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Ramblings from the Publisher...

Do you know what your purpose is?

Have you ever wondered what difference you make in the world?
Have you ever wondered if you are fulfilling the role you were born to fill?
What if you could actually make a difference and you have been too blind/busy to see what that might be?
Could it be that we have missed the mark on our purpose? What if we have been too busy with earthly "stuff" to really see or know what we are here to do?
What if we took the time to figure out the answers to these questions ~ how might that change our life?
Do we have more than one purpose in each lifetime? Might we have many different purposes that are spread out through our lifetime? I believe we do. And I believe that there will be interactions with many different people at many different times throughout our lives that are set up to allow us to serve our life's purposes. Purposes come in all shapes and sizes. Do you know what your purpose is? Or at least what your purpose is at this time in your life?
It might be that one purpose you came here for was just to help an elderly neighbor when you are 46 years old. You lived 45 years just to serve this one purpose in your 46th year... could that be? I don't know.
Maybe your purpose is to learn many lessons of life, that the average person experiences, so that one day you will write a book that helps others to find their way through things because of the words you have written.
Maybe you are here as a figure of light just to hold space on Earth so that the world doesn't get too chaotic.
Maybe you are meant to invent something that will change the course of our history.
Maybe you.... the possibilities are infinite! Are you paying attention? Have you ever even given this any consideration?
I believe that one of my purpose's (NOW and for the last 21 years) is to spread love, light, and knowledge through the pages of this paper to be absorbed by the people who read HedraNews.
I feel I am serving my purpose by giving people a place to speak and/or educate others on the subjects of Body, Mind, Emotions, Spirit and healing/growing/exploring these areas of our lives.
The main subject of HedraNews is about making people aware that there are many options/alternatives when it comes to their health care. But it is also a place that readers come to be uplifted and challenged a little. HedraNews asks its readers to stretch their comfort zone, to take a leap every once in a while. It gives readers a sense of community because the majority of the articles in this paper are written by local practitioners that one can contact to make an appointment with. It's about feeling good about who you are and helping to lighten your heart and to make you think. The intended purpose of HedraNews is to spread positive, loving energy and offer information for the evolution of healthy living and spiritual growth.
HedraNews reminds readers that they have a responsibility in their own lives. That they have choices. There are little nuggets of wisdom sayings throughout the paper to help one remember that we are not on this journey without some guidance, if we will only open ourselves up to it.

This month I ask you to explore what your purpose might be. If you don't know where to start - begin asking yourself questions about what makes your spirit soar, what gets you excited in life, what causes you to feel deeply?


I wish you a truly Great Day!


Debbie Dalrymple

Publisher & Student of Life