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Previously Featured Articles
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March 2018 Featured Articles

Don't Panic....Pranic!

by Christine Haggarty

I can't tell you how many times someone has stopped me to ask about the advertising magnets I have on each side of my car.  The magnets say:  Into the Light Pranic Healing.  People ask me all the time what the word "Pranic means".  It's a great way to begin a conversation and talk about healing energy and where that energy comes from.  Most people have heard of chakras and auras, but Pranic is a new term to many.  Prana, or Pranic is a term for "Life Force".  Every living thing has energy and that energy comes from a Life Force.  Pranic energy healers, can harness this prana....


Urolithiasis - Kidney Stone Disease

by Charles Lightwalker 

Kidney stone disease is when a solid piece of material (a kidney stone) occurs in the urinary tract.

These stones typically form in the kidney and leave the body in the urine stream. A small stone may pass without causing symptoms. If a stone grows to more than 5 millimeters it can cause blockage of the urethra resulting in serve pain in the lower back or abdomen.

A stone may also result in blood in the urine, severe pain in the side and back, below the ribs, pain that comes in waves and fluctuates in intensity and radiates to the lower abdomen and groin, nausea and vomiting or frequent and painful urination, urinating small amounts as well as fever and chills if an infection is involved.


Energy Healing, The Unseen Healing Force 

by Beverly Hobbs

Most people think they understand the cause and effect of illness and injury. On the surface that makes sense to them as it is what they have been taught and experienced in their own lives. Germs cause illness, and medicine heals.  Injuries need medical attention to heal. Those work most of the time. But sometimes those methods don't completely resolve the problem. The treatments may make them sicker or cause new side effects.  People may never consider that there is another level of healing that needs to take place.  The human body runs on an unnoticed energy force. If you've ever looked through a microscope....


Planting by the Moon.   

Why not Planning by the Moon?  

by Stephanie Telesco

We open March with a Full Moon on the 1st, experience the New Moon on the 17th, and welcome Spring with the Equinox on the 20th.   March ends with the first Mercury retrograde period of 2018 which begins on the 22nd.

The Farmer's Almanac has published since 1792, "Planting by the Moon's Phase", an annual guide based on cycles of the Moon.  In the 2nd century AD, the astronomer Ptolemy noted that Roman Empire farmers timed their actions according to the phases of the Moon.  Grant Lewi, known as the Father of Modern Astrology, observed....


February 2018 Featured Articles

Angel Support

by Rebecca Stockwell

Wow, it's already February 2018! Life sure flies by when you're having fun!

New year, new hopes and new desires. The Angels are waiting to hear from you to see how they can help you with your dreams.  Just ask them for assistance with the intention and expectation that you be given an answer.  Being open and receptive to guidance is the key.  Your answer can come from a myriad of places; Angel messages and signs, your intuition, your Heart, your Knowing and from answers to your prayers.  Just ask and then listen.


The Gift of Loving You.

By Victoria Savage

Running through a field of us beating down every bit of new growth in the fields that define us on a daily basis, keeps us from sowing the seeds of self-care and love we need for ourselves. Allow your fields to rest and recover while you feed them so that when you sow the seeds you want to grow the ground will be ready to receive them

The analogy of field and seeds applies to most things in life but especially to creating love in your life. The expression of love is the simplest and yet hardest thing we can do as a human. The human condition seems to be focused on our own shortcomings....


The Truth about Hormone Balance

by Mary K. Migliori, MD

Because there is so much confusion in the media about bio-identical hormone replacement therapy (BHRT), I attended yet another conference in my search for the best delivery system. Dr. Briant Herzog, MD founded the Hormone Therapy Centers of America in Plano, Texas after placing over 20,000 hormone pellets in women and men with astounding results. The history of pellet therapy dates back to the 1930s.

After several hours of didactic review of the literature, we went to Dr. Herzog's office to talk to his patients and perform the quick procedure. Before placing his pellets, one gentleman told me....


Massage Therapy for Chronic Pain, Stress and Anxiety

By Crystle Logan, BS, LMT, BCTMB, RMH

When people think of the word "massage" they often come up with a variety of associations. Some think of massage "parlours' or Asian spas with less than therapeutic services, or day spas with luxuriously expensive beauty treatments. Some think of New Age hippies waving around sage and chanting unintelligible phrases whilst rubbing scented oils and herbs upon the bodies of their victims. These are the stereotypes that sincere licensed massage therapists are actively working to overcome, and with good reason.


January 2018 Featured Articles

Thyroiditis Disease

by Charles Lightwalker

Thyroiditis Disease, also known as Hashimoto's Thyroiditis, is an autoimmune disease in which the thyroid gland is gradually destroyed. The thyroid gland is part of the endocrine system, which produces hormones that coordinate many of the body's functions. Hashimoto's disease is the most common cause of hypothyroidism in America. It primarily affects middle-aged women but also can occur in men, women and children of any age.

The exact cause of Thyroiditis is not known, but many factors are believed to play a role. They include: autoimmune disease such as, rheumatoid arthritis, type 1 diabetes, lupus, genetics, hormones, and excessive iodine exposure. Those who get Thyroiditis disease or other autoimmune diseases, often have.....


Tell Me Something I Don't Know....    

with Lady J

Today I want to talk about stopping that cough naturally.  Seems like what I am hearing the most from folks that have had "the crud" is that the cough continues on forever.  Most of these coughs do not require a doctor's care but it can continue on for 2-3 weeks which is most irritating to say the least.

There are a lot of natural remedies that help.  I was reminded of a few of my favorite ones in a BottomLine article last fall and I have added some more to their list.

  • Both of the following can be most effectively used at bedtime when coughing prevents sleep so necessary to get well. The best recipe is.....



By Beverly Hobbs

What is Integrated Energy Healing?

Integrated Energy Healing is the fluid integration of several energy healing modalities.  I believe that all healing modalities share the same central source but present different ways to access it.  I have evolved my own modality of healing through my 15 years of studying and practicing Reiki, Matrix Energetics, and other modalities. My approach recognizes the interactive relationship of the body, mind, and spirit in the process of illness, and healing. Thoughts and beliefs have energy that can influence the body.  Your thoughts, beliefs, and emotions may all play a part in the underlying causes of illness, injury or pain, or in blocking your healing.  You may be holding.....


Staying in the batters-box when life

throws you a wicked curveball.

By Rev. Christine Haggerty

We've all been there, life is going fairly well and then all of a sudden, it changes on a dime.  An accident, an illness, the loss of a job, the death of a loved one, the betrayal of a trusted friend, etc., and you feel like you've been hit from left field, you never saw it coming.  Your life has drastically changed and it will never be the same.  After the initial shock wears off and the dust settles, you take an inventory of what happened, what's the damage, what still works, what needs repairing, who can help, etc., and thus, the journey begins.  Your new beginning; and it usually starts with the smallest of baby steps.


December 2017 Featured Articles

The Joy Plan

An Excerpt from The Joy Plan by Kaia Roman

Where is our joy located? It's an odd question. Perhaps you think joy is in your heart, or maybe you experience joy as a state of mind.

It turns out, according to scientists, joy originates in the limbic system of the brain-the part of the brain that controls emotion, behavior, and long-term memory. Unlike happiness, which is a cognitive experience based in the brain's neocortex, joy is an emotion we feel without conscious thought. We feel joy without thinking about it, and we can train our brains to feel it often.

Have A Mediocre Christmas

by Jonathan Robinson

...another Holiday Season is upon us. So why am I wishing you a "Mediocre" Christmas?? Because I want you to be happy! I've seen that people who have expectations that their Christmas be wonderful and stress free almost always end up disappointed and depressed. The truth is that the Holidays are truly miserable for about 50% of the population. Having a mediocre Christmas would be a big step up for many people...and such a goal would surely put less pressure on you.

Heat Up Your Body For Health

by Juliana Benner

Here at High Stream Healing, we believe in the healing power of heat! But not just any heat. Far Infrared heat to be exact!

A large portion of the sun's energy is in the invisible, infrared part of the spectrum of light. In 1800, Sir William Herschel, an English astronomer, found that ordinary light transmits some heat, but the effect is even more pronounced beyond the red end of the spectrum, called the "far infrared". Unlike high-frequency ultraviolet rays, which can cause sunburn and even cancerous changes in the skin, far infrared rays do not damage the skin.

The Magical Power of Intention

by Rebecca Stockwell

It's that magical time of the year when we would all love to live in the flow with ease and a sense of peace.  It can be challenging when there are so many things that seem to keep coming at us in so many different ways.  There is shopping to do, parties to attend, holiday cards to send, the list goes on and on. Wouldn't it be wonderful to feel that you were the one in charge of what happens throughout your day?  Taking time to set intentions for your ideal day and seeing it play out can feel like a magical experience.

November 2017 Featured Articles

Victim or Victor?

By Victoria Savage RN, Nurse Intuitive, Energy Healer

Do you think like a Victim? Where do you stand?

Victims focus on the past and magnify all that is going wrong with their life's blueprint. Someone else's opinion matters more than theirs. They need approval from outside sources in order to be okay. They're always looking for someone else to rescue or fix them.

A victim's life framework is that someone else needs to recognize how much they need help, how deserving of it they are, and that they are incapable of doing this themselves. They require someone to feel bad for them. Or, it can be that they need...


Holiday Family Survival Guide

By Julie Matheson

Many people feel anxious about the holidays.  Whether it is the unconscious urge to get love and approval from someone who simply can't give it, the desire to feel safe in a situation that feels completely unsafe, or feeling bewildered by other people's behavior and just wanting to keep the peace, the holidays have a way of intensifying issues.  Needs are heightened.  Stress and expectations are high.  We know we must do something different, but what?!

Before we go further, let's ask ourselves:  What do we hope for at the holidays this year?  Said another way, what normally plays out with your family, and what would you like to have happen instead?


Three ways to bring peace and

unity into a divided world

by Christine Haggerty

Many of us are feeling overwhelmed these days.  We are experiencing an increase of stress, tension, fear, fighting, and anger in our lives.  No doubt about it, there is great division taking place on the planet.  It seems to be everywhere.  In the news, on social media, at sporting events, the workplace, and even around our kitchen tables.  The world is a divided place right now and it's affecting the way we interact with one another and it's robbing us of our peace.  And the more we argue and fight with one another, the larger this division becomes.

But we have the power to remove this division and restore unity and peace back into our lives and into the world.  Here are three ways we can make positive changes in our lives and uplift the vibration of the entire planet.


October 2017 Featured Articles 

 Could it be My Toxic Burden?

by Mary K. Migliori, MD

If you grew up in the 70s and 80s, you most likely watched Three's Company starring Suzanne Somers, John Ritter and Joyce DeWitt. Oh, how they made us laugh.

Over 35 years have passed and Suzanne Somers is as beautiful and full of life as ever despite her shocking diagnosis of breast cancer in 2001. Although she underwent a lumpectomy and radiation, she declined the recommended chemotherapy. She instead worked with doctors who focused on addressing the root cause of the cancer.  She changed the course of her life by....


When Suicide seems like an option.

By Victoria Savage RN, Nurse Intuitive, Energy Healer

This world can be such a hard place to stay when you're more spirit than human and when you begin to live there more. But the choice was made by you when you came here, and choosing to bug out and leave this learning opportunity behind stops all forward progress.

No, you don't end up in hell if you commit suicide, you just have to start over because you've chose to learn what it's like to be in a limited human form and move through life not knowing what your spirit self knows.


Know Your Patterns - Set Yourself Free

By Julie Matheson

Patterns are any repeating thought, feeling or behavior that you would like to change.

Everyone has patterns they wish they didn't have; that is, some way of thinking or behaving that needs consideration. Whether it is negative self-talk or relationship issues or health concerns, we all have patterns.  This is normal.  Yet how well do you know your patterns? What is your pattern IQ?

The more you know your patterns, the more control you have of....


Creating Your Own

Mission Statement for Your Life

By Judith R. BrownHawk MS/P 

This is a fun thing to do in groups, with kids, or by yourself.  It's a way to help define what you really want in life and how to get what you really want.  When you are done, read it out loud and see how powerful it is. Here we go...

Leave a space at the top

1.) First, write a short paragraph of what it is you really want for your life.

Leave a space

2.) Now....

September 2017 Featured Articles

Feng Shui - The Wealth Gua

by C. Susan Nunn

Wealth, what does it mean?  The truth is it means something different to everyone.  Even if we are speaking of money.  For some $100,000 will be plenty, whereas others may need much more to make them feel ‘wealth.'  Some will look at wealth of family and consider themselves extremely wealthy, or wealth of health, or wealth of relationships.  It is all in how it is perceived.  As we start to work on our Wealth section....


Illness Begins at the Energetic Level

By Victoria Savage RN, Nurse Intuitive, Energy Healer

As a healer both in the physical world and in the energetic world, there are a few things I think it would be good for you all to know. 

1. Your thoughts create chemicals in your body. These chemicals surround your cells and tell them which types of proteins to make. This is the very essence of where disease can begin. Guard your thoughts.

2. There is always some benefit to you in any illness you allowed in. Recently I spoke with a woman who had had cancer twice, and feared....


Health is Worthless? The Bottom Line

by Charles Lightwalker

What a statement, the average American would think that statement is absurd, but not the corporate healthcare system we have here in America. Our current corporate healthcare, sees health as the enemy of profits. As a healthy person, you are virtually worthless to the medical/healthcare system. Now more than ever in the history of our medical model of healthcare in America, healthcare is driven by a desire for money, it is a system of greed, needing greater revenue.


A Simple Formula to Help Boost Happiness

Nancy Roth Life Coach, LCPC, SoulCollage® Facilitator 

Here is a process I utilize with my coaching clients that easily helps them look at their lives to help figure out why they may be feeling down, stuck or disgruntled. It's from Choice Theory-Reality Therapy developed by the late William Glasser.  It's simple to do.  Get a piece of paper, something to write with and draw a square.  Divide it into four equal quarters.  This exercise assumes that you have your basic needs of adequate food, shelter and clothing met.


August 2017 Featured Articles

Could it Be SIBO?

by Mary K. Migliori, MD 

SIBO is an acronym for small intestinal bacterial overgrowth. Could this be the root cause of all those annoying symptoms ranging from headaches, depression, muscle aches and joint pain to restless leg syndrome? Although SIBO usually causes bloating, constipation, diarrhea, nausea, weight loss or abdominal pain, it may manifest in other ways without gastrointestinal symptoms.

Too many bacteria in the small intestine disrupts the metabolic dance that maintains our neurological and immune systems. SIBO happens when the bacterial count in the small intestine increases by 100 times the normal. According to Dr. Mark Pimentel, MD, director of the GI Motility Program and Laboratory at Cedars Sinai Medical Center in California, SIBO often can be traced back to a food poisoning insult. The pathogenic bacterial toxins that cause food poisoning...


Belief and Healing

by Judith BrownHawk MS/P

Hi! I'm a new writer here for HedraNews.   My name is Judith BrownHawk, I am from the Choctaw Nation of Mississippi and live in Spokane and Chewelah Washington.  In Chewelah, we have 20 acres of land that will soon be a 501(c)(3). It's called Highland Sanctuary; just 10 miles west of Chewelah and north of Lane Mountain.  There I facilitate Sweat Lodge Ceremonies for women and coming of age ceremonies for young girls. I hold a Master's in the Science of Psychology with a focus on neurobiology, so I am qualified to teach people about how their brain works and do some private counseling in my lodge. As well, we invite people up who want to make a camping spot and enjoy a little time away from the city to relax and regroup...


Into the Light

Pranic Energy Healing

By Rev. Christine Haggerty 

Rev. Christine Haggerty is pleased to announce the Grand Opening of her new Pranic-Energy Healing Office in Boise, Idaho.  The Office is located at:  963 S. Orchard St. Suite 201, Boise 83705

A little information about myself:  I am a qualified advanced pranic healer and an ordained minister. The reason I became a minister and a pranic healer is to bring forth more light and love into the world by decreasing suffering and increasing well-being.  My hope is that you experience peace, harmony, and abundant joy in your life, and to grow in loving kindness toward all.


Can YOU Lose Weight with

Colon Hydrotherapy?

by Juliana Benner 

YES you can lose some weight by having colon hydrotherapy, though long-term, sustainable weight loss is best achieved through lifestyle changes, especially proper whole food nutrition, in addition to a series of colonics.

Many clients experience the immediate loss of pounds as a result of the waste matter removed from their colon during the colonic procedure. Most find that their abdomen has reduced in size due to the removal of trapped gas. Bloating, which tends to make one feel fatter, as well as uncomfortable, lessens greatly with a colonic.


July 2017 Featured Articles

The Primary Triad

by Stephanie Telesco Astrology

 Your Big Three

Astrology takes the liberty of placing each of us at the center of the universe at the moment of our birth.  An astrological chart is a picture of the heavens at the moment of birth. It is a

  • One of a kind life design
  • Symbolic portrayal of our unique reality
  • A map that enables us to perceive what we would do most naturally

The placement of planets & sign positions in the chart, give us indicators of basic personality traits, they describe natural ways of behavior that we prefer. Planets are the actors, Signs are their roles and the Houses show in what areas of life our energies are active.

The "primary triad" in each of our charts are the Sun, the Moon and the Ascendant (the moment of birth.)...


Vision Questing for Soul Purpose

By Mark Thurston

How do you gain insight about your calling in life - your soul's purpose?  There are many self-reflection exercises and discovery tools that you can use to gain insights.  But I believe that vision questing is an especially valuable approach.  In many ancient cultures there were time-tested practices to stimulate such a transformational revelation about life-direction.   But in our modern society those purposeful rituals have largely been lost.  We need to re-invent practices of vision-questing. 

Over the last eight years I have been working with this practice each semester with a new group of about 28 undergraduate university students in a course entitled "Consciousness, Meaning, and Life-Purpose."  Over fifteen weeks we explore the academic side of consciousness studies, how to find meaning in life, and the science of well-being and happiness.  But most important to the course is experiential learning around life-purpose, culminating in a two-week personally-designed vision quest experiment.  You could do this, too; and, you don't have to be in a university course like mine...


Transforming through Transition

by  Nancy Roth

Just as a baby progresses from sitting up, to crawling, then to walking or from crying and cooing, to first words then sentences or teenagers grow from self-centered, self-conscious, to rebellious, independent individuals, we too as adults progress and have the opportunity to grow.  We don't see it as progression or transition however. We tend to think of it as a hardship, struggle, a turn of events, or unwelcome change.  It is my belief that we as adults need to look at these facts of life as developmental steps to transformation. As Mr. Rogers, the sage of childhood and life said, "Transitions are almost always signs of growth, but they can bring feelings of loss.  To get somewhere new, we may have to leave somewhere else behind."

So, what do I know about transforming and transitions?  A lot.  I am a survivor of...


Take the Leap.  You will be glad you did.

By Julie Matheson

About 30 years ago I sat in a co-dependency support group listening to the group leader explain how patterns from childhood repeat.  She explained that the painful situation we found ourselves in now had started with patterns in our childhood, which caused us to recreate what was familiar to us in adult life.  I looked around the room, and you know, you can tell who is buying this explanation and who isn't.  I went home that night appreciating that self-growth requires a person to take a leap of faith in their thinking every time a new concept is introduced. 

This concept that patterns from childhood repeat until we become aware of them and change them, caused a million light bulbs to go off in my head.  It challenged me to consider that my childhood wasn't the picture-perfect imagine I may have convinced myself it was.  As a child we do not know any better.  We are just bumping along through life trying to make sense of it.  Eventually, automatic pilot sets in and we recreate what we learned...


June 2017 Featured Articles

The Three Big Secrets to Beat the Heat!

by Valentina Vlasova

Summer is around the corner! And while summer can be a lot of fun, the summer heat can be dangerous. Heat is one of the leading weather-related killers in the United States. During extremely hot weather the body's ability to cool itself is affected. How do you reduce the body heat and stay cool in hot weather?

 Secret 1 - What do you choose in hot weather - ice water or hot tea? If you're among the many thousands who prefer icy water to a hot cup of tea, take heed. Scientists say a hot drink has an effect on your systemic cooling mechanisms and it will cool you down more than an ice-cold beverage.


Why is it important for us to find our Life Purpose?

by Rebecca Stockwell 


Have you ever asked:  Why am I here?  What am I here to do?

We all have the personal desire to understand why we are here on this earth and how we can contribute.  Each one of us has an equally important purpose.  When we are working on our life purpose, we feel energized and happy.  And when we are not, we are often feeling unhappy and anxious and maybe even unfulfilled.

How do you figure out what your life purpose is?   We are meant to be happy in our existence and doing what makes you happy can help to connect you to your life mission. What steps should you take?  There are many ways to start moving toward your life purpose, such as:

1. Ask some powerful questions...


Now more than ever it's necessary to practice prevention and

pro action when in comes to your health because,


by Victoria Savage

I'm sorry to say but we in the US no longer have a health care system. Recently I went in for my annual physical (which I do only every few years,) only to find that I received ½ of what used to be included in an annual physical. As an office nurse of 7 years, I know what elements constitute a complete physical. I then had a mammogram only to find that now instead of films and exam by an experienced RN, there is no longer an exam, only the film. The cost is the same.

