Déjà vu: New Year’s Resolutions
by Catherine Kane


Do you make New Year’s Resolutions at the start of each new year with the best of intentions?

Most people do set goals or intentions for the new year, a plan to develop an improved version of themselves, physically, mentally, and socially. Ranking right up in the top five goals are intentions to improve health: improved fitness, healthier eating habits and quitting unhealthy habits like smoking and excessive drinking.

Breaking an old habit or creating a new healthy habit is not always easy.  It takes commitment and time. If results are not noticed or felt right away there is a good chance the ‘immediate gratification’ gene will take over and the best of intentions can begin to deteriorate. A worthwhile goal is not quick and easy, it takes determination and work.

Many of the issues we recognize and hope to see improved have to do with our physical health. No matter the diagnosis or condition, there is a shared common characteristic: the body is out of balance.  It might be excess weight and a body which is physically out of shape. It could be blood sugar issues, chronic joint discomfort, or digestive issues which have gotten our attention and motivate us to take responsible action for better health.

When filling out the questionnaire with clients, I think the most important question I ask is, “Where do you see your responsibility for your health on a scale of 1-10?”  Until we recognize that our bodies are OUR responsibility and that choices matter when it comes to health, we will remain caught up in the medical model of treating symptoms rather that getting to the cause of those symptoms.

If you go online and search the name of any diagnosis or condition and add the two words ‘heavy metals’ to your search, you will find the shocking truth that they are present in every instance. There are many ways to grab heavy metals as we eat. For example, we can take chlorella along with a seafood dinner when we might be exposed to mercury in sushi, also we can eat cilantro regularly. The question remains, how do we get to the sequestered toxins in fat and bones which have been accumulating over our lifetime on the planet? We do not have much control over many things in our environment like air quality, acid rain, or the plethora of man-made chemicals, however, we can educate ourselves about what is possible to cleanse and assist the body and its main filters, the liver and kidneys.  

As many articles in the past have pointed out, even many organic foods are contaminated with heavy metals from air pollution or taken up from the soil. Toxic exposures from pesticides, mercury amalgam fillings, breathing volatile organic compounds (VOC’s), chemical fumes like diesel or formaldehyde, are an historic as well as ongoing problem in our increasingly polluted environment. Our liver and kidneys function the best they can but, when overwhelmed, the body sequesters heavy metals in fat and bone cells occupying receptor sites needed for helpful metals like calcium and magnesium.

Inspired by reading a study about the use of zeolite to protect farm animals, and recognizing that we, too, are animals, a dedicated biochemist created the first commercial liquid zeolite product, he is the category creator.  Clinoptilolite zeolite carries a negative charge and heavy metals are small and highly charged, therefore they are pulled into the zeolite cages. Over the years this scientist has continued improving the micronization and activation process, which means that all pre-absorbed toxins have been removed and the zeolite cage is empty, free of preexisting toxins.

The activation process cleanses the zeolite - emptying the zeolite cage – insuring no unwanted substances are present in the zeolite solution. The water aids in this exchange of compounds and stabilizes the zeolite charge. It is during this process that the product becomes a colloidal suspension, allowing the micronized zeolite particles to be suspended in an ultra-purified water solution. It then goes through a sterilization process strengthening the charge of the zeolite solution. This results in a pristine zeolite in ultra-purified water. It is much more effective and can grab more toxins when moving through the body pulling the highly charged heavy metals. Toxins are literally leaving the body the next time we use the bathroom.

How fortunate are we to know that there is an absolutely safe, non-invasive, non-toxic, inexpensive way to remove heavy metals and toxins provided by nature herself?  Additionally, is simple, easy to take,  and can be done without causing stress to other organs or interfering with medications or treatments no matter what age or stage of life we or a loved one may be.

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