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Feng Shui - The Wealth Gua

 Feng Shui - The Wealth Gua

by C. Susan Nunn  -- www.CSusanNunn.com

Wealth, what does it mean?  The truth is it means something different to everyone.  Even if we are speaking of money.  For some $100,000 will be plenty, whereas others may need much more to make them feel ‘wealth.'  Some will look at wealth of family and consider themselves extremely wealthy, or wealth of health, or wealth of relationships.  It is all in how it is perceived.  As we start to work on our Wealth section (gua) of our home, sit down and think about what is it that you need.  What are your intentions towards this gua?  As I consider ‘wealth' - I think of my two businesses and what I can do to make them more profitable. 

Each month as I have been writing these articles, I have worked towards ‘re-feng shuing' my home, one gua at a time.  It has been an experience, and I hope you all have been following along.  Remember, we can't just do one ‘gua' (section) of our home and expect miracles to happen.  Yes, it is a process, and yes, it is work, but oh boy, is it ever worth it.

Just a little side note before we move on.  I have reclaimed my space in the Health and Family Gua after last month's article.  I love it. It again is my writing space.  I topped it off with a beautiful fountain that I built myself.  It took about 30 minutes.  Each time I enter the room, I feel peace embrace me.  A far cry from the chaos that lived in this space before.

Now, on to Wealth. When you are standing at the front door of your home, this Wealth Gua falls in that far back left part of your home.  So, what have you found back there?  Is it a bathroom?  A closet? Your bedroom?  What kind of a mess do you see?   Can you relate the mess you are looking at to the mess of your finances?  For our new home, the Wealth Gua is my dad's bedroom (the master bedroom and bath).  I have some files stored in the corner where he doesn't go, and those have to be moved as soon as possible. There's not a lot I can do with his room as he is 90 years young now and very tottery.  He doesn't need me moving anything or doing any rearranging, but I can dress up the bed with a new spread, and make his room spotless, instead of storing this and that in the spaces he doesn't use.  And maybe add a throw rug (in a space he doesn't walk so he won't trip) to bring in some color, as well.

The Wealth Gua needs Purples, Reds and Blues.  You may want to place some items that have a deep sense of meaning for you and your prosperity in a beautiful bowl, or you could fill that bowl full of coins.  That may be just enough.  If it is money you are needing to bring forth, a fountain would work wonderfully.  Just set the flow so it doesn't shoot clear out of the fountain, but don't have it so low that it is struggling to flow.  You need a good steady flow to reflect a good, steady flow of money.  Nothing stagnant, and nothing moving so fast that the money moves through so rapidly that you don't even see it.  AND, please don't let it run dry, or sit unplugged and forgotten in this room.  Not good Feng Shui!

Some thoughts.  If your Wealth is in your bathroom, be sure to keep the plugs in the tub and sink and also, to keep the toilet lid closed.  If this is your bedroom, then make it ‘hum.' Reds, purples and blues are your colors.  Many of my customers have their closet in this area, and are horrified as to what the mess they have means to their finances.  One woman, who shall remain unnamed, found her wealth ‘in her closet.'  A whole ton of new clothes with the tags still hanging on them.  She went into a cleaning frenzy and returned about 80% of the new clothes.  She set her intentions to quit spending money, discovered it wasn't the desire for new clothes as much as it was about being bored. She told me this was only the beginning of a journey she was ready to take. One that will help her renew her sense of purpose.

No matter what your issue, it will undoubtedly come to the forefront the minute you clear your space and set your intentions.  It is the strangest thing, and then, of course, you have to deal with it.  Just remember, cleanliness hangs out next to the Feng Shui Gods. Not only will a clean house calm your environment, it will also calm the chaos within you. 

Remember, if you are finding this to be a lot of work, you aren't alone.  But do the work, and reap the benefits.  


Susan Nunn, Feng Shui Practitioner

Graduate of Western School of Feng Shui, 2006

Author, Writer, Teacher, and Tea Connoisseur.

I use Western Guide to Feng Shui for particular elements, and my own intuition.

www.CSusanNunn.com/services/        www.ThunderMountainTea.com


Come experience my wonderful line of Teas each Saturday at the Capital City Market I am the Thunder Mountain Tea booth ***new location -- I am now right next to the Post Office, just north of the 8th and Bannock intersection about half way down. Please stop in and say "Hi!" from 9:30 until 1:30 pm.