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 I am a big fan of clear quartz points. For my crystal healing room I have six of them standing in separate containers. In the containers are sand to keep the points upward. Placed around the room they create a matrix of energy.
Each crystal point I come across is amazing to me with its inclusions and rainbow planes. Here are some basics about the stone that we include at Wild Gemstones’ kiosk clipboard necklaces at the Boise Towne Square mall. Clear Quartz is a crystalline mineral composed of Silicon and Oxygen atoms.  On the Mohs scale for hardness the Quartz Crystal rates 7.  
Namaste to all my clients for blessing my life.  It is an honor to work with you whether I am working on your energy systems or in a counseling session, you continue to amaze me.  I am humbled by your willingness to be forthcoming, honest, and coachable during our sessions.  I am overwhelmed by your hard work, dedication, and your willingness to follow through with assignments, exercises, meditations, and prayers.  The wisdom and deep understandings that you express to me during our sessions are pure pearls. 
In the practice of Pranic energy healing and spiritual counseling we are taught that....

Sea moss is generally used as the thickening agent Carrageenan. When we consider the physiological effects on the body, we are talking about organic, unprocessed, sea moss gel, or a powder in a capsule - not an extract of any kind.
*Due to its high iodine content, those with thyroid autoimmune should NOT take Sea Moss and should see your local practitioner about testing for a glandular and addressing the root cause of said condition before “self-medicating” with sea moss.
Whether Irish Sea Moss, or many of the other varying colors and varieties....

I have been on a deep dive plunging within myself to discover the parts of me that scream yes and the parts of me that scream no. In the beginning, my body was rigid and constrained, often bound by fear. I was unsure of what I wanted in many areas of my life. The things that I was sure I wanted often resulted in pain; leaving me with a conflicting idea that my own desires were not to be trusted. Grudgingly, I put one foot in front of the other, grasping to the claims of knowing which parts of me I wanted to keep and which parts of me I wanted to dismember. I started saying yes to opportunities for change.