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This Months Featured Articles

Feng Shui - The Wealth Gua

by C. Susan Nunn

Wealth, what does it mean?  The truth is it means something different to everyone.  Even if we are speaking of money.  For some $100,000 will be plenty, whereas others may need much more to make them feel ‘wealth.'  Some will look at wealth of family and consider themselves extremely wealthy, or wealth of health, or wealth of relationships.  It is all in how it is perceived.  As we start to work on our Wealth section....


Illness Begins at the Energetic Level

By Victoria Savage RN, Nurse Intuitive, Energy Healer

As a healer both in the physical world and in the energetic world, there are a few things I think it would be good for you all to know. 

1. Your thoughts create chemicals in your body. These chemicals surround your cells and tell them which types of proteins to make. This is the very essence of where disease can begin. Guard your thoughts.

2. There is always some benefit to you in any illness you allowed in. Recently I spoke with a woman who had had cancer twice, and feared....

Health is Worthless? The Bottom Line

by Charles Lightwalker

What a statement, the average American would think that statement is absurd, but not the corporate healthcare system we have here in America. Our current corporate healthcare, sees health as the enemy of profits. As a healthy person, you are virtually worthless to the medical/healthcare system. Now more than ever in the history of our medical model of healthcare in America, healthcare is driven by a desire for money, it is a system of greed, needing greater revenue.



A Simple Formula to Help Boost Happiness

Nancy Roth Life Coach, LCPC, SoulCollage® Facilitator 

Here is a process I utilize with my coaching clients that easily helps them look at their lives to help figure out why they may be feeling down, stuck or disgruntled. It's from Choice Theory-Reality Therapy developed by the late William Glasser.  It's simple to do.  Get a piece of paper, something to write with and draw a square.  Divide it into four equal quarters.  This exercise assumes that you have your basic needs of adequate food, shelter and clothing met.