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This Months Featured Articles

Victim or Victor?

By Victoria Savage RN, Nurse Intuitive, Energy Healer

Do you think like a Victim? Where do you stand?

Victims focus on the past and magnify all that is going wrong with their life's blueprint. Someone else's opinion matters more than theirs. They need approval from outside sources in order to be okay. They're always looking for someone else to rescue or fix them.

A victim's life framework is that someone else needs to recognize how much they need help, how deserving of it they are, and that they are incapable of doing this themselves. They require someone to feel bad for them. Or, it can be that they need...

Holiday Family Survival Guide

By Julie Matheson

Many people feel anxious about the holidays.  Whether it is the unconscious urge to get love and approval from someone who simply can't give it, the desire to feel safe in a situation that feels completely unsafe, or feeling bewildered by other people's behavior and just wanting to keep the peace, the holidays have a way of intensifying issues.  Needs are heightened.  Stress and expectations are high.  We know we must do something different, but what?!


Before we go further, let's ask ourselves:  What do we hope for at the holidays this year?  Said another way, what normally plays out with your family, and what would you like to have happen instead?


Three ways to bring peace and

unity into a divided world

by Christine Haggerty

Many of us are feeling overwhelmed these days.  We are experiencing an increase of stress, tension, fear, fighting, and anger in our lives.  No doubt about it, there is great division taking place on the planet.  It seems to be everywhere.  In the news, on social media, at sporting events, the workplace, and even around our kitchen tables.  The world is a divided place right now and it's affecting the way we interact with one another and it's robbing us of our peace.  And the more we argue and fight with one another, the larger this division becomes.

But we have the power to remove this division and restore unity and peace back into our lives and into the world.  Here are three ways we can make positive changes in our lives and uplift the vibration of the entire planet.