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Illness Begins...

Illness Begins at the Energetic Level

By Victoria Savage RN, Nurse Intuitive, Energy Healer ~ 473-8254


As a healer both in the physical world and in the energetic world, there are a few things I think it would be good for you all to know. 

1. Your thoughts create chemicals in your body. These chemicals surround your cells and tell them which types of proteins to make. This is the very essence of where disease can begin. Guard your thoughts.

2. There is always some benefit to you in any illness you allowed in. Recently I spoke with a woman who had had cancer twice, and feared that she would get it again. When I asked her the benefits she had received from the first two times she vehemently said absolutely none! I then asked her about how her husband was treating her these days. Formally he had been quite a jerk. She said "Jack and I are closer than ever! It is wonderful between us."  I then asked her about her friends, she said "My friends have been wonderful, I cannot believe the support and the love they've given me." 

I smiled slightly and she stopped and said, "Oh my gosh there have been benefits." 

Search deep to see how your illness or dysfunction has benefited you.

3. Martyrdom is unhealthy. This life is all about you. I know that sounds selfish but it is the absolute gods honest truth. You can't make anyone happy, you can't create a life for anyone else. Your job is only to do your best to take care of you and your energy. 

Your energy field precedes you into every room you walk into by about 8 to 10 feet. What you're putting out in your energy field affects those around you. Take responsibility for your own energetic health, and everyone around you benefits.

4. Every illness begins at the energetic level. So focusing on the physical level is not nearly as effective as the energy aspect.  We have so much control over not just our health, but when we decide to transition from this world. As a hospice nurse I've seen time and again people leave exactly when they choose to. This is the type of power we have over our physical body. What are you choosing in this life?

As healthcare practitioners, we treat a lot of illnesses, but we cure very few. At the energetic level you can actually be cured at the very place the dysfunction started.

How long do you want to be held back from the life that you were meant to live here? How long do you want to circulate in this vortex of negative energy that illness brings?

If you are choosing to heal, give me a call. I can do most of the energy work by phone if you don't live in the area. I would love to help you release the energy that is holding you hostage and limiting you in life. Call  today: 208-473-8254