So what is the best way to begin a preventative and proactive health plan?...


Stay Calm And Call Your Astrologer

 by Stephanie Telesco

Last month I spoke of astrological timing and its efficacy, noting the use of astrology for both personal and financial decisions.  This month I am delighted to share a perspective on astrology from a noted journalist.   

In an Astrology News Service interview "Veteran News Reporter Defends Astrology's Honor. Art Harris,  a correspondent for CNN and Atlanta Bureau Chief for the Washington Post, who has won two National Emmy Awards and 11 National Headliner Awards for consistently outstanding feature writing and investigative reporting, spoke about his experience with astrology.

Harris answered the following question...


May 2017 Featured Articles

In This Energy So Much Is Possible

By Julie Matheson

Many of us have noticed a shift in energy intensity in the past several years. I hear people talk about how much faster their desires manifest, or they are noticing a spike in their sensitivities or that their emotional connections with others are heightened or that connecting to the spiritual realms is easier. In spiritual circles we refer to this change as the arrival of the heaven on earth energy.  For years we talked about it anchoring and now the conversation has shifted to actually learning how to work with it.

In this stepped-up, higher-frequency, more light-filled energy, our intentions are brought to fruition quicker, as are our fears.  Nothing can hide in this energy.  If something is off, we notice it more readily and we are more quickly irritated by it as well.  Which is also a sign our self-respect, and standards for what we will allow, are on the rise.


Getting rid of bindings, cords of attachments, and past relationships

By Valentina Vlasova

Energy channels and binding

During communication there is an exchange of energy thereby creating energy channels. This is normal. On subtle planes, such a channel looks like a bright, transparent ray. Difficulties arise when a person becomes dependent on such contact, when he/she can not, or is not ready, or is simply afraid of losing this channel. In such situations, due to internal efforts, the ray becomes denser, acquires rigidity, loses its elasticity and becomes a thick cord. Such a cord is called a "binding".

Bindings always negatively affects the human energy system, interrupt the natural flow of energy, interfere with energy processes, and draw energy from the localization area; thereby de-energizing nearby energy structures and organs.  When the binding strength is strong, it deprives a person of freedom and hinders his spiritual development.



by Victoria Savage 


As a nurse and Nurse Intuitive, I'm always looking for things to help my clients achieve their highest and best good, physically mentally and emotionally.

CBD oil has been something I've wanted to be able to offer to patients who could benefit from it but my hands have been tied because of its legal status. That is no longer a concern. I am now able to offer it to anyone who can benefit from it. 

How does CBD help our bodies?

First, it promotes a situation in our bodies called homeostasis, which means perfect balance and function. It is how our bodies want to be and what our body efforts to maintain at all costs.


Hello from your Soul through the Akashic Records

by Pamela Murray, Akashic Records

Pssst. Pssst. You. Yes, you. It's me, your Soul. I know you can hear me. You know I've been trying to get your attention. Yes, I know you're "busy." "Bored," "restless," "ornery," "had-it-up-to-here," too. Guess what? All those distractions that keep you from paying attention to me will eventually go away and I will still be here. How about you let me help you? I can. I will! All I need you to do is breathe. That's right. Deep breaths. Slowly, fill those lungs full of air, pause, and then let it all out. Let your jaw relax as you release all the air, letting it take away some of the busy/bored/restless/ornery/had-it-up-to-here tension as it goes. Do this a few times. Now, imagine that with every breath, you are whispering to me. I am relishing every breath you take because it means embodiment. The scents, sounds, sights, tastes, and touches in this world are just the "cookies" we come here for. The real reason we're here is to share our Soul's gifts with each other and express ourselves through relationship with others and our world.


April 2017 Featured Articles


by Victoria Savage

There is a mythical group running amok in the world today, permeating millions of lives, dictating behavior, putting walls around each of us and overshadowing almost every decision we make.

It is the mystical, powerful, influential, dictatorial, often mean spirited, hateful, vengeful, THEY!

For millions of us THEY influence and censor what we wear, what we say, where we go, how we act, what we write, and most importantly what we believe, about ourselves, and our world.


Mastering Mercury Retrograde!

by Stephanie Telesco Astrology

Astrology is a study of cycles and a language that translates events in the sky seen through symbols into instructions for earth.  In a recent Astrology News Service Article, Robert Currey reports on Continuous Planetary Interaction Theory (CPI Theory) as developed by Tony Waterfall.  Currey says, "We are starting to see an elegant pattern that accounts for the extraordinary way that life on earth is impacted by the planets.."

Designing the "Perfect" Eyebrow

by Dr. Laura Reed, OD, CPCP, FAAM

If the eyes are the windows to the soul, then the eyebrows are the curtains that frame them. Eyebrows function as a reference point that determines how facial features are perceived. For instance, properly designed eyebrows can balance the distance between eyes or modify the look of prominent or deeply set eyes. The appropriate eyebrow shape and size can appear to lift the eyes creating a more youthful appearance. A good eyebrow design can also make cheekbones appear more defined and influence the perception of the person's nose size.


PTSD - There Is Hope for Those Who Suffer...

by Maddie Loiacono

Post-traumatic Stress Disorder, or more commonly referred to as PTSD, is a real thing.  It is not something someone dreams up for attention, or because they don't want to deal with an issue.  PTSD is VERY real and affects more people than we imagine.  When we think of PTSD we immediately envision a soldier who was in combat and sustained injury or witnessed horrific circumstances.  While that does account for a portion of PTSD sufferers, it is not the only reason.  Anytime a person, male or female, suffers a significant trauma - with or without personal injury - that severely imprints and impacts their psyche - they can develop PTSD.

March 2017 Featured Articles

The Spiritual Side of Medicine

by Mary K. Migliori, MD

Are you aware of your chakras and that you are an auric field of subtle body energy? Have you ever thought about your life as the living expression of a story that evolves from your genetics and environment?

Did you know that your physical body is a reflection of your subtle body energy field that can be significantly influenced by light, color and sound as well as your thoughts, diet, toxic burden and exercise?  Have you heard of the amazing medical mediums such as the late Edgar Cayce and our current Anthony William who can diagnose and recommend treatment through communication with spirit?

At IMI, we are aware of the many controversial aspects of healing that influence the thyroid, adrenal, pancreas and gut, brain, immune system triads, thus, creating super wellbeing. We're open to the truth that there is no one size fits all in the alternative or allopathic worlds...


Finding Peace in Chaotic Times

by C. Susan Nunn 

I have received dozens and dozens of phone calls from friends and clients who are terribly concerned about how to live their lives during this chaotic, political upheaval we are experiencing. Many just want to check out, while others want to be sure they stay vigilant and active in the process. Their concerns are real, as is the depression and the sense of loss and it is happening across the spectrum, people from all sides. I am like the rest of you, but there is no reason to let this destroy our sense of being.

Really, what we are saying is we need to find a sense of balance again. We have to stay engaged with all that is going on around us for the sake of our democracy, but at the same time, we need a bit of inner peace and sanity. We don't have to settle for one or the other, we just need balance between the two. And, with just a few Feng Shui fixes, we can do this.


The Akashic Records -

Providing a Re-boot for the Soul

by Pamela Murray ~ Akashic Records

Do you ever feel like:

                Self-help is a losing battle

                I always seem to end up back where I started

                The life I'm living doesn't feel like ‘me'.

Do you ever wish there were a re-boot protocol for the Soul?

Well, there is.  It's found through the Akashic Records - the energetic database holding information of our Soul's journey since origination. 

In this lifetime alone, we have made choices that have aligned with our Divine nature...or not.  The choices made from a place of alignment produce serendipity, ease, and grace. The choices made from a place contrary to expressing our Divine nature result in struggle or dis-ease, often leaving us...


DOCTOR STRANGE:  Not So Strange, Really...

by Maddie Loiacono

Perhaps you've been one of the many millions who have recently seen the new Doctor Strange movie.  If you did, were you one of the people who watched in amazement and were excited with what they were watching - or - were you one of the people who sat scratching their head, totally lost, and saying "Boy, that was pure hogwash!"?  I guess it all depends on your own personal level of spiritual development.  If you are a person who has experienced an "awakening," then the whole concept probably wasn't too hard to grasp onto.  However, if you are a person who is among the vast majority of people who have not experienced an "awakening," then you were probably quite lost, confused, and possibly even dismayed at the concept behind the story.  


February 2017 Featured Articles

Is LOVE Misunderstood?

by Geri Habstritt 

It's time again for that Hallmark holiday of Valentine's Day cards, chocolates, pink hearts and flowers all centered around love. 

What is love, really?  I think most of the people reading this article know that the ultimate love is to love yourself and that you will never find that soul mate or the beloved until you find the beloved within. 

So how do you love yourself?  I've been on this journey for a long time and have done every self-love exercise possible yet I still need to love myself even more.  I think the biggest misunderstanding about love is that it needs to be a sacrifice, meaning caring for everyone else before yourself.  This is actually denial of love for the self but yet it is completely accepted...


Compassion and Empathy

by Michelle Blair

Heart compassion is a favorite topic for me and I love when science catches up to what my intuition has always known.  A new book, The Compassionate Achiever by Chris Kukk Ph.D. is being released in the next two months and outlines the difference between emotions of compassion and empathy. Compassion is the act of feeling kindness toward a person versus empathy of taking on or absorbing the feelings of another. Empathy can leave you drained and in pain as all your energy is taken by the person you are helping. Caregiver boundaries maybe breached by the client/ patient. The client always feels better and often the healer feels tired, lethargic and even has fibromyalgic pain. At times empathy happens because we identify with the pain of the person due to our own past history...


Tantra: 3 Steps to Overcome Fear

 by Joyous Pathways Institute

One of my favorite quotes concerning fear comes from M. Night Shyamalan and Gary Whitta.

"Fear is not real. The only place that fear can exist is in our thoughts of the future. It is a product of our imagination, causing us to fear things that do not at present and may not ever exist. That is near insanity. Do not misunderstand me danger is very real, but fear is a choice."

With this understanding we see that there is a clear and present danger. The instinctual fear from doing something that could kill us, or seriously harm us, is what keeps us alive. It is a beautiful gift that gives us a chance to take pause and reconsider our actions when danger is present.

However, it is the imaginary fear...


10 Tips to Reduce Risk of Cancer

by Dr. Pete Sulack,

Dr. Sulack, founder of one of the fastest growing chiropractic clinics in the nation, has studied extensively the connection between stress and cancer.

You can't possibly avoid every single cancer causing substance, and you can't avoid stress-it is a fact of life. What you can do however is counterbalance stress with daily choices that at least give you a fighting chance. You can adopt practices that make your body more resilient in the face of cancer. It doesn't really matter whether you are genetically predisposed to contracting a certain kind of cancer. What matters is...


January 2017 Featured Articles


submitted by Mother Shayshoshewa Dawe

Karma is usually understood as a set of events, actions, and probable missteps from a past lifetime which the current incarnated being is responsible for, rewarded for, or punished for.  Sometimes this view is reminiscent of the doctrine of predestination. In that doctrine a person is bound for heaven or hell no matter what they do or don't do.  In the usual view of karma, a person is believed trapped in a web created in another time, place, and by the ego and will be rewarded or punished accordingly.  Maybe there is a different way to think of it.

It's obvious that a baby is born with a fully developed personality, preferences, and traits.  They are not a blank slate waiting to be written upon.  This fully developed personality is the result of past life karma.  However, from birth on an individual will be making their own decisions. 


Intuitive Light Guidance

by Victoria Savage

HELLO! Let me introduce myself. My name is Victoria Savage, "Nurse Savage on Your Side!" I've been an RN for 25+ years and a healer for my entire life, and, I am a Nurse Intuitive!

What is a Nurse Intuitive?

Simply put, it's a nurse who understands the power of gut feelings and acts on them. Add to that the gift of being psychic and you have....


I knew as a young child I had wisdom far beyond my years and I knew this wisdom was not mine, but came from the spirit. These gifts have served me well in my nursing career and helped me give my patients better care because of it.


Creating Anew In the New Year

by Geri Habstritt at Joyfulliving

What's your New Year's resolution for 2017?  I think everyone has the intension of changing or bettering themselves in some way.  Have you manifested that big dream that you have so diligently put together on your creation board or has that new car turned into sales calls from car dealerships and ads in the mail with fake keys?  They didn't mention in "The Secret" the key to creating your dream was to forgive and love yourself.   Yes, focusing and frequency are a necessary piece but what good is focus if you have unconscious beliefs and patterns saying "I'm not good enough."  "I don't deserve."  "I'm not lovable?"  All of these belief systems are a filter through which the creation energy moves out and creates.  No wonder we get a grey version of our full color dream.  So, what's the key to clearing out the old to create a brighter future?  I think it's forgiveness. 


AWAKENINGS - A Personal Story

and Hope For All...  

by Maddie Loiacono

Like most people, I have been on an ever-changing, continually growing spiritual and life journey.  It has had many twists and turns along the way, but, it has never failed to bring me ever closer to the Source of All - the Source of All unconditional love, purest light and clearest truth.  I have spent countless hours studying religions, spirituality, the human body, creation and the cosmos, and various energy healing methods (modalities).  I have journeyed as a daughter, sister, friend, lover, student, teacher, wife, mother and grandmother - sometimes on a direct course, but more often than not blindly and fumbling my way along seeking guidance from many.  I don't have all the answers, none of us do.  It would be arrogant of me to tell you otherwise.  But I have learned a great deal and mastered much during this journey, and if I have learned nothing else, it is that we must each pass on this knowledge to others to make their lives better, whenever possible.


December 2016 Featured Articles

‘Tis the Season to be Happy.

by Mary K. Migliori, MD

On the first day of Christmas, my true love gave to me, one hacking cough,  two achy joints, three muscle pains, 4 sleepless nights.... and a partridge in a pear tree. This doesn't sound too happy does it?

Are you in the midst of hacking coughs at home and in the office already?

No doubt, the fast pace of our lives and the demands of the holidays certainly wear us down.

However, it is not a myth that you certainly have the capacity to remain vibrant and healthy while everyone around you is sneezing, coughing and spreading germs.  At IMI, we have found powerful remedies that modulate your immune system to keep you practically bullet-proof in the face of constant exposure.

In a perfect world, the immune system has several key layers of defense to protect you. The first layer includes...


Keep your Lantern Glowing

by Gail Bradbury

As the days get shorter and the natural light grows dimmer we seek the flame of burning candles and the warmth of the embers of our fireplaces more than ever.  Fall has ended and it is time to come inside and curl up and feel the warmth.  Enough of the busying of shopping, decorating,  wrapping--it is time for restoration and self love. Just sit and take in the gift of peace that shines within--B R E A T H E--Ahh--ha. Feel the glow within that fills and restores you. Feel the relaxation you have been yearning for.  The Holidays come just when we need them the most to remind us that Spirit is always here to replenish our glow --if we can just remember to B R E A T H E--Ahh-ha.  So many of us are caught in the frenzy of being human doings so the chaos of the holidays is perfect for us to keep busy every minute of every day. We decorate, shop, wrap, bake, and then expect to have the energy to....

 Resolution vs. Realization -

It's All In Your Perspective...

by Maddie Loiacono

It's that time of year again.  The time when, with the closing of the calendar year, and beginning of the new year, that we look both backwards and forwards.  Back through the previous year to see what nuggets of goodness we want to bring forward with us, and what we really want to leave behind (and we all have some of that, don't we?).  Most everyone uses the calendar year to mark their new year cycle, but, if you are one who uses the Wheel of the Year for your new year cycle, you can also find some benefit to reading this article.  Yes, it's already a month into the new year for you folks, but, hey better to start at some point, right? 

So, if you're like me, you kind of dread hearing all about everyone's "resolutions," let alone making my own.  It seems we all make them and then most of them never come to fruition, right?  Maybe it's because we aren't looking at them through the right lens, or from the right perspective.  Personally, the term "resolution" never sat real well with me - it just didn't feel comfortable to me.  By definition a resolution is:...


What on Earth is This "New Zodiac"

Nonsense About?

by Phaedra Mitchell, Mystick Physick Astrology ~ www.mystickphysick.com

If you spend much time at all on social media, it's likely at some point in 2016 you came across an article entitled Your Zodiac Sign Shifted - NASA Updated the Zodiac Signs for the First Time in 2,000 Years.

You probably wondered what that was all about; maybe you even wondered if it was true. If you read it, you may have come away with more questions than answers. The headline itself is a little misleading; the zodiac is what the zodiac is, NASA doesn't "update" it. Essentially the article discusses the sidereal zodiac, which you may not have ever heard of before, depending on your level of familiarity with astrology. Let's dig a little deeper.

What the Heck is the Sidereal Zodiac?

To explain that, we need to define the term "zodiac"....


November 2016 Featured Articles


by Rev. Linda Barlow, RN, MH

When you read this, I will be in Ireland visiting THIN PLACES. What are THIN PLACES? They are places of energy. A place where the veil between this world and the eternal world is thin. A THIN PLACE is where one can walk in two worlds - the worlds are fused together - knitted loosely where the differences can be discerned or tightly where the two worlds become one.

THIN PLACES aren't perceived with the five senses. Experiencing them goes beyond these limits.

Fascination with the "OTHER WORLD" has occupied our human minds since early recordings of history & likely before that. A THIN PLACE pulsates with an energy...



"What is It? What Effects Can It Have? How Can It Be Cleared?"

by Maddie Loiacono

Cellular memory - the body type, not the phone type - is a memory stored within the cells of your body brought about by a significant physical or emotional event. This would be a trauma, or moment, so impactful that it permanently imprints itself into the very cellular level of your being. Most often, the underlying reason this memory becomes imprinted is due to the "feeling" you have at that specific moment in time. This memory, and its impact, can be one from this current lifetime, or one from a previous lifetime.


So we go through time/space for whatever our reason, and during these experiences we can have moments of incredible physical or emotional trauma such as death, abuse, injury, curses or encounters that create our cellular memories...

Being In The Cocoon

by Cristin Russell

Have you been feeling like you are in a cocoon? On the edge of new creations and manifestations but unclear about the specifics? Me too and here is a message I received this morning that I offer to you as well...


Sit in the uncertainty.

The curiosity.

Be where you are.

Still in the cocoon but you can feel the energy working and spinning and transforming within.


Allow the transformation to occur...

What is Micro-Needling?

by Dr. Laura Reed, OD, CPCP, FAAM

The appearance of a person's skin can improve through different types of skin care treatments such as chemical peels, laser or light therapies, and even injections of Botox or Dermal Fillers. However, these treatments can have risks and/or side effects that vary with skin tones and types. But there is another skin rejuvenation treatment with fewer side effects and less risk that is completely natural-Micro-Needling. Other names for this technique are Collagen Induction Therapy (CIT), Fractional Collagen Induction, and Skin Needling.

Skin Needling was originally discovered by physicians in the 1990's through using single needles to reduce deep wrinkles and scars. The doctors also found improvement in surrounding skin, and from there various devices were invented...


October 2016 Featured Articles

Becoming an Optimist    

by Peter Vegso

Exercise: Authentic Living

Here is an exercise that will sharpen your skills at being an optimist. Learn these rules and put them to practice; you will quickly find that they cease to be "rules" and become part of your character instead. Be mindful of them from morning to evening-they will carry you a long way toward fulfilling your goal of feeling great day after day.

Peter Vegso's 15 Rules for Happiness

Sometimes we need a shift in perspective to lift our spirits. It's easy to get caught up in ourselves and our situations and allow them to dictate how we feel, but we can learn to control the inner and outer influences that affect us. We can actually train ourselves to overcome distressing or pessimistic emotions and enjoy greater happiness in our lives.


LEAD: The Silent Killer


by Mary K. Migliori, MD

I just returned from the American College for the Advancement of Medicine's annual meeting. Research has proven that heavy metal toxicity is one of the main root causes of all disease. Until you lighten your lead load, you may not feel better.

Some of us spend a small fortune on expensive, high quality supplements with little or no results. I'm concerned and very disappointed when I see this.

Dr. Lyn Patrick, Director of Progressive Medical Education presented research documenting many sources of lead such as some brands of multivitamins, makeup, drugs, toys, jewelry, ceramics and many other household items.  Did you know that house dust in homes built before 1979 has more lead in it than paint chips?
Tantra:  Is It About Sex?

submitted by Joyous Pathways Institute

In the six previous articles written for this publication we talk about a wide range of topics concerning what Tantra is about in an effort to establish that Tantra is much more than sex.

The previously discussed aspects of Tantra include; awareness, Conscious touch, acheiving true intimacy, authentically speaking with each other, connecting with our eyes, opening ourselves completely, fully accepting ourselves and others, opening ourselves to be real love, using the power of our intuition, and becoming fully connected to our mind, body, spirit, and to the divine,.

As previously established it is true that Tantra encompasses so much more than sex. However, we must also recognize that in conjunction with all the other things mentioned Tantra also includes sex.

