Writing That Gets Noticed
Find Your Voice, Become a Better Storyteller, Get Published
Writing That Gets Noticed: Find Your Voice, Become a Better Storyteller, Get Published, is written by NYU writing professor Estelle Erasmus. No secret-writing and getting published can be daunting. Countless people write personal essays, articles, and hybrid essay-articles and know they produce great material but can’t figure out how to package it to capture the hard-to-get attention of assigning editors. Writing That Gets Noticed is for them.
Erasmus says, “This is the guidebook I wish I’d had when I was getting back into the spotlight as a freelance writer after a career as a magazine editor. I wanted to get my· writing recognized and published, but it took trial and error for me to get where I wanted to be.” She goes on to share:
                                                                                                                    I want you to learn from my mistakes.
                                                                                            I want to save you those steps so you can be successful.
Designed for new writers, budding journalists, hobbyists, retirees pursuing their creative spark, and writing instructors, the book is unique in that it teaches writing for modem times. Chock-full of examples, resources, and exercises, Writing That Gets Noticed offers easy-to-apply advice on how to mine your life for ideas; craft essays; build a narrative; pitch editors; locate data; find, vet, and interview experts; and self-editing techniques that will guarantee results.
It also offers advice from editors, includes stories from Erasmus’s life editing magazines and developing voices, and uses real-life examples of essays and pitches she’s worked on, with annotated feedback showing exactly what works and why when it comes to the all-important writer’s voice.
“Just as my clients and students keep me in their back pocket, ready to help them find their voice and get published, like a literary fairy godmother, my wish is for the book to be viewed and used as a source of inspiration and encouragement to readers and writers,” she says.
About the Author: Estelle Erasmus is a professor of writing at New York University, the host of the Freelance Writing Direct podcast, and former “All About the Pitch” columnist for Writer’s Digest. She has written about a variety of subjects (health, beauty, fitness, publishing, business, travel) for numerous publications. Her articles for the New York Times and Washington Post have gone globally viral (with more than 500 comments on her NYT piece, “How to Bullyproof Your Child”). She has appeared on Good Morning America and has had her articles discussed on The View. She has also taught, coached, and mentored many writers who have gone on to be widely published. She is an American Society of Journalists and Authors award winner and was a cast member in the inaugural New York City production of the· Listen to Your Mother storytelling show. She lives in New Jersey. www.Estelle$Erasmus.com.
Writing That Gets Noticed by Estelle Erasmus
 362 pages ~ $19.95 ~ ISBN 978-1-60868-836-4
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Talking On Eggshells
Soft Skills for Hard Conversations

Wouldn’t it be wonderful to be able to think on your feet, handle challenging situations in the moment, and never be tongue-tied again? You can. Tongue Fu! author Sam Horn shows exactly what to say -and not say- in dozens of character-building situations in her new book, Talking on Eggshells: Soft Skills for Hard Conversations.

Offering sample conversations and an upbeat approach to making your point, Sam Horn delivers the secret of making small shifts for big benefits to communicate better at home, at work, online, and in public.

With an eye to the contemporary challenges of email, remote work, and virtual conversations, Sam updates concepts from her bestselling book Tongue Fu!, which is used by organizations around the world for communication skills training. Talking on Eggshells is a user-­friendly resource offering what readers want and need to speak up instead of shutting down, face difficult conversations head on, and keep their cool when others don’t. Presenting forty communication scenarios people encounter regularly, the book shows what to say and what not to say so readers are never tongue-tied or tongue-twisted again.

Relatable, real-life stories and energizing, instantly usable insights will teach anyone how to think on their feet, reduce stress, and deal more proactively and diplomatically with bosses, coworkers, customers, friends, family members, partners, children, and even that date who just ghosted them. With short situation-based chapters, readers will learn how to:
    ** stop complainers, blamers, and shamers from targeting them
    ** think on their feet so they can handle hard conversations in the moment- instead of thinking of the perfect response on the way home
    * * keep emotions under control no matter what
    ** motivate people to stop talking, listen, and see another point of view
    ** hold bullies accountable for unacceptable behavior
    ** be more confident in meetings, in interviews, and when networking
    ** set an example of respect that inspires people to respond in kind

About the Author: Sam Horn founded Tongue Fu! Training Institute more than 30 years ago when she saw the need for clearer, stronger communication in corporations, government agencies, industry associations, schools and nonprofits. The institute has offered live and online training for employees of Capital One, Four Seasons Resorts, Amgen, Oracle, Nationwide, and state and local governments. She is also the founder of the Intrigue Agency, which consults with business leaders, and she has been a keynote speaker for Boeing, Cisco, and other Fortune 500 companies. She lives in Austin, Texas. www.SamHorn.com

Talking On Eggshells by Sam Horn
360 pages ~ $19.95 ~ ISBN 978-1-60868-849-4
Book Release from New World Library
Three Minutes a Day
A Fourteen Week Course to Learn Meditation and Transform Your Life

Even as the undeniable benefits of meditation -from focused concentration to better physical health- have become widely recognized, millions of individuals struggle with finding the time to make the practice a regular part of their busy lives.

Enter author and meditation teacher Richard Dixey’s new book Three Minutes a Day: A Fourteen Week Course to Learn Meditation and Transform Your Life, which makes a bold claim: in just three minutes a day, for fourteen weeks - less than five hours total - you can establish a regular meditation practice and gain real insight into your experience. The benefits include enhanced creativity, less stress, and the ability to deal with challenges more effectively.

“We are told to ‘attend to the present,’ to ‘be here now,’ to ‘develop mindful awareness’” writes Dixey. “Somehow the simple act of sitting quietly and watching something, normally the breath, brings all these benefits. But why? And how? In this book, I attempt to answer these questions and present a selection of short but effective meditation practices that relate to the answers.”

The exercises and weekly teachings outlined in Three Minutes a Day are designed to build meditation into a rewarding and instinctive part of everyday life. They combine wisdom teachings from ancient traditions with contemporary scientific research and create insightful explorations into what happens in the mind during meditation. The key is becoming aware of your inner experience so that the mind’s relentless reactivity, which can be such a source of stress, can be transformed through calm awareness.

Three Minutes a Day offers a series of short exercises, laid out simply and clearly, that build sequentially in a fourteen-week program. The book also includes:
    • straightforward visualizations and explorations of sensation that help readers achieve shanata (calmness) and vipassana (the ability to see clearly) through settled awareness
    • Q&A sections after each exercise that provide opportunities, for further clarity and understanding
    • summaries at the end of each short chapter covering the techniques discussed to relieve stress, tension, and anxiety
    • a free app for iPhone and Android to enable readers to take their meditation anywhere

About the Author: Richard Dixey, PhD, is a senior faculty member at Dharma College in Berkeley, California. A research scientist and a lifelong student of Buddhism who holds advanced degrees in biophysics and the history and philosophy of science. Dixey directed a bioelectronic research unit at a London hospital before becoming CEO of his own biotech company. For more information visit him online at http://www.richarddixey.com.

Three Minutes a Day by Richard Dixey
208 pages ~ $18.95 ~ ISBN 978-1-60868-883-8
Book Release from New World Library

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