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A Simple Formula....

 A Simple Formula to Help Boost Happiness

Nancy Roth Life Coach, LCPC, SoulCollage® Facilitator


Here is a process I utilize with my coaching clients that easily helps them look at their lives to help figure out why they may be feeling down, stuck or disgruntled. It's from Choice Theory-Reality Therapy developed by the late William Glasser.  It's simple to do.  Get a piece of paper, something to write with and draw a square.  Divide it into four equal quarters.  This exercise assumes that you have your basic needs of adequate food, shelter and clothing met.  If not, this exercise is not for you.  These needs must first be met before we can move on to the other needs of fun, freedom, love and belonging and power.  So if you are still with me, label each quarter of the square separately as Fun, Freedom, Love and Belonging and finally, Power.  Some activities, people, etc., may be in one, two, three or all four squares.

a. Consider what you do for fun.  Meeting needs in this area could include sports, crafting, creating, being with people you like, traveling, learning, being challenged, etc.  Anything that lifts your spirits could be considered fun.  Put these things in the fun quarter.

b. What do you do that gives you a sense of freedom?  Do you dress a certain way, speak up when you feel the need, choose how to spend free time, express yourself through creative outlets, recreation, sports, yoga, and/or religious practices?  Put these things in the freedom quarter.

c. What about love and belonging?  Do you have a circle of trusted friends (animal/s) or even just one friend who you can talk to? Do you share love with your friends, family and/or a significant other?  Do you belong to a group or groups that share your values?  Put these things in the love and belonging quarter.

d. How about power?  What is meant by power is a sense of achievement and fulfillment, not exercising power over others through domination.  Does your work fulfill you?  Does your exercise and nutrition program give you a sense of accomplishment?  Are your relationships satisfying in that your views and options are heard and considered?  Put these things in the power quarter.

Is there one section/s that has a shorter list than another ---one that has more?  Are there activities, people, places or things that appear in more than one quadrant? 

With this information, you can begin to see where you might improve your quality of life.  Perhaps you need to increase your fun quotient, work on gaining more personal power, learn to voice your opinion on issues that matter to you (freedom), develop stronger bonds with the people around you (love and belonging).

If there are people, places, activities and things that are in more than one section, you can be assured that they are very important to you.  Recognize their value and cherish them/it!

On which part of the matrix can you begin to make changes? 

How will you do that?  When will you start?

How will you know you've achieved what you are after?


 Nancy Roth, Personal Life Coach, LCPC, SoulCollage® Facilitator

208-420-0338  -  nmroth34@gmail.com