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October opens on the heels of Pluto’s return to direct motion in sidereal Sagittarius October 3rd. Retrograde Pluto wrought internal changes and transformations over the past several months, and now as he begins direct motion those internal changes find outward expression and manifestation.

Shortly after, Venus returns to her home sign of Libra emphasizing partnership and cooperation throughout much of the month of October. Business and money matters may be highlighted, as well as our personal value systems. Our sense of justice and fairness may be more active while Venus enjoys her stay here over the next three and 1/2 weeks.

The full moon on October 13th could bring an emotional ending to the forefront, possibly one which allows healing of some sort--physical or emotional healing, or the healing of an unconscious bias or belief, or even healing of a spiritual nature.

Watch for positive change to come out of the events of this full moon--big, transformative change, even--yet that may be easier to adjust to than you first expect. Whatever it is that changes is likely to be altered on a profoundly deep level--all the way to the core of it.

The sun arrives in Libra on the 18th, emphasizing a resurgence of need for cooperative efforts, a need for equity and fairness in dealing with each other.

The coming four weeks favor classic design and tasteful styles--we may want to surround ourselves with pleasing decor and furnishings, or dress smart or fashionably while the sun tours Libra.

Partnerships and cooperative efforts are well supported now, and we can make forward progress on joint projects during the coming four week window.

In the second half of October Mercury makes his move into sidereal Scorpio for a three week stay, a time when strategic thinking comes more easily to us--though we may need to guard against a tendency toward being unnecessarily suspicious of others.

Deep digging, research and exploring the psyche come naturally while Mercury is in Scorpio.

The 27th brings the new moon in sidereal Libra, giving us the perfect opportunity to reclaim balance in our lives in any areas where things have gotten out of balance--our personal relationships, our work-life balance, even the time we do or don’t take for self care.

This new moon holds a seed for the metamorphosis of identity, and for evaluating the impact of appearance and first impressions.

Venus also shifted gears in late October, moving into Scorpio where she is in detriment and at her weakest. Venus will stay in her weakened state until she leaves for Sagittarius later in the month of November, on the 21st .

At month end Mercury retrograde could bring secrets to light and reveal occult or hidden things, and signals a time for reviewing research findings or the results of investigations.

Financial dealing or debts could come into the open, and if the opportunity arises to review your financial picture as it relates to debts, taxes and investments, take it. Just don’t take on any new debts or make any new or major investments, or file new estate paperwork until after mercury resumes direct motion.

Scorpio is a deeply intimate sign, and has rulership over our psychological nature, sex, secrets and investigations. Mercury’s time here could be well used for psychological exploration and emotional healing, reexamining research, audits, and investigating cold cases, and letting go of grudges.

Take some time to prepare for Mercury’s retrograde before it arrives and you can have a much smoother experience. Check out the Mercury Retrograde Survival Guide for free tips on what you can to to prepare and how you can more easily navigate the weeks to come.


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Apr. 15 - May 15: Aries - At the full moon on the 13th put the finishing touches on a solo project and launch it into the world. The October 27th new moon in Libra activates your partnership sector, potentially bringing a new joint project or venture your way. If no opportunity manifests within +/- four days of the lunation, make your own opportunity by initiating your new venture in the days just after the October 27th new moon.

May 15 - June 16: Taurus - A long held hope or dream could be coming to fruition later in the month, in the days near the October 13th full moon. The new moon in your 6th House October 27th offers you a head start on turning over a new health leaf instead of waiting to make it a New Year’s resolution.

June 16 - July 17: Gemini - Near mid month you’ll want to focus your efforts on finalizing and launching a professional project in time for the full moon on the 13th. Reignite your romantic or creative life in the days just after the October 27th new moon. Begin a new art project or creative undertaking and take a new direction.
July 17 - Aug. 18: Cancer - Publish a book, give an interview, take a trip, wrap up a course of study or make your final arguments in a legal case with the mid October full moon, in the days just after the 13th. If you have a home improvement project, renovation, or redecoration to do, use the October 27th new moon to give your attention to it. You can see it through fresh eyes and you can easily take things a new and improved direction.

Aug. 18 - Sept. 18: Leo - Money could be headed your way near the full moon in mid October, but in this case it’s more likely to be a windfall, refund or inheritance rather than wages or salary. Alternatively, you could pay off a debt, or receive a loan if you’ve applied for one. If you need to enter negotiations, begin after the Libra new moon October 27th . Or, if you’ve been thinking about beginning a writing project or taking a travel opportunity, you may be inspired to jump into your project with enthusiasm.
Sept. 18 - Oct. 18: Virgo - At the full moon October 13th prepare to put the finishing touches on a joint project and launch it into the world. An income opportunity could come your way near the October 27th new moon in Libra. This once yearly activation of your earned income sector could bring a boost to your earning potential. Watch the days within +/- four days of the new moon, or make your own opportunity by taking action toward offering a new business idea, service, or product.
Oct. 18 -Nov. 17th: Libra - A work related project may enter the final stages in time for the October 13th full moon. Use the days just after the full moon to finalize details and wrap up loose ends. It’s your birthday new moon, dear Libra! You can do anything you want, so think big. Make your start in the days just after October 27th.
Nov. 17 - Dec. 17: Scorpio - At the full moon October 13th, wrap up a hobby or creative project you’ve had in the works. Alternatively, a romantic relationship could reach the end of one stage as you prepare to embark on the next in your journey together. Have you been wanting to make a change in your life, dear Scorpio? The October 27th new moon in Libra offers a sterling opportunity to make a change to an unconscious belief or to visualize a new outcome for your life. You can embark on a new spiritual path, journey, or lesson in the days near October 27th. Or, begin a new solo project in the days just after the new moon.
Dec. 17th - Jan. 15: Sagittarius - A family matter could come to a head near the October 13th full moon, or a real estate or property deal or home improvement project could enter the final stages. Finalize the details in the days just after the full moon. Your social life undergoes a rebirth of sorts with the new moon in Libra, dear Sagittarius. You could experience a surge of activity in your social sector, bringing the chance to make new contacts or a new friend. Be out and about to make the most of this new moon.

Jan. 15th - Feb. 13: Capricorn - A writing or communication effort may be wrapping up at mid month, or a travel opportunity could come to fulfillment near the mid October full moon. Watch for a career opportunity to come up in the days near the Libra new moon October 27th. Or, make your own by taking action towards a career ambition in the days just after the new moon.
Feb. 13 - Mar. 15: Aquarius - If you took steps to begin an income earning venture at the new moon in Pisces six months ago, your efforts could be paying off by mid October. If not, it’s possible an income source could come to an end, or you may finally have to make a financial outlay for an expense you’ve been holding off on. Your international sector is highlighted at the new moon October 27th. You could decide to go back to school to extend your education, or to take a trip somewhere. Or, begin writing that novel or screenplay you fantasize about.
Mar. 15 - Apr.14: Pisces - At mid month, the full moon in your 1st House could bring to an end a role you’ve been filling for some time. Something personal to you may be coming to a conclusion at this time. The new moon in Libra October 27th stimulates your 8th House of other people’s resources. If you’ve been needing a resource or funds for something, you may notice an opportunity to make your request.