Semi-Permanent Makeup-Is It, Or Is It Not?

by Dr. Laura Reed, OD, CPCP, FAAM

Permanent Cosmetic Makeup is a non-surgical procedure known as Permanent Makeup or Permanent Cosmetics. It is cosmetic tattooing of facial features to enhance color and improve shape. Special colored pigments are implanted into the Dermis (middle layer) of the skin through microscopic injections with an extremely fine needle or cluster of needles using a machine or hand tool. Other names for this process include Micropigmentation, Microdermal Pigmentation, Intradermal Cosmetics, or Dermagraphics.

In recent years, the term "Semi-Permanent Makeup" has been used by some artists to differentiate it as a technique different from cosmetic tattooing as described above. However, that is NOT true. The SPCP (Society of Permanent Cosmetic Professionals)--the largest organization for the permanent cosmetic industry--has clarified misconceptions to prevent consumers from being defrauded.


September 2016 Featured Articles



by Mother Shayshoshewa Dawe - www.amarajimahamarai.org


Forgiveness is the ability to compassionately understand ourselves, our desires, and our needs.   It's the ability to realize that no matter how awkwardly we've attempted to meet those needs, and no matter how many mistakes we made in the process, it doesn't mean there's something wrong with us.  We are well served to be suspicious of any voice, inside or outside, that says there is something wrong with us.   For example- it's possible to realize I have been unkind toward someone and then feel sad about that.   It's not that I'm a bad person who will get into trouble- it's just that I don't want to be unkind because it hurts my heart.

Crystal Lessons

by Michelle Blair

Crystals are wonderful and joyful instruments that are used for healing and wellbeing. Through my own use of crystals I have become aware of crystal responsibility. The use of crystals can affect people profoundly whether you are aware or unconscious of the use. 

One such example is what crystals I am wearing will affect other people around me. I have found on myself that many crystals can have a synergistic effect. A combo I once wore at my nursing job was Moldavite, Aegrine, and a diamond. This combination was amplified by my presence and my patients became agitated with behaviors, and had nausea. What brought the awareness that it was what I was wearing was an intuitive CNA who stated "What are you wearing on your neck; It is smacking me on my 6th chakra"....


Accepting Your Divinity

by Cristin Russell - 208-286-4842

You are Divine.

How deeply and fully do you know this at every layer of your being?

Do you allow yourself to fully drink in what it means to be Divine?

Most of us have conditioning of being broken or tainted in some way. Limiting beliefs, anger, frustration, and physical illness or suffering can all distract you from the truth of your divinity.

What if you really allowed yourself to be filled with the radiance and joy that you already are? No matter what. Miracles really are possible when you allow them.


Vibrant Life Wellness Centre Celebrates Epigenetics and YOU!

Ellen Hingst, Advanced BodyTalk Practitioner

BodyTalk is a complementary and alternative medicine that looks at the whole person and whole context of their life to address their physical, emotional, social and environmental stressors, genetic, belief systems and now, EPIGENETIC LIFESTYLE FACTORS!  After being in a pilot online class of 48 world wide practitioners, I returned from a live class with Dr. Stuve with added amazement at the power of the BodyTalk system to change the health  of an individual and families - now at the epigenetic level!

Deeprak Chopra reminds us that the "most exciting news of all is that the conversation between body, mind and genes can be  transformed! The transformation goes far beyond prevention, even beyond wellness, to a state we call radical well-being."

August 2016 Featured Articles

Myths and you

by Mother Shayshoshewa Dawe

Our lives are not created just from direct experience but also from our mental and emotion thoughts and fantasies. If we read a book and become involved in the story, or go to a movie and become totally a part of that experience, or become engrossed in a video game - the mind uses those emotions as though we have personally undergone those experiences along with the characters in the stories.

This can be both good and bad news.  Because we have grown up with these multitudinous stories informing our mind, as well as having actual physical experiences, we have a deeper and richer unconscious than our ancestors.


What is Acceptance....Really?

by Cristin Russell

How fully and deeply do you accept yourself?

It seems like a simple enough question, doesn't it? Yet, over the years I've learned a lot about the realities and depths of acceptance.

For a long time self-acceptance seemed like such a basic thing to me. I thought "of course I accept myself". Yet my understanding was very limited of what that meant.

Acceptance is the foundation of growth, healing, and expression. Self-acceptance is about allowing yourself.....


By Ellen Hingst, RN, BSN * Advanced Certified BodyTalk Practitioner

Everyone has it!  A Microbiome!  Friendly bacteria and other types of microorganisms that live throughout the body; in our digestive tract, our mouths, our skin, our reproductive tract, our bladder, our eyes and our lungs.  There are 10,000 different types of bacteria in your body!  These microbes are tiny friends with benefits.  The more biodiversity - the better your health!  These are the keys for healthy digestion and a balanced immune system that isn't prone to allergies/inflammation.  They determine whether we are overweight or at a healthy weight, prevent cavities, gum disease, skin respiratory and urogenital infections!


UVLrx Therapy

Internal Light Therapy

by Dr. Ann Huycke

Metta Health Care is pleased to announce the introduction of the UVLrx device to the Treasure Valley.  This device allows for internal body treatment with UVA, green and red light.  The UVA is a powerful anti-microbial, the green light stimulates the oxygen carrying capacity of the red blood cell, and the red light is an anti-microbial and up-regulates the immune system.


Until UVLrx, light therapy for the body was administered on the skin or blood was removed from the body and run through a device which administered the light.  Only a small percentage of the blood could be treated with this type of device, whereas it is estimated that almost 100% of the blood is treated with UVLrx.


July 2016 Featured Articles


by Rev. Linda Barlow, RN, MH, Metaphysician

Sacred Space is self-designated area for allowing safety of body, mind, & spirit.  Stepping into this area is a time for honoring yourself in each facet for which you have designated this space. It is a time for healing.

My Sacred Space is an herb garden encircled with stones which honors the Earth and spirits. It allows me to bridge my inner self and the outer world by reflecting on its beauty using my 6 senses. I accomplish this bridging by bared handed turning of soil and planting of herbs to honor what the universal source has provided for me and others touched by this space...

Rid Yourself of Worry

by Charles Lightwalker©

Worrying is a feeling of uneasiness or being overly concerned about a situation or problem. Worry is a condition of being troubled, or afraid of trouble. Worry refers to the thoughts, images and emotions of a negative nature in which mental attempts are made to avoid anticipated potential threats. As an emotion, it is experienced as anxiety about a real or imagined issue. Excessive worry puts mind and body into overdrive focusing on "what might happen".


Worry occurs because of thinking something bad will happen or could happen. Worry activates a hyper-vigilant strategy of thinking that worry can circumvent problems. The fear is that without worry, things might get out of control. Excessive worriers subconsciously think that if they "worry enough" they can prevent bad things from happening. But the fact is...


Living A Spirit Centered Life

by Mother Shayshoshewa Dawe 

There are three important energies that must be expressed in order to live a Spirit-centered life.  These are difficult energies because they do not necessarily bring success in the world.  Those energies are a focus on: knowing, understanding, and manifesting Divine Spirit's Will each day.

To manifest Great Spirit's will its necessary that for every action, thought, or especially any words we ask: How is this promoting love, joy, or peace?

Because the only true expressions of Divine Will
results in more love, joy, and peace for Everyone!

If what we are expressing or doing is not promoting one of these truths of Spirit Grace, what we are about to do, think, or say, is not Great Spirit's plan.  Anger, grief, and even pain, are often the result of thinking of what others should do for us so we can have love, joy, or peace.  They are the result of blaming others for our own inner darkness and ignorance.


Tantra: The Power of Acceptance

submitted by Joyous Pathways Institute

Awareness is a fundamental key of Tantra and acceptance is the next level born from that awareness. While it is crucially important to be aware of everything in our existence, to accept "what is" is often the most difficult. Regardless of the circumstances, or how we think things "should be", accepting "what is" is essential if we are to move beyond our present situation and bring about real change.

There seems to be one common core theme that runs through all of us. We hold within us certain negative views of who we are and subsequently make judgments about ourselves according to that which we perceive.

June 2016 Featured Articles

Massaging Your Food

by Michelle Blair

Recently, I was excited when a musing came to me. I was to unify two gifts that were given to me. My first career was culinary arts and now I practice massage as another of my arts. Together, unified is massaging your food. We all have an innate ability for healing energy moving through our hands. I believe this is why (Great) Grandma's food tasted so good! She placed her love through her nurturing hands into the food. I was lucky to find such a recipe from greenliving. I am reminded that we need to incorporate our roots back into the foods we eat. Massage your foods, use your hands, open your heart...


What is Medical Ozone?

By Dr. Mary Migliori

Your body needs oxygen every second in order to make energy from your food. This event is occurring 24/7 in the mitochondria of your cells. While making energy, this process produces free radicals that can damage cells if not controlled. Our amazing body usually has this under control with it's own antioxidant system. How well this system works depends on genetics and environment.

Medical ozone is the antidote to oxidative stress.


Sauerkraut Day in Hyde Park!

by Valentina Valsova

Have you heard how important fermented foods are for your health? One of the healthiest, probiotic-rich, fermented foods around is sauerkraut.

Forget about colorless, lifeless sauerkraut you can buy at the store or may have tasted on a hot dog from that stand at the county fair. I am talking about alive and raw, crunchy and tangy, bursting with flavor and health-promoting properties, full of...


Permanent Cosmetics - Are You A Candidate?

by Dr. Laura Reed, OD, CPCP, FAAM

Archaeologists confirmed that cosmetic tattooing was practiced by ancient cultures. In the late 1970s, it underwent a rebirth in the United States. Today the popularity of cosmetic tattooing is growing rapidly in the forms of body art (traditional or conventional tattooing) and permanent cosmetics. Other names for permanent cosmetics are intradermal cosmetics or micropigmentation.

May 2016 Featured Articles

Ascension Remedies.

by Michelle Blair

I have noticed in myself and others some symptoms over the last two years. There is tiredness, nerve disorders, food sensitivities, weight loss, inflammation, auto immune symptoms and frustration. I will speak about my personal physical symptoms and see if you can relate. Two years ago a surge of new energy came into my body; Similar to sticking your finger in a light socket but much more pleasant. You could say it was a download of new fifth dimension energy and light. Soon after, all the above symptoms manifested....



by Lea Flocchini submitted for Oneness Boise Event

The Phenomenon and The Gift course - May 21st & 22nd

India, home of saints and sages, yoga and meditation, has long been touted as one of the ‘spiritual meccas' of the world. For 1000s of years stories of mysticism and miracles from the East have intrigued and raised the curious eyebrows of people throughout the West. Seekers of truth from times past have made pilgrimages to India for spiritual growth and wisdom. Jesus himself is rumored to have lived in India during his missing years.

The Intelligence of Optimism

by Dr. JOYLYN Maniaci - Venus In Motion

I have been blogging and posting videos about my Space Diet experiment in which I give myself space where I would normally judge or eat. (In my mind, it looks like I am wrapping in bacon whatever sensations and thoughts come up that I'm aware of.) As with any cleanse, the space that was once filled with fridge foraging, food preparation, chewing, and the self-berating inner dialogue following, is now just filled with...space. And instead of me trying to fill it, as if it were empty, I have been observing what is arising, what is available in/with space.

One of the most notable insights came this week: happiness is a choice...


The Power of Color and Sound Therapy

by Charles Lightwalker©

Color therapy is using light frequencies to induce healing. It may be as basic as wearing certain colored clothing, or wearing specific colored glasses to create a change in the person's brainwave patterns. Or it may be using progressive color therapy, which involves using several color modalities at the same time during treatment. We will be discussing the progressive color therapy, as that is my method of color therapy. However, an introduction of the history of color healing is a good place to start. Atlantis, Lemuria, and ancient Egypt, India, and China, are all cultures who understood color therapy and who used it in their healing practices.

April 2016 Featured Articles


 The Magic of the Unknown

by Cristin Stolfo Russell

Do you experience fear of the unknown? It's a common fear I run across in my practice. Yet, I've learned that a large part of my success with clients is our willingness to step into the unknown together. It can be awkward and even uncomfortable to be guided to step into an unfamiliar place with a client. What I've learned though is that most of the time...that is where the magic unfolds.

What becomes revealed is beyond anything my mind could have created or come up with, and my clients and I continue to be amazed at what is healed and discovered through the process of trusting and exploring.


Tantra 101: What is Tantra?

submitted by Joyous Pathways Institute

Many choose a path to enlightenment that denies the physical body as a significant and fundamental part of existence. Believing the body is imperfect and a major source of weakness and temptation, many secular institutions teach followers that the only way to reach our highest potential is to overcome, suppress, and deny the body.

While our existence is rooted in more than just our physical body, our bodies are an integral component of our present existence, an existence that actively engages and involves every component of our being.   Someone said we are not physical beings here to have a spiritual experience, but rather we are spiritual beings here to have a physical experience.

In reality, we are here as spiritual AND physical beings. Enlightenment is achievable only through the expansion of consciousness that comes from fully experiencing ones spiritual and physical capacities. Tantra as a body based spiritual practice, is one of only a handful of practices teaching us how to use our spirituality and our magnificent physical bodies as a path to enlightenment or self actualization.


 Discernment on Your Shamanic Path

by Charles Lightwalker©

I remember the excitement of being new to studying shamanism, shamanic culture, and the spiritual aspects of world wide shamanism. I had just learned that my doctorial thesis had been approved, in Religious Studies/ Spiritual Shamanism world wide. I was like a kid in a candy store, with so many tasty treats to try.

My first shamanic studies started while I was in College, I took a class on family lineage, and discovered my Great Grandfather was part Cherokee, and was from a mother that was a medicine woman. I was fascinated with Native American/Cherokee traditions, which mentioned shamans and shamanic practices.


BODYTALK - A New Paradigm of HealthCare

by Ellen Hingst, RN, BSN

An International Integrative HealthCare System now serves Treasure Valley!

BodyTalk understands the profound influence the psychology of the body has on our health. Instead of focusing on the symptoms, BodyTalk finds the underlying causes of illness by addressing the whole-person and their whole-story; thus creating WHOLE HEALTHCARE!

Certified BodyTalk practitioners are trained to utilize a comprehensive protocol and procedure chart, which is the foundation of the BodyTalk System to create balancing sessions. This chart is extremely detailed and incorporates Western, Eastern and Ayurvedic Medicine as well as many other modern health care systems that are used to re-synchronize and balance the body. Sessions include bio-energetic muscle testing in a relaxed environment, fully clothed. Personal sessions include exploring physical, mental, emotional, environmental, genetic, generational, and conscious based (and more) issues that your mind/body may have out of balance, causing dis-ease.


March Featured Articles

Revealing Your Purpose

by Cristin Stolfo Russell

Are you still trying to get clear on your purpose?

You may be making it more complicated than it has to be, I know I did.

What if your purpose is really just about being YOU...at a soul level...and consciously bringing that into form?

How do you do this?

I see it as bringing as much light, love, and awareness as we possibly can into our human experience. We each have so much soul potential just waiting to be accessed and embodied.


Energy Clearing for Home or Office

by Valentina Valsova

Buying a new house? Moving into a new office space? Remove the old, dirty energy first before even moving the first piece of furniture in!

Houses and buildings inherit energy from occupants. Angry words, fearful thoughts, depression and other emotions can become stuck in the room. This is why you can walk into a room where an argument just occurred and feel the tension in the air.


Functional Medicine and Vibrational Healing

by Mary K. Migliori, MD

Do you exercise, eat a balanced diet, take supplements and still wish you had more energy, fewer colds or less weight?  In your quest to feel awake, alert and joyful for your human experience, do you try different nutrients yet experience little change?

Functional Medicine is about finding and treating the root cause of symptoms by removing toxins and replacing missing nutrients and hormones. As a Diplomate of the American Academy of Anti-Aging and Regenerative Medicine, Dr. Migliori stays on the cutting edge of nutritional and regenerative therapies.

If you still don't feel that great, what is missing?


Begin Anywhere:

Overcoming Perfection Paralysis

by Dr. Joylyn Maniaci - Venus In Motion

Dear Reader,

Do It Anyway.


Your Inner Bad Ass

Your inner bad ass knows that no matter how messy or seemingly ill-timed, the most important thing is that you begin. I've often paralyzed myself, trying to arrange my choices and put them in order to achieve the outcome I was going for with the greatest efficiency as if my choices were puzzle pieces-succinct, tangible, definable pieces. And if I could just arrange them properly, all would be well, and I would be successful. The problem was, I didn't actually do much because all of this was going on in my head, and as soon as I decided on one arrangement, I'd second-guess it, "re-shuffle," and start over.



February 2016 Featured Articles

Reiki Integration

by Charles Lightwalker ©

Some say I blend together my teachings, my healings, just as I am a blending of cultures within me. True I come from a heritage of French, English, Scottish, Cherokee and German cultures. My mother was of English, Scottish and German cultural heritage, who married my father who was of French and Cherokee heritage.

Yes, I tend to bring together many different healing techniques, I have learned on my healer's journey.

For over 40 years now, I have religious, spiritual, metaphysical and western medicine methods to assist people on their healing journey to wholeness. I have studied many methods of healing the body, mind, and spirit.


Family Tree Healing

by Valentina Valsova

We all connected through our genus, our ancestors. Almost all traditions suggest that our life is defined by the program of our genus. Any doctor will tell you that your health is 80% dependent on heredity. And not only our health, but also many other aspects of our life are determined by our ancestors, our Family Tree. Negative genetic information can accumulate over centuries or millennia that may provoke disease, birth defects, unwanted health situations, memory problems, fatigue, and drowsiness, thus blocking our ability to use the enormous amount of experience and knowledge stored in our genes.


Amazing Awakening: Connect With Divine Love

by Michelle Wood

Most people are surprised to learn that the traditional Indian Nada (Mantra) Yoga Chakra practice is based on sounds and mantras. I'm sure you're familiar with the chakras as a stack of rainbow-colored lotuses, but did you know that the petal of each lotus also has a sound associated with it, and that chanting those sounds raises shakti (divine energy)? When you chant the seed sound of the chakras, you are not only raising your vibe and raising divine spiritual energy, you are connecting to the essence of the material and sublime elements, and ultimately connecting to the divine within as well. We always begin and end with the chakra chants at the weekly chanting sessions.  

What does self-love look like?

by Joylyn Maniaci - Venus In Motion

Valentine's Day brings about a number of conversations about love. Yet everyone "knows" that romance is not true love. True love is actually more in line with the energy of acknowledgement, gratitude, and kindness, and in order to foster any healthy interpersonal relationship, you have to first love yourself. Everything comes down to self-love. But what is self-love? What does it look like?

Self-love is gratitude and kindness for YOU, from YOU. Self-love is not:

  • Arrogance
  • Selfishness....


January 2016 Featured Articles 


New Year's Resolutions:

The #1 Reason They Fail and 3 Solutions for Success

by Joylyn Maniaci - Venus In Motion

Have you ever made a New Year's Resolution that didn't stick? This seems to be more the rule than the exception. And still we keep on trying each year, sometimes resolving to change the exact same thing as the year before. So, why doesn't it work?


Usually the thing that people resolve to change is that which they have judged as bad, undesirable, in need of improvement.

Judgment includes conclusions, projections, expectations, and separations.

Change is the backbone of a New Year's Resolution. But, judgment doesn't allow for change because: ....


Varicose Veins - Can You Prevent Them?

by Charles Lightwalker ©

What are Veins? The veins and arteries are the blood vessels of the circulatory system. Arteries carry blood away from the heart. Veins carry blood towards the heart. Most veins carry deoxygenated blood from the tissue and organs back to the heart, except the pulmonary and umbilical veins, both of which carry oxygenated blood to the heart. Veins are less muscular than arteries and are often closer to the skin surface.

In systemic circulation oxygenated blood is pumped by the left ventricle through the arteries to the muscles and organs of the body, where its nutrients and gases are exchanged through capillaries. After taking up cellular waste and carbon dioxide in the capillaries, blood is channeled through the vessels that converge with one another to form venules which continue to converge and form larger veins. The deoxygenated blood is taken by veins to the right atrium....


You can not only breathe oxygen - you can eat it with a spoon!

submitted by Natural Health House

What is an oxygen cocktail? This is a gentle, creamy foam with a fruity flavor and aroma, enriched with pure life-giving oxygen. The main purpose of the consumption of oxygen cocktails - the saturation of the body with oxygen.

Oxygen cocktail was invented over 50 years ago by a Soviet scientist, academician N. Sirotinin. His discovery was based on numerous studies that have proven the ability of the digestive tract to absorb oxygen, exerting a beneficial effect on the entire body. The oxygen enters the body 10 times faster and more intensely through the gastric mucosa than through lungs!

Why the oxygen cocktail is so good?


The No. 1 Thing 15 Relationship

Experts Have Learned About Love 

By Locke Hughes | http://greatist.com/play/best-relationship-advice

If binge-watching Gilmore Girls, Scandal, or The Good Wife has taught us anything, it's that relationships are messy. Personal experience proves it too: From our eighth-grade romance to our most recent breakup drama, "love isn't easy" is a life lesson we know all too well.

