I put off asking a friend a simple question for years. It wasn’t a daily annoyance not having the answer, but occasionally the topic would come up and I wondered about it.

We donate a monthly tithe to this friend’s charity organization and have done so for years. For most of these years we have not received any communication confirming receipt of our donations.

Therefore, the simple question was…. “Are you still receiving our donations?” 
Lately I have been thinking a lot about the concept of entitlement -- that feeling so many of us have that we are owed something, that we have rights or deserve something to be the way we think it should be. Think of the times you have thought or had someone say to you:
“I deserve to be treated a certain way, given certain things, or taken care of in a particular manner, because I am your child, parent, or friend.”
“You owe me because I was there for you.”
“The Universe should reward or repay me because I am a ‘good person.’”
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If you are reading this, you know we aren’t here by accident and we are Brilliant CREATORS constantly creating our life experience. We never stop. What manifests in front of us is a magical mix of our thoughts, focus, beliefs, unconscious beliefs, unhealed emotional goodies, people we hang around, the nourishment or lack of we ingest and the environment we live in. Let’s call that “our creation energy”. Now we add frequency or power, which consists of the energetic charge made up of joy, excitement, anger, pain, etc. (they all have a lower or higher frequency based on the emotion) added to this mix and “viola”, there manifests your life experience. 
A channeled message from Orion-

“Greetings to you all from those who love you in the higher realms!

Now is the time for you to step forward. Yes, I mean you! You are the way-showers, the light workers, the soothsayers, the psychics, the channels, and the spiritual guides. The world is waiting for you to show up in all of your gifts and your glory. Do you doubt that you have that? The reading of this magazine is enough to prove that you are curious about your inner depths, your greater power, and your gifts.