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Health Is Worthless?....

 Health is Worthless? The Bottom Line

by Charles Lightwalker


What a statement, the average American would think that statement is absurd, but not the corporate healthcare system we have here in America. Our current corporate healthcare, sees health as the enemy of profits. As a healthy person, you are virtually worthless to the medical/healthcare system. Now more than ever in the history of our medical model of healthcare in America, healthcare is driven by a desire for money, it is a system of greed, needing greater revenue.

Yes, our American healthcare system has advanced technologically, and tools such as MRIs, X-Ray Machines, Gamma Knife surgery and genetic mapping have provided knowledge. But with these advances in technology, comes a high price tag, and this high price tag serves to motivate the corporate healthcare system to deliver as much healthcare as possible, even when it is not needed, or is helpful to the patient, just so long as it is profitable.

Clinical studies funded by the big pharmaceutical companies are taken at face value as objective and reliable by physicians, nurses, and hospital CEO's, and used as guidelines for operating a successful health/medical practice.

Healthcare in America consumes 17.6% of GDP (Gross Domestic Product), the highest percentage in the world, yet America is last in quality healthcare.

The cost of medical/healthcare continues to grow, and it is crippling the average American consumer and small businesses. What can be done? As individuals we do have power to take healthcare into our own hands, to demand true knowledge on health matters (google). The information age enlightens people, and can provide medical and healthcare knowledge on a wide variety of ailments, and dis-ease. Among the many helpful sources of health information, here is a short list of a few web sites worth checking out;

patient.98point6.com                                   ncbi.nlm.nih.gov/pubmed

patientslikeMe.com                                      WellBeingjournal.com

CureTogether.com                                        www.webmd.com

www.everydayhealth.com                             www.mercola.com

www.thehealthsite.com                                 https://www.va.gov/health

medlineplus.gov                                            www.hon.ch


I am not advocating that you diagnose nor treat yourself, however having some knowledge about your possible ailment before seeing a medical professional or a healthcare practitioner can go a long way in asking the right questions and understanding your options for treatment.


Charles Lightwalker is a medical intuitive, shamanic practitioner, and

Reiki Master teacher, who can be reached at charleslightwalker@yahoo.com or 509-389-7290.  charleslightwalker.bravesites.com