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You are reading Idaho's Premier Guide to What's Available In
The Complementary & Alternative Health Community.
This Holistic Journal is a monthly publication to Inspire Health & Wellness
of your Body, Mind & Spirit. Hand in Hand we do make a difference. 
We thank you for helping to keep the cycle of love and healing going!

Our Mission is to Educate
HedraNews is the only paper in the area that is geared towards Complementary & Alternative 
Practitioners sharing informative information about their work. Our mission is to educate/reach
the average person and demystify, the thought to be, mysterious talents that practitioners are using.
We want the readers to realize that there are many options on how one may choose to go about
improving and maintaining the health for their body, Mind & Spirit.

Meet the Hedra Staff
Debbie Dalrymple

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What Does Hedra Mean?

Hedra is a name, pronounced head-dra. She is the divine light being that sits on top of the "H" on the HedraNews logo. She is the part of Debbie's spirit that created this paper and it's mission to remembering that we can open our hearts, expand our minds and heal our bodies through knowledge.

From the Oxford English Dictionary, it means, "a form of pentagonal dodecahedron, or solid contained by twelve pentagons, common in crystals of pyrite..."

HedraNews cares deeply about our planet.
We recycle old papers and print on partially recycled paper using soy-based ink.

All contributors and advertisers assume responsibility for the accuracy and contents of their Ads & Articles. We expect that all material is submitted with no intent to mislead or harm others. The opinions expressed in this publication are not necessarily those of the publisher. We reserve the right to accept, reject, or edit any material we receive. We do not warranty any of the services or products advertised. We are providing this information; it is up to each individual to choose how they use it.
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