Secret to Soul Mates
by Geri Habstritt, Medical Intuitive Quantum Healer

Many are seeking a soul mate or beloved, but the secret is that nothing can be found on the outside until it’s first realized on the inside. Until the healing of any betrayal, anger or hurt has taken place and the heart has opened enough, the only relationship that can be manifested is a mirror of the unresolved emotions. This is what we get in life, a series of mirrors constantly reflecting where we are along our healing journey. When enough of the healing work is complete, meaning the heart has opened, then a beloved can arise. This happens for many as a kundalini awakening. This is the rise of the masculine/feminine, shiva/shakti energies in perfect balance together as the one or the Beloved.

The secret to initiating this experience or manifesting your soulmate is to love yourself even MORE and you will ultimately awaken the beloved within and manifest someone who will reflect that amount of love back.

Many on the ascension journey have been betrayed. It is a common experience, almost a right to passage into the ascension experience. It takes a great amount of courage to dare to open the heart after it has been hurt. The first step is to do the forgiveness work. Forgive EVERYONE involved, including God and the universe for creating a world where one could suffer so greatly and YOURSELF for showing up to be hurt. This is imperative! Many forget to forgive God because it is a subtle underlying energy that exists at the core of most betrayals but is often overlooked.

Let go of judging yourself for how you moved through your experiences or how long it took you to move through them. Self judgment and lack of forgiveness will bind you to an experience. Self acceptance is imperative, meaning loving yourself as you are and as you aren’t.

Sacred Union is a unifying of the body (masculine/feminine energies), mind and soul. Many who have embarked steadfastly on the spiritual journey are ungrounded, out of balance and have neglected the necessary needs of the physical body (The temple). The moment I committed to sacred union, my body very quickly showed me where it was needing more attention. Daily exercise, additional vitamins, cleanses, teas, herbs, vinegar shots, breathwork and CBD oil all became necessary along with daily meditations of moving through my entire body consciously thanking and loving every part, organ and cell.

When you’ve cultivated this level of love within, you become your own Beloved!

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