What wonderful movies us humans come up with to humanize animals.

Domesticated animals came from the wild a long time ago and they have their own DNA.  This DNA tells them who they are and how to act and react to situations.

Many people don’t live in a survival mode because we have phones for emergencies, money for food, running water, electricity and basic things many of us take for granted.   This is why most of us don’t understand animals.  

Animals live in a different world than we do. They live in a world of survival first.

Hello beautiful Souls! What a doozy of a few months it has been, wouldn’t you agree?  To my surprise, I had to dig deep, reclaim who I Am and step forward into the great unknown in an even bigger way than I am used to – and I often play big!  I am sharing with you at bit of my experience over the last two months.  As you read, I ask that you find yourself within these words.  Acknowledge the wonderment of you, reflect in awe who you are.  It is with you and your unique Soul expression fully realized that we begin to envision and create a world beyond dreams.
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So often after an unpleasant interaction with another, I have heard others say, or I have said to myself, Was that theirs or was that mine? In other words, where does the responsibility lie in certain interactions when things go wrong? For anyone who cares about conscious communication, this is a natural question to ask. Conscious, responsible people naturally want to own their part in things and make things right when things go haywire. Further, how can we know where to start unless we first assess what happened? Asking was that theirs or mine seems like a reasonable place to start.
The Liver is a fascinating organ, comprised of 50,000 bile ducts tasked with filtering the blood and doing some 2000+ tasks each and every day.
If you have been diagnosed with a hormone issue or a thyroid issue you need to look further inward and ask the question why?
Why are my hormones off?
Why is my thyroid not functioning properly?
What you will find is a toxic liver.  If you were to take a walk thru the liver you would probably find heavy metals, pathogens, neurotoxins and parasites.  The average body today has over 80,000 chemicals in it.  Your poor liver is carrying a heavy burden.