January became the first month of the year about 700BC after the Roman King Pompilius added it to the calendar along with February. Janus is the ancient Roman god of beginnings and endings plus he is the god of gateways, gates, door and doorways. He had two faces one looking back and the other forward.
Winter is the season when the world slows down.  As snow falls and covers the earth in some areas as an insulating blanket one knows it is winter time. People pull back their energy and hibernate too. They might reflect on what was accomplished in the last year and formulate new ideas as seeds to plant for the coming year.
Everyone experiences heartbreak of some kind. We’ve all got our life credentials. A few years ago I had an experience that was deeply painful. I had formed what I believed would be a lifelong partnership to fulfill an incredible spiritual vision. I was completely invested on every level—financially, emotionally, psychologically and spiritually.
Suddenly my partner changed directions without explanation. Everything that we were building and planning came to an abrupt halt. I was devastated. I could hardly sleep or breathe or move or think. But when a door closes, a window opens. In the aftermath of that experience, I began to practice a new way to heal my heart: I was chanting.
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Most people consider every testing of the muscles to either be a magical thing or fraud. Both considerations come from a lack of knowledge and experience.
Testing the muscles for strength and the integrity of the muscle is generally termed muscle-testing of applied kinesiology, another term is biomechanics. These tests are utilized to test the integrity of the muscle’s energy flow.
In the modality “Touch for Health” this was taken to new levels of response in the 1970’s and used for muscle groups that individually received their energy flow from specific Meridians (from Chinese Medicine). In this context the ‘muscle tests’ became more specific to determining the flow of a Meridian and if blocked, connecting 
Let’s begin this new year by dedicating ourselves towards creating a more positive mindset, a new way of seeing the world, and more importantly, a new way of being. As we enter into the new year, I’d like to present to you a four-step approach that will begin the process of personal renewal and help to keep your ‘spark of life’ burning bright.
1. Hope:  We all must have hope.  Not just wishing for hope but to truly experience hope.  To have hope in your heart no matter what life may throw your way.  If you lose hope, you lose vitality in life.  You stop thriving and are only surviving. It is the power of hope in your life that makes all the difference. Hope is the belief that life gets better.