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This Months Featured Articles

Angel Support

by Rebecca Stockwell

Wow, it's already February 2018! Life sure flies by when you're having fun!

New year, new hopes and new desires. The Angels are waiting to hear from you to see how they can help you with your dreams.  Just ask them for assistance with the intention and expectation that you be given an answer.  Being open and receptive to guidance is the key.  Your answer can come from a myriad of places; Angel messages and signs, your intuition, your Heart, your Knowing and from answers to your prayers.  Just ask and then listen.


The Gift of Loving You.

By Victoria Savage

Running through a field of us beating down every bit of new growth in the fields that define us on a daily basis, keeps us from sowing the seeds of self-care and love we need for ourselves. Allow your fields to rest and recover while you feed them so that when you sow the seeds you want to grow the ground will be ready to receive them

The analogy of field and seeds applies to most things in life but especially to creating love in your life. The expression of love is the simplest and yet hardest thing we can do as a human. The human condition seems to be focused on our own shortcomings....

The Truth about Hormone Balance

by Mary K. Migliori, MD

Because there is so much confusion in the media about bio-identical hormone replacement therapy (BHRT), I attended yet another conference in my search for the best delivery system. Dr. Briant Herzog, MD founded the Hormone Therapy Centers of America in Plano, Texas after placing over 20,000 hormone pellets in women and men with astounding results. The history of pellet therapy dates back to the 1930s.

After several hours of didactic review of the literature, we went to Dr. Herzog's office to talk to his patients and perform the quick procedure. Before placing his pellets, one gentleman told me....


Massage Therapy for Chronic Pain, Stress and Anxiety

By Crystle Logan, BS, LMT, BCTMB, RMH

When people think of the word "massage" they often come up with a variety of associations. Some think of massage "parlours' or Asian spas with less than therapeutic services, or day spas with luxuriously expensive beauty treatments. Some think of New Age hippies waving around sage and chanting unintelligible phrases whilst rubbing scented oils and herbs upon the bodies of their victims. These are the stereotypes that sincere licensed massage therapists are actively working to overcome, and with good reason.