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                                                       Be sure to read for your sidereal sun and rising sign, which may be different
                                        than the sign you’re accustomed to. Sidereal astrology is different from traditional tropical astrology, so your regular sun and rising signs may not apply in a sidereal reading or forecast.  If you need to look up your sidereal sign placements, use the easy online calculator at to find out for free.

August opens on the heels of the July 31st new moon in sidereal Cancer, just as Mercury returns to direct motion. The month brings several sign changes for the faster moving personal planets, shifting the focus of our collective attention, consideration, energy, and priorities as August progresses.

Jupiter, the planet of growth and expansion, joins Mercury in returning to direct motion August 11th, after a longer four month retrograde which began last April. With both planets ruling over mental activities such as thinking, learning, reasoning, and communication returning to normal orbit at long last, progress comes more easily, with less need for rehashing details, correcting errors of judgement and clarifying miscommunications and misunderstandings.

At the same time, Uranus--the planet of surprises and sudden events--begins his annual retrograde in Aries, the sign of exploration and forging new paths into unknown territory. Uranus grants insights and eureka moments, and while retrograde in the sign of the self, those insights may be shockingly personal in nature.

This presents an opportunity for inner exploration of our own behavior and surprising realizations around extremes of selfishness versus selflessness from August 11th through early January, a traditional time for turning over a new leaf for the new year. Look for ways to reinvent yourself in the house Aries occupies in your sidereal natal chart.

The sun will meet up with first Venus, then Mars as we move from August into early September, marking potentially one of the most important days of the year for readers with Taurus, Libra, Aries, or Scorpio sun or rising signs. Taurus and Libra readers, mark your calendars for August 14th near the full moon, and Aries and Scorpio readers will want to note September 2nd. You may find yourself at the center of attention or in the spotlight in some way near one of these dates, if you are affected.

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Apr. 15 - May 15: Aries - Early August could see you settling into a new living arrangement or making a fresh new change in your home or family environment. The mid month full moon in Capricorn is the ideal time to put the finishing touches on a professional project you’ve been working on. Then, make room in your schedule for romance at the month’s end when new moon in Leo activates your romance and creativity sector. Or, start a new artistic endeavor and let your creative juices flow.

May 15 - June 16: Taurus - Early August could bring opportunities through neighbors, siblings, or extended family members such as aunts, uncles or cousins, so keep an eye on happenings in your immediate vicinity for a surprising turn of events. Then at mid month you could find yourself taking a long distance trip, or you may have dealings with a foreigner or someone who lives quite distant from you--possibly a woman--who can help you get clear on your priorities. Late in the month you’ll want to gear up for a brand new start in your home and family sector when the August 30th new moon brings an unexpected rush of activity and discussion to your solar 4th House of real estate and parents.

June 16 - July 17: Gemini - The early days of August are the perfect time to take steps to give your income a boost, dear Gemini--be sure to take some time to get clear about the financial picture you want to create in your life, then take concrete steps towards manifesting that. With Venus, Mars, the sun and moon in your financial sector, you’ve a celestial team on your side, so make the most of it. By mid month you’ll want to be finalizing details on a plan to tackle debts or other outstanding financial obligations, so don’t dally. Then at month’s end, watch for opportunities to come through siblings or neighbors, or even extended family. Something new and exciting may be taking place in your immediate environment.
July 17 - Aug. 18: Cancer - The late July new moon in Cancer marks your birthday new moon, dear Cancer, that one new moon each year that’s yours to do with as you wish. What do you want the most? Make your start in the early days of August and be pleasantly surprised at the outcome. Give yourself a fresh new look. The full moon in Capricorn August 15th lights up your partnership sector, so expect to be giving your attention to finishing up joint projects or perhaps collaborating with a business or marriage partner, if you have one. Put your best face forward and shine. At the end of the month, be prepared for an unexpected income opportunity to come your way--a promotion and a raise, perhaps--when Uranus electrifies the new moon in your earned income sector, generating a sudden rush of activity.

