I dedicated 2022 to dismantling my inner people pleaser. Now let me preface with saying that being a people pleaser is not inherently a bad thing. It isn’t something we should hate about ourselves or secretly be ashamed of. And I am certainly not suggesting it’s a character “flaw” that one should try to remove and cut out of themselves. No way. We are who we are. Every person is a bundle of quirks, behaviors, coping mechanisms, and personality traits that make us unique.
It is however our responsibility to recognize if our tendencies to please and appease come at a cost to our own well-being. If we are doing for others and giving in such a way where we are continuously left empty....
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I have studied mind-body-spirit for over 40 years now. And have concluded that the Ego does not cause a person emotional, mental, or spiritual issues.
Your ego allows you to feel your divine nature, the greatness of your being. It allows you to feel fantastic about yourself when you do things well. When you feel the “spirit” within you, when you feel fantastic about yourself, you create your life moving in the direction of love, happiness, and goodness. Which makes the ego a valuable aspect of being a human being. The source of all there is, Spirit, infused ego into us during our creation.

Happy New Year!  February 1 is actually when the New Year begins this year.  January was a time out of time.  2023 is a 13 month cycle this time around as opposed to 12.  We went through that huge retrograde that hit hard during the pre phase right before Christmas that revealed to us the S.T.O.R.M energy of 2023 as literal storms stopped many from their Christmas plans.  It was meant to shake out any of the remaining energies that didn’t serve our highest expression as we entered a profound RESET in January.  The reset offered us the opportunity to change programming, belief systems and patterns....

There can be many different approaches to overcome unwanted challenging feelings.  It is my intention to share with you what you can do to take your power back and create an energetic clearing for your body, mind & spirit.
When you experience moments where you can’t keep up, when everything is going sideways and you just can’t seem to get it together----this is the invitation to stop and breathe.
Last December’s cosmic energies of upset nationally and internationally are still swirling and gusting around us but these gusting mysterious winds can also have a clearing out effect, where more truths and new realities are surfacing!