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Ramblings from the Publisher...

***Unfortunately I am not able to upload pictures at this time***

Family, Friends & Angels

What is happening on our planet? The "natural" disasters are going wild! It is shocking how many massive areas of destructions have occurred in the recent months. The Hurricanes, Earth Quakes & Fires have displaced so many people and destroyed so many properties.

I ask for you to take a moment right now to send loving energy to all people and animals on our planet that are suffering. Ask that they be nurtured or comforted in some way. And ask for healing for us and for Earth Mother. Thank YOU!

My Mom lost her home in the Sonoma County fires in Northern California. There was so much devastation.

I believe that Mom has found out the true value of family and friends in the last few weeks. It's times like this that family & friends really pull together. That you realize how important you are to each other, and how much you can help each other.

As I went through the rubble that once was her home one very amazing thing came to light. Almost every single angle figurine or statue in her home or on her property was fully intact and most were not even charred or discolored. No broken wings or toes or even any little chips. I pulled two little angle candle holders out of a pile of ash and broken ceramics to see them in perfect condition. And this happened over and over again.

When we first arrived one of the things I saw first were these angels in the frame of the bedroom fireplace. This picture shows one of them still in the exact place is was before the fire and the second one had just fallen forward into the ash (in the lower left corner).

Change is a constant. Adapting and changing to new circumstances. Learning to give up your old routines and start new ways of living in new places. This is what is called life...changing and adapting and loving.

I'd like to acknowledge all the first responders for the dangerous, exhausting work that they do. You are amazing people!!!

I'd like to give a big HUG & THANK YOU to the Hedra advertisers that sent loving, healing energy and prayers to me and my family. It is wonderful to have so many supportive people in my life :)


I wish you a truly Great Day!


Debbie Dalrymple

Publisher & Student of Life

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