2024 Featured Cover Articles

April Featured Articles
Surfing the Cosmic Wave by Jessica Allison
There are two types of eclipses, solar and lunar unless you count the total eclipse of the heart as the third type… 80s music fans out there, you get me. Think of eclipses as a couple where opposites attract. They always come in pairs of zodiac signs that are opposite each other and they always come in with a lunar eclipse and a solar eclipse. The first eclipse season of 2024 began with a lunar eclipse on March 25th in the sign of Libra. Then, two weeks later on April 8th, we will have a solar eclipse in Aries. During this eclipse season Mercury will also be retrograde. This makes April quite a cosmic ride through the energy of eclipses and a retrograde!
The Astonishing World of Structured Water by Jen Diillon
What is Structured Water?
You probably remember learning about the three phases of water in school – solid (ice), liquid, and gas (steam). But there is also a fourth phase of water that was introduced by Gerald Pollack. This fourth phase of water is different from the liquid water we drink, it’s known as Liquid Crystalline, Living, or Structured Water. Structured water is created when water molecules are arranged a specific way forming a crystalline structure. This unique arrangement of molecules allows the water to carry and transfer energy. This type of water is known to offer an amazing amount of health benefits.
Illuminating Health: Overcoming Celiac’s Disease with Biophoton Sessions by Elizabeth Talboy
In the realm of holistic health, the journey of healing is often as personal as it is profound. This is particularly true for those who have navigated the challenging waters of Celiac’s Disease, a condition that affects the digestive system and can lead to severe symptoms and complications when gluten is consumed. It was my own experience with Celiac’s Disease that led to the discovery of Biophoton Therapy—a light-based treatment that has shown remarkable potential in addressing not just the symptoms, but the root causes of health issues.
A Personal Journey to Healing - The journey began with my own struggle with Celiac’s Disease....
Eyesight Improvement through Scalar Energy and Photons submitted by Infinity Wave CenterPMA
Are you looking for a way to improve your eyesight using a safe non-invasive, all-natural modality?
Having sessions in the Energy Enhancement System, which generates both scalar energy and photons, has the possibility to revolutionize eye care and transform the lives of millions affected by visual impairment.
The quest for improving eyesight has been a longstanding endeavor of humanity, driven by the desire for clearer vision and enhanced quality of life. Recent advancements in science have shed light on ....
March Featured Articles
Drinking a Legacy by Jessica Allison
Warm beaches, white sandy coves, clear blue waters, lush rainforest, coconut plantations, coral reef bays, Hibiscus flowers, very few roads, and volcanoes; take a moment here and sense this peaceful island. Can you feel it, see it, or hear it? This is the island of Vanuatu, a South Pacific Island that was once a tiny part of ancient Australia around 100 million years ago and is the ancestral home of Kava. First settled about 3,000 years ago, the Vanuatu Islands were inhabited by people of the Lapita culture, a Neolithic Austronesian people. They are the ancestors of the peoples of Polynesia, Micronesia, Island Melanesia, Fiji, Tonga, Samoa, and across the Pacific Islands.
It is Time to Forgive Yourself by Christine Haggerty
In order to continue advancing along your spiritual path, one must forgive themselves. A person can study all their lives, attend retreats, travel the world seeking the highest truths and wisdoms available. A person can keep taking classes, courses, and read an entire library of books on spiritual development and how to reach Nirvana, yet without self-forgiveness, they will only advance so far. This is the Law of Energy.
Often, when people are trying to improve their life and decide to make substantial changes to move forward along their journey, they discover that forgiving....
A Homeopathic Protocol Case Study for Long COVID Shows Great Promise by Jen Dillon
In the Spring of 2021, a PharmD. by the name of Scott Porter was introduced to an untraditional, holistic protocol for long COVID symptoms.
He had very little background in Homeopathy and had mostly prescribed western medicines. He is also a Functional Medicine Practitioner with a focus on natural supplements. Scott was one of the few medical professionals prescribing Ivermectin throughout the COVID Pandemic. Scott met a local, natural product formulator, who had just moved to Sandpoint, Idaho from Canada. She shared her work with Scott and asked if he would be open to run a trial or case study..
