Bigger Than COVID 19 - 5G Towers Will Be a Disaster
by David DeHaas


A recent study has proven that cities with 5G sWTF’s (Small Wireless Telecommunication Facilities) had a 79% increase in Covid infections, and a 94% higher death rate per million, than cities that did not.  With or without Covid 19, 5G is going to be a disaster.  Here is what you need to know. 

5G is not about making Cell phone calls better. 5G is for “Information services”, (think broadband data, emails, downloading movies, etc.)  and falls under title 1 of the FCC code.

The Treasure Valley already has a perfect and superior safe fast coverage for this via cable. Sparklight and Century link are two known providers. 5G is much slower than DSL.

There have been over 20,000 studies that show that electromagnetic Frequency is damaging.

Many countries and some counties in the United States have banned 5G because of the known risks.  The Environmental Health Trust along with the Children’s Defense Fund is suing the FCC now on the Health Damages of 5G.  In Idaho a few cities have made the smart and safe decision to increase wireless speed over that of the much slower 5G and cable by wiring Fiber-optics to the home and offices and thereby eliminating the known risks of 5G frequencies. 

As 5G towers start to turn on in the Treasure Valley we have found people who are beginning to be the victim of the damage caused by this radiated frequency, which is 25,000,000 times greater than what is needed to have 5 bars on a cell phone. 

Hank, a local realtor, and small farmer has become the victim of this horrendous power. In March of this year Hank checked on his beehive.  The hive was intact with live bees.  On or about April 15th, a tower was turned on 600 yards from his home.  Hank went into Afib and has been hospitalized not once but now over 7 times with Afib.  The bees in his hive all died. Over 20 of his neighbors have stated that they have noticed a difference in their body.

Hank hired a professional to measure the power from this tower and discovered that the frequencies are 100,000 times greater than what is needed.  

Rosa, a mother with 2 children started noticing a high pitch sound and has not been able to sleep in her home. Her boys don’t feel well and can’t concentrate.  When she leaves her home and goes away for a weekend, her and her family are fine. Sleep is restored and there is no brain fog.  When they return their symptoms return.  A newly installed 5G tower is a few yards from her home.

Americans’ private property rights are being ignored.  All Americans have the right to the private enjoyment and safety of their property.  When a citizen goes to remodel their home, under certain conditions the neighbors are informed, and they have an opportunity to voice their dissent or consent.  With 5G the citizens are being denied their right to due process.

Imagine a neighbor decides to convert the use of his property to a feedlot.  It’s obvious that something like this would have an impact on the surrounding property, such as smell and aesthetics. The local zoning laws would prohibit this from happening. When it comes to 5G towers Local Governments are looking the other way and ignoring the risks to its citizens. 

It’s very telling that not one Insurance Company in the world will provide liability coverage to telecommunications company for the health effects.  NOT ONE. Telecommunications companies insulate their risk of lawsuit by using shell companies to own and install the towers for this reason.   When local citizens sue for health damages this liability will fall on the cities.  Have they made allowances in their budgets to cover the impending financial impact from the lawsuits that are sure to come?

Studies show property values decrease 20% with 5G antennas.  5G towers to operate effectively will be placed every 300’ to 500’. There will be thousands of these towers if we allow them to be installed. One in 5 homes will have one in their front yard. 

5G frequency power blows out an invisible pollution unseen and not felt until the damage is done. This pollution is shown to penetrate completely through a baby’s brain, 1.5 inches in an adult causing glioblastoma cancer cells.

Boise City and Meridian are allowing these towers to go in without an update to their code. The cities don’t have a clue how to regulate and protect your property rights when it comes to 5G and have admitted so in testimony. 

Cities employ building, plumbing, and electrical inspectors for the purpose of keeping residents safe.  But none of the cities have hired an RF engineer with the knowledge of this frequency.  The glassy eyed looks of the Planning and Zoning Commissions and City Council shows their ignorance of protecting its citizens.  The local governments have simply thrown up their hands and refused to get educated on the impacts of 5G. 

FCC leaves 5G, telecommunications services, up to local governments to regulate.  That means they can even prevent 5G from coming to the Valley.  The FCC only regulates cellphone and text messaging only.  Telecommunications companies have convinced local governments that they have no ability to regulate. This is simply not true and anyone can look at the law and see that this is not true. Local Governments have been naive, lazy or ambivalent to the realities of 5G technology. 

There is no need in this valley to have 5G. It’s a slower technology for the delivery of high speed internet services than cable or DSL.  Its radiated power is powerful and damaging and the cities of this valley deserve to keep to this harmful pollution out of our homes.

Ironically, the Boise Council passed a resolution to be carbon free by 2035.  The city council has made it known that they want to have a green and sustainable city.  Yet, these 5G towers are power hogs and their frequencies kill trees and bees! Life is not sustainable without bees!

Local Governments have placed moratoriums on building new homes and relocating homeless shelters.  The cities need to put a moratorium on 5G Cell towers until they get up to speed on how this technology should be regulated.

The City of Boise and Ada County are doing an ordinance rewrite.  It makes sense to stop all locations of cell towers until the zoning code has caught up to modern day technology. Call or email your local council. Join  Act now to protect your family and your property.  

David DeHaas is President of  
He can be reached at 208 378 9911 or email