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Your Guides & Numbers

Your Guides & Numbers
from Soul Searcher's Handbook by Emma Mildon

 Have you ever looked at your watch at an exact time two or three days in a row? Or seen lots of the same repeating numbers seemingly everywhere you look? That's because each number has a different meaning behind it-a message from your guides. Begin to pay closer attention whenever you see a series of numbers. Somebody might be trying to tell you something. Some common recurring numbers and their messages are:

1:11, 11:11  -  Known as the wishing hour, this is the time when your guides want you to focus on what you want rather than on what's in your way. Repeating ones often mean that you are manifesting quickly, and seek to remind you to be careful what you wish for.

2:22  --  You are worrying over spilled milk. You need to see that the things you are worrying about are in perfect order, so let go of all your stress and doubts and trust the process.

3:33  --  A group of threes symbolizes all of your guides surrounding you. They want to reassure you that you are not alone and that they are by your side, protecting and walking next to you.

4:44  --  Earth angels are prone to spotting fours, as this is the angels' number letting you know that they are walking with you-or reminding you that you are an earth angel yourself!

5:55  --  Fives symbolize change or a shift in your energy that can bring new opportunity and growth. Be open and aware of these shifts so you do not miss out on any opportunities that are unfolding ahead of you.

6:66  --  These numbers are a reflection that you are out of balance and possibly not following your soul's purpose. When all you see are sixes, it's time to refocus your goals and priorities, and check that you are always operating from a loving place-not out of greed, jealousy, or fear.

7:77  --  This is a high five from your guides! They are letting you know you are on the right path and that you should start to see rewards for following your soul's purpose.

8:88  --  Your guides show eights to let you know that the worst is over and that you are entering a new chapter of your life. In order to enter this new phase, you may have to let go of a few things you have been holding on to in order to progress.

9:99  --  Nine is a master number and reflects that you have a great skill, talent, or gift to share with the world. When you see nines, it is your guides' way of letting you know it is time to share yourself with those around you.

Different combinations of numbers can also have different meanings. If you tend to see lots of number combinations and feel that this is one of the chosen channels through which your guides speak to you, then I recommend exploring different numerology books and angel number books. Some of my favorite numerology books are Michelle Buchanan's The Numerology Guidebook and Doreen Virtue's Angel Numbers 101.

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