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Sharing from my journal...

Sharing from my journal...
from Cristin Stolfo Russell

Today I have a special message to share with you.
It was offered to me in my morning journal time and I want to share it with you. Please take a deep breath into your heart before reading so that you may more deeply feel the essence of what is offered.
Ready? Enjoy...
You are opening more deeply to yourSelf. To your wisdom. To your Light. Let yourself be and know who you really are. You are a being of Light.
You have heard all of this before but until you can fully take it in and embody the magnificent energy you are, it will be repeated.
Your magnificence is yet unknown in so many ways. Your Light in form is yet dulled. You seek and yearn for results that are beside the point and outside of yourSelf, until you bring your focus within.
How? How is the way of the mind. Helpful in times, limiting in others. We must move beyond what has been done before and open to greater knowing and possibility of manifestation.
You are the one who can bring this message and way of being to all who seek it. Share it. Be it. Love who you are.
Rest in the knowing that all is well. Expand what you think is possible. Listen to the essence of what is available.
There is nothing to seek. Open. Reveal. Invite.
Invite others to step into the grace. The expansion. The Love.
Be clear in what you offer. A space for ascension. Within the body and physical experience. In relationships. You know what you are and why you have come.
You must express the power that is available to you. This is not ego power, as you well know. This is the power of Love.
Hold the energy for yourSelf and take action within that space. You are a being of Light. What are you going to focus on...the struggles, or the Light? You will hold the vibration of your attention.
You already know not to deny your experiences of pain. You bring your fullness of energy and Light to them now. That is the intentional work of transmuting the darkness.
Find the dimmed places in your life and bring them to Light.
Bring more of you and your energy. More awareness. More presence. More Love. More passion.
There is nothing to force. Just be and bring. Connect fully. Connect deeply.
Some people have their walls of unconsciousness up and that is ok. Stay aware of your own energy field and be in a state of acceptance and love with them. See the Light of who they are beyond the layers of perceived protection.
Honor them. Love them. This is beyond further expectation of yourSelf or of them. Let them be. Let yourSelf be.
Move with the dance of your heart. With the song of your soul. You will know what will serve. Your heart and soul will guide you.
Sometimes letting go is a part of the process. Letting go of expectations and even hopes and dreams that are no longer in alignment. Feel into past hopes and dreams. Is there a heaviness in your heart? Let it be healed and released. Set it free like a bird finding it's new nesting place.
You are a healer. Let yourself be healed. Let yourself be free. Let yourself claim the beauty and love that you are. Be it. Express it.
Gratitude and Love