No matter your status-single, dating, engaged, or married-relationships take work. And whether they end with tears and empty Ben & Jerry's or last until forever may depend upon countless factors, but your own actions, words, and thoughts undoubtedly play a role.

One thing that'll give you an advantage in the game of love? Soaking up all the wisdom you can from relationship therapists, researchers, matchmakers, and more....


December 2015 Featured Articles


By Kristi Brower

As an Aura Reader I see everything on a continuum of vibration. The higher we vibrate the closer we are to the divine. We function better in every way when we vibrate high. We don't have great language to explain how things vibrate, but some words that help are light and energy. We use descriptors to qualify light and energy and this is generally how we talk about vibration. Have you ever said that someone just took all of the light out of a room? If so, you know what it feels like to be in the presence of low vibrating energy. Have you ever said something like "The energy of that place makes me feel so good!" If so, you know what it feels like to be in the presence of high vibrating energy.


A Long Winter's Nap

 submitted by Vicki L. Vosburg, M.H., D.Sc.

The holidays are upon us and with it comes a plethora of "to-do"'s. There is one activity that should be at the top of our to-do lists this season (and every season) and that is getting adequate sleep. We often times are under the false belief that the less we sleep and the more we accomplish the more successful we will be. This false belief weighs in at a heavy price and that price is that of our mental and physical health and well-being. We treat sleep like it's optional activity. We have come to believe that sleeping less qualifies us for a medal in the race to see how much we can accomplish each day in this world of work demands and hectic schedules. However, in reality if we were to get more sleep then we would be able to better accomplish the tasks on our to-do lists and do so more efficiently and with mental clarity. With this being said, I do realize that there are those individuals who suffer from insomnia and other sleep disorders who would love to sleep. I will address some suggestions for this as well...

Tell Me Something I Don't Know....    

with Lady J    

We have been having a discussion about modalities that keep you in Elite Health.  Today, I am sharing a single simple item you can buy at the grocery store which has numerous health benefits.  I first read about it in the Boise Senior Center newsletter printed by the Cottages of Boise. I'm not sure what channel it originally came through.  I knew that Orange Juice, which we have been drinking to get more Vitamin C whenever we have a cold, can indeed cause more congestion. Not what we are looking for when we have a cold.  This I did not know:  Pineapple Juice....


A Naturopathic Approach to Cancer Treatment

By Jeff Hartford ND

When I practiced allopathic medicine I was comfortable treating nearly all conditions - metabolic, endocrine, orthopedic, counseling, and psychotherapy - but not cancer.  I continued to treat the whole person and left cancer treatment in the hands of the oncologists.

As a Naturopathic physician, I am amazed at how much nutritional support and supplements complement surgery, radiation, and chemotherapy, and truly improve the quality of life and extends the period of life expectancy.  If this article is a bit overwhelming in information, it's because there is so much in Natural Medicine that works.

Current statistics indicate the one out of 2.2 women and one of 2.4 men will have to deal with cancer during their lifetime in this country.  What is cancer?  It is a mutation of a gene of any type of cell, actually mutation of a stem cell which then produces daughter cancer cells.  Exponential growth after 30 doublings produces a tumor which is evident.  Surgery is a good thing to debulk the tumor.  Most patients with cancer don't die from it but from malnutrition and toxemia.


November 2015 Featured Articles

Plantar Fasciitis

 by Dr. Michael J. Plyer 

What is a Plantar fascia strain?

The plantar fascia or arch ligament is a band that runs from under the heel to the front of the foot. A strain or rupture to this is quite common. A plantar fascia strain might result from one single traumatic incident or may gradually occur over a time.

Plantar fasciitis is the most common cause of heel pain. The plantar fascia is the flat band of tissue (ligament) that connects your heel bone to your toes. It supports the arch of your foot. If you strain your plantar fascia, it gets weak, swollen, and irritated (inflamed). Then your heel or the bottom of your foot hurts when you stand or walk.

Plantar fasciitis is common in middle-aged people. It also occurs in younger people who are on their feet a lot. Plantar fasciitis can happen in one foot or both feet. Plantar fasciitis is caused by straining the ligament that supports your arch. Repeated strain can cause tiny tears in the ligament. These can lead to pain and swelling. This is more likely to happen if your....


Decisions, Decisions, Decisions.....

By Kristi Brower

Do you ever find yourself faced with so many choices that you have no idea where to begin? This has been a common theme with my clients lately, so I offer you these steps to narrowing down your options and choosing wisely.

First of all, take an honest look at your options and determine which ones are options you actually want vs. what other people think you should choose. You are in charge of your happiness and have to choose what you want. We all feel pressure from the people in our lives to choose what they think we should want, but in order to move forward on your path you have to be in charge of your choices.

The Wrong Direction of Healthcare

by Charles Lightwalker ©

Health care is a major issue in our current political forum, as well it should be. The U.S. by most accounts, has now only one statistic to show that this country leads the world in health care -- that it is by far the most expensive. By most measurements of effectiveness, we compare poorly to the rest of the civilized world. And if we continue to be led down our current path, it will only get worse. And these factors will increase: health care, as a component of our cost-of-living will continue to rise; the share of every health-care dollar spent that goes to administration and insurance will grow; the number of Americans killed by our medical system -- already a huge number (250,000 per year or more by the industry's own estimates) will continue upward. What is the problem with our "health care" system ? It really comes down to three flaws in the way we approach human health.


Creating the BEST Holiday Season Ever

by Mary K. Migliori, MD

The falling leaves, cooler mornings and shorter days remind us that winter is around the corner and the holidays are near. We find ourselves indoors with fellow friends and co-workers. Telephones, keyboards, door handles and the air we breathe may, literally, be full of the cold and flu viruses.

Research has proven that the gut, brain and immune system all work together to reduce the body's susceptibility to the flu and to improve your mood. The immune system is like an army of soldiers on high alert to protect us from the constant viral, bacterial, fungal and parasitic invasions. Your gut is known in Functional Medicine as the "second brain" and it is home to 80% of the immune system. Essentially, a healthy gut means a healthy immune system and brain.

October 2015 Featured Articles

Neti Pot

 submitted by Vicki L. Vosburg, M.H., D.Sc. 


We are coming into the time of season that we will need to keep our Neti Pot handy.

Sinus congestion seems to affect many this time of year. Our sinuses have to deal with the dryness of the winter season as well as being closed up in our homes and businesses with the furnace going, stirring up dust and adding to the dryness and pollutants in the air. Sinuses are hollow spaces within the bones of the face. There are three pairs of sinuses: frontal, ethmoid, maxillary and one single sinus at the base of the skull called sphenoid. Each of these connect to the nose through a small opening called ostia. The ostia acts to humidify and warm the air we breathe, add to our sense of smell and taste, and plays a significant role in the quality of sound we hear. That is why when our nasal passages are clogged we don't taste or hear things as well.


Fresh Insight on Naturopathy

By Kenna Thorne, Medical Assistant Intern at The Karlfeldt

Center, and Senior at Meridian Medical Arts Charter High

As individuals in society, we are surrounded by information that impacts us daily, whether it be through television, our smartphones, even our own peers. Access to information is just a click away, however, most take the information at face value. We tend to not question what many believe as fact or as the only way to solve the issue. Over courses of years, our society has westernized in every way, shape, and form. We are progressing in our views through technology, social issues, and most overlooked, medicine.

Now many look at progression as the best way, just look at the newest Apple product. But still, we as a society tend to not question the latest and greatest information, ignoring the facts of the past. Medicine is a great example. Now when I mention the word medicine, many my age will recall last week's episode of Grey's Anatomy or the newest medical procedure introduced in their EMT class. Now considering the fact that I am a seventeen year old....

Foggy, Fatigued, Flatulent and Flustered?

by Mary K. Migliori, MD

If you're feeling the 4 Fs, you are not alone.  Over forty million Americans are experiencing these symptoms and don't know why. They're often prescribed an antidepressant, but it makes them feel worse. What is going on?

The 4 Fs are some of the classic symptoms of an autoimmune disorder. You may have heard of Hashimoto's thyroiditis, Grave's disease, Type 1 Diabetes, Crohn's disease, Ulcerative Colitis, Psoriasis and Rheumatoid Arthritis which are just a few of the hundred different diseases caused by autoimmunity.  In these conditions, the immune system is attacking it's own organs.


Clearing our view, letting in the light and experiencing life in all its beauty

STAR (Steps to a Release) Program

by Barbera Bashan

There is a story to be told, with a realization to be made, that when discovered will foster within each and every one of us an experience of living life in an entirely new way.  Yes, freedom from day-to-day pain, emotional or physical, the effects of which are shrouded in memories deep within the subconscious, almost as if they were inborn within us, as part of the very fabric of our being. 

This ever-present life of suffering can range from deeply horrendous sickening pain to experiencing continuous emotional uncomfortable feelings throughout our day.  These emotions can include feelings of looking over our shoulder, thinking that something else is about to drop on us, feelings of consistent low energy, or a lack of focus when working on a project, etc.  It is feelings within day-to-day existence where our emotions are stalking us continuously, clouding our view of life, seemingly with not a hint as to their cause or origin.

September 2015 FeaturedArticles

Giving Your Skin Breath.....

submitted by Vicki L. Vosburg, M.H., D.Sc.


Our skin is our largest organ and is often referred to as our 3rd kidney. Our skin receives 1/3 of the blood circulated in the body and 25% of the bodies toxins are released through our skin each day. That's ¼ of the body's detoxification that occurs through the skin! Adults eliminate over 1 pound of waste acids each day through sweat glands, yet the skin is the last organ we think of giving nutrients to and is the first to show signs of imbalance. Some signs of imbalance in the skin include: acne, cracked skin, dry skin, cellulite, brown spots, etc. Our skin needs to breathe and it needs nutrients. If our skin is clogged with dead skin cells, the elimination that should occur there is forced upon the kidneys and liver.


Stress - Your Health - Disease

(Structural,Osseous,Connective Tissue, Adhesion, Restoration)

by Dr. Michael J. Plyer


The Fight or Flight Response and Chronic Stress

How does stress affect the immune system? It all starts with your body's reaction to a frightening or stressful situation. A stressful situation triggers your brain to think that you are in danger. This is called the fight or flight response. Your body prepares you to run or fight. This phenomenon is all produced in the Limbic System or Mid Brain ( see below figure).

Amygdala - The Role Player in Fight or Flight

A little almond shaped structure, deep inside the antero-inferior region of the temporal lobe, connects with the hippocampus, the septal nuclei, the prefrontal area and the medial dorsal nucleus of the thalamus. These connections make it possible for the amygdala to play its important role on the mediation and control of major affective activities like friendship, love and affection, on the expression of mood and, mainly, on fear, rage and aggression. The amygdala, being the center for identification of danger, is fundamental for self preservation. When triggered, it causes fear, STRESS and anxiety which leads us into a stage of alertness, getting ready to flight or fight.


The Magic of Owning Our Own Divinity

by Lee Milteer


Every single soul on the earth has a king or queen within them who wants to reign over their own life. The word majesty means greatness, bestowing the highest rank of sovereign power or dignity upon someone. Everyone has the ability to let their soul's greatness shine; it is our natural inheritance. It is your divine inheritance to be a powerful manifestor, and now is the time for you to wake up and claim the true nature of your powers. You have the ability to create and achieve anything you want in life if you are willing to go for it with all your heart and soul and dedicate the appropriate spiritual, mental, emotional, and physical actions to your desires.


Drugs proven to cause Dementia - Free yourself

by Mark Cook, ART (Regd)


Introducing the Symbiotic Systems School of Advanced Reflexology and Drug Free Therapies. Heal Yourself, become the family healer and/or start a new career. But most important of all is to free yourself from harmful drugs.

There is a clear and present danger in what is termed "health care" in America today, and that clear and present danger is from pharmaceutical drugs, the unknown effects of combinations of these drugs and drugs that do more harm than good.
On January 26th, 2015 the Journal of American Medicine (note: not some fly by night publication) published a study which at last, confirmed this specific group of drugs, everyday drugs you see in nightly commercials, actually will cause dementia. Yes, you read that right, and I quote "researchers found that the higher a patient's cumulative dose of anticholinergic medication over the 10 years before entering the study, the greater his or her risk of dementia....


August 2015 Featured Articles


(Structural,Osseous,Connective Tissue, Adhesion, Restoration)

 by Dr. Michael J. Plyer


Connective Tissue Restoration-State Dependent Memory

The SOCTAR DISCIPLINE was developed by Dr. Michael J. Plyer. The SOCTAR DISCIPLINE is a whole body, hands-on approach for the human structure. It focuses on the connective tissue system (fascia) that envelops the entire musculoskeletal system.  The goal of the SOCTAR DISCIPLINE is to remove connective tissue restrictions brought on by physical or emotional trauma and or inactivity, thereby restoring the body's equilibrium. Restoration of the connective tissue will allow the musculoskeletal system to move normally, returning the body to a balanced state. This allows normal mobility, improved physical performance, increased focus, and quicker recovery from injury.  The SOCTAR DISCIPLINE is used to help dissipate past trauma and holding patterns in the body.  It works in conjunction with the cranial sacral rhythm of the body to target and help the body's self-correcting mechanisms release physical and emotional restrictions in the connective tissue.


Hair Analysis vs. Blood Analysis

from Dr. Michael Karlfeldt - 5/8/14 newsletter

Most individuals are unfamiliar with hair analysis. Why would one use it and how is it different from blood analysis?

What Is Hair?

Hair is a soft tissue of the body. A hair sample is a mineral biopsy, or cellular mineral sampling. The hair is technically ‘dead'. However, minerals deposited in the hair when it formed remain locked within the hair structure. The average level of minerals is about 10 times as high in the hair as in the blood. This makes minerals easier to measure accurately in the hair.

A Cellular Reading

The site of metabolism is the cells. Blood is excellent for many tests, but does not measure activity directly at the cellular level. The blood is the ‘highway' of the body. The cells are the chemical factories of the body....


5 Life Changing Lessons

From Past Life Regression

By Katie Weaver

As a Past Life Regressionist, I have conducted countless regressions with clients. I have learned so many valuable things from those sessions, and occasionally things that challenge my own beliefs. Sometimes people tell me that they want to have a past life regression because it sounds like fun. I always assure them that it is not going to be fun. It is going to be work. Life changing, sometimes gut wrenching, work. And it is going to be worth it.

The following are 5 powerful lessons that past life work has taught me.

 1-            We are eternal, sentient beings that have a tremendous amount of wisdom in our souls. Don't ever let anyone tell you differently.

 2-            Our current problems, whatever they may be, are just a tiny snapshot of a giant picture. You have surmounted larger obstacles so many times, and you can do it now too....



The Value of Passionate Curiosity

by Gregg Levoy

In his book Corner Office, author Adam Bryant interviewed 700 CEO's and asked them, "What qualities do you see most often in those who succeed?" Number one on their collective lists---passionate curiosity---is more than a recipe for success. It's a survival mechanism, because our attachment to life depends on our interest in it, our willingness to cultivate the sense of wonder that Buddhists call beginner's mind.

This mindset views life with the eyes of children, who unabashedly let their tails wag and eagerly sit in the splash zone at the dolphin show, keep all sensors and receptors in the ON position, a runway cleared at all times for incoming adventure and mystery, and who haven't yet learned the grossly overrated art of being cool and nonchalant, of being the knower rather than the wonderer.

The psychologist Abraham Maslow, who popularized the term "self-actualization," didn't generally believe in a big bang theory of it, in which peak experiences suddenly bring us into being as the people we've always imagined ourselves to be. Toward the end of his life, he talked about a kind of time-release version of the peak experience that he called the plateau experience.


July 2015 Featured Articles

Taking The Time

by Kristi Brower

Healing Hands Metaphysical Store and Spiritual Center

In my work as a professional Psychic and spiritual counselor I have noticed a trend lately. So many of my clients are striving constantly for growth, change and continuous self-improvement. I am all for the good work and happy to support, but want to suggest one edit to the constancy of striving for change.  We need time to adjust to change, to grow into our new selves, to recover from the upheaval that growth can bring into our lives. I offer you 5 ways to allow for  adjustment and rejuvenation while walking the spiritual path.


Bad Breath Cures

by Charles Lightwalker ©

By the end of April, here in the Pacific Northwest, the earth's energy is getting higher as it becomes gradually warmer. More people experience halitosis (bad breath) and stomach discomfort this time of year. Even, proper dental hygiene and the use of mouthwash fail to remedy the problem of bad breath. It is commonly thought that bad breath is a problem of the teeth, gums, sinusitis, or ear infection. Chinese and other complementary forms of medicine/healing teaches that bad breath results from stomach, intestinal, liver and lung heat, or low Yin, unhappiness or emotional stress.

When bad breath comes from stomach heat. The main syndromes are toothache, gum pain or oral ulcers, and a craving for cold ice water. These generally are due to overeating meats, nuts, seeds, fried foods, sweet foods, or over indulgence of alcohol. The way to correct this is to reduce food and drink that produce heat, and to get regular healing treatments such as acupressure, acupuncture, Reiki, Tuning fork healing, or other complementary treatments that balance the body.



from The Divine Mother Speaks: the Healing of the Human Heart

by Rashmi Khilnani

     In the ancient Egyptian Mystery Schools, I taught you about the emotional body and its connection to your spiritual body and ascension. All creation either evolves or devolves. You are once again in a cycle of the waking up of consciousness. Therefore it is time to move forward, in love and trust. Come out of your little minds and heads into the realm of your heartfelt states of being. In other words, open the "Parachute of the Heart." Dealing with feeling, your feelings, is best done in a safe, preferably protected sacred space and with people and in places where you feel free to open up. All of Earth is sacred.

As you know, your attention + intention = manifestation


Change Your Focus

by Crystal Spicer

 Once you decide to step out of your comfort zone and make a change, a world of possibilities opens up before you.  Opportunities present themselves in the most unexpected ways. If you change your focus, you can shift your life.  Re-evaluating everything around you, seeing where your stuckness lies can be a catalyst for new beginnings to occur, a universal do-over to try another path. Life is too short to do the same things over and over.  Variety is the spice of life.  Stretch, branch out.  Break out.  Try something new.  Closing one door opens another.


June 2015 Featured Articles


Sensational People

by Laura Allen-Wade - Licensed Professional Counselor

Have you ever experienced an overwhelming sensitivity to light, smell, sound, taste, touch, etc.? These are common symptoms when experiencing migraines, motion sickness, the flu, pregnancy, etc. For the most part, these symptoms are temporary inconveniences that may come back sporadically, but are not a constant of everyday life. While the symptoms may feel unbearable and interfere with your ability to function normally, you have probably found a way or ways to mitigate or even stop the symptoms.



by Rev. Linda Barlow, Metaphysician & Reiki Master

Those of us in the complementary therapy field are taking responsibility for our health in many different fields. Your first exposure might be to have a chiropractic adjustment moving on to a massage. At that point, you feel wonderful and wonder why you waited so long to try these methods of feeling good. Well, you begin to wonder:  what can I do for myself? Let's explore! I have this ache or pain. Where is it now? Where did it start from? Oh, REVELATION! I moved wrong, lifted something too heavy, or I am stressed out because of emotional stress due to work, family, or relationship issues. You are starting to associate causes with effects....


5 Vital Tips for a Thriving Relationship

by Katie Weaver - Energy Healer/Intuitive

The year is nearly halfway gone, and as usual, time flies when you are having fun. I just celebrated my anniversary, and that always makes me think a lot about relationships. I met my husband when I was fourteen years old. I fell for him instantly, and he, for me. We dated throughout high school and into college, and married when we were nineteen. We have now been married 18 years, and I have no idea where the time has gone. I still feel like that fresh faced child bride with utter optimism and complete faith in love. I am shocked to see a wrinkle or strand of gray hair when I peer into the mirror! Many of my clients are drawn to me for relationship help....


Fiber Supplementation: Clearing It All Up

Part 1 of 2  -  by Angela Beckman PN, CCHT

Many people come into our office after having begun fiber supplementation or increasing fiber in their foods; claiming that they are now constipated. By the time they come to me they believe that fiber was the cause of their constipation. I find after speaking with them, that they were already constipated but that the fiber regimen has made it worse. Because of the media (both advertising, plus popular opinions being circulated through TV, Newspaper, magazines and internet) there is a lot of confusion about dietary fiber, regularity, and fiber supplementation.


May 2015 Featured Articles


A Bird's Lesson

By Laura Allen-Wade

I am blessed to have an office in an area that is home to several species of birds. I am even more blessed that a pair of small birds decided to make their nest in the window awning above one of my windows. As I was sitting at my desk earlier this week, I noticed that one of the birds was sitting on the awning rod and intently observing me through the window. As I watched this little bird twist its neck into various positions to better observe me, I was reminded of Jon Kabat-Zinn's definition of mindfulness as being "what comes from paying attention, on purpose, in the present moment, non-judgmentally, as if your life depended on it."


