Resource Directory Listings

Area codes are 208 unless indicated otherwise.
And many people are using their cell numbers which may have other area codes but they are in Idaho now.
Italicized listings are out of the immediate Boise area.
Astrology – Vedic
Jyotish (Vedic Astrology). Personal
Vedic chart. Child chart. Numerology.
Rectification ~ 429-6393. More info
Astrology - Western
Jeffrey Brian ~ Call (208) 960-8262 or e-mail: jeffrey@astrologywith or schedule online at
Astrology – Western Psychological
StephanieTelesco, OPA Certified Professional Astrologer with 27 years as an Astrological Consultant.
Read this month’s article and visit

Book Publicity
Sara Sgarlat, Publicist 434-245-2272
Get your message heard!

CBD Products
Do you have any issues with Sleep, Pain and aches of either exercise or growing older, or Anxiousness/Stress? Please do a Free Wellness Consultation with me to see if I can help or refer you ~ Call Lady J at 208-724-8482
Dr. Kelly Mix-Stork & Dr. Robert Stork ~ NUCCA Chiropractors ~ Stork Spinal Care 
101 E. 50th Street, Garden City, ID 83714 ~ 888-8797
Churches & Spiritual Centers

Church of the Rock ~ w/Rev. David Akins ~ Sunday Services & Sunday School 11 a.m. ~ 903 6th St. N. in Nampa ~ 466-6367

Bards of Goddess Fest Church  
Tuesdays  7-8PM
Wicca & Western Mystery Tradition

Colon Hydrotherapy
Juliana Playter, Adv. Level Therapist Colonics, FIR Sauna, Foot Detox, Health Coach in the Medical Medium tradition ~ book online or call 208-850-8075

Living Waters Colonics Center
Detox with Colonics, Reduce Brain Fog & Pain ~ 208-378-9911 ~ visit

Conflict Resolution
Gretchen Kainz 
Personal Growth and Conflict Coach
Phone and Zoom sessions available

Crystal Healing
Brenda Francis, Reiki Master & Crystal Healer ~ Member of Energy Medicine Professional Association ~ Located at the corner of Shoshone & Overland in Boise ~ 208-999-7978 ~

DNA Genealogy Script
Advanced Healing Technology ~                                                Healing old Neuro-Pathways that cause stress & anxiety ~ Garden City ~  Call Arlene at 541-210-2324

EFT/Emotional Freedom Technique
The Peace Room ~ Kelly Jean Badgley~ Reiki treatments & Tapping ~ In-person & Remote (Distance) ~ 312-320-6584

Energy Healers/Intuitives

Charles Lightwalker ~ Minister, Energy Healer, Shaman ~ contact him at 509-389-7290 or email to:

Christine Haggerty ~ 440-7884
Certified Advanced Pranic Energy Healer ~ in person or via phone ~

Lindsey Luna
Shamanic Reiki Healer, Spiritual
& Psychic Development Coach

Michelle Blair, RN
Arcturian Healing Light Method,                                        Sphere Crystal Circular Massage & more ~
Intuitive Explorations with Susan Fullmer ~ Healer, Teacher, Mentor, Group Facilitator ~ 208-260-0033

Expo's/Festivals/Workshops   Also See Events Calendar

Soul Circle - Boise Meditation,
Movement, and Healing Center.
First Class FREE
Come heal in community!

Tosha Dion, Herbalist ~ Tosha’s Tinctures & Herbs,
extention of the former Herb Pantry in Council, ID ~     We do mail orders! Just call (208) 253-0288 or email:

Shadow Work
Gretchen Kainz
Shadow Work® Coach & Facilitator
In-person, Phone, and Zoom

Morrighan Lynne ~ Intuitive Life Coach, Psychic Empath, Spiritual Mentor ~ In-person & Online sessions
Spiritual Advisor/Counselor/Coach
Christine Haggerty ~ 440-7884 ~ Into The Light Energy Healing ~ Spiritual Counselor and Coach

Brandon, HP and/or Vanessa, HPs
Bards of Goddess Fest Church
Sacred Sweat Lodge also available

Lotus Flower Living ~ North End Boise
Spiritual Coach Julie Matheson, MA, RScP, Reiki Master ~ 617-233-4251
Spiritual Development
Morrighan Lynne – Intuitive Life Coach, Psychic Empath, Spiritual Mentor ~ Classes, Programs, & Retreats ~

