I had not had a panic attack in over 10 years. When I was a teenager, I had them with pretty regular frequency. While lying in bed at night, trying to sleep, my mind would start to get scared, then my whole body would tense up, I’d cry uncontrollably and the frozen feelings of fear, sadness, self-hatred, and panic would keep me in the same spot for...who knows how long. 

At that point I didn’t know what they were called. I just felt when they were coming. Always at night. After it would pass, I would just lay there trying to breathe normally and fall asleep again. 
Since ancient times, people have known that element Fire clears and burns the negativities that sticks to the aura of a person.

The uniqueness of the candle flame impact on the biological field of a person is that it helps to clear the body of all negative that accumulates in us day after day; it absorbs fatigue, irritation, resentment and other destructive feelings.

I use candles to diagnose and clear energy fields in a person. By the reaction of the candle, i.e., by the color of the wax flow and the form of solidified wax, I can determine the degree of negative energy in a person.
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“Astrology is the most misunderstood subject of all human knowledge. It is not about knowing your future…it is about knowing yourself.  It is about the journey of your soul through this world and what this is all about.  And it is about the process of self-awareness and what is true for you.”  Dr. Deepak Vidmar ¹

Interest & curiosity about astrology have grown in the past years.  It appears to have become a meme, astrological sites abounding on the internet, yet, as Steven Forrest has noted: “The majesty, emotional valence, and intellectual rigor of the astrological symbolism has often been reduced to...

ARE YOU INVESTING IN LIFELONG Vitality?  Do you regularly take your Supplements? What are your Healthy Lifelong Habits?

I recently attended a seminar by Dr Cynthia Rene a Naturopathic Doctor here in Boise, who talked about investing in your Vitality and Longevity just like you invest in your retirement.  Isn’t that what we really want in life, to feel vibrant, as we enjoy a long and healthy life.  The company I partner with dTERRA International is in the last month of a three month spring tour which focused on exactly this with their “Healthy Habits for Life”