Miracle Weight Loss

by Mary K. Migliori, MD

Losing weight is simpler than we thought. Just remember these three rules.

1.          Carbohydrates make you gain weight.

2.  Fats, healthy (unprocessed) fats help you lose weight.

3.  Protein makes you firm and healthy.

How do carbohydrates make you gain weight? They trigger excess insulin release and fat storage. All carbohydrates are sugar.  They stimulate the hunger area in your brain, so the more you eat...the more you want. Pasta and bagels produce the same blood glucose and insulin response as a can of soda or a candy bar.


Where Emotion Meets Memory

by Billy Hudson ~ submitted for Barbera Bashan

Much of our present anxiety and fear is rooted in past physical and emotional experiences. Traumatic experiences effect an individual for years and are associated with an alarm system within our brains that secretes massive amounts of stress hormones, which can result in stress related physical and psychological disorders. We may suppress our inner alarm system but that does not stop those hormones from mobilizing in our body and mind. Recent neuroscience discoveries in brain function indicate the power of the mind in dealing with core issues surrounding physical and emotional trauma. ‘STAR' (Steps To A Release) changes the nature of the pathways associated with the emotional memory triggered by trauma. It shifts those pathways into a neutral standing, allowing one to effortlessly choose one's response to past experiences.



by Dorothy McIntire ~ Pura Vida Juice

Fresh juice feeds the body and the mind like a live vitamin pill that injects nutrients into the bodys cells literally within minutes. First we must understand that the basic key to nourishing your body is the life that is present in your raw food known as enzymes. Enzymes are sensitive to temperatures above 118 degrees and above that they become extinct. With daily juicing you expect:

high energy levels and stamina

faster recovery from illness

slower aging process

sharper mind

overall better health


April 2015 Featured Articles


Twin Flames

by Charles Lightwalker ©

When I met my twin flame, Serena, for the first time an incredible sensation moved through me, and a special connection was made that was different from the other woman I had met on my life's journey. The connection had a depth of awareness unusual for a first meeting.

I've had immediate connections with woman before and lived with a few of them as soul mates ( I even married one). We (soul mates) had incredible romantic experiences together, but neither of us could commit to take the relationship to the next level-spiritual level.


The Basics of an Allergy

There is more to it than you think

By Dr. Paul Edwards

On some of the most beautiful days -when the weather's wonderful- it can be pure misery for those, especially children, who suffer from allergies.  Millions of Americans each year combat irritating allergy symptoms such as itchy, watery eyes, a runny nose, sneezing, congestion, headaches and fatigue.  But, just what is it that makes some people suffer, when others don't?

"An allergy is when your body sees an ordinary substance as foreign", says Dr. Paul Edwards. "It is essentially an error in the body's immune system where it does anything it can to combat the substance."


Heartspace Healing

A Discipline Of Well-Being

By Angela Gale -- submitted by Dr. Michael J. Plyer

Stimulation and movement of energy is what makes life possible.  Our energy system inspires our hearts to beat and our cells to divide.  Heartspace Healing is a deeply relaxing way to reset our body's energetic homeostatic system.

Disharmony in our bodies can occur from trauma, accidents, ill feelings, attitudes, emotions, diet, work habits, and heredity.  These situations can then appear as pain, fatigue and illness with seemingly no known origin; doctors sometimes call this idiopathic pain.  Whenever there is a trauma on any level - mentally, physically or emotionally, our energy flow will lock up or stymie to try to keep us from overloading....


Understanding Transformation

By Claudia T. Nelson

Are things falling apart in your life? Finances? Relationships? Health? Your old belief system? If so, you may be experiencing the first stage of Transformation. When it happened to me; not understanding it, I was terrified. Why should a good Christian woman, as I had tired to be, be experiencing all this pain and loss? It began with the murder of my mother and sister, then cancer, a divorce, losing my life savings in a Ponzi scheme, losing the faith which had previously sustained me, and more.  Some of you can relate. The good news is you will see it as a blessing when you understand transformation.

March 2015 Featured Articles

Witches Brew- Heartburn

by Charles Lightwalker ©

Our stomach is like a pot filled with a Witches' brew. A strong and abrasive acid brew, a brew strong enough to dissolve metals, and can melt plastic within hours. We absolutely need this brew in order to digest and transform our meals into fuel and nutrients our body needs to function. The stomach acid produced, also kills off all bacteria and toxins that we swallow when eating and drinking, thus protecting us from bacteria aggression and overgrowth.

When stomach acid stays within the confines of its normal area of action, then it does not burn our innards and that is because the stomach walls are extremely strong, thick and protect well. However when the stomach acid rises to the esophagus with a reflux, it will hurt and burn the fine, thin layers of the esophagus.

Warning - this is Dangerous to your health.


The Importance of Self-Care

By Laura Allen-Wade, MA, LPC

....Whether we are experiencing one transition or multiple transitions, sad transitions or happy transitions, every transition represents change. When our lives are touched by times of intense change (good or bad) we often forget about our own self-care. I know it can be difficult to think of our own self-care when we are going through intense transitions; however, without self-care, even the strongest of us will eventually run out of energy.


Illuminating Your Life's Mission

by Jane Angene

An astrological reading profoundly changed my understanding of my life's mission. I am sharing my story with you so that you can determine if an astrological reading might illuminate your life's mission in a similar manner.

I have spent many years trying to answer the question:  "What is my life's mission?" I was even pondering the reason for my existence as a small child. Years of spiritual study and reflection never seemed to enable me to clearly define just what I should be doing with my life. Then last fall I had three psychic readings in Sedona. Each psychic told me that I was to be doing spiritual teaching, guidance, and healing.


Stretching - A Good Idea For The Young,

Middle Aged, and Seniors

by Dr. Michael J. Plyer

As we age, our muscles tighten and our range of motion in the joints can be compromised. This can put limitations on our daily activities and even make daily duties hard to do. Tasks that used to be simple to us, now become extremely difficult. A customized regular stretching program that fits your body type, skill level, and age can help lengthen our muscles and make daily activities easier, yes even for the elderly.

Stretching is for everyone, regardless of our age or flexibility. Stretching should be a part of our daily routine, whether we exercise or not. There are simple stretches we can do while watching TV, on the computer, or getting ready to retire for the night.

February 2015 Featured Articles

Amazing Awakening: Union

by Michelle Wood

"What do you want? Light or darkness, knowledge or ignorance are yours, but not both. Opposites must be brought together, not kept apart. For their separation is only in your mind, and they are reconciled by union, as you are. In union, everything that is not real must disappear, for truth is union. As darkness disappears in light, so ignorance fades away when knowledge dawns. Perception is the medium by which ignorance is brought to knowledge....


Male Hormone Balancing

submitted by Vicki L. Vosburg, M.H., D.Sc.

Hormones affect pretty much all the vital functions of the body to some degree. Hormones help keep us physically and emotionally healthy. Hormonal imbalance can cause a wide range of symptoms that can greatly affect our health.

When discussing hormone imbalance, men are often forgotten about. If there is mention of hormones for men, it most often focuses only on their sex drive....


6 ways to Support Kids with Depression

by Katie Weaver

Healing Hands Metaphysical Store and Spiritual Center

January is a big month for depression in adults, and more and more, for children as well. As parents, it is our job to recognize depression in our kids, and help. Some symptoms of childhood depression are apathy, changes in eating and sleeping patterns, behavior changes, and sadness that does not go away. If you feel like your child may be depressed, they need to be seen by their pediatrician. Being proactive is important to get them the assistance needed to feel better.


When You Don't Know What to Do Next, Finish Something

by Joel Fotinos, author of My Life Contract

Do ever feel stuck or unsure what to do next?

All of us have felt that feeling, of not being sure what to do next.  Whether it is feeling unsure what to do next for the day, or what to do next in life, confusion about "next steps" can leave us feeling stagnant, confused, frustrated, or even depressed. 

I've found that when I'm not sure what to do next in life or when I am feeling "stuck," the most helpful thing for me to do is to simply do what is in front of me.  Finish something.  Complete a project or task or to-do list of items. (This works on two levels - the short-term items and projects that I need to do, and also the long-term goals I have for my life.)

January 2015 Featured Articles



by Rev. Linda Barlow

Shingles (Herpes Zoster) manifests as an outbreak of rash or blisters on the skin that is caused by the same virus that causes chickenpox - the varicella-zoster virus (which I had as a child). Remnants of the chickenpox virus remain dormant in the spinal column until another condition such as stress or a weakened immune system prompts the virus to travel through the nerves and cause a Shingles outbreak (why do I need a vaccine when the virus is already inside me? I don't want more virus in me!).



by Kristi Brower

Healing Hands Metaphysical Store and Spiritual Center

As an Aura Reader I see everything on a continuum of vibration. The higher we vibrate the closer we are to the divine. We function better in every way when we vibrate high. We don't have great language to explain how things vibrate, but some words that help are light and energy. We use descriptors to qualify light and energy and this is generally how we talk about vibration. Have you ever said that someone just took all of the light out of a room?....


New Beginnings

By Marcy Dawley, Life Transformation Coach

In New Zealand, the Koru (Maori for "loop") is a spiral shape based on the shape of a new unfurling silver fern frond and symbolizes new life, growth, strength and peace.

As you begin your voyage through 2015, consider a new way of living your life.  Rather than living life mindlessly through your day to day routine, practice living it on PURPOSE and with INTENTION.  You may know someone who lives their life reaching their dreams and desires and wonder, "How do they do that?"....


The Co-Existence of Opposites

"Creating Your Own Bridges"

by Pam Robinson

Did you know that your emotions & your thoughts have co-creative power in your mind, body, heart, soul, & spirit.... & ..... in the world around you? Positive emotions & thoughts have the power to create a happier, healthier & more joyful life. In contrast, negative emotions & thoughts have the power to create a less fulfilling life, a less healthy body, & experiences of loss, sadness, ill health, & , disconnection, & discontent.

December 2014 Featured Articles


submitted by Vicki L. Vosburg, M.H., D.Sc. 

Trichology the study of hair, teaches that hair is fiber. There isn't much difference chemically between the hair on your head and fine wool that comes off a pashmina goat. Think about how you would care for a cashmere sweater verses how you care for your hair. Avoid constantly washing it with harmful detergents and drying on high temperatures. Doing this will strip away all the natural oil and cause it to become dry and dull.

Here is a quick trick on how to find out the health of your hair....

Make Your Own Rules Diet

a book by Tara Stiles

Make your own rules. Break your own rules. Except when it comes to traffic lights, you'll want to pay attention to those.

Who made the rules that govern our lives, and why are we following them? When you put yourself in the position of a follower, you're at the back of a long line, waiting for a golden ticket that is bound to be counterfeit. Most of the time you end up empty-handed and more frustrated than when you stepped in line. Sound familiar? We've all signed up for diets, plans, systems, and products that promised to change our bodies, minds, and lives....

Amazing Awakening: Forgiveness

By Michelle Wood

"To forgive is to over-look. ... Forgiveness through the Holy Spirit lies simply in looking beyond error from the beginning, and thus keeping it unreal for you."  A Course In Miracles Text, Chapter 9 The Acceptance of the Atonement, Section IV The Holy Spirit's Plan of Forgiveness.

Holding a judgment against another is holding it against yourself; in At-One-Ment, your brother/sister is yourself. Releasing immediate anger over a situation may be easy, but resentment or disappointment lingers. Many advise, "Just let it go," but that's challenging!....

December Crystal Grid-Spiritual Strength

by Kristi Brower

This month I created a grid called "Spiritual Strength." As we move into the holiday season I think it is important to acknowledge the joy and the challenges that the holidays bring about for many of us. It is so important to look within and access the strength that our own spirituality gives us. This time of year can be tough if we don't follow mainstream beliefs. Use this grid to give you strength and support when setting boundaries and validating your beliefs.

November 2014 Featured Articles


By Marcy Dawley, Life Transformation Coach ~ 994-2241

This is the essence of how to live your life...through your heart, your joy, your love, your passion, and your connection to your true self.  This is the place where the "magic" happens and transformation begins...

Most of us don't realize that, from birth, we arrive into this world being who we really are at every level.  And then the travesty happens...we are trained out of ourselves and broken into what others want or think we should be.  Those that love us and have their best intentions for us do not realize what they are really doing, teaching denial and knowledge of true self.


Becoming Shamanicly Invisible

by Charles Lightwalker ©

An effective technique for protecting yourself is the use of invisibility/shape shifting. Shamans often change their energy field in order to go undetected or to avoid being noticed.

Most people might see this as a difficult feat to accomplish, however it is quite simple to do, if you understand the technique. Some of the reasons you might want to use this method in everyday life is to avoid detection from annoying neighbors, ex-friends, ex-spouses, while walking through dangerous areas of the city, avoiding clients while you shop for groceries....


Digestion the Way Nature Intended

By Karen Christensen, CHN, LDHS

Certified Holistic Nutritionist - Loomis Digestive Health Specialist

Nature intended that we eat enzyme rich food.   All live foods have enzymes present in them that promote their own breakdown.   Food must be chewed properly so that it thoroughly mixes with your saliva, which is also enzyme rich. If you do that, the food enters your stomach laced with digestive enzymes. These enzymes then "predigest" your food for 30 - 45 minutes -- actually breaking down as much as 75% of your meal.

In healthy digestion, it is only after this period of "pre-digestion" that hydrochloric acid is introduced to the process, along with the enzyme pepsin, which is then secreted in the stomach. This acid/pepsin mix inactivates, but does not destroy, most of the enzymes....


The Three Stages of Spiritual Transformation

By Claudia T. Nelson, Personal Empowerment Specialist @ 890-3395 

Have you ever experienced the loss of a loved one, your money, your job, your health, or your philosophy of life all of which made you feel secure?  Did you feel your life was over, or you wished it were?  Or did you come to see it as a sacred blessing, the beginning of something big? What it becomes is your choice. Choose. Will you remain a victim of your circumstances, or will you become victorious over them? If you choose victory, the big thing will happen.  It is the beginning of a spiritual transformation that will eventually free you, give you peace and activate your internal spiritual powers.... 


October 2014 Featured Articles


by Mary K. Migliori, MD 

Last year I met Dr. Bill Akpinar, medical director of the Center for Healing in New York, at the Academy of Comprehensive Integrative Medicine (ACIM) seminar.  He delivered the most amazing lecture on sweat.  Yes, sweat, that smelly substance that oozes from our pores and is socially unacceptable.   

Did you know that your skin is your largest bodily organ and is often referred to as the "third kidney?"  One third of our bodily impurities are eliminated through our skin- more than one pound of your body's waste products can be eliminated through your skin every day.                                


"Winter is Coming!..."

Karen A. Howell, PT

Ok...I admit to plagiarism by using that line, but even if you do not know the reference (Game of Thrones), you do realize that "Winter is coming!"  And with Winter,...or actually the initial change in seasons from warm to cold,... we often find people staggering around us like zombies due to cold and flu symptoms,... plus whatever drugs they take to keep on walking...like zombies.  This usually hits hardest from November to February...every year!

Why does Winter seem to herald the heavy onset of these pesky infections?  It's not like those viruses multiply and invade just because of the Seasonal change.

Generally a rise in STRESS is to blame, along with a series of circumstances that come with the Fall and Winter months.                                   


Four-Season Tai Chi

by Michael Greenlee 

Although the calendar marks the beginning of the new year on January 1st, I always feel that the new year begins in the fall. The transition from December 31st to January 1st is usually nothing special - just one cold day to another cold day. But, the transition from the hot, hot summer days to the milder autumn weather feels more like the start of a new year and the time to examine new beginnings and new activities!

According to the Yellow Emperor's Classic of Internal Medicine (Huangdi Neijing) our activities should correspond to the changing of the seasons for healthy living....


Psychic Medium Readings, Soothing the

Soul and Inspiring the Spirit

By Kerry Ryan-Kuhn

The knowledge, wisdom and unconditional love that comes through from a Higher Perspective in a Psychic Medium reading, can soothe the soul, inspire the spirit, and bring healing and transformation.   Readings with Mediums who are working with your highest good in mind,  can do much more than give you personal information they can't possibly know.  A reading is a powerful tool and an abundant resource which allows you to gain knowledge and wisdom about yourself, those connected to you and your circumstances.   Mediums bring through spirits who have left the physical and traveled where we have yet to.  This knowledge, wisdom and unconditional love can heal at deep and profound levels.

For those in grief a reading can connect you to a loved one's spirit and the peace of knowing they continue their existence, their consciousness and their love for you.  They may communicate the signs they use to let you know they are near and they might even tell you what their life is like on the Other-side.  A reading is an opportunity to not only continue your relationship across the veil, but to grow it even stronger.

September 2014 Featured Articles


by Kristi Brower

I have noticed that recently things seem to be falling apart for many people that I know. Not just one crisis or disaster occurs, but a series of them that seems to impact nearly every area of their lives. I have experienced this myself in the last month as have many people that I know. This is the energy of "Disruption." At first glance it seems to be a time of negative and difficult experiences compounding one another, but there is another perspective that we must look at....


Enzymes: The Missing Link

By Karen Christensen, CHN, LDHS

Enzymes are the foundation of life, the catalyst of nearly every biochemical reaction in the body.  All bodily functions can be enhanced and improved by supplemental enzymes.

Enzymes are the only supplement we can take into our bodies that have the capacity to do work.  Enzymes speed up the chemical reactions within the cells for detoxification and energy production. They enable us to see, hear, feel, move, and think. Every organ, every tissue, and all of the 100 trillion cells in our body depend upon the reaction of enzymes and their energy factor.


How to Get What You Really Want.

By Claudia T. Nelson, Personal Empowerment Specialist

What we think we want isn't always what we really want. What we think we want is simply a substitute for something we want but haven't yet identified.  An example: A wise teacher was once asked by her client to help her manifest her dream home. She then described it.

 "My dream home is on a hill surrounded by tall trees with an ocean view."

" What feeling does the house give you," the teacher asked.

" Security," she replied.

"And the hill?"

"It gives me perspective."....


The Wrong Direction of Healthcare

by Charles Lightwalker

Health care is a major issue in our current political forum, as well it should be. The U.S., by most accounts, has now only one statistic to show that this country leads the world in health care -- that it is by far the most expensive. By most measurements of effectiveness, we compare poorly to the rest of the civilized world. And if we continue to be led down our current path, it will only get worse. And these factors will increase: health care, as a component of our cost-of-living will continue to rise; the share of every health-care dollar spent that goes to administration and insurance will grow; the number of Americans killed by our medical system -- already a huge number (250,000 per year or more by the industry's own estimates) will continue upward. What is the problem with our "health care" system? It really comes down to three flaws in the way we approach human health.



August 2014 Featured Articles


by Ronda Knudsen

Healing Hands Metaphysical Store and Spiritual Center - 542-5446

I wanted to share some ideas that have come to me while working with people on their relationships.  I have had a number of people come to me wanting to "save the relationship", but unsure how to pull themselves out of the old habits that have formed.  I have come up with a three step approach to building a healthy relationship.  This can work for those of us who have been in a relationship for a long time, or those just starting out.

 1.        Be grateful for the person in your life.  NOT for what they do, but for who they are....


Essential Fatty Acids

submitted by Vicki L. Vosburg, M.H., D.Sc. 

Essential fatty acids are just what the name states, essential. Our bodies need EFA's. Omega-3 fatty acids fight disease by reducing inflammation in the blood vessels and joints, protect our central nervous system, improves our mood, helps with inflammation and joint pain, improves eyesight, positively affects cardiovascular health, helps prevent age related macular degeneration and reduces blood sugar levels and triglyceride levels by eating only 1 ounce of EFA's per day.

A deficiency in EFA's can lead to mood swings and depression. Symptoms or signs of EFA deficiency in individuals include some of the following: dry skin, cracking skin on heels and fingertips, craving fatty foods, painful/stiff joints, poor muscle strength, hyperactivity, poor wound healing, learning/memory problems, dry hair, excessive thirst, and irritability to name a few. 


The Dastardly Desk Dilemma

Karen A. Howell, PT

It came to my attention this weekend,...whilst standing in 100 degree heat giving chair massages at the Eagle Fun Days,...that most folks were having problems with their computer and desk set-ups.  The discussions were centered around hunched shoulders, pinching necks and aching low backs...not to mention the hands that fall asleep while typing.  "All preventable", I kept reassuring them, "and fixable!"...and they would smile, like I was delusional, take a business card and wander away to get ice cream.

So, let's discuss this Dastardly Desk Dilemma....



By Larry Barnes, BCH 

"Does it work?" The topic is hypnosis and I find the question amusing.  When a person's brain is beating between eight and twelve times a second, technically that is hypnosis.  In this mode we are able to learn quickly and focus absolutely and most of us did just that in the first eight years of life.  Mother Nature doesn't ask the amusing question, she believes in the power of a focused mind. 

The next absurd question I occasionally answer, "Do you practice mind control?" Embarrassingly I had to answer this one to a cousin; I wanted to throw a brick at him.  No, hypnosis is not mind control!  If it were, there would be few hypnotherapists practicing.  We'd just make an appointment with a real estate mogul, have him watch a watch and leave with the titles to many tracts of land.  


