Clearing your symptoms with Colon Hydrotherapy
by David DeHaas
Over the years as I have consulted with 1000’s of people.  The one consistent commonality is the knowledge of their symptoms but no knowledge of the cause. 
All symptoms are the result of inflammation, caused by toxicity. 
Toxicity is easy to take care of once you know the 4 Natural Laws of Healing. 
Cleanse the Colon
Cleanse the Small Intestine
Cleanse the blood
Deliver perfect nutrients to the cells.
“If you had a clean colon, you wouldn’t have your dis-ease.” V. E. Irons
“In treating over 350,000 people it is clear that bowel management is the key to healing any dis-ease.”                           Dr. Bernard Jensen
“The only place you will see a perfect colon is in a textbook.”  Dr. Harvey Kellogg, Gastrologist and Surgeon
You can’t take out the garbage unless you have a clear path to the door. In the body this path is your colon. 
The only way you are going to truly cleanse the body is using water via colon hydrotherapy.
Colon hydrotherapy saved many lives in my family including myself.  I would not be here today without the benefits of colon hydrotherapy. 
Colon Hydrotherapy is a very simple procedure and one you can see how its preformed on our website at  Its inexpensive and the speed at which inflammation and toxicity leave the body is nothing short of amazing. 
As I have sat from my advantage point, I have seen so many people that had no hope with their symptoms quickly gain back their health.   It does not matter the dis-ease, you must start with the colon.  The Colon and small intestine are connected to the rest of the body by nerves that go to every organ.  You have more neurons in your gut than your spinal column.  How the gut lives determines how you live.  Most of you reading this are constipated packing 12-14 lbs of rotting, putrefying fecal matter.   You can see 100’s of success stories on our website.
I know some of you brag about that one big bowel movement you have each day.  Tell me where is the food going the other 2 meals of the day?   The perfect bowel would evacuate after each meal. 
Then there are those of you who wish to get a bowel movement each day.  Some of you going every 1- 4 days, once a week, once every two weeks or amazingly once a month!!!!!! 
This old rotting fecal matter is seeping deep into your tissues, blood, and lymphatic system. 
For those of you relying on magnesium or stool softeners there will come a day that eventually that quits working as well. 
Colon Hydrotherapy will gently and effectively clear out the old fecal matter and get your colon back to pushing out the fecal matter on a regular basis once you recondition the colon, via colonic sessions. 
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