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Ramblings from the Publisher...

Friends Are Valuable Assets!

Are you a good friend?

Do you provide what your friend needs?

Do you really listen or do you start talking about yourself at the first chance you get?

Can you advise your friend without putting your "stuff" into it? Can you actually advise them about what is best for them and their life?

Can you call them on their "stuff", and still have them like you? Can they call you on your "stuff" and will you still treat them the same?

Can you stand back and watch a friend fall - then be there to help them up?

Do you have each other's backs when times are tough?

Are there any subjects that are off limits or can you talk about everything?

Can you just hold your friend when they cry and not try to "fix it"?

There are many reasons we have different friends... some friends are companions to do things with, some just let you vent, some hold your secrets.

A truly good friend is one of the most valuable assets you can have.

My Mom just celebrated her birthday and went to lunch with 8 of her girlfriends. She called me that evening and said... "See, these women are the reason I can't move away from this area." (After the fire that took her home last October.) She has known some of these ladies since before I was born. I remember a couple of them being a big part of my childhood. We, as families, would go camping together. And here all these years later they are all still having a yearly Christmas party, celebrating birthdays, and going on different outings together. They have been through arguments (where they don't speak to each other for a time), divorces, deaths and a whole array of events, yet here they are in their 70's & 80's still friends --- I think that is pretty amazing!!

Do you think that when you're 70 or 80 years old you will still be close to the people you call your friends today?

The friend that has been in my life the longest is Laurie. She is my sister of choice (not actually related but we choose to be) and we met in the first grade. We have been through a lot of important events in each other's lives. Besides our love for each other, I think it has been our ability to be honest with each other that has been our strongest link. Whenever one of us really needed the other one....it would happen. Somehow, someway it would. If we can help each other - we do - no questions asked. It's just what we do, her & I. We grew up together and many times in our 20's we'd lose track of each other but then one thing or another would happen and we'd find each other again. I know ours is a friendship that will last our entire lifetime. I love you Sis!

I hope you have the kind of friend that will never actually leave you...ever. Oh sure, they might not contact you for a year or more but, if you really needed them, they would be there in a heartbeat...that is a valuable friend!

I wish you a truly Great Day!


Debbie Dalrymple

Publisher & Student of Life

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