2021 Featured Cover Articles

March 2021 Featured Articles

I don’t have enough fingers and toes to recount the times throughout adolescence my mom prodded me: “Why don’t you try journaling? Someday you’ll want to remember everything you did when you were younger.”
I’d retort, “Why would I do that? Shouldn’t I spend more time living my experiences and less time writing them down?”
Sometimes, to appease momma, I’d get a fresh book and write for a few days before tiring of it.
“It’s just not for me.”
And it wasn’t. Until I realized I was going about it all wrong.

How to Live a More Courageous Life by Kate Swoboda
On any given day, many of us wrestle with our fears. We might be contemplating a career change, telling someone we love them, or wanting to speak up for what’s right when we see injustice. But a voice within us pipes up saying that there’s no point, or that we aren’t really capable of creating the life or world we desire.
Whether you call it “fear” or some other name—anxiety, stress, discomfort, life challenges—the cycle often plays out in the same way. We have a desire for change, but our fear of what might happen or the worry that we are somehow not enough can keep us stuck.
In my new book, The Courage Habit, I argue that when it comes to dealing with fear, we often....

Joanne Wickenburg wrote insightfully in her article, “Astrology and the Seasons”, “It is from the seasonal changes created by the Sun’s movement through the Tropical Zodiac that early observers of the heavens began to note the correlating agricultural change and even human characteristics of people born at different times throughout the year. These are what we call the Sun signs.”
She continues: “The first day of spring is experienced when the Sun’s pathway meets the celestial equator, on that day, the first day of Aries begins. ……It is interesting to view the signs from a “seasonal” perspective to see how we live out or demonstrate the purpose of each season....

Our niece has a rescue-dog named Jack. Jack was neglected and abused before he came to live with her. Although she has had him about five years, he still cowers and does a timid, army-crawl toward her when she approaches him. Even though she is consistently kind to him he still isn’t completely sure that he can trust her.
Shock and trauma is like this. The effects from previous traumatic experiences remain in our cellular and emotional memory long after an incident happens. When a shocking event occurs, trapped emotional memory lies in waiting, unprocessed. It can then be re-triggered when a similar shocking event occurs. It’s true with both animals and humans.
As in the case of Jack, above, it can limit one’s perception of reality all the time, or in other cases, only when triggered. This is because....

February 2021 Featured Articles

2021, The Year of Thrive or Dive by Geri Habstritt
2021 is the year of the 5, which in ascended numerology, means Truth Revealed. Whatever is out of alignment with your innate truth will be up for healing. The throat and back of neck are the areas that will be most affected by this energy. It takes some awareness, but notice how your throat feels as you are getting ready to speak your truth or as you are swallowing someone else’s truth. Are your actions in alignment with what you know to be true? For example, I recently visited someone who was watching a show on the energy, messages and gifts.....

The Power of Creative Visualization by Daka Jag™
 Creative visualization is using the power of your mind and imagination to create what you want in life.  It is the ability to create an idea, a mental picture, or a feeling.  You can indeed learn to use your creative imagination in a more conscious way, using this power to truly attain what you want most in life.
You can work on any level, your goal may be physical, emotional, mental, or spiritual.  All will have results.  For example, let us say you are unhappy with your physical health.  You can begin by imagining the improvements you desire, an improved blood pressure, an improved aerobic ability, an increase in strength and flexibility, a reduction in weight.  You begin by relaxing....

Elections, Pandemics and Chaos Oh My! by Victoria Savage
Okay so we survived 2020 just to enter into 2021 with more violence, upheaval and division! Every news channel is spouting their certain type of fear and blame because fear is easily manipulated.
That’s the job of the media!
All of the media.
Each one has an agenda!
That agenda is to keep you in fear so they can direct your reactions to whatever their platform is. All this fear is circulating around each of us and we each share ours with the world around us and this expands because WE ARE ALL CONNECTED!!

Protection from the Pandemics with Complementary Care by Charles Lightwalker
Pandemics have repeatedly wiped out large numbers of the human population. History shows us the evidence.
About five thousand years ago, a epidemic wiped out a pre-historic village in China. The bodies of the dead were stuffed inside a house that was later burned down. All ages of people were found inside the house from babies to senior citizens. The archaeological site is now called “Hamin Mangha” and is famous in northeastern China. The epidemic happened so fast there was no time for proper burials and the site was not inhabited again.
The 2009 swine flu pandemic was caused by a new strain of H1N1 flu, that originated in Mexico in the spring of 2009 before spreading to the rest of the world. In one year, the flu virus infected as many as 1.4 Billion people....


January 2021 Featured Articles

Awaken and Become by Rand Gholson, EEM-AP
Welcome to the New Year of 2021! Most of us are relieved to have 2020 behind us, but one of the experiences provided by this terribly tough year is that people are much more aware of their strengths and weaknesses. Both are important for Awakening to who you are and what your potentials are. The key is to move past fear.

Intuitive Static by Charles Lightwalker
We all can have distortion or static on our intuitive channel. They can be outside influences or internal influences. Outside disruptions can be caused by the conversation we had with our spouse, child, parent, boss, coworker, or client, the movie we just watched, the television shows we watch. Internally, they are created by what we are thinking moment to moment, our beliefs, habits and patterns.

The latest Buzz-word Wellness…What is it really? by Victoria Savage RN
Wellness...what is it really?
As we move into this new year which we hope will be so much better than last year, the term WELLNESS is popping up everywhere.
It’s in the news, on Social media, in grocery stores and even in the convenience stores.
These days we are hearing more and more about the need for it, and how valuable it is in our life, but what really is wellness?
I can tell you what it’s not...