, do so with this full moon
Nov. 17 - Dec. 16: Scorpio - The December 7th new moon is very special for you, dear Scorpio, as it marks your birthday new moon and you get to choose how to use it. Dream big, and then be sure to take action in the days just after December 7th. Watch your financial sector for news within +/- four days of the full moon December 22nd. This could have to do with a sizeable sum, too. You could receive funds from a loan, inheritance, or windfall.
Dec. 16th - Jan. 15: Sagittarius - This new moon could see you beginning a solo project you’ll work on largely in private in the coming months. Or, you may embark on a highly personal inner journey of healing and evolution. You can initiate shadow work quite successfully in the days near December 7th. Then at the full moon in Gemini December 22nd, put the finishing touches on a joint project or finalize a partnership arrangement.
Jan. 15th - Feb. 13: Capricorn - The December 7th new moon lights up your social sector, bringing social engagements and invitations your way. You could make important new friends who influence your life in profound ways through these events. A work related matter comes to an end near the December 22nd full moon. A job could end, or a project may be in the final stages, and so use the last days of December to wrap things up before the new year starts.
Feb. 13 - Mar. 15: Aquarius - Watch for a career opportunity to come up within +/- four days of December 7th when the new moon in Scorpio touches your 10th House. Or, if you’ve been thinking of taking your career to the next level, polish up your resume and ask for that promotion or put in for a new position. Then, at the full moon, put the finishing touches on a creative project
Mar. 15 - Apr.14: Pisces - Your international sector plays host to the Scorpio new moon, dear Pisces, and may welcome a travel opportunity with it. Or, you could choose to go back to school, or to write a book, for instance. Watch the days near December 7th, or make your own opportunity by taking action if you’d like to do any of those things, This is also a good time to bring a legal case. A family matter may be winding down at the full moon in Gemini December 22nd, or, if you’ve been in the middle of a home improvement project or real estate deal of some sort, the end may finally be in sight.