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Book Reviews

January 2018 Book Reviews



Yoga & Psyche
Integrating the Paths of Yoga and Psychology
for Healing, Transformation, and Joy

"Yoga saved half my life, psychology saved the other." And so begins, Mariana Caplan's captivating new book, YOGA & PSYCHE: Integrating the Paths of Yoga and Psychology for Healing, Transformation, and Joy. Drawing from her extensive personal experience as a psychotherapist and yoga teacher and supporting her claims with academic research, Mariana's book is one of the first to merge yoga philosophy with contemporary psychology. While Western psychology has been around for about 135 years, yoga is anywhere from 2,500-5,000 years old. With the Western world's increasing interest in Eastern spirituality, new opportunities for transformation have emerged.

At 34 years old, Mariana suffered from multiple autoimmune disorders, and her body collapsed into a state of chronic fatigue. After endless visits to physicans and failed treatments, she turned to yoga. In three short weeks, she started feeling the positive effects. Yoga healed her body and placed her life back on track, but it was the deep psychological layers of trauma and emotion still trapped in her body that yoga alone couldn't cure. And so her journey with somatic psychology and trauma healing began.

Throughout the book, Mariana proposes that yoga and psychology create a deeper possibility together than either of them alone. Collectively, they offer a map for a full range of healing and thriving from the darkest and most unconscious places within us. Weaving together research, theory, and experience, YOGA & PSYCHE provides an eye­opening journey for those looking to deepen their practice and intensify the quality of their healing.

About the Author: Mariana Caplan, PhD, MFT, E-RTY 500, is a psychotherapist, yoga teacher, and author of eight books in the fields of psychology, spirituality, and yoga. She has been teaching workshops and trainings online, in yoga studios and universities, and at major retreat centers throughout the world since 1997. She is the founder of Yoga & Psyche International, an organization created to integrate the fields of yoga and psychology globally, and lives in Fairfax, California. More at realspirituality.com and yogaandpsyche.com.

Yoga & Psyche by Mariana Caplan, PhD, MFT
  • 300 pages
  • $18.95
  • 978-1-62203-656-1 (Feb. release)
  • Release from Sounds True



Living An Examined Life
Wisdom for the Second Half of the Journey

From bestselling author and Jungian analyst James Hollis comes a 21-step plan for addressing the unfinished business of our lives. LIVING AN EXAMINED LIFE: Wisdom for the Second Half of the Journey is an invitation to go deep within ourselves, question what we think we know, make sense of the mystery, and to cultivate our true identity and purpose in life. Drawing from over 40 years of teaching, lecturing, and treating patients, Hollis distills key instructions for finding meaning in the second half of life with chapter topics, like:

  • Recover Personal Authority
  • Seek to Make Amends
  • Vow to Get Unstuck
  • Seize Permission to Be Who You Really Are
  •  Bestow Love on the Unlovable Parts of You
  •  Choose Meaning Over Happiness
  • What is the Bigger Picture for You?
  • What Gift Have You Been Withholding from the World?
Hollis challenges us to look within and ask ourselves those tough, but essential, questions that can lead us to living our most authentic life.
  • Does this value, practice, or expectation, take me deeper into life, open new possibilities of relationship, and accord with the deepest movements of my own soul?
  • Where do I need to grow up and step into my life? What fear will I need to confront in order to do so?
  • Does this choice enlarge me or diminish me?
Honest, thought-provoking, and wise, LIVING AN EXAMINED LIFE invites us to reexamine our path and embrace the second part of our journey with wholehearted truth and authenticity.

About the Author: James Hollis is a Jungian analyst, executive director of the Jung Society in Washington, DC, and a bestselling author whose books include Finding Meaning in the Second Half of Life and What Matters Most. He has traveled four continents giving presentations and workshops. He has witnessed what touches people, energizes them, what reminds them of something they know but perhaps forgotten, and finally, what challenges them to come back to their journey. For more information, visit jameshollis.net.

Living An Examined Life by James Hollis, PhD
  •  160 pages
  •  $15.95
  •  978-1-68364-047-9 (Feb. release)
  •  Release from Sounds True World Library



Breakup Rehab
Creating the Love You Want

How does one regain confidence and optimism about love after a breakup? After her own relationship ended, author and counselor Rebekah Freedom McClaskey developed and practiced a series of small, step-by-step actions that ultimately helped her heal her heart and live in harmony with her destiny.

In Breakup Rehab: Creating the Love You Want, Rebekah meets readers in their states of grief or resignation and walks them through twelve steps to forgiveness and self-responsibility, self-compassion and self-awareness, power and purpose.

"Take a deep breath. It's going to be okay," writes Rebekah. "I know it doesn't feel that way. I know that you feel numb, and under that numbness there is a current. There is a hunger. There is a new chapter being written and, though it may feel as if the book of life has closed, there is more to your story . Your breakup is part of your script and it's a vehicle for your rehabilitation."

Readers learn to do things such as inventory their choices, trade judgment for curiosity, and recognize and then travel their own unique path. Breakup Rehab is a kind of "love letter" to the reader, one forged through Rebekah's personal experience of learning to understand the past, accept the present, and embrace the future. She has, in effect, created a straight-shooti:p.g heart-to-heart with a wise friend for just when readers need it most.

"This isn't just another self-help guide. It's a self-realization journey," writes Rebekah. "If I've learned nothing else in life, it's that the work is never done and the story never ends. Going through a breakup is all part ofthe process of being human. I'm here to remind you that you're not alone."

"The steps of Breakup Rehab have a flexible quality in that each reader will experience the energy infused into each step differently," writes Rebekah. "They will apply differently to someone who is fresh out of a relationship as compared to someone who has endured chronic heartbreak. Also, guilt, shame, and apathy have a way of taking hold differently for those who left the relationship than for those who are still trying to hold on to it. The steps help both the rejected and those who did the rejecting navigate life after breakup.

About the Author: Rebekah Freedom McClaskey is the author of Breakup Rehab: Create the Love You Want. A relationship specialist with a master's degree in counseling psychology, her private practice focuses on helping clients get what they want out of life and love. She lives in Rancho Santa Fe, California. Visit her online at http://www.rebekahfreedom.com.

Breakup Rehab by Rebekah Freedom McClaskey

  • 216 pages  
  • $15.95
  • 978-1-60868-489-2
  • Release from New World Library




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