  Aug. 18 - Sept. 18: Leo - Early August is an ideal time to retreat into your own private paradise to relax and rejuvenate, dear Leo--with Venus, the planet of enjoyment, and lively Mars both in your 12th House urging you to withdraw and recharge, spontaneity brings unexpected pleasure and delight. Consider starting a new solo project or spiritual practice. Then at the full moon August 15th you’ll be well rested and ready to wrap up a workaday project, perhaps one that’s been a real labor of love. Be diligent about these matters in early and mid August, as month end brings your birthday new moon--you’ll want to be recharged and have your plate cleared for your birthday new moon August 30th, when the focus is all on you and what matters most to you personally.
Sept. 18 - Oct. 18: Virgo - A social invitation could land in your lap quite unexpectedly early in the month, and if so, go out and enjoy yourself--you’ll likely have plenty of fun if you do. Following a spontaneous urge to get out and socialize could be quite delightful. The mid August full moon in Capricorn brings something to fruition in your romance and creativity sector. Soak up the attention and affection that come your way. Then at the end of the month, be thinking about what new solo project, spiritual practice, or personal development goals you’d like to pursue and plan to take your first steps with the new moon in Leo August 30th.
Oct. 18 -Nov. 17th: Libra - You could be recognized for your contributions professionally in the early days of August or even late July, dear Libra, though if not you’ll want to leverage the planetary activity in Cancer to begin a significant professional project or make a career move, as what you begin at this new moon has the support of nearly every personal planet in your career sector. Plus, wayward Mercury joins the party just a handful of days later. Then at mid month put your efforts into finishing up a home improvement project or cleanup effort when domestic matters take center stage. Dealings with a parent or parents may be highlighted. At month’s end, though, it’s time for your social life to shine--consider joining a club or association for something that interests you deeply, you’ll likely find the connections you make valuable, enjoyable, and extremely rewarding.
Nov. 17 - Dec. 17: Scorpio - Take a trip to somewhere far away--or just really different--early in August and you might just be pleasantly surprised at how it broadens the mind. Then at the full moon in Capricorn on the 15th a sister, aunt, female cousin or even a neighbor could be in the spotlight, calling your attention to more serious matters. By month’s end you’ll want to have a solid and strategic long term career plan ready to implement. Spend time visualizing and getting specific about what you’re ultimately working toward and the outcome you truly desire.
Dec. 17th - Jan. 15: Sagittarius - If you’re needing to borrow money or tap into outside resources, the late July new moon opens a window of opportunity. You may want to give the 31st some space before taking action or making your request, though, as Mercury will station direct that day and as Mercury rules commerce and contracts, and his effect may be erratic and unpredictable. Keep an eye on the days near August 15th for positive developments in your financial sector. Learn to see your priorities in a new light. When the late August new moon in your international sector arrives, you’ll feel the urge to seek out that which broadens your mind and perspective. Plan a trip, take a class, learn about a foreign culture or connect with folks from other countries and belief systems.

Jan. 15th - Feb. 13: Capricorn - The late July new moon in Cancer activates your 7th House of business and partnerships, bringing opportunities for collaborative efforts. Connections where your skills, expertise, or resources are complementary may be worth deepening. The mid month full moon in your sign signifies a potential shift in identity or the conclusion of a role you’ve taken on, possibly one you’ve held for some time. Spend some time examining your financial picture later in the month and put together an asset and debt management strategy you can implement in the wake of the August 30th new moon in your solar 8th House of outside resources.
Feb. 13 - Mar. 15: Aquarius - Your daily routine or regular schedule may be undergoing a change in early August, as the new moon in your 6th House of workaday affairs brings something new into your daily life. You may be accommodating a new pet or lifestyle habit into your life. If you’ve planned to adopt a healthy new eating habit, try incorporating it into your life in early August. Then, put the finishing touches on a solo project you’ve had in the works at the full moon August 15th. A colleague may provide just the encouragement or inspiration you need. At month’s end watch for an opportunity to arise in your partnership sector--moving to the next stage of a partnership may make sense right now, as you decide to embark on a new collaborative effort together.
Mar. 15 - Apr.14: Pisces - Early August brings romantic and creative possibilities to the forefront, dear Pisces, and a love relationship, creative endeavor, or even possibly a child new to your life right now is likely to have a wide-ranging impact on your future. If you have the opportunity to step out with a love interest at the full moon August 15th you can expect to enjoy the time spent together. This is true for important children in your life, too, if you have any. The new moon in Leo at month’s end activates your workaday sector, bringing an opportunity to make healthy diet and lifestyle changes. If there are new things you’ve been wanting to incorporate, you can do so with a greater likelihood of success.