Simply living in today’s world is traumatic. For most of us staying centered, balanced, and grounded in oneself is a full time job. It’s all too easy to get caught up in our negative thoughts and beliefs about ourselves or others and call it reality. Pain and suffering come from believing that our thoughts and feelings are real. Holding onto limiting thought or feeling patterns create recurrent behavioral habits that lead to more physical, mental, and emotional health problems. We don’t have to look far to notice the epidemic of depression and anxiety in our culture. It’s you, your friend, and your next door neighbor.

We have lost connection to our individual soul, to each other, and to the spiritual connection of love, the only thing that is real. We are continuously lured by the ego, a mental delusion that tells us...
Foods are essential to maintain life, create life, and extend life. Many Complementary Medicine practices teach us to use food to heal body, mind, and spirit. Proper nutrition, along with Complementary treatments such as acupuncture, chiropractic, homeopathy, naturopathic, Reiki, Tuning fork treatments, and yoga therapy can keep a person healthy, in the winter. In the winter the sun is far away from the earth. Daytime is shorter. The weather is cold. The earth’s Yang energy is at a low point. Meanwhile many health problems are on the rise. These include fatigue, cold or hot extremities (hands and feet), ear infections, dry or sore throats, general aches and pains, arthritis, common colds, heartburn, constipation, diarrhea, low or high blood pressure, worry, fear, depression, anxiety, insomnia, and shortness of breath.
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It only makes sense to begin a new year with a new attitude, a new way of seeing the world, and more importantly, a new way of being. As we enter into the new year, I’d like to present to you a four-step approach that will begin the process of re-birth.

1.     Hope:  We all must have hope.  Not just wishing for hope but to truly experience hope, to have hope in your heart no matter what life may throw your way.  If you lose hope, you lose vitality in life, you stop thriving and are only surviving. It is the power of hope in your life that makes all the difference. Hope is the belief that life gets better.  When we have hope we can’t help but to share it with others and to share it with the world.
If you take a look around, there are plenty of folks who don’t look too happy. There can be very good reasons for not feeling happiness in any one moment. Our feelings that don’t feel so good are telling us something important about what we are experiencing in that moment. Feelings can help us hone in on what we do, and what we do not, prefer. If we never face our feelings, they will eventually ruin us. So, for example, feeling the sad side of happy emotions most certainly has its place.

Happiness itself has no requirements of its own. The more conditions or requirements we put on our own happiness, the less happiness we have.