July 2014 Featured Articles


Better than Viagra!!

Add some heat to your sex life with the Siberian cedar herb steam barrel!

by Valentina, Gold Energy Healer, Certified Holistic Nutrition Consultant

More than 30 million men in the United States have erectile dysfunction (ED). While ED increases with age, this common condition does not have to be part of the aging process. There are many other physical and emotional factors at play: urological diseases, malfunction of the endocrine system, diabetes, exhaustion, obesity, brain disease, alcohol abuse and smoking, poor nutrition and other factors. The most common reasons are poor circulation and mental stress.

...If you suffer from this condition, I have good news for you! The Siberian cedar herb steam barrel is one of the best treatments for erectile dysfunction!


Your Castle of Abundance

Bill Jensen, MBA and Dr. Troy Crane, DC

Castles have fascinated me for many years.  Besides being rich in architectural statements and landscaping beauty, they, to me, have also symbolized the wealth and abundance possessed by their occupants.  The typical castle, in my mind consists of a main body and four towers, one at each corner.  The towers were erected to allow the occupants to spot approaching visitors from afar and discern whether they were welcome or unwelcome.  They were essential to provide for the integrity and safety of the whole structure and its occupants.

Each of us has the opportunity to create our own "dream castle" of abundance, however large or small.  Consider what your "dream castle" looks like and what it takes to build it.  I have identified five (5) different essential life areas that, when in proper balance, vastly improve the chances of success.


Prevent Pesky Mosquito Bites

By Tammara Dawn

Prevent Pesky mosquito bites...A few tips to help stay bite-free this summer:

Stay indoors at dusk when mosquitoes are out in full force.

Wear loose-fitting, long-sleeved tops, and tuck long pants into your socks.

Be bright.. choose to wear colors not black & white, which seem to drive the little blood suckers wild.

Finally a plus for Idaho wind - the wind can help keep mosquitos at bay.  Try an outdoor fan.

Last summer I had the great pleasure to host a Maitri Breathwork Shop here at The Center of Healing.  Wow! What an amazing weekend.  However, in the evenings while my guests were soaking in the geothermal pools the mosquitos wanted to party with us. So, I pulled out my homemade bug be gone mixture that I made a few years ago when I first moved to Idaho.  The formula worked so well...


Are Insomnia, Immune Issues, & Hormonal Imbalance, a symptom of Chakra Overload resulting from EMF Toxicity?

by Pamela Robinson ~ (208) 850-1830

Did you know that you are living in a beautiful, life giving Universal Field of Energy? This Universal Life Force has been known by many names. In India it is called Prana. The Ancient Greeks called it Pneuma. In Biblical times it was called Sekhem. The Chinese call it Chi & the Japanese call it Ki. No matter what name it is known by, this Universal Life Force Energy is what creates life, sustains life, enhances your quality of life, & supports your spiritual evolution & healing.


June 2014 Featured Articles


Family Tree Healing

by Valentina Vlasova


We all connected with our genus, our ancestors. Almost all traditions say that our life is defined by the program of our genus. Any doctor will tell you that your health is 80% dependent on heredity. And not only our health, but also many other aspects of our life are determined by our ancestors, our Family Tree. Negative information can accumulate over centuries or millennia that may provoke disease, birth defects, unwanted situations, memory problems, fatigue, and drowsiness, blocking our ability to use the enormous amount of experience and knowledge stored in our genes.


Your Body Language Matters

William F. (Bill) Jensen, Life Coach/Mentor

We all have a message inside of us.  Are you getting your message out?  Are you sending a clear message or are your gestures and words contradicting each other? Are your gestures inviting people to you or pushing them away?  Are they lifting people up or putting them down?

How would you like to subconsciously influence others without saying a single word?  How would you like to more accurately ascertain other people's thoughts and feelings?  Understanding ourselves and others is crucial to success in any area of our lives.

How much you care and how well you listen to others is revealed by the way you look, listen, move and react.  The nonverbal signals you send will either produce a sense of distrust, disinterest and confusion or others will sense that you really do care, can be trusted and want to connect with them.


Lean for Life with a Radiant Glow

by Mary K. Migliori, MD


" I exercise, eat a well-balanced diet, and take my vitamins faithfully, but I can't lose this belly!"  Does this statement resonate with you?  It is not your fault! 

Studies show that weight gain is multifactorial. Stress, insomnia, hormones, food allergies, deficiencies, infections and many other factors may trigger over-eating.  One factor seems to affect almost all of us as we get older: Carbohydrate overload is a sure fire way to grow fat.

Dr. Brian Peskin states in his book, The PEO SOLUTION:

"The great 50 year carbohydrate-eating experiment has directly caused America's obesity and diabetes epidemics." 

What are PEOs?  PEO stands for Parent Essential Oils.They are the omega 6 and 3 oils that comprise 50% of your cell membranes.  You have 100 trillion cells in your body.  Your body must get these critical oils from your food.  They cannot make them from any other oil. Parent omega 6 oil acts as a cellular "oxygen magnet."  It actually pulls oxygen into the cell to make energy. 


Bones Of The Skull and Common Aliments

Is It All In Your Head?

by Dr. Michael J. Plyer

Cranial Bones and Common Aliments

In recent articles I talked about Back Pain, (April issue), Migraine and Tension Headaches (March issue). In these articles you were given specific reason why these symptoms occur and what treatments can rectify the problems they can put on the body. In this issue I will talk about a topic that gets very little publicity and the treatments are handled very differently than muscle or connective tissue treatments. I would like to discuss the Cranial Bones in the head, what can happen to them, and the symptoms one might encounter due to auto injuries and sports injuries to name a few.

The Craniosacral system of the body includes but is not limited to the skull and its related bones, spinal cord and the Sacrum. These bones can become displaced due to physical trauma, such as a car accident, a fall, sports injury or by stress alone.


May 2014 Featured Articles

To Detox or Not to Detox

by Dr. Uma Mulnick

Many forms of cleansing and detoxification have been around for many years.  Now in the 21st Century it is more important than ever as we are continually bombarded with toxic elements in our environment.  There are constant additions to the chemicals and increased radiation we are exposed to, in the air we breathe, water we drink, food we ingest, lotions for our skin, (and on and on) that affect the health of our bodies. With processed food, sugar and preservatives, stimulants and sedatives, it becomes increasingly difficult to put "clean healthy" food into our mouths.   From there we can also look at the emotional body and recognize there are many internal toxins as well with toxic thoughts that add to the complexity of having a healthy system.


Spring Time,  vs. ...The Spine!

Karen A. Howell, PT

As ‘Spring Fever' starts it's magical call to our house-bound hearts, tempting us to clean the gutters, dash out the front door for that long desired 3 mile run,... or maybe pulling out that dead bush in the front yard that you have stared at all Winter,... I request you step back for just a brief moment to ask yourself...how out of shape am I?

"Ouch!", You may say.  That was unabashedly to the point, wasn't it?

But,...did I make you think about it?


What's in your supplement?

by Dr. Ronda Mattley

Summer is here and so are the family picnics, campouts, hikes and all other outdoor activities that summer brings. Are you feeling healthy enough to tackle these fun activities? Vitamins and minerals are essential for good health. Are you getting enough nutrition to accomplish the fun that we want to have?

The first "multivitamin" ever created was Catalyn. It was made as a multi-nutritional food concentrate product (multivitamin) in 1929 by Dr. Royal Lee, founder of Standard Process Labs. Its ingredients and proprietary contents have not varied since 1929. Since that time, many new vitamins have been discovered. And thousands of "amazing," "new," "profound," and "cutting edge" supplements have been marketed. Remarkably, all the newly discovered vitamins, which are most likely fractions, are whole food and balanced in Catalyn.



By Claudia T. Nelson, Personal Empowerment Specialist

You can't solve the significant problems you face at the same level of thinking you were at when you created them.   - Einstein

Einstein's telling us we have two thought systems, one where we create our problems and another where we solve them. The problem is most people don't know that, or how to get from one to the other. Therefore, they try to solve their problems where they can't be solved. After trials, studies and experiences that spanned over 20 years, I finally discovered how to get to from one place to the other.

The question is . . .How?


April 2014 Featured Articles

Women Power Mastery

by Valentina Vlasova

Have you noticed that sometimes a very successful man, meeting a woman, suddenly loses everything; and just the opposite...

The matter is in energy. Energy rules the world, attracts and holds...

The matter is that we are not talking about "just energy". We're talking about "feminine energy". A woman filled with feminine energy, easily attracts and holds men, love, money, and harmony. A woman like this can elevate her man with her energy to the highest peaks of success...


Traveling Authentically

by Margaret Hansen

When people ask me what I love to do, I enthusiastically tell them, "Travel!" Inevitably, they share with me how they've always wanted to travel, but they don't have the time or life has gotten in the way. Often, they'll ask how many countries I have been to. Although it's been 35 countries so far, traveling is not about how many countries I can check off the list. It's about exploring different cultures and immersing oneself into those cultures at a deeper level.


"Spring Cleaning: Painlessly Toss Out Your Inner Conflicts"

by Michelle K. Wood

Imagine gearing up to go down into your dark, scary cellar to get rid of a trunk of old junk. It's a huge trunk; you don't know what's in there or how much it weighs, and you don't even have a key to open it and see. All you know is that it's been there a long time and it's gotta go! Just thinking about it, you feel the back-breaking pain it's going to be to drag it up the stairs and out to the curb to be tossed away!


Natural Tricks to Rid Away Ticks

By Tammara Dawn

Ticks those little blood sucking insects that can be detrimental to the health of our animals as well as us humans. If you live where the deer tick (Ixodes scapularis) exists, a bite from this pesky insect can cause Lyme disease or Rocky Mountain spotted fever, so lets talk about ways to keep them away.

March 2014 Featured Articles


submitted by Vicki L. Vosburg, M.H., D.Sc.

About this time of year we are all feeling guilty - still - from overeating, not exercising enough and not eating healthy foods. How would you like to guarantee a good night sleep every night, be your perfect weight, and have more energy? Our bodies are designed to work best when we are physically active. Now is a great time to evaluate your exercise and nutrition habits again.

Only about 12% of Americans report exercising vigorously for more than 20 minutes, three times per week and the actual number is reported closer to 3%.


A Balanced Libido

by Charles Lightwalker

The dictionary defines libido as a word meaning sexual desire or emotional energy. Sex is not talked about in public; it is considered a private matter. There is not real education in the U.S.A. on how to maintain a balanced healthy libido.

Western medicine treats low libido with hormones, which may cause other health problems, such as heart disease, liver failure, cancer and other problems.

According to Chinese medicine, and sound healing protocols the kidneys meridians are in charge of libido energy, which creates a balanced libido...


Canine Body Language

by Shirley Scott, Pet Psychic & Clairvoyant

What is heard without a word - The Amazing World of Canine Body Language

Canine body language is a large part of communication in the pack and with humans.

Let's take a quick look at what happens with different body language.

Playing - Ears are up and forward, the mouth could be open with relaxed eyes. The first move to initiate play might be a bow or pawing the air. Even if they're rough with play, they are fairly relaxed.

Confidence - ....


Whole Body Vibration

Builds Bone Safely and Naturally   

by Becky Chambers

You think you have a bone density problem? Astronauts in outer space lose bone one hundred times faster than people here on Earth. What NASA and the astronauts do-and now you can do this at home-is use Whole Body Vibration (WBV). While orbiting Earth in their spaceships, the astronauts daily strap themselves to a vibrating plate, because research has shown dramatic increases in bone density from vibration. Here on Earth you don't need the straps, of course, to stay on the plate; you can just stand on it.

WBV is famous for promoting bone growth, as well as many other health benefits. Extensive research over the last forty years has, in fact, shown that ten minutes of WBV gives you the same benefits as one hour of conventional weight training: strengthening muscles and bones; improving balance, flexibility, and coordination; and increasing metabolism (which helps you lose weight). Originally developed for space travelers and Olympic athletes in Russia forty years ago, WBV is now used worldwide by celebrities, athletes, busy professionals, and people from all walks of life.

February 2014 Featured Articles

Crystal Allies for 2014

by Kristi Brower

  Aries Stone for 2014: Aries in 2014 you will balance the energy of authority in your life. This will include your own tendency to be impatient with those who answer to you and authorities in your life who tend to take advantage of your generous nature....

  Taurus stone for 2014: Taurus this is a year of reaping the fruits of your past labors. The important thing for you to remember is to allow things to play out as they are meant to, you have to release your need to control, be ready for positive changes that you do not expect....Etc....


The Missing Piece of the Puzzle

by Mary K. Migliori, MD

You cannot feel it. You cannot taste it. But your body knows when it gets it.

What is it?

The Fifth Element of Health is the pulsed electromagnetic field (PEMF) emanating from the planet.

" But wait! Houston, we have a problem."

The earth's once powerful magnetic field has declined by 50% in the last 300 years according to a 1988 article in Scientific American.

Could this be why many of us just don't feel that great despite all the supplements, pure water, organic food and exercise?



Harmonization of relationship healing session

with Gold Energy and Crystal Bowls for Couples

submitted by Valentina Vlasova & Rick Stevenson

If you are looking for a romantic Valentine's Day gift, thinking how to enrich, enhance and strengthen the relationship with your loved one; open the doors to greater understanding, communication, to bring a stronger withstanding love, higher level of joy and happiness together, then the timing has never been more right! Give the gift of a healing session with Gold Energy and singing Crystal Bowls provided by Valentina Vlasova and Rick Stevenson.


Grief, Loss, and Pain - what now?

By Dr. Uma Mulnick

Grief, loss and pain are parts of life.  We don't escape them. 

Grief and loss come in many forms, whether they are in regards to the loss of a loved one from their passing, a divorce, a separation, or maybe it is the loss of a job, the loss of many friends with moving out of your community, becoming an "empty nester" and the list can go on with ways of loss and the subsequent grief that can follow. 


January 2014 Featured Articles



by Gail Bradbury, MSW, ACHt

Are you living your authentic self? Have you constructed your life and your truth on past perceptions and someone else's belief system and words? Did you ever hear the emphatic cliché:  Children are to be seen and not heard.  The more senior you are the greater the possibility that this parental statement took root in your mind, body, spirit and emotions. This alone could be the cause of you being labeled a timid and shy child; as well as not being able to focus on your life and, or, not being able to feel your power.

We are not responsible for the things our parents said to us. They probably wouldn't even remember or own those statements today. However, we are responsible for correcting and erasing any childhood misperceptions....

Siberian health - in Boise!

by Valentina Vlasova 

In Russia, "Siberian Health" is a synonym of good health. After all Siberians have always been known for their great health and strong spirit.

One of the components of Siberian health is Siberian cedar. Healing properties of Siberian cedar were well known in Russia a long time ago. Russian healers placed a patient in a cedar barrel, which was mounted on the hot stones. Thus ancient herbalists were curing many ailments and illnesses.




By Susan Ozimkiewicz

Lately, so many of my clients have said that they wish 2014 will be better. The following information on making resolutions for 2014 is adapted from online sources beliefnet and Brian Maher.

A new year gives us all the opportunity to make changes in our lives. January 1 arrives hoping the new year will be better than the past year

For many, the New Year means a fresh start, a new beginning, a clean slate. It also means a new resolve to finally lose some weight, save money, be well or anything else your heart may desire. Now for the good news: You don't have to be one of those people who fail. No, really. Keep reading, because I'm about to give you some simple rules for making (and keeping) your New Year's resolutions.


Celebrate the New Year with Spiritual Consciousness and 5 Healthy Ritual Tips

by Gary Quinn

In these times of planetary change, and accelerated spiritual growth, this is the perfect time to change the way you bring in another year.

Here are some ideas to change it up a bit during the holiday season.Celebrate New Year's Day instead of New Year's eve. (they say that what you do on New Year's Day sets the tone for the whole year. Go for a walk on the beach or a hike in the mountains. Attend a lecture. Do something creative. Something that you're passionate about. Do something new. Be with uplifting people who encourage change.

DECEMBER 2013 Archived Articles


by Rev. Linda Barlow @ 208-724-3309

As a child, did you lie on your back & look up at the clouds finding all different configurations of shapes? Maybe you saw animals, fish, flowers, trees, plants, vehicles, or toys. I have a friend who still does this only he is a professional photographer so he takes pictures of those clouds with shapes. The ones that have intrigued both of us the most were the ones with faces.


This time of year, joy and healing

by Lynne Stanley ~ 598-4017

Wellness Researchers @ Encompass Holistic Health

This time of year my thoughts become retrospect. I think of family relationships, the holidays, and giving service to others. I reflect back over the previous years and wonder how I have managed to get through all the busyness of life.  I resolve to slow down and enjoy the holidays.  For me, that means being with close and extended family and friends, finding a food bank or shelter to donate items or my time to, and allowing feelings of gratitude to fill my heart. 


Care of the Endocrine System

by Charles Lightwalker ©

The spleen, pancreas and thyroid are part of the endocrine system.

The spleen is an organ, located in the upper far left part of the abdomen, to the left of the stomach. The spleen varies in size and shape between people, but normally fist shaped, purple in color, and about 4 inches long. Because the spleen is protected by the rib cage, you do not feel it. The spleen plays multiple supporting roles in the body. It acts as a filter for blood as part of the immune system. Old red blood cells are recycled in the spleen, and platelets and white blood cells are stored there...


Nothing says HO HO HOliday like a warm, inviting, snuggly sanctuary called HOme!

By Tammara Guterman

Your home - be it big, small or somewhere in between - should be your sanctuary, your  castle a place where stress and distraction are left at the door and your soul is nurtured.

Try a few simple ideas to bring comfort into your environment, by gradually implementing the following changes in your home/castle.

A few ideas:

 1.    Bring the outside in...

 2.   Surround your self and senses with beauty...

 3.   Suggest a mood...by painting a room...


NOVEMBER 2013 Archived Articles

Take a Nap!

by Valentina Vlasova

A NASA study found that a 40 minute nap increases alertness by 100%. Other studies have found that a 20-minute nap is more effective than either 200 mg of caffeine or a bout of exercise. Studies have shown that if you break up your day with a nap, you will be as alert and energetic for the second part of your day as you were for the first. So if you've got an event planned for after work, take a nap before going out on the town.


 Re-Imagining the Holidays

Six ways to resist the trap of overabundance, and create traditions brimming with gratitude.

By Sara Wiseman

Are you dreading it, already?

You know... the whole shopping-gifting-cooking-cleaning-eating-drinking socializing-relatives-traveling season just ahead? 

From Thanksgiving to New Year's, many of us get trapped in a cycle of overabundance-the state of having too much. As in: more than we can use. More than we can process. The cup not just full, but over flowing.

It's gotten worse in recent years, starting with Christmas decorations that go on display at Halloween to the frenzy of Black Friday. We've become a culture of excess and a society of waste....


Feeling Joyful, Sexy and Alive?

by Mary K. Migliori, MD

...Or wishing you could turn back the clock and feel the "joie de vivre" again?

Good news!  Integrative Medicine of Idaho (IMI) has a new diagnostic tool that scientifically measures the core of your health: your autonomic nervous system (ANS).

Our mission at IMI is to identify how healthy you really are, and to create a plan to optimize your wellbeing. Being joyful, sexy and fabulously alive is now within your reach.  We have the technology and modalities to balance your hormones, energize your mitochondria and monitor your progress every step of the way.


Coffee Substitutes-Getting To Know Grain Beverages

Contributed by April Crowell, Dipl. ABT, CI

  Why substitute coffee? After all it is warming and gives us a jolt of energy-and we love it. Coffee is powerful, it interacts with many medications, can hinder healing, and overuse can simply wear you down leaving you exhausted. How? Speaking in Chinese medical terms, coffee moves Liver Qi strongly (yay! I have energy) but the cost of this jolt is a depletion of Kidney Jing (Essence). After a while, and depending on your health, this constant taking without replenishing leaves you cold and tired-which is when you reach for coffee continuing a vicious circle. Adding a grain beverage to your routine can be an excellent addition to your diet to help you adjust or cut your coffee love while supporting your body.


OCTOBER 2013 Archived Articles

No Fear

by Nicole Siple, 500 hr. Yoga Therapist,

Owner of Greening Place Yoga & Meditation

If you knew you could not fail, what would you do?

Fear is such an undercurrent in our programming that I find it refreshing to visualize what I would do if that restraint was nullified. This prompted thoughts on a very common response I hear from people when Greening Place comes up in conversation.

Men and women, healthy and not, extroverted and in, people tell me that they "can't" do yoga because they are not flexible. Now, I for one started yoga because it was gentle and I was broken. I was not flexible, strong, healthy, patient or focused, yet Yoga helped me become more so....


Electrons and Oxygen

by Mary K. Migliori, MD

Are you a seeker of the truth?  Chances are, if you are reading this newspaper, you may be seeking a higher level of well-being.  

Since I, too, am a seeker, I attended a four day intensive Biological Medicine seminar in Scottsdale, Arizona last weekend.  The speakers included some of the greatest minds in alternative medicine and the message they expressed was loud and clear--The most important and unaddressed deficiencies in the human body are oxygen and electrons.  What?  

