2022 Featured Cover Articles

April 2022 Featured Articles
We are the Light of the World by Christine Haggerty
That’s a pretty powerful statement: we are the light of the world. That statement carries a great deal of responsibility. We often think that only the higher beings are the light of the world, but we forget that this light lives inside each one of us. This powerful light has been given to us and we must learn how to harness it in a way that serves all of humanity. This powerful and all-loving light is a beacon of hope in our despairing world. This light gives wisdom, love, understanding, and inner peace. One way to learn how to harness this inner light is by practicing the meditation of Twin Hearts.  
Introduction to Cyclical Living by Sydney Sage
Cyclical Living is living in tune with your body’s phases, the five moon phases, ongoing solar + lunar astrology, as well as the four seasons. Cyclical Living organizes, streamlines, and simplifies your life while getting you tapped into the ever-present energies that constantly affect you and others around you.
For women, this lifestyle will heal all PMS, PCOS, endometriosis, and period symptoms, as their cycle is 28 days long and they have a big hormonal change 4 times per month which affects all other body systems and affects their mood, energy levels, and intuitive abilities.
If you asked, it is what you think it is! by Kerry Leonard
I love when clients share the new things they are experiencing! At first we often consider signs from the spirit world creepy but if you stop brushing it off as coincidence and get over the “spooky” image society has given it, it’s fun!
The following way to grow is one of my favorite life hacks. Ask yourself in any situation “Can I safely exchange fear for curiosity?”. If you’re ready to try, ask your Guides, Angels and Ancestors for signs and open your mind. Here are two fun experiences I’ve had in addition to the common coins and feathers, songs and flowers.
My biggest sign? It was when I was starting out....
Universe Speaks! What is Touching the Light? by Marie Austin
Hello I would like to introduce myself and my modalities to you. I practice Touching the Light, and Metamorphosis. I have returned to my home state of Idaho from NV. Absolutely healing to be back home. I have found this is the missing piece in my life and I am truly grateful to be living and enjoying the people of Idaho once again. I am a Touching the Light Practitioner trained under Meg Blackburn Losey, PhD.
So, what is Touching the Light? Touching the Light addresses all nature of being and of living, past, present and future.
March 2022 Featured Articles
Remembering we are energetic beings at our very core, it makes sense that before we have much form to our humanness, that time we spend in the womb, we are reaching out energetically and reading, feeling and sensing all the energies that surround us.
If our mothers did not want to be pregnant, that is a primal wound to our spirits as we step into human form and one that will be the foundation throughout our entire life.
This is why it matters:....
The Language of Color -- Part 1 by Badeish Lange
Many theories have been researched and tested on the subject of how to use color for healing purposes, personality identification, clothing apparel and our environment. How colors effect our mind and body is an ongoing subject of scientific investigation.
Color has a spectrum of electromagnetic light, which triggers receptors in the human brain. Our brain receives the Color Codes and introduces a natural way to focus on our relationship with the intuitive, the physical body and spirituality.
Healing Miracles - A Case Study on the 10 Day Healing Retreat by David DeHaas
It was 2 Pm Sunday afternoon the day before we start our 10 day healing retreat. I had a premonition about a client who had wanted to do our 10 day Cleanse and Healing retreat in December but her schedule at the time would not allow it. I was nudged by a premonition to give her a call. When she answered she was crying, I asked “What’s going on?”
She replied, “I am in the emergency room. I have a bleeding bladder oozing pus and I am in a lot of pain.”
How Are YOU Feeling? (A 21 Day Challenge) by Julie Matheson
When I was barely an adult, I attended a 6-week intensive co-dependency* program that met every week-night for 3 hours. At the time I was a student at Ohio State and had a great job in a doctor’s office. I had goals and I was working hard. Life was mostly good. However, I had just left a rocky relationship and wanted to make sure to never repeat the roller coaster ride I had experienced. This small-group co-dependency program was exactly what I needed.
(*In this context I’m defining co-dependency as being overly focused on someone else’s behavior, more than your own.)
Eve, our lead counselor, would start the meeting. We would do a check-in, going around the circle opening with one or two honest feeling words....
