Gazing at the delicate petals of a fragrant summer flower, one can’t help but be filled with wonder. It isn’t necessarily the science of flora reproduction or pollinator scavenging that causes one to feel so captivated. Nor is it necessarily the millions of years-old history of blooming evolution that has outlasted multiple mass extinction events on our planet. The sheer magic that happens at the very core of our existential awareness is due to something much simpler, requiring very little study or in-depth analysis. The fantastic power of flowers is that they hold....
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It’s flea season and here are some tips to help keep your house free of fleas.

1.     Dish soap
        Fill a bowl with dish soap and water and leave in a room where there are fleas.  It works best at night because are nocturnal creatures.  Change it daily.

2.     Herbal flea spray
                This mixture is safe to use....
Acidic Body.  Every client we have had over the last 12 years has tested Acidic.  Drinking alkaline water alone is not going to change it. Eating raw fruits and vegetables can.
Fungus/Yeast/Candida. If you have heavy metals, you have yeast. The biggest contributor to yeast is those Silver and Gold Amalgam fillings.  Yeast will prevent mercury from converting to Methyl mercury which is worse.  Yeast, however needs sugar to survive.  Your body will....
We open June, just having entered the 2nd Mercury Retrograde period of 2021.  As noted in last month’s column, this is a time to attend to the “Re’s” of our world – reconsider, recreate, reinvent, reflect until June 22nd when Mercury will go direct.  Then, what we have discovered & retooled in the weeks before can be applied to our lives.  We are ready to move forward. 

Magic Ahead!!