Many people know about smudging, but there are other ways to keep the space around you positive and most importantly protect you against negative energy.  First, let’s discuss why it’s important to have positive energy around you.  Clearing the air of negative energy allows you to be centered and mindful.  In other words, it helps you to be in the present and “let go” of the negativity that might be binding you.  Below are some simple practices to leave the negative behind and embrace the positive.
Smudging.  This is probably the most common practice of clearing negative energy in your home, around your body and objects. 
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For most of my life I was the best Chameleon ever. I could be whatever anyone wanted or needed me to be. What I wanted was rarely a consideration.
I did this because I needed, well actually, I required the opinion of others in order to be okay with me and to know who I was. What I felt or thought wasn’t valid because I’d spent years building a distrust of myself. I only considered the opinions of others. If there was criticism, I anguished over it and re-examined what I’d done and how I would be better next time. I’ve discovered that many of us do. What they think is far more important than what I think.

A client arrived the other day suffering from the usual, Brain Fog, Joint pain, Frequent urination at night, cravings of carbohydrates, chronic fatigue, and on and on.   
As we went thru the list of symptoms she then made a statement.  “I am actually pretty healthy for my age”!!!!!  What???  You have a myriad of symptoms that prevent you from being able to think clearly, sleep well, go hiking, play with your kids and you say you are pretty healthy for your age???? 
I guess if you compare yourself to everyone else in your age that might seem true. But are you really?   
Some people may be aware that we are in a solar cycle causing multiple solar flares/ Storms. Often I refer to to find out the status on strength, quality and direction of a solar flare. Many solar flares affect our computers and phones causing more stress at home and in the work place. The reason they affect our electronics is the flares affect the satellites orbiting the Earth. There are holes in our Earth atmosphere and when we have solar flares there can be intense heat reaching the Earth surface. The Flares will also affect Schuman’s Resonance frequency for the Earth. During a flare the Schuman’s resonance can spike causing....