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In the world of gardening, where each plant begins its journey as a tiny seed full of promise, there’s a crucial yet often overlooked step that can significantly impact the outcome of our efforts: seed nourishment. Preparing to cultivate our gardens involves more than just planting seeds; it entails dedicating time and attention to nurturing them before they even take root in the soil. By understanding the importance of seed nourishment and harnessing innovative technologies like the Energy Enhancement System (EES), we can unlock the full potential of our gardens, fostering healthier, more resilient ....
It was 1963, I was 5 years old, and my grandparent took be to the peach orchard in Whitebird, Idaho.  I got to ride on a small trailer pulled behind a 1953 ford tractor that also carried bushel baskets for peaches.  I was so excited to ride that little trailer, it was such an adventure as a little guy. But it was nothing compared to the first bite of a fully ripe peach off the tree, it was like getting candy for Christmas. You couldn’t just eat one.  As the peach juice dribbled off my lips and onto my shirt and pants the taste buds in my mouth were in heaven dancing with the joy of that delectable treat.   
Is there a defining “before and after” moment in your life? Like you were one person before this *thing* occurred, and an entirely different person afterward?
I do.
In 2012, I was suffering from battle fatigue of sorts with my own spirituality story. I was frustrated, exhausted, and admittedly, a little bit manic. I looked up at the sky, and said, “God, if you’re real, just f*$#ing SHOW yourself!”
I did not expect the sky to open up. I did not anticipate viewing through a part of the veil and witnessing the exquisite beauty on the other side. 
In the quest to understand the profound connections between our physical health, mental clarity, and spiritual awakening, biophotons emerge as a fascinating frontier. These tiny particles of light, emitted by the cells of our bodies, might hold the key to understanding how our physical state is intertwined with our consciousness. This article explores the potential link between biophotons, consciousness, and spiritual awakening, shedding light on how this emerging science could revolutionize our approach to holistic health.