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Book Reviews

November 2017 Book Reviews



Sacred Signs & Symbols

Awaken to the Messages & Synchronicities That Surround You

Do you ever find coins or feathers on your path and wonder if this is a message from someone or something? Does the same species of bird suspiciously come to your window a little too often for it to be simply a chance encounter? Do you wake at the same time night after night, then glance at the clock at this same time during the day?...

Since the beginning of time we have looked to an invisible presence and power to guide and comfort us throught signs and messages. When you notice signs, you are pulled into the deeper mystery of life where you become aware that you are seen, known, and being guided.

Improve your life by embracing the guidance that Spirit sends you each day. Everyone receives sacred signs, messages, and synchronicities, but we don't always notice or know how to interpret them. With Sacred Signs & Symbols, you'll develop the ability to recognize, understand, and be guided by the signs all around you.

Featuring a glossary of hundreds of signs and their meanings, this comprehensive guide helps you build a personal oracle system for invoking messages in your daily life. Explore a variety of methods for increasing your awareness, including exercises and divination techniques that you can personalize to your needs. You'll also discover ways to connect with loved ones in the spirit realm and expand your perception of the world. No matter where you are or what you're doing, a loving, wise, spiritual presence is offering you advice and comfort through divine messages.

"Sacred Signs & Symbols is a wonderfully grounded and inspiring guide to connecting with the divine in your daily life. With helpful background information, numerous examples, an extensive signs glossary, and Sherrie's beautiful personal insights, this book is a true treasure for your spiritual journey."
Laurie Bonser, author of The Law of Attraction Meets Financial Stewardship

About the Author: Sherrie Dillard has been a professional psychic, medium. and medical intuitive for over thirty years. She taught intuition development at Duke University and leads workshops and classes on spiritual development and spiritual healing nationally and internationally. She lives in Raleigh, North Carolina. Visit her online at www.SherrieDillard.com

Sacred Signs & Symbols by Sherrie Dillard
  • 264 pages
  • $16.99
  • 978-0-7387-4968-6
  • Release from Llewellyn



The Art of Connection
7 Relationship-Building Skills Every Leader Needs Now

This new book illustrates the importance of creative thinking in effective communication and relationship building.

Conjungere ad solvendum is Latin for "connect before solving." Creativity and leadership pioneer Michael Gelb developed this motto because in teaching and facilitating innovative thinking for decades he's discovered that the most powerful catalyst for inspiring creative breakthroughs, and for translating those breakthroughs into sustainable innovations, is guiding people to connect with one another first, before trying to solve a problem.

When people connect, when they are attuned, in rapport, they are much better at generating, and implementing, new ideas. The Art of Connection is a guide to creating, and maintaining, genuine rapport with others. Connection is the key to building relationships, resolving conflict, and making creative dreams come true.. Gelb outlines seven skills distilled from decades of practical experience.

Embrace Humility - Why humility is the source of genuine strength and confidence, and how to cultivate it.

Be a Glowworm - How emotions are contagious and how to spread the energy to bring out the best in yourself and others.

Achieve the Three Liberations - Profound ways to shift out of patterns that interfere with your ability to connect with yourself and others.

Transcend Fixations - Move beyond the habits that limit your freedom to connect and respond intelligently and effectively, to different types of people.

Balance Energy Exchange - Methods to monitor the balance of energy in relationships and adjust when necessary.

Be a RARE Listener - How to improve your real listening skills right now.

Turn Friction into Momentum - What you need to transform your approach to conflict.

These skills are all timeless, but they are also especially timely, and essential for leaders now. Each chapter includes illustrative stories, relevant scientific research, and practical exercises to help readers apply the skills in their life now.

About the Author: Michael J. Gelb has pioneered the fields of creative thinking, embodied learning, and innovative leadership. He leads seminars for organizations such as DuPont, Merck, Microsoft, and Nike. He is the author of 15 books, including How to Think like Leonardo da Vinci, Brain Power, and Innovate like Edison.
The Art of Connection by Michael J. Gelb
  •  256 pages
  •  $16.95
  •  978-1-60868-449-6
  •  Release from New World LibrarywN World Library




Goddess' Guide To Breakups

Breakups are seen as dramatic ends, and the way through them often involves creating a dynamic that pits one party against the other. But, what if there was a way to break up that included kindness-for you, your past, and all involved? What if breakups weren't about opposing forces and just "getting over it?" But really about a choice to have a greater life and saying goodbye to anything that doesn't allow for greater to show up?

This book is an invitation to something different-to see that breakups are with "significant others": boyfriends, girlfriends, spouses, and issues and addictions. And that these breakups are gifts and opportunities to get to know the brilliance of YOU, which you may not have acknowledged before. This book offers practical guidance to navigate through your breakup without creating or intensifying drama, to avoid taking things so seriously and adding to the struggle; and instead, choosing to have fun and witness your strength and courage.

And you know, from the author's vulnerable exposé of past breakups that become her resumé, that she is speaking from experience and is able to connect with readers on many levels. She knows the heartache, the confusion, the frustration, and the joy that breakups are. And she delivers her experience in a way that empowers others to choose to have fun and turn their breakups into breakthroughs.

Are you ready to have more of YOU in your life? Are you ready to say (or have you already said) farewell to the him, the her, the it that was hindering your trajectory to greatness? Would you like to do all of that with greater ease and more fun? Well, here is your invitation and guide book to do just that... And, you might want to get a copy for your bestie, too, because we are all in this together, and you'll soon find out: Goddesses Rule; Issues Drool. Here's to you and your breakup for greater!

Chapters include:
Breakups: the cloud and the silver lining
       the stages
       the facts
       the tools for shape-shifting into greatness
       how to make them fun(ner)
       rules of engagement (do's and don'ts)
       the buddy system
       getting an objective persepective

About the Author: Dr. JOYLYN Maniaci is a personal coach, motivational speaker, and badass. She became a certified Yoga Life Coach in 2011 and received her doctorate in Naturopathic Medicine from Bastyr University the same year. Her mission is to create a community of conscious, confident women to help her change the world. To that end, she offers free personal coaching tips, challenges, and inspiration on her vlog, Facebook page, and YouTube channel.

Goddess' Guide To Breakups by Dr. Joylyn Maniaci (Local Boise Author)

  • 89 pages  
  • $19.95
  • 978-1-5352-4505-0
  • Self Published