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Rick Stevenson Tribute

So Sorry....
**I found out that I can not add some newer pictures because my site is very old and I have to upgrade in order to do so. Therefore, I can not put Rick Stevenson's Memorial Tribute pages nor the pictures I mention in the Ramblings from the Publisher on the site at this time. They are in the printed version but not here yet. Sorry!**
Please check back at a later date to see if I get the pictures added.
But for now I have entered the text from the Tribute page below.

In Tribute to Rick Stevenson
One of the Greatest Men & Healers of our time!
Rick Stevenson transitioned from Earth on January 11th, 2017 at his daughters home in Nevada with his family around him. Rick is well known for having helped thousands of people heal their "stuff" both in Utah and Idaho or really anywhere he happened to be. He was also very well know for playing the Crystal Toning Bowls that he loved so much. And, in my opinion, he certainly was one of the worlds best huggers!!
As Rick would say.....Thank You For Who You Are!


 It is nearly impossible to sum up who Rick was to me and to our community in a few sentences, but having the opportunity to do so is an honor and I hope my words can do my heart justice.
Rick was love, acceptance and joy.  He was compassion and empathy. He was family.
There was never a time that he didn't have a moment or an hour to talk to someone in need, he gave of himself so generously and lived to serve his community. I had many times in the last decade where Rick treated me as one of his own, and I know everyone he loved felt that they were a special and unique part of his family, and I know I'm not the only one who felt that he was a second father in many ways.
I was very fortunate to be able to trade with him over the years and I will always cherish that connection and friendship, and I always felt so honored to occasionally be there for him too.
His joy of life was boundless, as was his love and his service to the world. I am a better person, a better healer and a better mother because he was my friend and mentor. My life was truly blessed because he was part of it, he will never be forgotten.
 Rose Courtney Ward

May you be joyous in your reunions, being whole and hearty. I remember meeting you so many years ago, we have been to so many events together, classes and worked side by side so much. You taught me Bowls and the appreciation. May you visit us often!!! Colors UP! My dear friend.
Gaile Hensley, Idaho

I thought I saw a dolphin in the clouds!
Pamela Murray,
Boise, Idaho

This place we call earth is tough for angels to dwell. I will miss his amazing heart, wonderful stories and gorgeous soul. I say hello to him as spirit and wish him a safe journey. He is a capable spirit and will transition easily to the ethereal realms of love. Love and light, Namaste  
Cathy Lyn Benz, Eagle, Idaho

I wish I could be there for the celebration of life for one of my dearest of friends Rick. My friend with so many memories I have of us. One time together, one that Erica (Rick's daughter) should remember was the trip we made to Mexico, Mazatlán was the place we were dancing and the band members were wondering what was falling from the rooms above them, It was his daughter and I believe her Niece dropping rocks from the 4th floor balcony on to the band. Needless to say your father and mother were not very happy. I know that now you are with your favorite companion and friend your dog Xavier, god bless you my friend there are to many of our friends that have passed to soon.
Your friend forever,  Ron Best
Thank you, Rick, for 17 years of compassion, understanding, guidance and friendship. It has made my world and those around me a better, loving place.
Darice Peltier

He was a love light onto our planet. He assisted so many that we don't know about. He is in Light now. I will miss him and his caring ways.
Stephanie Brooks Downing, Boise, Idaho
A "Spiritual Warrior", especially in the sense that as a male he gently, through his magical work, made himself known, loved, and respected as a Light Worker in a world filled primarily with females - He beautifully embraced Grace and Flow through his path and the times I witnessed or engaged in his crystal bowl sessions! He was fearless in that sense! Interesting that he "chose" this time in the transformative energy of our times to leave through the Light and, perhaps, serve us through another realm! We will miss you here ... you are a Boise Icon .... May your travels through the Light realm be amazing!
Marti Denton, Boise, Idaho
The crystal inherent in his bowls & his person leads to his ultimate humanity & ascension.
 John Close, Fruitland, Oregon
He was like a second dad to me and I wish you were here with us but your soul with us 24/7/365. Thank you for helping me out and changing my life around. I became  a better person and a better dad to my daughter and my wife too.
Wesley French, Boise, Idaho
Thank you Rick. Thank you for being such an important guide for me at crucial turning points. I love you. Namaste dear brother!
Marina Walker Henry, Nampa, Idaho
I just found out today that our dear friend Rick Stevenson past on to his next higher calling on January 11th. Most Auspicious day 1.11.2017.
Interestingly I wasn't surprised when I was told - just didn't want to hear that it was so. Rick was a great Spiritual Man who had the courage and the heart of a true Spiritual Warrior. Rick was one of those Gentle Giants that walked the earth and soared in the Spirit realm. He left a footprint of his love on our souls. I was so blessed by his presence so many times at spiritual and social gatherings, workshops, events and all the times spent together in shared spaces over 20 years. Rick always was the opening act for all the events Spirit at Work ever did. His gift of playing the Alchemy Bowls always gave any gathering the Sacred Space to open into Spirit. Rick had the Golden Touch of Peace and Light  that always set the tone and vibration to bring any size crowd focused and set a deep connection into Oneness.
This is not the best pictures of Rick but what he has in his hands is the most beautiful special crystal bowls ever. The MAA Alchemy and the HEART Crystal.  MAA was The DIVINE MOTHER  and the HEART Bowl was his most used in toning of all his Crystal Bowls. The MAA Bowl was played for a special connection, occasion or purpose and the HEART for every occasion and any purpose to set the tone and vibes for the event.
 He would want these bowls to be played at his Celebration ceremony which I am sure is already in the plan to do.  
 Rick Stevenson is truly The Master of Love and the Model of Lovenlight. LOVENLIGHT Boise Toning Vibes will now be available throughout the Heavens into all other Universes' for everyone up close and personal like he was with us!!
And So it is...Blessings My Dear Friend and Happy Vibes in Love and Light!
Midge, Boise ID