Yes, electrons and oxygen help our trillion cells maintain balance and function.....


A Few Words and Thoughts....

by Rev. David Akins of the Reflexions Center

.... I have also discovered and now clearly understand that our creator has gifted each of us with a precious treasure called ‘free will' or what I like to identify as ‘true heart and mind control'. And from a simple point of observation this gift of internal mind and heart control at times appears to be non-existent with many humans. When I listen and watch, I see many good people choosing to carry within them negative and painful life experiencing. And this pain in some manner appears to control their choices and reactions to other people and to life and to themselves. And in those moments I know that they have lost sight of their treasure, their knowing of the true control they possess within their hearts and minds....


Your Shadow--Friend or Foe?

by Gail Bradbury, MSW, ACHt

While walking my dog this morning I noticed that when I walked toward the sun, I had no shadow. When we are in the light we are not even aware of even having a shadow. As I returned with the sun at my back I could clearly see that my shadow was quite large. In the same way, we are often not even aware of having a shadow when we are feeling strong and in control. On the other hand there are times when we might slip into our shadow and find ourselves projecting some unhealed part of ourselves toward someone else. In the best of all worlds we are able to realize when our shadow starts to materialize-causing us to act out in an often embarrassing way. We then take a deep breath and stop ourselves from saying or doing something we might regret. As mature adults we can meet our shadow and thank it for the lessons it has to teach us....

September 2013 Archived Articles



by Vicki L. Vosburg, M.H., D.Sc.

Celiac disease is an autoimmune disorder of the small intestine. It is a reaction to gluten which causes inflammation and damages the villi of the small intestine. This in turn can cause vitamin deficiencies due to the reduced ability to properly absorb nutrients, resulting in fatigue and anemia in some suffers. Other symptoms can include pain and discomfort in the digestive tract, chronic constipation and diarrhea and failure to thrive (in children).

Gluten is a proten complex found in wheat (including kamut and spelt), barley, rye and triticle (a cross between wheat and rye). The most popular treatment for celiac is a fluten-free diet. Here are some general "Do's" and "Don't" when going gluten-free.


Wildfire Smoke and Your Lungs

By Nathan Mandigo, Amma Therapist at Pulse Holistic Health

So it's smoky and hazy from all the wild fires, but why do I have this headache and watery eyes?  Why can't I focus?  Why am I dropping things and tripping over stuff?  Why do I feel depressed all of a sudden?

In Traditional Chinese Medicine (TCM), all of these questions have one common root, the Lungs.

Many people experience similar symptoms at certain times of year when their least favorite plants bloom and they endure all of the classical symptoms of allergies.  Wildfire smoke is much more pervasive and very few people are unaffected by it during heavy fire seasons.

Why do the Lungs control these symptoms?


Is reflexology the new career for you?

by Mark Cook, ART (Regd)

Is a reflexology career in your future? Imagine how a $35/hr wage could improve your life. Did you know more Idahoans earn minimum wage than in any other state in the Union? I was talking to my county commissioner the other day who happens to own a restaurant and I told him "Anyway you look at it, minimum wage needs to be increased in Idaho because when it costs the majority of Idahoan's who earn minimum wage $10.00 to enjoy breakfast in your diner, this is simply unsustainable working an hour and a half just for breakfast and your business will die as a result." The county commissioner agreed, but noted republicans opposed to increasing minimum wage control congress and Idaho votes republican so don't hold your breath for any increase in minimum wage happening soon....


The Source of Your Problems May Not Be You

by Charles Lightwalker ©

Some people struggle with the same problems for years perhaps their whole life time, never finding love, having physical problems, emotional problems, bad luck, continually failing, financially struggling, never finding the rite mate, the right job, the right friends, the list goes on.

No matter how hard you try, nothing seems to work for you. Sometimes the problems seem to stem from being poor, sick, lack of education, lack of parental love, abusive parents, etc. But even with these situations, we see examples of people who overcame these handicaps, and became successful, happy people, with a wonderful life.

Why? Why did they succeed and you are not? Maybe because the problems you are suffering with are not yours....


August 2013 Archived Articles


Oh Horror....

Wishing you WELL, naturally...

By Tammara Dawn

Deep, Dark, Dry Cracks... too scared to look, too scared not to. To young to really understand... WHY? HOW? So frightening I swore to never go back there... Ever....

As a young girl growing up in Arizona, I remember seeing my Aunt Caroline's feet. Caroline always wore sandals. Her heels  were layden with deep, dark, dry cracks much like the Arizona desert. EEK! just like that the fissure visual is laid to rest deep within the recesses of my memories....

Root Chakra

by Kristi Brower

Did you know that you have an energetic umbilical cord directly connected to Mother Earth? Well, you do! I am an Aura Reader. I spend a lot of my time reading people's energy bodies. I have witnessed some really interesting things happening with our Earth Connections (Root Chakras) lately. Have you been experiencing fatigue, lower body pain, anxiety, a feeling of disconnectedness and instability? Well, you are probably experiencing a Root Chakra shift....

Baby Boomers

by Mary K. Migliori, MD

Are you enduring a pathetic, sedentary middle age lifestyle?

Are you a baby boomer, still working hard at your job, raising your kids or grandkids, feeling exhausted all day and unable to fall asleep at night.   You are craving sweets, becoming a bit forgetful, drinking lots of coffee to stay awake and finding you have no sex drive at night?

Is this your new normal?  Well, NO, it doesn't have to be.

Adrenal and thyroid burnout is a common cause of the symptoms described and is the result of the degeneration of aging....


Going with the Flow of Change

by Mark Cook, ART (Regd)

Ever feel like time is speeding up? Leaving you further behind? As a matter of fact it is... it's a Einstein thing. Look it up. The older you get the faster time speeds on by you. And then Mr. Murphy stops buy and your world turns upside down as time goes rushing by while you deal with Mr. Murphy's trials. For example, I've used vibroacoustic therapy in combination with reflexology for four years as part of the Symbiotic Systems Method of Reflexology. My method consists of a number of different non-toxic healing modalities centered around advanced reflexology techniques. I'm basically stacking the deck in my clients favor because each modality, by themselves, are said to improve the conditions we are seeking to improve and when used together seem to combine to create a synergistic symbiotic healing system which helps people heal in a non-toxic natural way with sometimes spectacular results. Well, Mr. Murphy visited four days before the July Hedra hit the street. Who would have suspected that the manufacturer of my vibroacoustic lounger would close shop without notice four days before my website was to go live....


July 2013 Archived Articles

The Apricot Tree

By Lynne Stanley

This story may seem like a real tragedy; especially when you know it to be true.  But as I was writing this poem about my accident, I laughed as I wrote each line.  Each time I read it I can't help myself, I giggle a bit.  So why would I laugh about such a terrible event in my life?

A dear friend of mine, herself being a counselor and Amma therapist, wisely told me to do something to commemorate the anniversary of my fall.  Just before the two year mark, I took her advice and decided to write about it.  Physically, my mobility was still greatly limited and I dealt with pain on a daily basis. Wheelchair, walker, cane, pain, pain, pain...


Vitamins Vs. Whole Foods

Dr. Michelle Fisher - Live Right Chiropractic

Cheeseburgers, Twinkies and donuts!  It's all okay as long as you're taking a multivitamin, right?  Many people think they are protected from their diets because they take vitamins. Vitamins can provide a small level of protection but not like whole fruits and vegetables. 

Many studies have shown that individual nutrients do not have the same effect as the whole package.... 


Seven Steps to Creating a Life of Miracles and Joy

by Joseph Gallenberger, Ph.D.

submitted by Sara Sgarlat of Sgarlat Publicity

Many of us face challenging times in finances, career, relationships, or health at some point in our lives. We may feel powerless against the economic, social, and family forces around us and live our lives feeling bogged down or hampered by our circumstances, not knowing how to change our lives for the better. 

I have found that we can indeed have tremendous influence over what quality of life we experience.  In my book, Inner Vegas: Creating Miracles Abundance, and Health, I explore in detail the idea that there are things we can do to create an enhanced, abundant reality for ourselves.  I back my discoveries with current science and the experience of hosting over sixty-five Inner Vegas AdventureTM workshops....



Overcoming Less Than / Better Than Tendencies

By Janet Louise Stephenson, Transformation Tour Guide, Butterfly Maiden

Perhaps you are familiar with the term self-centered as a synonym for arrogant, egotistical, and narcissistic individuals. When used in this context, the word implies that a person assumes the rest of existence revolves around him/her, with little regard for other people.

I ask that you discard your previous definition of what it means to be self-centered....


June 2013 Featured Articles

Swimming Through Life

by Mystic Pete and Eileen Rosenbloom ©

submitted by Sara Sgarlat of Sgarlat Publicity

Have you ever watched people at the pool? Some dive right in. Others jump. Then there's those who stand at the edge and dip their toes, just to jerk them out and cringe like they encountered the North Pole naked. After a crippling toe-dip experience, they may ease in or take a break and head for the chaise lounge. Imagine the chaise lounger lying in the sun next to a fellow lounger while they philosophize about the deeper truths of aquatics. They quote swim experts and gold medalists, discuss stroke techniques, and how to breathe under water. Yet, something is missing. Could if be that they never actually swim?

Soul Loss = Soul Retrieval?

by Charles Lightwalker  ©

Soul loss happens when we lose our essence, when we don't feel whole or complete.

Shamanic cultures have been diagnosing and treating soul loss, for thousands of years. In some cultures, it was understood that a part of the soul had gone missing. In contemporary shamanic conception, soul loss is commonly understood to occur when we experience a trauma so profound that a part(s) of the soul flees, to escape the trauma or to take the trauma away with it, sparing the larger soul some of the pain.

The Truth about Sunscreen

By Julie Beaman Stauts, owner Emulate Natural Care, Inc.


A couple of weeks ago I was in a store when a woman stepped next to me looking for Sunscreen. "Do you know how to tell which sunscreen is good and which is not?", she said. "It's so confusing. I see articles that warn about chemicals and false claims, but I don't know what to look for."

Like this woman, most of us are bewildered by inflated SPFs and chemical warnings, and unsure what is a safe product to choose. So with the summer sun ready to make it's appearance, I wanted to de-mystify some of the facts about Sunscreen.

Spring Fever and Adaptogens

by Vicki L. Vosburg, M.H., D.Sc.

After a long winter it feels great to get out in the fresh air again.  Here in Idaho the snow has melted and signs of spring have been showing themselves.  This is the time for planting gardens, yard work, physical exertion, outdoor activities and more.  After the silent stillness of winter it is wonderful to hear the birds sing and the cricket chirp.  It is all so energizing.  During these times of increased physical activity, we can benefit from using a group of herbs that Dr. Christopher taught a lot about:  adaptogen herbs.
May 2013 Featured Articles
Holographic Energy Healing and Therapeutic Meditation
by Nicole Siple, RYT and owner of Greening Place Yoga LLC.

It is often stated that time heals all wounds, but each of us have felt the acute veracity of the title, "Feelings buried alive never die." Quan.TM provides an outlet for those feelings of stagnant energy to be released, making space for a purifying flow of energetic circulation to commence, enabling soothing and healing energy to be received.  
Myths of Mental Illness: Part 4   What Is Addiction?
by Peter Wollheim, L.P.C.

Since long before the beginnings of historical time, human beings have deliberately ingested substances for the purpose of altering our moods, thoughts or state of consciousness. Such behavior is also seen in wild birds, elephants, boars, goats, reindeer, wallabies, horses and domestic cats. Psychoactive substances appear to lie at the heart of most religious rituals and experiences of spiritual transcendence.  
by Rev. Linda Barlow - 208-587-7044 or 208-724-3309

Musical rhythms, tones, instruments, & vocalizations are employed to interact with the various activities of the physiological systems of the body.
 The key to working with healing music is to understand how the chakra system relates to the physical and subtle aspects of our energies. The chakras are the primary mediators of all energy already in the body and coming into the body. The chakras help the body distribute energy expressions for various physical, emotional, mental, and spiritual functions....  
Wind--The Climate of Spring
By April Crowell , Dipl. ABT, AOBTA, (CI) Holistic Nutritionist
submitted by Pulse Holistic Health

Spring is here, and along with it the wind. Whipping through the tops of the trees, windy patterns may arise in our bodies as colds, allergies, ticks, stiff necks and more.Each of the 5 Seasons in Chinese medicine has a climatic nature that it corresponds to. Summer relates to heat, Autumn to dryness, Winter to cold, Late Summer (the transition of seasons) relates to dampness, and Spring corresponds to wind. 

April 2013 Featured Articles


by Vicki L. Vosburg, M.H., D.Sc.


Being a Master Herbalist, I have a particular interest in herbs that can hold back the aging process. But I do admit that I think lifestyle changes are a whole lot more important than herbs.

Not being a doctor, I don't prescribe, but I would not hesitate to suggest the following to any 30-year old so they could hold on more tenaciously to their vibrant youth. Come to think of it, this is good advice for men and women of any age who are trying to hold back the clock.


Chia Seeds

By Nathan Mandigo for Pulse Holistic Health


Most of us are familiar with the iconic Chia Pet® The Pottery that grows, but until recently few people thought about eating the seeds or the resulting sprouts.

Chia seeds are a member of the Salvia genus of plants, its latin name is Salvia Hispanica, and Chia itself is derived from a native Nahuatl word meaning oily. Salvia is from a large group of plants that is a subset of the mint family and is most well know for its largest species group, sage.



by Rev. Linda Barlow

Toning is the process of vibrating sounds and tones (musical & spoken) to assist the healing process. It is cleansing, harmonizing, and healing. It is used to restore homeostasis to our energy system. Thus, the purpose of toning is to restore the vibrational pattern of the body (physical and subtle) to its perfect electro-magnetic field so that our spiritual essence can manifest more fully in our physical environment.


Cedar Herb Barrel and Box

by Valentina Vlasova


Cedar is unique. It's energy and rhythms of life coincide with the energy and rhythm of the healthy human body. Other trees do not have this characteristic. If person is near the cedar, his energy starts to balance.

Cedar is a capacitor of cosmic energy.  Even a small piece of cedar contains more energy than all the man-made power installations in the world combined.

March 2013 Featured Articles



by Nicole Siple, RYT

I suspect that reading the word - meditation, brings a diffuse image to your mind's eye. There may be a vague discomfort or nagging thought that you just aren't getting ‘it'. I have found varying degrees of meditation on my own path, and while I definitely recommend learning in person and then practicing on your own, I would like to share a beautiful meditation practice that can be communicated via writing. Tonglen is a practice that unleashed my love and compassion for my own self and my fellow beings.


Lymphatic Massage

by Dawn-Marie Hancock  ~  389-8234

To close your eyes, feel your breathing slow down, and feel your body deeply relax is one of the best gifts that we can give ourselves. From the moment we open our eyes until the day is done, we put demands on our bodies physically and mentally. During this process, we can wear down emotionally and mentally, and physically run out of energy. Faced with these challenges, a gentle way of restoring ourselves is receiving a massage, specifically a Lymphatic Massage.


HYDRATION - beat back pain even headaches

Wishing you WELL, naturally...    by Tammara Dawn


Lets get back to basics... water, aqua, de l'eau plate, ma.. there are many ways to say water and only one way to hydrate.. DRINK WATER!

The mother "ma" of all healers.. IS WATER...

~ Stay hydrated. Did you know that water cushions your muscles, connective tissues and spinal discs?



By Frank Jordan

The Astrological event of 12-12-12 and the Galactic Alignment of Dec. 21, 2012 signaled the end of the 3rd dimensional period of the Age of Pisces where the evolving human consciousness could experience the full potentials of Domination.  Now we are entering the Age of Aquarius, the 4th dimension, and the opportunity to grow into the fullness of Dominion in the 5th Dimension.  This is not an automatic transition. WE HAVE TO EARN IT!


February 2013 Featured Articles

Keys to Wellness: TLC

by Charles Lightwalker  ©

I feel grateful that as a medical intuitive, I have a positive viewpoint on healing and wellness. Through working with my clients, I am provided with a daily testimony of the body's innate wisdom to stay healthy, agile, and functioning.

To me, symptoms or manifestations of "dis-ease" are not a trigger for anxiety. Rather, physical sensations are the means that the body uses to communicate when "something is up". As a professional medical intuitive who understands this "body language", I use my intuitive skills to dispel knowledge to relieve panic and fear. Once it's understood that the body isn't misbehaving, it just needs some TLC. (Tender Loving Care)...


Myths of Mental Illness: Part 1        

by Peter Wollheim, L.P.C.

Since the time of the ancient Greeks and Hebrews, mental illness has been associated with demonic possession, character flaws, or the presence of evil. Given discussions around the recent, tragic spate of rampage shootings, and Gov. Otter's support for a "secure mental health facility" to be built by the Department of Corrections, one wonders how far we've actually come in terms of accurate, compassionate understanding.

Even the medical model, bolstered by authorities such as the American Psychiatric Association, tends to view mental illness from the sole perspective of deviance and pathology. The "mentally ill," rather than "people living with mental illness" are often reduced to a set of symptoms that require intrusive treatment, management or perhaps cure.


BREATHE and Set Yourself Free

by Gail Bradbury, MSW, ACHt

There is said to be great energy on earth right now that is driving formidable change. Are you feeling that energy? Are you wishing you felt something could change in your life?  Are you thinking there must be more to life? Are you showing up as the divine person you have been created to be? Do you live life fully in joy and abundance? Yes, life can be a challenge and we may have to struggle at times, but it can also be filled with abundant, endless possibilities. Do you feel you have the power to manifest the life you wish to have?


January 2013 Featured Articles

Clearing Sinus Congestion

By April Crowell , Dipl. ABT (NCCAOM),

Certified Instructor (AOBTA), Certified Holistic Nutritionist

Feeling stuffed up or have constantly dripping sinuses

The sinuses are cavities in the head that can get a ‘little mucked up' for a number of reasons including acute allergies and colds, chronic allergy and sinusitis or rhinitis, infections in the ears or teeth, and physical problems of the nose and sinuses themselves. Chinese medicine works to reduce or clear the symptom and to treat the root cause preventing or reducing re-occurrence.

Sinus patterns according to Chinese medicine

Sinus issues fall into two broad categories--acute or chronic....


A Helpful and Inexpensive Way To Assist Your Body in Detoxifying

Dry Skin Brushing for Better Health

by Juliana Benner - 850-8075

Important facts about your skin:

1.         The skin is the largest eliminative organ in the body and is responsible for one quarter of the body's detoxification each day.

2.         The skin eliminates over one pound of waste acids each day in the average adult, most of it through the sweat glands.

3.         The skin is also known as our third kidney.

4.         The skin receives one third of all the blood circulated in the body.

5.         The skin is the last to receive nutrients in the body, yet the first to show signs of imbalance or deficiency.

Dry skin brushing technique deals with detoxification of the skin.

Dry brushing also stimulates a number of organs, glands, and transportation systems, including the gut, kidneys, liver, lungs, lymphatic system.....


What's So Special About Apple Cider Vinegar?

by Vicki L. Vosburg, M.H., D.Sc.

 I have several customers that ended up using Apple Cider Vinegar to ease the pain and symptoms of whatever was going on with their bodies. Some of you are shocked at what this Vinegar actually can do for your body, so here is a list of some of the healing properties.

Dr. Christopher always recommends taking three tablespoons of Apple Cider Vinegar each day because of its amazing healing properties. Here are some of its health benefits:

dissolves mucus

has antiseptic qualities

aids in proper coagulation of blood

builds healthy blood vessels

aids in digestion ......


December 2012 Featured Articles


Why Transformation?

by Gail Bradbury, MSW, ACHt

Last month I spoke about the need to clear denied emotions. Through Conscious Connected Breathing, Integral Breathwork and Heart Centered Hypnotherapy we can release our limitations to enable abundant good health and be ready to be a part of the transformation of 2012. So many people right now are asking the question: What is it that I came here to do? This is the beginning of conscious evolution, says Barbara Marx Hubbard. Many millions of people are waking up and asking this question and will find the answer in their own innovation and creativity, Hubbard says, 2010.


Nourishing In The Depth Of Winter

By April Crowell , Dipl. ABT (NCCAOM),

Certified Instructor (AOBTA), Certified Holistic Nutritionist

The Five Element Theory of Chinese Medicine (CM) carefully observed the natural phenomenon and flow of the seasons. Each of the five (yes-five) seasons were assigned an element, organ system, quality, temperature, direction, sound, taste and emotion-just to name a few. For example: Spring is represented by wood, the Liver and Gall bladder organs, birth and new growth. Summer is fire, and coorelates to Heart, Small Intestines, Pericardium and Triple burner. It reflects the peak of growth and activity. Autumn is metal and corresponds to the Lung and Colon, it is the stage of decline. Late summer is earth and represents the transition of seasons (equinox and solstices) it reflects in the Spleen and Stomach and is the center force. Winter is water and represents the Kidney and Bladder....


