By Beverly Hobbs, Integrated Energy Healer

Your emotions have a big influence on your body, especially ones that you deny you are feeling.  To deny your feelings you may push them out of your conscious thoughts and tell yourself that you have handled them. Poof! They are no longer there. But where did they actually go? They are still there. You may have pushed them to a deeper space within your body like your low back, your shoulder, or your gut, for instance. Problem solved until your body decides to get your attention by causing those areas to become inflamed or painful. Your usual plan of action may be to go to the doctor, who may run some tests or give you something for the pain. Those are good options and usually help.  What he probably won’t have time for is to ask about what is going on in your life….   

What is Rolfing® Structural Integration?
by Greg Bishop, M.M., Certified Rolfer ~ 208-991-8024

One of my main jobs as a Certied Rolfer is educator. Rolfing brings a new understanding of how the body functions in gravity and how to best embody the changes in a positive way. During Rolfing sessions I do my best to impart the Rolfing approach to structure and movement.

But the education process also extends into the community.

In my experience, the vast majority of people have never heard of Rolfing Structural Integration. Unfortunately, the ones who have, are often misinformed by others who have never had direct experience with RSI. A bit like getting your sex education from the kid down the block, who has never had formal education or experience!

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by  Dr. Jerry Cunningham

Recent research indicates that 15 million people (nearly 5% of the entire U.S. population) have been taking antidepressant medication for greater than 5 years.  Many are interested in discontinuing but encounter a condition called “discontinuation syndrome” causing their symptoms to return making coming off the medication difficult.  Given this difficulty, one might consider alternative lifestyle changes such as exercise, rumination mitigation techniques, and omega 3 supplements prior to medication when appropriate (remember to discuss with a holistic physician prior).

By Julie Matheson

Every once in a while I will hear about some healing modality that promises easy emotional transformation without pain, or without having to revisit the trauma from the past.  When someone offers a “no pain” with “lots of gain” approach I say, hum…I’m not so sure about that.  The grist that creates revelations is in the struggle.  The true gifts of awakening lay waiting in the trapped energy of the past. 

In fact, real transformation happens when we get brave, and venture to revisit feelings associated with some defining, painful life moment and....