On the path of spiritual awakening the biggest obstacle for me, my fellow travelers and my clients have had to overcome is self doubt. As a child we are so clear at knowing what is best for us, which way to go, what is truth and what is a lie. Young children can read energy and determine truth from falsehood very quickly. Then the child begins to take on the beliefs of the parents, teachers, cultures, community, doctors and so-called authorities and they lose their innate knowing in themselves and give their power/trust over to others. Gradually a life is lived being dependent on the advice of others who are operating on a small percentage of truth themselves. 
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Mobile Phone Addiction or Cell Phone Addiction is a new addiction for our modern times. Cell phones dominate the modern world. Cell phones are multifunctional devices. They act as phone, camera, game station, computer, video recorder and player, t.v., book, dictionary, map, GPS guide, calculator, watch timer, alarm, appointment book and more. The cell phone has become a powerful tool that makes some people feel it is indispensable. It is easy for some people to feel “lost” when the phone is not handy. There’s no doubt that excessive cell phone use is a problem, especially....

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Spring is a time of growth, of new beginnings! The time of year when the flowers bloom and the rains wash away the old and reveal the new. Recent days have shown signs of Spring as the daffodils and the tulips are peaking their heads up towards the sun for their natural nourishment of growth and balance.
We humans are the same. We need certain things to help us grow and feel renewed. And most importantly a sense of balance in our lives.
As the weather warms and the days grow longer, we feel a sense of renewal. Some call it Spring Fever!