Connecting with Our Ancient Intuitive Self

by Charles Lightwalker  ©

   As a child I loved nature, the outdoors, the adventure behind every rock, tree, and bush. Being in nature felt like belonging to the world, not the man made version, but to the earth and universe as a whole. Feeling welcomed by a tree as I sat leaning against its trunk, waving at a bird in flight and seeing its wing move in response, as though waving back, walking through the woods where leaves seem to dance a hello. That connection has had me interacting with nature all my life, trees, insects, plants, animals and rocks. It has been asking me to delve deep into my core and engages all my senses. Not only our five standard senses, but also another sense that comes alive when the other five are heightened. I call in my ancient self. This name because it feels a part of human nature that has been around a long time, as we need it to keep ourselves keenly aware of any danger.


New Year, New You - Time To Detoxify Your Body

 by Juliana Benner

Imagine waking up without any of your usual aches and pains, jumping out of bed ready for the day, with lots of energy to spare, and then, ahhhh, a refreshing, solid night's sleep. Then, imagine waking up and doing it all over again, day in and day out! Think it's impossible? Think again! The key is eliminating toxins from your body, and from your life!

Do You Need To Detox?

  • Do you feel gassy and bloated?
  • Do you have bad breath?
  • Do you have nasal congestion?
  • Have you gained weight and can't lose it, even with dieting and exercise?
  • Do you have skin issues, such as acne, dryness, eczema, hives, rashes?
  • Do you feel tired and suffer from brain fog and depression?
  • Do you have aches and pains in your joints and muscles?
  • Do you get sick more often?
  • Do you have frequent headaches?
If you have said "Yes" to 3 or more of the above (and those are just a few of the symptoms I could have listed), a cleansing detox may be just what your body needs to regain vibrant health!


NOVEMBER 2012 Featured Articles



By Rev. Linda Barlow ~ 208-587-7044 or 208-724-3309

Crystal gridding is placing your crystals in specific pattern to alter the flow of energy towards an object, house, person, or another crystal for purposes of increasing or releasing energy flow for a particular ailment or problem.  Placing crystals in your environment can achieve anything from better relationships and communication, to soften water quality, removal of household pests, cleansing the atmosphere of odors and negative energies.

A Gluten Free Holiday Menu

By Nathan Mandigo -- Amma Therapist, Pulse Staff

Gluten intolerance is a huge problem in our culture and eliminating or reducing gluten from your diet can be a challenge, especially around the holiday season. So, I set out to create a simple gluten free holiday menu for those wishing to "clear up" the gluten.


ColoLAVAGE - Don't Dread the "Prep"

submitted by Juliana Benner of High Stream Healing-Boise Colon Cleanse


Are you due for your colonoscopy but have been putting it off because of the "traditional prep"- all that thick liquid you must drink beforehand, to clean you out?

Well, the "prep" just got easier! Introducing the ColoLAVAGE, now available at High Stream Healing- Boise Colon Cleanse (www.boisecoloncleanse.com). The ColoLAVAGE, a low dose oral prep & highly specialized hydrotherapy is the answer!


December 21st, 2012 & The Finger of God

The Winter Solstice of 2012 marks the most prophesized moment in human history.

by Govinda Miller

Mayan cosmologists etched, in stone, the Long-Count Calendar of events of humanity's evolution. This calendar has provided some of the most accurate predictions known in our history. The Mayans observed the precession of the equinoxes, and foresaw the coming of a celestial alignment of great magnitude. This alignment will happen on the Winter Solstice, December 21st of this year, bringing to conclusion the Mayan Calendar and the Great Year.  The Great Year is a 25,800-year cycle, consisting of 12 Ages, of about 2,150 years each, including the Age of Pisces , concluding at the beginning of the Age of Aquarius.


OCTOBER 2012 Featured Articles


By Frank Jordan

Forty-two years ago I left the isolation of the cattle ranch where I was raised to find understanding about the voice that had been speaking to me for years, teaching me about physics, meta-physics, and spirituality. What I discovered was dowsers, healers, and people who were also seeking spirituality and the psychic gifts that come with it. Years of development as a healer opened the levels of Consciousness that held the knowledge I sought.


Playing with Pumpkins

By April Crowell , Dipl. ABT (NCCAOM),

Certified Instructor (AOBTA), Certified Holistic Nutritionist

"Squash would be great for you to eat."

It's a common recommendation I make. Why? Simply put-pumpkin and winter squashes are the perfect food for strengthening your Spleen and your core. But we are getting ahead of ourselves.

The winter squash family includes: acorn, butternut, Hubbard, pumpkins, spaghetti and turban squash-to name a few. They all have a tough outer rind or peel making them great for storage through the long winter months.


Magnesium:   A Vital Component of Good Health

By Dr. Ronda Mattley, DC

Magnesium is the second most abundant and needed mineral in every cell of the body.  After oxygen, water and basic food Magnesium may be the most important element your body needs.  Magnesium activates over 350 different bodily processes, including digestion, energy production, muscle function, bone formation, creation of new cells, activation of B vitamins, relaxation of muscles, as well as assisting in the function of the heart, kidneys, adrenals, brain and nervous system...


SEPT.2012 Featured Articles

Massage is Awesome!

submitted by Colleen Fletcher of Massage & Body Boutique ~ 841-9062

    Out of all of the various healing treatments used by humans massage is considered to be among the oldest. Chinese records dating back three thousand years documented its use. The ancient Hindus, Persians, and Egyptians used forms of massage for ailments, and Hippocrates wrote papers recommending the use of rubbing and friction for joint and circulatory problems. How awesome is that?

    Massage is beneficial for specific physiological and chemical changes that cascade throughout your body, with profound positive effects....


The Invitation to be on "soul purpose"

By Katherine Allen, www.yoursoulbiz.com

If you are like me, you want to have a deeper, richer and fuller life experience, but what does it take to make that happen. The secret may be easier than you think!  Anything worthwhile takes time and effort, but adding one more thing on top of an already busy daily schedule seems, well, overwhelming.  Grocery shopping, children off to school, appointments, work, exercise, care of the home - occupies most of my time, energy and money.  In addition to our daily to-do lists, we are all experiencing life in an unusual time in history, a major shift in 2012.  The result is that the business of daily living is speeding up!....   


September means back to school--and lunches

By April Crowell , Dipl. ABT (NCCAOM),

Certified Instructor (AOBTA), Certified Holistic Nutritionist


School lunch or homemade lunch? Are school lunches wonderful or awful? Answer: It depends.

As a Holistic Nutritionist, I don't just focus on the best quality, local and organic food. It's an ideal, however I fully recognize that nutrition in America is in a crisis state--swinging wildly from excess to starvation. Many people are fortunate enough to afford broad variety and exotic foods, choosing what and when to eat while others struggle for a meal each day.

....... Be prepared

Here's a big one--write up a list with your children about what you can put in a lunch and post it on the fridge. Sandwich? Soup? Hummus and veggies, wraps, leftovers? The trick is to create habits of thinking creatively. Once you have a menu and a list of foods to nosh on--go shopping. Make sure you have containers to pack lunch in. There are hundreds of re-usable environmentally friendly lunch containers available now. Pick something out that fits your budget and appeals to your child--whether that is a stainless steal bento or brown bag.

August 2012 Featured Articles



Hippocrates: "Food for medicine and Medicine for food."

By Rev. Linda Barlow ~ 208-587-7044 or 208-724-3309

Cayenne Pepper is a gift to humanity and a puzzle to scientists. It is a "gift" because, next to garlic, it has more health benefits than any other food here on earth with over 3000 scientific studies to support it's use in preventing and reversing many common health ailments. Cayenne pepper is a "puzzle" because it simultaneously heats and cools but also rewards and torments. Cayenne pepper is the most widely studied and easily available of the many hot chili peppers on earth. Since becoming a Master Herbalist graduating from The School of Natural Healing, I have extensively used it with results in pain relief.


Colonoscopy on the horizon?

by Derrick Gillikin ~ Pathways to Health ~ 208-995-0179


Colonoscopy on the horizon?

Many people who are thinking about a colonoscopy procedure are probably unaware of the potential dangers with the traditional laxative preparations given to patients. Nor are they aware of the safer alternative preparations available to them.


Beyond What Is and What Is Not...

By Patricia Walker Submitted by Sgarlat Publicity  ~  www.sgarlatpublicity.com

The only people I'd ever heard of who claimed to have had an out-of-body experience (OBE) were people I'd read about, like Shirley MacLaine and Carlos Castaneda. I didn't know anyone personally who had ever experienced anything like that, so I wasn't even sure I really believed in it.

Until it happened to me.


Natural Protocols for Depression

 by Vicki L. Vosburg, M.H., D.Sc.

There are some people who are medicated for depression that would rather do something else. The natural protocols you see employed can vary from using a single herb to manage the symptoms, all the way to massive cleansing and dietary changes.

Not everyone is either willing or wanting to do a huge program, even if it offers more permanent stability than other protocols. Most people would feel better getting an alternative therapy that does a similar thing compared to what they use now, but without damaging effects.


July 2012 Featured Articles

A Balanced Mind & Body

submitted by Jean Prather, CHT ~ 850-3831

Most of us are not aware of how important it is to have a balanced mind and body. It is critical to our health to really have balance in our life physically, mentally and emotionally so today we're going to talk about how excess weight plays into the imbalance of our bodies. Excess weight is the end result of what has been happening in your life - it could be stress, lack of exercise, emotional eating and/or over eating habits. It is our habits, which are the thoughts and the choices that we've been making that are ending up as excess weight. The end product of our overeating is fat.  First it forms around our internal organs, which causes them to work harder to perform all the duties they need to perform. This is hard on the organs and our bodies and if we want to live a long life we need our organs to be working at a steady pace, over time, not over working and burning out. A lot of reasons why we eat too much, or eat the wrong things are due to how we grew up. You might be one of the people who were told to always clean your plate, so you have an unconscious thought that you have to eat everything on your plate, even though you may feel stuffed....



By April Crowell , Dipl. ABT (NCCAOM),

Certified Instructor (AOBTA), Certified Holistic Nutritionist

We love our summer's and the sunshine here--time to be in the garden, rivers and mountains. The temperature can swing nearly 40 degrees from sun up to sundown, and then there is that ‘spell' in July and August where it hangs out around 100 and never seems to cool off---whew.

Occassionally, we spend too much time in the sun, or the season changes so rapidly that we have problems adapting. You may experience a little ‘Summer Heat' invasion. One of the 6 Pernicious Influences of Chinese medicine, summer heat occurs when the weather changes too rapidly to heat or you've been out in the heat too much and your system has problems handling the excess. The extreme form of summer heat is heat exhaustion. Likely you've had a touch of it from a long day at the pool.


Recognizing the Blessings of Relocation

by Anna Kelley, R.Ph., C.S.T.

For me, relocating this time has been a truly moving spiritual and emotional experience. I'm moving, thus downsizing and continuing to simplify. Simplifying has been an ongoing process for me for 18 years. I awakened one day and realized that my possessions owned me rather than me owning them. It also has been a process of downsizing with each move, from 4000 to 900 sq. ft.

Simplifying is another name for letting go, or releasing. My two girls helped me make decisions about clothes, and, in the end, 9 large black garbage bags were filled either for them to keep or sell or donate.

I love dishes. However, I recognized this time that I haven't used most of them for at least the 7 years I've lived here, and some long before that. Time to release!


Living On The Edge:

The Deep Truth of Our Destiny and Our Fate

By Gregg Braden

A new world has arrived and life, as we've known it in the past, has changed forever! The question is no longer when a great shift will occur? The question now is where are the changes leading, what can we realistically expect, and what does it all mean for us-our families, our communities, our lives?'

Faster than we can document it in the media or teach it in our textbooks, it's clear that we've entered a new phase of life on planet Earth. From the unprecedented crises of broken economies and the realities of climate change, to the shrinking resources of food, fresh water and the renewed threat of World War, even the experts are reeling at the perfect storm that's converging on our near-term horizon. With all of the uncertainties there's one thing we can be sure of: the collapse of global systems leads to big changes in the familiar things that we rely upon for everyday life.



June 2012 Featured Articles

Tonic Herbs

by Vicki L. Vosburg, M.H., D.Sc.

Everyone loves excellent health, and being able to achieve it with simplicity. Most people today have a routine they follow for their health (taking supplements, prescriptions, exercise, superfoods, etc.). When using herb-talk, the herbs that may be taken for extended periods of time without building up toxicity or causing side effects are called "tonic" herbs. These are the best family to draw from for general maintenance and well being.


Lyme Disease Prevention & Care

by Charles Lightwalker  ©

   Did you know that Lyme disease is the most common tick-borne illness in the United States? The bacteria that causes Lyme disease, spirochetes called "borrelia burgdorferi", are transmitted when ticks suck human or animal blood. This spring may bring an abundance of ticks, so if you are going to go hiking, camping, fishing or other out in nature activities, wear long light colored pants and long sleeve light colored shirts. This makes it easier to spot ticks on your clothing. Remember to change clothes and take a shower when coming in from the outdoors. Check your body and your hair for any sign of a tick. Wash your clothes immediately.


Clear Your Foggy Mental Outlook

submitted by Colleen Fletcher of Massage & Body Boutique

A dark, confused mind can alter ones view of life; get a clear view of goals and desires to keep you on the road of happiness.

Signs of a foggy mental outlook?  In all honesty, it varies for each individual, but there are some circumstances that can show up on a regular basis.

~A reoccurring illness.   Thoughts like; what am I doing?, why did I do that? keep your brain all befuddled and while your brain is busy on drivel your physical body is also getting run down.......and bam, you're sick!

~Lethargy - mentally and/or physically.  This can also be considered a malaise of body, mind and spirit; when that happens you are likely to forget the joys of life.


"How you can unblock your Limitations and

Create the Life you want!"

By Katherine Allen, Soul Mentor/Coach for Women Awakening to Soul purpose, passion and power

Do you feel blocked or limited by the experiences you have had?  Most of us can say yes, to that question, yet we are more than the sub total of our life experiences.  It's your life and you can overcome limitations to create the life you want. 

I want to share a small, but important, part of my 5 step signature process of how you can for once and for all overcome your limitations and step boldly forward into your greater dream of your life, what I refer to as your soul's dream.  The secret that took me way too long to figure out for myself, that I am gifting you with here and now, is that you were never meant to get bogged down by daily tasks, whether that is worrying about your job, taking care of everyone else's needs or simply trying to keep it all balanced. You are put here on this earth at this time to experience the newly awakened energy....


May 2012 Featured Articles


How to grow your own healthy live food

By Nathan Mandigo, ABT

It's spring!  That wonderful time of year when the grass greens up, trees leaf out, flowers bloom, and many people plan their summer gardens.  But what if you live in an apartment or don't have a green thumb?  How do you enjoy the benefits of growing your own food?  Answer: sprouting.

Why sprout?

Seeds contain all of the materiel necessary to create a new plant.  They are high in proteins and carbohydrates as well as containing many of the essential vitamins and nutrients necessary to sustain life.  Because the plant sprout is relying completely on the materiel in the seed for its initial growth, all of the nutrients that are locked up inside the seed are transferred into the sprout, making it much easier for us to extract those nutrients.

Sprouting seeds is easy and rewarding. 



BY REV. LINDA ~ 208-587-7044 or 208-724-3309

Hearing loss affects Baby Boomers due to our rock ‘n roll concerts like Woodstock! Today our youth use ear buds, exotic car audio systems and high-output home theaters. Volume that causes permanent hearing loss is 85-90 decibels (dB); sounds like jet plane taking off or a siren (120 dB), a jackhammer (130 dB), firearms (140 dB), fireworks at 3 ft (150 dB). Other sounds that create hearing problems include motorcycles (90 dB), hand drills (100 dB), small gas engines like lawn mowers & snow blowers (106 dB), a chain saw (110 dB), and MP3 players (110 dB). Around the house items include kitchen appliance and hair dryers (80-90dB), vacuum cleaner or busy traffic (90dB), and a normal conversation (60 dB).  Does your city or town have noise volume regulations?

Herbal preparations include ways to increase oxygenation like Gingko preparations and Licorice root thereby increasing circulation to blood vessels in the ears. Lobelia, Garlic oil, Eyebright tincture and tea, & Lavender Essential Oil assist....


The Spring of 2012 in the Year of the Water Dragon

By Katherine Allen, Soul Mentor/Coach for Women on a Mission

This spring continues the powerful, dynamic and unpredictable year of the water dragon.  Dragons signify powerful energy, growth and creativity.    This is the year to go for your dreams. This year stands to be, for many, a year of possibilities and good fortune.  Not to be taken lightly, the year of the dragon contains a powerful opportunity for us, if we hit the mark.  The dragon is the mythical creature that flies' effortlessly in between the two worlds of spirit and matter.

If you are on a spiritual journey, you will definitely like to speak to and often with this mystical creature, so that you can retrieve for yourself the answers to your most precious questions.... 




by Living Waters www.livingwaterscleanse.com  208.378.9911

How the T-zone vibration machine addresses your health concerns while building muscle and a leaner body.
Improving Collagen and Skin Tone: Whole Body vibration can turn back the clock of time! Imagine receiving a beauty treatment a few times a week that helps you look renewed and refreshed.  Whole body vibration can improve circulation, carrying vital oxygen to your cells and tissues. This wakes up your cells and gives your skin a smoother healthier looking glow. Whole body Vibration also increases the production of collagen, creating a tighter more youthful looking skin. Whole Body Vibration can reduce the appearance of lines and wrinkles.


April 2012 Featured Articles


The Collapsing of Time

By: Govinda Miller

Edited by: Janet Samadhi Rose

Time is an interesting phenomenon, especially now. Have you noticed that it seems like your day is over before it has hardly begun? That time seems to be a fleeting thing? Nature sets the course of time, and we measure time based on the rotation of the Earth and it's orbit around the Sun. Scientifically, time is being measured by our instruments (clocks) and it seems to be linear. But is it? According to Albert Einstein, there is much more to time than we can understand scientifically.


One Key: Simplifying Your Life

by Anna Kelley, R.Ph., C.S.T., and Derek C. Davis, D.C.

A good friend of mine once pulled out a key ring restraining several keys, held it up for me to see and said, "When I get this down to one key, I'll know my life is as simplified as I can get it."

Since then, I've whittled down my key count to three: house key, car key and storage shed key. Until I can let go of all the stuff I hold on to so dearly, I'll still need my storage shed key. Until Boise provides much better public transportation, I'll still need to keep my car too.


The 7 Principles of Self-Care: Health and Life

By Don Tolman

For many centuries, ancient healing centers all over the world have taught and embraced the principles of health.  This brilliant wisdom from the past shows us that nature provides that which we need most, naturally.  Through my decades of seeking out this wisdom, I have come to learn and understand seven principles of self-care: air, water, sunshine, whole food, movement, relationships, and passion.  For this segment, I am going to share with you a little more about one of these principles: whole foods.


Allergies--Seven Simple Steps to Help Deal With Allergies

Contributed by April Crowell, Dipl. ABT (NCCAOM), AOBTA CI, Cert. Holistic Nutritionist.

It seems that ‘allergy season' comes earlier every year. Although it may be true that certain seasons have a propensity to bombard us with excess pollen, there isn't really one season for allergies. Some people only suffer during a particular season while others may suffer all year long. Some people are allergic to only one thing, while others suffer from a multitude or combination of allergens. Whatever the individual pattern, it is estimated that nearly 50 million Americans suffer from allergies.

March 2012 Featured Articles

Healing the past: 12 tips

by Charles Lightwalker  ©

We all have past hurts, situations and painful memories we carry with us. Here are 12 tips to complete the past and move forward in your life.

 1. Rethink The Situation

 2. Understanding Completely

 3. Write a Letter

 4. Own Your Part in the Process


Why Do We Seek Relationships?

by Gail Bradbury, MSW, ACHt

As human beings we are hard wired to seek connection with other human beings. We seek connectedness and in doing so we develop relationships, and through those relationships we feel  love. These are the most important themes of countless persons' lives, a good many novels and a large percentage of all movies. What is that we are all really looking for? This sought after connection is really the intimacy that we all long for in relationship, but it is also so much more.  

Getting Real about the Divine Feminine

by Lisa Stravers

For two decades I have struggled to gain a secure, vital and intimate connection to the Divine Feminine.  Raised in the cornfields of small town Iowa and steeped in the Dutch Christian heritage of my ancestors religion was at the center of my life and my education. As a child, I was imprinted with a glorious worship of Father, Son and Holy Ghost while a marginalized human mother of God and a reformed whore sister/friend of God were relegated to the shadows. I was taught the world was spoken into form by God in a period of seven days and that woman was fashioned from the rib of a pre-existing and lonely man.     

Spring Cleaning-From Inside to Outside

April Crowell, Holistic Nutritionist, Certified Instructor and Amma Therapist.

There's a buzzing of excitement in the air and in our bodies. It's spring, the season of the wood element and the energy is up and outward in powerful surges. It's a time of change and growth. Our bodies want to move more, we have more energy within us and we want to ‘Get Up and Go!'
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