Whatever our state of health and wellbeing, however hard we strive for greater wellness we might not realize we are neglecting our spiritual health. We may need to treat a spiritual illness.

Not long ago I received a message in my dream state. A message about death. Death can be a spiritual illness. I understood that my unconscious was telling me to explore the relationship between illness and the type of death we experience when we feel drained of joy, vitality and enthusiasm for life. 
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The inspiration of great principles are sorely needed now by many people feeling discouraged.  If we want to kindle the imagination and rouse the spirit, we must get back to spiritual principles.

This is why I write a “Spiritual Digest” found on my website.  It is why I follow a calling to help create a new way of life through guidance that begins with relating lessons for individual regeneration.  You may have heard this before or you’re hearing it clearly for the first time, as it is a significant spiritual truth in need of sharing.  
OFeeling as though you’re in a constant state of recalibration and shifting? Are you up..then down…then back up all in a space of a few hours?

Or maybe more like a rag doll put through the washing machine spin cycle…all rung out?

Are increased fatigue, increased pain, mood swings, sleep deprivation and anxiety constant for you these days?

It sounds a bit like being pregnant doesn’t it?
The self realization process is one of constant rebirthing.  Life will often hand you challenges in which you will go through a forced rebirth, never fun but most always worth it.  You can follow your dreams and take action steps to make them happen.  This will initiate a natural rebirth or you can call on the energy of gratitude.  Gratitude seems so simple and cliche yet it is remarkably effective.

Years ago, I completed a challenging 7-year divorce in which I ended up momentarily losing almost everything including my children, friends, money and life as I knew it.  I hit rock bottom.  I couldn’t see or feel....