Hypnosis and the Power of Your Subconscious Mind ~ Part I by Badeish Lange
This is an important subject that has been misunderstood by many cross sections of our culture. Let’s start with what Hypnosis is not! Here we find fear based perceptions because of feelings of losing self-control and the long list of other misconceptions. These falsehoods date back years in the more traditional religious teachings and still exist today; additionally, some people are afraid of hypnosis because of misinformation acquired from movies, novels, or television.
Hypnosis is a soulful process and like anything in life can be flipped into a misuse. Example: When you take Hypnosis out of its clinical/healing application and used as entertainment, then there are....
Feburary Featured Articles
Simple Rules To Live By
Today I want to talk about some Simple Rules To Live By. This time of year, resolutions seem to be a hot topic. While making resolutions that, by historical statistics, we will most likely break within a month or two (or even sooner!) may be the cultural thing to do, it is not really a lot of help in the long run. That is a topic for another day and besides, you all know all about this already having lived through it again and again and again. Maybe just perusing some ‘Good Rules to Live By’, praising yourself for the ones you already have in your life and taking a stab at one or two of them that are new and appealing at various times during the year would, in the long run, be less....
Healing Potentials of the Color Codes – Part II by Badeish Lange
The information that I have collected is presented here to encourage you to develop what is called “Universal Peripheral Vision”. The challenge of our time is to become alchemists, transmuting the energy of insight and wisdom into practical living and thus to spark your own mastery into action.
The subject of any of the healing tools is like a matrix! Here are insights to what can be helpful towards your own perceptions of thinking, feeling and knowing. This is based on intuitional experienced discovered within.
Developing Color Sensitivity: The more sensitive we can become to color and its effects, the more we can use it to our benefit. 
4 Ways to Shift Your Mindset to Be Happier With Yourself & Enjoy Life More by Sydney Sage
Having a more positive mindset doesn’t mean always being happy, it can even just be a sense of believing in ourselves; of trusting ourselves; of feeling like we can navigate what comes our way.
Of course, it’s not possible to be happy all the time, but life is MUCH easier when our brains are at least on our side and not beating us up all the time!
Our mindset is the root of everything. It holds our beliefs, our perception of things (what we make things mean), how we see ourselves, others, the world…
Our mindset is the lens through which we see everything.
by Coquille (Coco) Wilson of Divine Wholism
In the vibrant tapestry of natural health conversations, the term “Epigenetics” has taken center stage, sparking curiosity among practitioners and enthusiasts of alternative healthcare. But what exactly is it? Let’s delve into this fascinating concept that involves a set of switches perched atop our genetics.
Epigenetics, in essence, is the art of influencing these switches through our daily choices—how we talk to ourselves, our habits, dietary preferences, and even the skincare products we use. Imagine these switches as keys....
January Featured Articles
Déjà vu: New Year’s Resolutions by Catherine Kane
Do you make New Year’s Resolutions at the start of each new year with the best of intentions?
Most people do set goals or intentions for the new year, a plan to develop an improved version of themselves, physically, mentally, and socially. Ranking right up in the top five goals are intentions to improve health: improved fitness, healthier eating habits and quitting unhealthy habits like smoking and excessive drinking.
Breaking an old habit or creating a new healthy habit is not always easy. It takes commitment and time. If results are not noticed or felt right away....
Revitalize Your Health: A Journey Through Detoxification and Holistic Well-being by Coquille (Coco) Wilson
In our modern world, the need for regular detoxification is not just a wellness trend but a crucial step in preserving the sanctity of our bodies amid the onslaught of contaminants in our air, water, and environment. From the chemicals we unknowingly absorb through skincare routines to the pollutants lurking in our food, it’s time to appreciate and honor the temple of our body by embracing the transformative power of a good cleanse.
So, what constitutes a good cleanse, and what benefits should we anticipate? At the forefront is liver health and function—the unsung hero tasked with....
How to Massively Increase Your Level of Self-Worth by Sydney Sage
Some experts say that subconscious self-worth is where we *truly* manifest from. It’s easy to tell what your level of self-worth is…
All you have to do is look around your life. What’s present? In your career, your relationship, your friends, your business, your home, your environment, your finances, your physical appearance, your health…
Is it what you want it to be? That is an external reflection of your level of self-worth; of what you believe that you deserve. Remember…
Even if things are not where you want them to be, they can be changed!....