 I used to call you when I needed some advice or just a good belly laugh. When the thought of you would float across my mind, I knew you may be thinking the same. You taught me my respect for hypnosis, how to use my gifts with energy healing, to play the bowls and have them sing. We talked through the loss of my aunt and how we were all connected. I feel like it is all still undone, the trip to the Peru, fishing on the river...and yet, you were the one who taught me it Is what it Is. So here I am, missing you Rick, and hearing your voice in my head... "Bless the Lesson". Much love my friend, until I see you again.
Nicole Eaton, Boise, Idaho

I met Rick many years ago, likely at Gentle Cascade on State street maybe around 2002.  He had a room in the basement, where he consulted, and played crystal healing concerts.
Rick usually had a mischievous glint of humor in his eyes, and an easy smile followed by laughter.  I really remember enjoying his humor.  Rick was a story teller, about human nature.  His tales of his adventures in the Central America jungle with an indigenous shamanic healer were astonishing.  The healer he studied with was akin to the Yaki Dons or healers written about in northern Mexico.  Rick told stories of alternative reality, or altered consciousness, as he walked the jungle paths with his teacher and companion.  Plants and animals communicating, and the landscape shifting as if he was a Rip Van Wrinkle in a jungle of time and a wrinkle in space.
I admire Rick for being avante garde in offering a form of authentic holistic healing via sacred sounds of crystal tones. Life evolves from matter in motion resonating or vibrating with frequencies of light and sound.  Dis-ease is dis-ordered, or discordant harmonies in cells and molecules of life.  Rick understood this.
Boise has lost a light that was bright in Rick.  But, I am confident Rick lives on in another dimension, and that his sacred sounds recorded as CDs, or in clouds, and in the cosmic ether move on to touch each of our heart strings.  We were blessed by his presence.
Be well, live well, enjoy life - as Rick would want us.
Brent, Boise ID

Thank you Rick for all the beauty, peace and harmony you generously and graciously brought to our lives. You were a wonder, dear one. Blessings my friend, you will be missed.
Sandra Cavanaugh, Idaho

Beyond time and space...
There is a spark,
     ...a sound
          ... a vibration.
As humans, we know it as Rick Stevenson ...
as angels, we know it as "truth"
and as truth, we feel it as "one".
I had the honor of spending a lot of time with Rick the "human" and Rick the "mystical" and I am grateful and humbled.
Rick has left a deep scar or Love and Compassion on the human race.
I promise, I will remember you and what you wove into the "tone".
Thank you Rick!  
Your brother, Forrest Dawn
(Forrest Melton)

Rick was my friend and business associate for the last 6 years. So many memories!... He was an amazing friend! He had a wonderful talent - to make everyone feel special and unique. He was so kind to everybody. He helped a lot of people. He was positive all the time. He never complained, even during his last months.
He enjoyed helping me with the Holistic Place in Hyde Park. We planted an apple tree and flowers around the building. Two years ago we went to Montana's mountains to dig crystals. I was slightly terrified by sleeping in the middle of the forest, I am not a big fun of camping. But he convinced me that everything would be fine. So it was! He was an experienced camper! He prepared everything for the trip. I was with my little doggy. He even prepared her stuff she would need during camping. A year later, when she died on the vets table, he helped me. He found the space in the desert where we can bury her. He even built a small cross on her site...
Thank you, thank you, my friend, for everything you have done for me and for many people! May your journey in Spirit be as fantastic as your life here on Earth! THANK YOU, RICK, FOR WHO YOU WERE!
Valentina, Boise, Idaho

Rick was a very special man. His heart poured Love, kindness, understanding, joy and respect to everyone he met. He gave wonderful hugs! He had a peaceful and strong presence. God took home a wonderful Angel.
Annette Chaney, Reno Nevada

Oh, my dear friend - I will miss you. I know you are in good company now and free from the earthly binds...and this makes me happy. Thank you for the many wonderful HUGS you shared with me over the years - you really are the best hugger! Thank you too for all the guidance you've given me and my family - thank you for my granddaughter♥ I cry for my loss as I smile at the memories of your beautiful soul, knowing you are now fully spirit. Fly free!
Debbie D. , Meridian, ID

Rick Stevenson...  The world lost a great man when he passed away.  For the last 15 years Rick has been my "Big Rock".  I could always rely on him to be there to get me back on track and back to my true self.  Through our journey he became one of my greatest life teachers, and one of my closest friends, my family...
In my darkest days Rick was my beacon of light.  When I felt alone in my darkness he could always find a way to hold my hand and gently guide me along the way.  He gave me so many of the tools I needed to chisel my way through the black hole and back into the light.  He rescued my soul.  For that I am eternally grateful.
I could go on and on about the wonderful things Rick has done to help me in my life, as I know so, so, many others can as well.  However there really are no words great enough to express my appreciation and honor of having Rick be a part of my life.
When Rick died, my "Big Rock" fell into the river...  After a little time to process and reflect, I know that even though my "Big Rock" is now out in the middle of the river and I am still here on the shore, I can always look out and see it is still right there for me.  He may not be next to me to lean on, but if I fall in the river I know he is always right there for me to hold onto just like he was in life.  Thank you Rick for all that you do.  I miss you everyday, and I can't wait to see you again one day.
Love Always, Jada, Redding CA


I know there are many others that would have contributed their words about Rick had there been more notice and time. We will all hold a special place in our hearts for this beautiful man...known as Rick Stevenson.
♥Rest in Peace dear friend♥