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Today I want to talk about some Simple Rules To Live By. This time of year, resolutions seem to be a hot topic. While making resolutions that, by historical statistics, we will most likely break within a month or two (or even sooner!) may be the cultural thing to do, it is not really a lot of help in the long run.  That is a topic for another day and besides, you all know all about this already having lived through it again and again and again.  Maybe just perusing some ‘Good Rules to Live By’, praising yourself for the ones you already have in your life and taking a stab at one or two of them that are new and appealing at various times during the year would, in the long run, be less....
In the vibrant tapestry of natural health conversations, the term “Epigenetics” has taken center stage, sparking curiosity among practitioners and enthusiasts of alternative healthcare. But what exactly is it? Let’s delve into this fascinating concept that involves a set of switches perched atop our genetics.
Epigenetics, in essence, is the art of influencing these switches through our daily choices—how we talk to ourselves, our habits, dietary preferences, and even the skincare products we use. Imagine these switches as keys....
Having a more positive mindset doesn’t mean always being happy, it can even just be a sense of believing in ourselves; of trusting ourselves; of feeling like we can navigate what comes our way. 
Of course, it’s not possible to be happy all the time, but life is MUCH easier when our brains are at least on our side and not beating us up all the time!
Our mindset is the root of everything. It holds our beliefs, our perception of things (what we make things mean), how we see ourselves, others, the world…
Our mindset is the lens through which we see everything.
The information that I have collected is presented here to encourage you to develop what is called “Universal Peripheral Vision”.  The challenge of our time is to become alchemists, transmuting the energy of insight and wisdom into practical living and thus to spark your own mastery into action.
The subject of any of the healing tools is like a matrix!  Here are insights to what can be helpful towards your own perceptions of thinking, feeling and knowing.  This is based on intuitional experienced discovered within.
Developing Color Sensitivity:  The more sensitive we can become to   color and its effects, the more we can use it to our benefit.