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This Months Featured Articles

Minding Our Words

by Ellen Tadd

Telepathy is the language of communication in the spiritual realm. Imagine knowing the thoughts of all the people around you and having all your thoughts revealed without speaking. No one could manipulate or pretend to be other than who they are. All our motivations, fears, and loves would be exposed. Here on earth, our thoughts also influence our lives and the environment around us in significant ways, but not as quickly or as completely. We need to rely on verbal and written words to express our thoughts and how we give voice consciously or unconsciously has great power....


Nutrition From A Chinese Medical Perspective

By Stephanie Babauta, LAc

Do you try to eat as healthy as you possibly can but still suffer from occasional or frequent fatigue, brain fog, digestive issues, or other health-related problems? As much food as we eat on a daily basis in our whole lifetime, the education on nutrition that we receive while growing up is quite minimal and usually one-sided. We all hear about carbohydrates, fats, and proteins that make up the components of the foods that we eat. But have you ever wondered about or even acknowledged the idea of the energetics of the foods that we eat and how it can affect our bodies?

Reiki- Complete Nonsense or

Credible Healing Art?

By Crystle Logan BS, LMT, BCTMB, RMH 

In our increasingly sick modern American culture, illness and disease are becoming more prevalent. In response to our dire health dilemma, Americans are witnessing the return of holistic healthcare modalities, as many people turn to ancient natural treatment methods to improve their health and wellbeing.

Reiki is one such modality with promising results. Reiki is NOT a religious belief. Reiki is an ancient hands on Japanese healing art. Reiki traditions maintain that we all have an ability to tap into an unseen healing force....


Why Make Hypnosis the Last-Ditch

Effort for Weight Loss?

by Dan Pickel, Certified Hypnotist

From losing a few to many pounds, weight loss is a common desire for almost everyone. When you think of the people in your life, how many do you know who are completely content with their weight?

Even with a million ways to lose weight, keeping the weight off is the real struggle. If you're like me, you've lost the weight, and then before you know it, you gain the weight back. Adding insult to injury, you probably gained a little more than you lost. It's almost as if your body is putting up resistance so you never try to lose weight again.