Queen of the Moon Oracle (Card Set)

For countless millennia, humans have connected to the mystical power of the moon and the energy of the seasons. For our ancient ancestors, the earliest veneration and sacred honouring was of the Moon, the seasons, the cycles of light and dark, hot and cold and fertility and rest, and this beautifully illustrated Queen of the Moon Oracle allows you, the modern seeker, to plug into these, the most primal energies of all.

Consult this oracle, based in ancient wisdom and receive the answers to your modern problems.
** Features a full moon cycle of lunar images, each beautifully illustrated and able to be used as stunning circular altar displays.
**Experience the seasonal moons and the power they can provide.
**Learn which moons are best timings for ritual, spellcraft and making talismans for prosperity, love, health and more.

This is the perfect companion to the author’s bestselling annual Lunar and Seasonal Diary and is for anyone who loves to sit or dance under a big silvery moon.

“Spirituality is a verb. It’s a doing word. I make no apology that I am challenging people to live their ‘spirituality’ what ever that looks like for them. Sitting on your couch only wishing for love ‘n’ light, without active participation, does little.”

About the Author: Stacey Demarco is an internationally respected spiritual practitioner, Metaphysicist, and teacher who hails from Sydney, Australia. Her passion is to make practical magic accessible to everyone. Her down-to-earth yet scholastic spiritual style and her skill at weaving ancient techniques to solve modern problems, make her popular amongst clients and a regular contributor upon all things New Age across television, radio and other media. Once described by the Australian mainstream financial press as the Thinking Woman’s Witch, she is the author of four previously successful books.
Queen of the Moon Oracle (Card Set) by Stacey Demarco
•   pages • $29.99 • ISBN 978-1-925682-58-8
44 Card Deck - Companion to her 2019 Lunar & Seasonal Diary
Artwork by Kinga Britschgi
Card Deck Release from Rockpool Publishing

Book Reviews for November


The Divorce Hacker's Guide to Untying the Knot

Feelings of loss, grief, and rage are common during divorce. But one of the most debilitating feelings women going through divorce experience is paralyzing impotence - yes, even the strong ones. The ones we think have it all together. While a woman may act forcefully to protect her children during the process, she is less likely to be as vigilant about her own well being.

In The Divorce Hacker’s Guide to Untying the Knot: What Every Woman Needs to Know about Finances, Child Custody, Lawyers, and Planning Ahead, Ann Grant blows open the divorce industry and takes a stand for women so that they can take back their power.

A multi-billion-dollar industry has been built around taking advantage of women who are going through divorce. The system is stacked against them. Divorce professionals (lawyers, mediators, forensic accountants, and therapists) bill by the hour. They benefit financially when women are indecisive and uninformed. With a combination of empathy and practicality, recognizing how difficult some actions may be, Grant offers step-by-step assessments, checklists, and to-do lists that are always broken down and made manageable. Grant’s goal is to give readers what she provides her clients: Insider information that will not only make their divorce “successful” but also establish their own lives firmly and successfully on a positive, fresh new standing.

The Divorce Hacker’s Guide to Untying the Knot is unique because it does not deal in generalities - it breaks down tasks so that they are specific and manageable - which is what a woman needs during divorce to counter the stress and overwhelm. It provides a roadmap to financial independence and freedom, while also addressing how to manage the emotional upheaval. And it is broken down into specific manageable tasks on a monthly basis, guiding the reader so that each aspect of her life is back on track once she is divorced. This book is a much-needed guide for women to take back their power.

About the Author: Ann E. Grant, JD, began her career as a corporate litigator specializing in unfair business practices and consumer fraud. After her own divorce she created her own firm, focusing on family law and a holistic approach to this life transition. She lives in Manhattan Beach, CA and her website is www.TheDivorceHacker.com
The Divorce Hacker's Guide to Untying the Knot by Ann E. Grant, JD
• 296 pages • $16.95 • ISBN 978-1-60868-560-8
Book Release from New World Library
**Hedra Note: It’s a shame that this book is set up just for women. There is so much great information...especially if there are children involved. Even goes into details about starting your own business. Lots of tid-bits to keep yourself balanced and shows how being prepared can reduce the stress load.


Star Beings
Their Mission and Prophecy
The Phoenix Days have arrived on Earth as strange planetary changes take place everywhere. Catastrophes are increasing worldwide—record breaking heat, wildfires and floods, giant fissures opening up, mysterious booms coming from underground, devastating tornadoes and hurricanes, strange sightings in the sky, toxic water everywhere, and animals and sea creatures dying mysteriously worldwide. These events were foretold to indigenous people and Native Americans for years by extraterrestrials known as the Star Beings. Earth Mysteries investigator and renowned psychic Betsey Lewis was shown the same prophecies given to Indigenous elders shortly after a UFO encounter at age seven. She believes the recent glowing bird captured over Teton National Park by a webcam was the legendary Phoenix warning humanity of massive cataclysms will increase and to prepare.

There are those who, within their hearts, sense monumental events coming; for these are the ones who understand ancient wisdom and will be prepared for the changes as the Phoenix takes flight over the planet. Lewis offers stories of ancient aliens, Reptilian abductions, abductees, alien-human hybrids, cattle mutilations, the mysterious booms heard worldwide, chemtrails, and crop circles. This book also includes monuments found on Mars, a great Martian civilization that died instantly, time travelers, time shifts, frightening stories of UFOs firing on Vietnam US soldiers, strange religious visions linked to aliens, and startling prophecies linked to the Star Beings. Will Earth be destroyed by humans and their destruction of the environment, by aliens or Planet X?

This book will change the way you view our planet, our relationship to Star Beings, our governments and their knowledge of UFOs and aliens, and the future of our planet. A new world is coming sooner than we think!
About the Author: Author and Earth mysteries investigator Betsey Lewis is a gifted international psychic, considered one of the best in her field. Her first paranormal event took place with her parents at the age of eight-months-old, and at age three, she began communicating with her spirit guides. At age seven, she began receiving frightening dreams and premonitions of disastrous Earth changes now taking place worldwide after a UFO encounter. For the past forty years Lewis has investigated aliens, UFOs sightings, ancient archaeological sites, conducted field investigations into the bizarre cattle mutilations throughout the Northwest, and other paranormal mysteries. She worked closely with renowned cattle mutilation investigator Tom Adams during the 1970s and 1980s to uncover the mystery of the cattle mutilations. During the 1990s she studied under two indigenous spiritual leaders. Her inspiration for writing came from her famous step-uncle William Peter Blatty, author of the New York best-selling novel, The Exorcist.

Star Beings by Betsey Lewis
• 374 pages • $14.75 • ISBN 978-1723308621
Amazon & Internet Stores (Brown Raven Productions)
Book Release from Local Idaho Author