February 2022 Featured Articles 
Secret to Soul Mates by Geri Habstritt
Many are seeking a soul mate or beloved, but the secret is that nothing can be found on the outside until it’s first realized on the inside. Until the healing of any betrayal, anger or hurt has taken place and the heart has opened enough, the only relationship that can be manifested is a mirror of the unresolved emotions. This is what we get in life, a series of mirrors constantly reflecting where we are along our healing journey. When enough of the healing work is complete, meaning the heart has opened, then a beloved can arise. This happens for many as a kundalini awakening. This is the rise of the masculine/feminine, shiva/shakti energies....
Depression is it really YOURS? by Charles Lightwalker
Ann, 35, call me a few months ago and said that she had been terribly depressed for a long time (since her early 20’s). She had seen a few doctors, and one of them gave her antidepressants but the side effects made her sick to her stomach. She also saw a psychiatrist who gave her psychotropic antidepressants, but they also made her sick. She then saw a clinical psychologist who helped her manage her depression, by using behavioral modification therapy, but it did not get rid of the depression. Ann remained unhappy, with no solution to her depression, a friend suggested she contact me. I told her what I tell all my clients....
Tapping into Possibility, on Any Topic by Julie Matheson
Whether we realize it or not we are always playing with possibility. Every thought we think has the potential to lead to something new, exciting and different. Where you focus your thoughts matters. And, what you believe is possible for you matters even more.
It takes some mental flexibility to dream outside the parameters of the known. It takes ingenuity. Most new ideas are a gift that come from something larger than us. We have to receive it, and say yes to it to let it manifest.
What are you thinking right now? Is it something you want to have happen?
One question can change the course of your life by Kerry Leonard
I was deep in my dark night of the soul. Often a spiritual depression of this magnitude is about waking up to the falsehoods you’ve been brainwashed with from birth. At some point you must choose, you could stay where you are at pretending to be happy while actually being miserable forever but there is a catch, your eyes are now open and as they say, “You can’t unlearn.” Or you can do as I did. I embraced the Tower card of my life and prayed I would rise like a Phoenix after. Oddly enough my life didn’t go up in flames, it crumbled in sections. First there was my divorce, then I left my career of twenty-four years. There I was with no plan other than “Don’t look back” and somehow find the strength to create a new life.
January 2022 Featured Articles
Keys To A Healthy Immune System by Geri Habstritt
A healthy, happy immune system is a collaboration of the physical, mental, emotional and spiritual bodies. All 4 areas need to be honored in order for you to be fully vital.
Much of the immune system lies in the stomach. If you have digestive issues, chances are your immune system is compromised. Some things you can do is cut out meat, dairy, sugar and processed food. These are all hard to digest and tax the digestive system. Eat fruits, vegetables, plant based proteins and drink LOTS of water. Take probiotics and eat plenty of fermented foods such as....
Having a Solid Goal – It’s Everything! by Julie Matheson
The way we end is the way we begin. Whether it’s a Monday morning and you are planning your week, or it’s the New Year and you’re thinking about how you want your entire year to go, or it’s the start of a work session and you want to get a lot done in the next hour… beginning with the end in mind will set your sails in the right direction.
So much about beginning with the end in mind is about having a clear picture in your mind, a mental equivalent, of what you really want. That’s the hardest part. Yet it’s the most important aspect of....
Channeled by Shawna L. Frances for HedraNews, December 17, 2021
Good day dear ones. We are the Galactic Federation of Light taking advantage of this opportunity to reach you directly via this channel, Shawna L. Frances. Welcome to knowing yourselves in a whole new way. We reach out to you beyond the veil of forgetfulness into the pure, deep knowing of who and what you are.
What we are about to explain may stretch you far beyond where your mind has been in the past. We understand this, and we do not take this lightly. For this is the dawning of a new age. And with this new age comes a responsibility and a willingness to see beyond what you’ve known.
Here is the Fire Scrying/Candle viewing Exercise by Charles Lightwalker
Fire scrying allows us to strengthen the will by learning to direct our energy in one place, and to sustain it for an extended length of time. The longer we hold our gaze upon something, and focus our devotion upon it, the more we absorb the energy of that thing, which allows us to align ourselves and our vibrational frequencies with our devotion. What we are training ourselves to do is to ground into that which we choose to ground into. We are training ourselves to take authority over our lives, and to choose where, when and how we direct, commit, and devote our energy.