Our world is changing. Our “normal” routines, our lives have begun to adjust and shift. We must realize there is no way back to “normal” as it was. So traditional ways are no longer possible for successfully managing the challenges we face, such as social chaos, climate change, economic uncertainty, pandemics and more.
The time for endless debates on issues is over. We need to act now, we need to move forward with a new perspective, gain new insights and wisdom, and identify visionary solutions. We must be actively promoting change and transformation.
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Garnet is known for recognizing prosperity in one’s life. It may resonate with the first chakra and help to bring earth’s loving energy up through a person’s energy centers. This is known as promoting kundalini energy flow. Kundalini is a type of experience within the Hindu tradition. When awakened, Kundalini is described as rising up from the first chakra along the spine to the top of the head. The progress of Kundalini through the different chakras is believed to achieve different levels of awakening and a mystical experience.
Most people start out seeing a Psychic/Medium for the pure adventure of having an experience.  If the Psychic Medium is grounded in their talents, a person may have a life changing event.  They may discover that many questions get clarified when it comes to themselves, family or love ones.
Possible experiences:  Contact with Guardian Angels, spirit contact with a loved one or learning about past lives which can open the door to spiritual growth.  You can discover emotional or physical healings are possible!  On the inner-dimensional platforms, loved ones might be looking for a “phone line” to speak their mind and try to communicate
A recent study has proven that cities with 5G sWTF’s (Small Wireless Telecommunication Facilities) had a 79% increase in Covid infections, and a 94% higher death rate per million, than cities that did not.  With or without Covid 19, 5G is going to be a disaster.  Here is what you need to know. 
5G is not about making Cell phone calls better. 5G is for “Information services”, (think broadband data, emails, downloading movies, etc.)  and falls under title 1 of the FCC code.
The Treasure Valley already has a perfect and superior safe fast coverage for this via cable. Sparklight and Century link are two known providers...