It's Just a Thought
Emotional Freedom through Deliberate Thinking
Why is it so hard to implement the positive changes we want to make? Why do we react to some situations in ways that cause us pain, anxiety, and fear? Why is it so hard to quiet our minds so we can fully enjoy the present moment? And is there anything we can do to change any of this?
These are the kinds of questions that author Thomas M. Sterner answers in It’s Just a Thought: Emotional Freedom through Deliberate Thinking, which offers a practical guide for mastering our thoughts by rewriting our internal programming.
“This book explores what we now know about why we behave as we do and how to develop the skill to craft the behavioral changes we desire,” writes Sterner. “We will learn the mechanics involved to master our thinking and become the thinker of our thoughts instead of the one ‘being thought.’”
Filled with inspiring examples and practical action steps, It’s Just a Thought outlines a liberating approach for first observing and then mastering our thinking. The skills Sterner teaches prove that we are not the thoughts and emotions that can overwhelm us, and that on any given day we have the power to connect to who we really are and achieve what we really want and need.
“Change can be difficult. It requires getting off the path that we have ingrained and habitualized so deeply through thousands of repetitions of behaviors, thoughts, and interpretations. To do that we must understand the path we are on and how we created it,” writes Sterner. “We need to know what our new path looks like and how to manifest it as effortlessly as possible. We must become attached to the process of achieving that change and to the concept of unlimited human expansion.”
“Fear and anger are not who you are. They are just a thought, a response that you have learned to have when certain situations arise. You can learn a better way,” writes Sterner. “Armed with the knowledge of where those thoughts come from and how to effect change, you become the master of your mind’s capabilities instead of a servant to its rantings.”
About the Author: Thomas M. Sterner is the author of The Practicing Mind, Fully Engaged, and most recently It’s Just a Thought: Emotional Freedom through Deliberate Thinking. The CEO of the Practicing Mind Institute, Sterner is an in-demand speaker and coach working with high-performance industry groups and individuals, including athletes, to help them operate effectively in high­stress situations and experience new levels of mastery. He lives in Wilmington, Delaware. Visit him online at http:/ /
It's Just a Thought by Thomas M. Sterner
 136 pages ~ $17.95 ~ ISBN 978-1-60868-829-6
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Your Body Will  Show You the Way
Energy Medicine for Personal and Global Change
In a world of upheaval and rapid change, how can we enlist the intelligence of the body?s subtle energies to help us heal, build resilience, and evolve?
That question is at the heart of renowned energy healer Ellen Meredith?s new book Your Body Will Show You the Way: Energy Medicine for Personal and Global Change, which explores energy medicine as a conversation between the body, mind, and spirit and equips readers with practical tools for healing themselves from the inside out.
?After learning about consciousness and energy medicine through intense training with my inner teachers, through practice as an energy healer and channel with more than ten thousand clients and students, I have come to see energy dialogue via the body not only as key to healing my own dis-ease and ailments but also as a doorway through which each of us can learn how to create personal, social, and planetary well-being itself,? writes Ellen. ?In this book, I am showing you how to find this doorway within-yourself and inviting you, in your own ways, to step through it.?
Your Body Will Show You the Way offers practical explorations of how energy works to initiate change and stories that help readers awaken to their personal beliefs and experiences. The energy medicine exercises, activities, and protocols Ellen offers throughout the book empower readers to speak the energetic language of the body, mind, and spirit and create profound shifts in their everyday lives.
In a highly personal yet universally resonant voice, Ellen teaches readers how to:
? enlist the intelligence of the body?s subtle energies to heal themselves and navigate uncertainty
? ground and anchor themselves in turbulent times and create coherence between the body, mind, and spirit
? work with the energies they are made of to dial into larger webs of connection
? employ easy-to-use tools to bring Spirit into their daily choices and actions
? remedy personal ruptures in ways that promote healing and well-being
?This book will help you use the language of energy to navigate radical change: from chaos to clarity, from being ill to wellness, from watching things fall apart to finding your unique tools to reconfigure the world you want to live in,? writes Ellen. ?If you can, try to read this book with both your intuitive and logical brains and let the concepts and language unpack in your mind and activate your own inner knowing.?
About the Author: Ellen Meredith is the author of Your Body Will Show You the Way and The Language Your Body Speaks. She has been in practice since 1984 as an energy healer, conscious channel, and medical intuitive, helping over ten thousand clients and students worldwide. As an energy medicine practitioner, Ellen helps clients engage with the body?s energies to activate healing. She teaches energy medicine courses on the Shift Network and has served on the faculty of energy medicine pioneer Donna Eden since 2010. Visit her online at  
Your Body Will Show You the Way by Ellen Meredith
?  360 pages ? $19.95 ? ISBN 978-1-60868-822-7
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Relationship Essentials
Skills to Feel Heard, Fight Fair, and Set Boundaries in All Areas of Life


Relationship Essentials by Lauren Reitsema & Joneen Mackenzie
?  168 pages ? $17.95 ? ISBN 978-1-60868-761-9
Book Release from New World Library


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