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                                                       Be sure to read for your sidereal sun and rising sign, which may be different
                                        than the sign you’re accustomed to. Sidereal astrology is different from traditional tropical astrology, so your regular sun and rising signs may not apply in a sidereal reading or forecast.  If you need to look up your sidereal sign placements, use the easy online calculator at to find out for free.

June begins with creativity in the air, as Venus, Jupiter, and Neptune all link hands in the air signs as the month opens. Painting, writing, photography, and even music are graced with added ambiance and appeal in the days around June 1st.

If you’re an artist or creative type, plan some studio time on or near this date.

Venus steps into Cancer on the 9th of June, giving a three and a half week long window of opportunity for readers with Cancer sun or rising (especially rising) to freshen up appearances. Try out a new hairstyle or spruce up your wardrobe a bit, but give the days just after the new moon a little space. Wait until the 21st if possible.

Mercury moves into Gemini the next day, bringing news, messages and inquiries with him. The next three weeks will likely see an increase in communications of all kinds, as well as in commerce and travel.

The new moon in Taurus on the 13th brings a challenge from Uranus, triggering unpleasant surprises in the near term as well as unpredictable outcomes for initiations made at this new moon. Again, you can wait to make your initiations until the 21st and avoid Uranus’ unpredictable influence.

Sudden expenses, unpredictable partners, accidental spills on your expensive new shirt--on second thought, maybe don’t wear it near the new moon--all these things are possible and more. Watch within +/- 4 days of June 13th.

Sun enters Gemini on the 15th of June, marking the beginning of birthday month for those born under the sign of the twins. Travel and communication are highlighted, and commerce too, in the coming four weeks.

Mercury enters Cancer for three weeks beginning June 25th, and our conversations may take on a more sentimental tone during this time. Privacy and family connections take on added importance.

Neptune and Mars retrograde this month--for a grand total of 5 planets retrograde--most of which are the heavy hitting outer planets.

Expect a lot of secrets to come out between mid June and November, and expect that at least some of those secrets to be big ones.

Our lives are kind of slowing down right now, for instance many of us are entering slower summer months in N America.

Not much progress being made on many fronts and much coming back up for correction/adjustment etc. over the coming months.

Lots of what is begun during this time will change at some point in the future, so if you have major undertakings or initiations planned in the next few months be aware. Lots of transition, restructuring, changes as issues are made known, as information comes out, as resources are made available or run out--lots of adapting in the coming months in order to make progress going forward.

Pisces, Aquarius, Capricorn, Sagittarius, Scorpio, and Aries sun and rising signs are all affected more than others--with half the signs feeling slowdowns of some kind that means most people will feel a slowdown personally in some way, in July and August especially and into September and even beyond--November for Pisces sun and rising--for some folks.

Neptune will station retrograde June 18 that 6° 35’ Aquarius, followed by Mars on June 26th at 14° 13’ Capricorn. Look for planets or personal points at either of those degrees in your sidereal natal chart.

Full moon in Sagittarius is rather challenging given that Jupiter, the Great Benefic, rules from Libra, the sign of harmony and cooperation. Jupiter is catching a challenge from Mars in Capricorn at this full moon, however, and he could serve to amplify Mars’ more aggressive tendencies during a rather impulsive time.

Watch the days near month’s end for surprise news, travel difficulties, delays, or accidents to come up, as Mercury and Uranus tangle over the weekend.

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Apr. 14 - May 15: Aries - Be careful of accidents in the home near the new moon June 13th, dear Aries. Take extra care to keep walkways clear and handle art or valuables carefully. Mars, your ruler, stations retrograde later in the month, beginning a two month long slowdown where you won’t likely be performing at peak capacity. If you have anything critical to get done in the next few months, do it in the first half of the month. At the full moon June 28th there may be tension between partners or partnership matters and your professional needs or plans.

May 15 - June 15: Taurus - Your ruler, Venus, moves into Cancer this month, gracing your travel and communication sector for the coming three and 1/2 weeks. Take a trip for business or pleasure, perhaps both. The June 13th new moon invites you to freshen your look, but hold off trying anything new for at least a week, otherwise an unexpected result may leave you disappointed with your new look. A debt could come due near the 28th when the full moon in Sagittarius lights your 8th House of other people’s money. If you recently applied for a loan, you may receive the money now.

June 15 - July 17: Gemini - Your ruler, little messenger Mercury, changes signs not once but twice this month, shifting your attention first to matters related to your image and appearance, or your role in the world near the 10th before turning to money matters later on, near the 25th. The new moon in Taurus could bring an unexpected social invitation so be sure to leave some room in your entertainment budget, dear Gemini. Then, at the full moon a joint project could come to a conclusion, or you could finally take a relationship to the next level.

July 17 - Aug. 17: Cancer -   The June 13th new moon brings an opportunity for friendship and something new in your social life-watch out for surprises from your career sector, though, and don’t do anything that would risk your reputation. You can let go of a bad habit at the full moon June 28th. Your health will thank you.

Aug. 17 - Sept. 17: Leo - Take care if you’re traveling at the June 13th new moon, dear Leo. And expect to return with stories to tell--your journey is spiritual as well. Then at the full moon, put the finishing touches on a creative project or make a commitment in love.

Sept. 17 - Oct. 18: Virgo - Mercury, your ruler, will be busy this month, dear Virgo, and your attention will be on your career and professional life for much of the month before turning to friendship and your social life near June’s end. Financial surprises are possible near the new moon June 13th. Watch within +/- 4 days. Then at the full moon June 28th finish up a home improvement project you’ve been working on.

Oct. 18 -Nov. 17th: Libra - Your ruler, Venus, moves into your career sector this month, making you an attractive and valuable professional partner in the coming three and 1/2 weeks. At the new moon a partner may behave unpredictably, watch the days around June 13th. Later, you could find yourself saying goodbye to a neighbor or sibling (or other extended family member) in the days around the June 28th full moon. If you’ve been in extended negotiations or other dialogue for some time, it may be winding down.

Nov. 17 - Dec. 16: Scorpio - Protect your health and put safety first at work near the 13th, when Uranus acting up in your 6th House of work and health could put you at risk of accident or injury. An income source could be coming to an end near the full moon June 28th. Alternatively, if you took the opportunity to start a side hustle of some sort at the new moon in Sagittarius six months ago, you may finally begin seeing the payoff from your efforts.

Dec. 16th - Jan. 15: Sagittarius - Expect the unexpected in romance and creativity near the 13th. Watch for a new change to your daily routine to arise near the new moon. At the June 28th full moon a role you play in the world may come to an end, or you may finally outgrow a part of your identity.

Jan. 15th - Feb. 13: Capricorn - An issue could crop up quite suddenly at the new moon, to do with your home, property or even a parent, dear Capricorn. If so, whatever comes up will be something totally out of the blue. If you’ve been working on a solo project use the days around the June 28th full moon to put the finishing touches on your project. Wrap up your work within ten days of the full moon.

Feb. 13 - Mar. 15: Aquarius - Take care while traveling near the new moon June 13th, dear Aquarius. The full moon at the end of the month marks a social event. Be careful, surreptitious activity on your part could affect your reputation in a big way.

Mar. 15 - Apr.14: Pisces - A sudden expense is possible near the 13th, and may be related to a romantic partner, child, or even a creative project or hobby of yours. Neptune, your ruler, stations retrograde late in the month of June, dear Pisces, and life will slow between now and November. A career matter reaches conclusion near month’s end, and you could be recognized for your professional achievements.