What exactly is an aura?  It is an electromagnetic field that surrounds all living things, and it can be seen, felt, or sensed.  Auras can reveal a person’s emotional well-being as well as their physical state of health.  There are many ways of seeing auras, this is just one method.

Some sources say that when reading auras it is best to have a high contrast background, either very dark or white.  The aura is most easily seen around a person’s head.  To see yours, your own hand will work just fine.  Place your hand at eye level....
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You’re probably saying “how can this be?”  I say, “what side of the yin/yang symbol are you living on?”  Both sides exist.  It’s a matter of what has your attention and where is your consciousness?  It’s all available.  We live in a world of polarity and choices.  We chose this as it offers us the greatest opportunity to expand consciousness and remember who we are through the matrix. 
ALL exists on this great planet.  You can be fully immersed in fear, pain, anger, doubt, victim consciousness, peace, love, joy or even bliss.  Because the energy presently is so magnified....
Lately I’ve encountered more people than usual who want to be peaceful in the midst of ongoing stressors and uncertainty. It’s absolutely possible to cultivate peace, and it can help others survive these unprecedented times too.

When I think of maintaining calm these days, I first think about avoiding mainstream news. Never before have I been so aware of how anxiety-inducing it is. I’m reminded of something Buddhist monk and Zen Master Thich Nhat Hanh said about the hundreds of thousands of Vietnamese people who escaped Vietnam on boats after the war ended in the mid-1970s.

As I write the heartbreaking events in Afghanistan is foremost in the news, and it is heartbreaking on so many levels.
The events in Afghanistan seem to be a step in the opposite direction for the Divine Feminine as the Taliban takes over the government.
South Africa is exploding with unrest and hatred.
The earthquake in Haiti has claimed thousands of lives.
Fires rage in the Northwestern US consuming homes, lives, and thousands of acres of beautiful county.
Covid cases are on the rise. The Delta 4 variant is in play.
Vaccinations are being mandated. People are....