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Ramblings from the Publisher...

Mother Nature does her thing...

In case the recent sunshine and warmer days had you thinking of Spring - Mother Nature sends us reminders that it is not Spring by suddenly dropping the temperature, howling the wind and sending us rain and/or snow!

Mother Nature does her job without any help from us humans. She doesn't have hang ups and emotions like we do so she gets her job done according to the Universal guidelines, not fear or other emotions that seem to rule our lives.

We all have a thing that we are supposed to do too. A purpose we are here to do. And like Mother Nature, if we don't live our Winter we might think it is Spring and totally get off our track.

We so often try to rush things, to push things through, when it is not yet the right time. Things come in their own season and time. If we pay attention we will know when the time is right to make a change. We just need to be patient a little more often.

Living our life with intention and purpose helps to serve the greater good. If we are not doing the work we came here to do then the world is not getting our slice of the pie to fulfill the whole.

Our job, first is to take care of ourselves. Giving our body what it needs to be strong and healthy. Our minds need to be fed and nourished as well. And we must not forget our soul/spirit ~ this might just be the most important part to be nurtured. And in all areas of our self-care we must remember a very important element is rest!

We gain peacefulness through quieting ourselves and resting our bodies and minds. This is in addition to getting a good night's sleep.

How much time to you spend on your self-care? Daily, weekly, monthly?

Can you, are you willing to, give yourself permission to make sure you take care of yourself?

Getting yourself into a state of happiness will allow you to be more open to see the opportunities that might direct you more clearly towards fulfilling your purpose here on earth. Much like Mother Nature, you will be able to "Do Your Thing".

I wish you a truly Great Day!


Debbie Dalrymple

Publisher & Student of Life

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