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Energy of Presence


by Susan Hill, Professional Intuitive Counselor - 994-1576


In the Judeo-Christian tradition, the energy of God is the Holy Spirit. Buddhism teaches the energy of Buddha nature is concentration, insight and mindfulness.  Many secular teachers today refer to the same energy as Presence.


Presence, in its simplest form, is our connection to and embodiment of higher consciousness, our divine nature.  In the world we live in today, a world of expanding awareness of consciousness, we too often miss being Present in our own lives.  Higher consciousness is always accessible, but often we are distracted by thoughts of the past, worries about the future, and working to understand with our intellect, our minds, our logical left brain that demands concrete measurable proof.


The energy of Presence is not in our heads; it's felt.  We become aware of and utilize the felt energy of Presence by opening to our own higher consciousness, to feel the connection we have to spirit, to the Kingdom of God, to the Pure Land of the Buddha, to the wonders of being human. When we practice accessing the energy of Presence, we are able to know who we are fully, what our purpose is in this human experience, and why we are connected to the universal energy of consciousness.


It's difficult to stay with the energy of Presence.  We are not only distracted easily by feelings about the past and future, many of us fear we aren't doing enough to get where we want to be, or should be.  The message of being Present is clear and unambiguous:  you are already who you want to be, or think you ought to be, you already have everything you desire and need, and you already have the capacity and ability to be Present and know the truth of reality.


There is nothing to strive for and no place you must get to before you are able to be happy.  To understand this, to be Present, and know your connection to the entire web of consciousness is your only reason to be here having a human experience.