This morning I canceled a business trip. It is not the first event I’ve had to rethink. Almost all group events are being postponed with no new dates yet being offered. Classes are being cancelled and students everywhere are tuning in on-line instead. Graduation ceremonies will be done virtually. Weddings are being postponed.  Businesses are asking employees to work from home. Grocery stores have unusually empty shelves. Whole cities and states are being locked down. Surreally, we find ourselves in the midst of a global pandemic.
In times like these, our first response is to ask, “Is this real? Should I be concerned? What is really happening?” Once we determine the reality of the situation, our next question....
  The application of ice or heat on an aching muscle depends on the stage of the injury.  All muscle pain is not created equal. Ice is best used on acute injuries (an injury that occurred up to 48 hours ago). Heat works well on chronic injuries (an injury that has been around for a long time and keeps reoccurring or an injury that is in the maturation stage, when mobility and strength is the focus).
Ice decreases pain directly, reduces swelling and inflammation, and perhaps most importantly, decreases metabolism of the cells so they don’t need more oxygen than is available. The result is....
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EVERYTHING is birthing right now.  The trees are budding with new flowers. The ducks are preparing to birth their ducklings and all of humanity has been mandated to their homes to birth themselves.  Birthing is painful and often not much fun until the baby is born.  We have all been given a gift, in the form of a virus, as a time out from the treadmill of life.  We’ve been given an opportunity to go inward and reflect, re-organize, create and renew.  At the end of our incubation period we will come out anew.  How we do this is individual. 
Many will use this time to go deeper into fear, hoard, obsess and ride a downward spiral of self-created hell. Others will reflect on their lives, the path the....
Can electricity change your Internal Being, thereby boosting your Immune system?
We are energy Beings.  We have One big flow of electrical communication centers throughout the entire body.  When energy gets blocked, usually from Stress, we can use many different means to change the interrupted energy pathways.  Each and every cell, of which there are over 50 Trillion, uses energy to move nutrients to restore, repair, and communicate to keep you functioning.