Spiritual Pathwork
Serena Lasol. Master Practitioner of Healing Key Way ~ 509-389-0927
Stem Cell Activation
Activate your own Stem Cells with your body’s Light! No drugs, chemicals or stimulants ~ It’s a patch that is like wearing a band-aid ~ For more infor. and/or to place an order go to or call Debbie at Hedra 208-585-9448
Theta Healing
Reiki Renewal - Cathy Kearns KRMT
Reiki, Theta Healing, Intuitive Readings and Classes ~
963 S. Orchard St. #100, Boise
631-2757 ~
World Transformation
Maitreya: World Teacher and
Share International Magazine
Transmission Meditation ~
A simple group meditation providing a dynamic service to the world.  ~
Alternative Wellness Resource Center
Call Arlene at 541-210-2324
6219 N. Ethan Place, Garden City
“Introduction to Foot Reflexology” coming in October ~ Call Mark Cook/Symbiotic Systems Reflexology at 208-788-2012 for details.
Shops & Gift Stores
EarthLight Minerals & Gifts
6437 W. Fairview Ave. ~Boise
Eyes of the World Imports &
Metaphysical Marketplace
1576 W. Grove St. ~ Boise

Mead Gift Shop
Inside the Reflexions Center
994 W. Corporate Ln. ~Nampa

Tosha’s Tinctures & Herbs,
Council, ID ~ We do mail orders!
253-0288 or
Wild Gemstones ~ 208-999-1135
Gem & Jewelry Gift Store
At Boise Mall ~ Text us for info.
Holistic Health Practitioners
Renee Hatt ~ 310-595-8722
Energy Healing, Nutritional Counseling,                    Reframe the Brain ~

Life Coach
Professional Life Coach, Spiritual Women’s Group Leader, Cyclical Living Teacher, and SEO Website Designer ~ Sydney 208-608-2498

Magickal Path Facilitator

Morrighan Lynne – Magickal Path
Mentor, Teacher, & Practitioner
Year-and-a-Day Magick Classes

Medical Intuitives
Geri Habstritt, Avesa Quantum Healer ~ Call for a free 15 min. consult. ~ 208-841-8573
The International Association of Medical Intuitives is a worldwide organization of professional medical
intuitives. Visit the web site:
Bards of Goddess Fest Church
An Open Bardic Circle 
Tuesdays 7-8PM
Rev. Regina is available to
officiate at your wedding!
(traditional or unique)
LGBTQ friendly ~ (208)323-2323
IdahoSound ~ Concerts, Classes & Recording ~ Women owned and operated ~
Brenda ~ 208-999-7978
Readings: Intuitive, Psychic,  Tarot, Numerology, etc.

Badeish Lange, Psychic/Medium
208-735-5376 Call or Text
Session by phone or in person

David Akins ~ Love, Career, Finances, Relationships, Past Lives, Psychic Message Circles ~ 465-3610
994 W. Corporate Lane, Nampa

NeuroAstrology Readings are great for a deeper understanding of the way your mind works based on when and where you were born. Call/text Lady J at   208-724-8482

The Sassy Sorceress ~ Angel Tarot, tea leaves readings, and spiritual coaching. Margaret ~ 208-914-2520

Angel Reading by Regina
Psychic Medium
In-Person / Phone / Chat
Indiviual or Groups ~ (208) 323-2323
Oneness Reading by Shadi Ismail ~
Assisting you in bringing peace, harmony, and clarity to your life through energy reading sessions.  Explore your energy fields through Turkish coffee cup reading and traditional playing cards.  Always in love and light. Private sessions and Group readings available ~ Call or text for details ~ Shadi 208-794-0970
Valentina, Claircognizant, Spiritual
Navigation ~ Stuck in life? Don’t 
know your next step? 
Let me help you ~ 429-6393
Intuitive Light Guidance Readings with Victoria Savage ~ We cover a lot in just a 15 min. reading for $25.00 ~  Call 365-8256 for more info.
Real Estate
Burma Naylor ~ 208-440-4041 
Associate Broker, Realtor®
Silvercreek Realty Group  
Reviews/Testimonials available
~a different approach to real estate~
Reiki Practitioners/Masters
Reiki Renewal - Cathy Kearns KRMT
Reiki, Theta Healing, Intuitive Readings and Classes ~
963 S. Orchard St. #100, Boise
631-2757 ~
We are both Reiki Masters, certified in both Usui and Ama Deus Guarani Shamanic Reiki. We offer healing, classes/retreats and community.
Jeni Titus @
Janell Billings @
The Peace Room - Jenny Stinson
& Kelly Jean Badgley ~ Reiki 
Treatments & Training classes
Boise, ID  312-316-5236
SafeSpace® Licensed Facilitator
Morrighan Lynne – Trauma-informed Coach, Healer, Guide, Mentor ~ In-person & Online sessions