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I guess I shouldn’t be surprised that there have been times in the
last 28 years that I just cannot come up with an article of my own.
This month is one of those times. I started two different articles
but they just never took shape.
So today I am sharing with you from Untapped Magic by Chole
Panta. Some of you may remember we reviewed her book in our
April issue. The subject I’m sharing today is something I think we all need to be reminded of now and again... Being Our Authentic Selves.
I know that I, all too often, get out of balance just with day-to-day living. And in a moment of quiet I realize that I am not in sync with my authentic self. In fact, my authentic self goes off on its own quite often and leaves me behind - Ha! Ha!
Can you recall a time that you just knew you were totally loved by the divine? A time when you felt so perfect in your own skin that it didn’t feel like you were living a human experience? Or maybe a moment in which there was no question at all that you were being held in the arms of an energy much higher than anything you’d ever felt before. There was a peace, a stillness in that moment, a lifting of the weight that surrounded you. I believe that in those types of moments is when you are truly your most authentic self. I hope you enjoy the following....

Your Authentic Self
Now you may be asking, What is your Authentic Self, and how do you find it? Your Authentic Self is already inside you. It is your guide that provides you with all the answers to the ques­tions you may have about your life, your journey, and anything else for that matter. It is the part of you that is free of any ego; some would say it is your soul or spirit. It is the you that dances in the mirror when no one is watching or sings in the shower when no one is listening. It is who you are at your core. I call it interchangeably God, Infinite Intelligence, my Higher Self, and my Authentic Self. You can address it however you feel comfort­able, with whatever words resonate for you. With your Authentic Self, there is no need to put on a mask or be anyone other than you. Your Higher Self knows your every secret and loves you for exactly who you are, where you are. It is in fact the real you, in your most unaltered state. Pure perfection. Here’s a guided med­itation to help you connect with your own deep essence.

Connecting with Your Authentic Self

To connect with your Authentic Self, you must keep an open mind and go within. In other words, get in a quiet place, close your eyes, and relax.
Imagine that you are in a beautiful place. This can be a garden, a luxury mansion, the middle of the hood- it can be anywhere you’d like, as long as it feels real and beautiful to you. Imagine that this place has stairs, and as you climb the stairs, you reach a room. Imagine what this room looks like in great detail. Is it grand? Does it have marble countertops? Is that an oak hardwood floor you’re standing on?
Now, imagine that sitting in the middle of the room is you in your most desired state, in all perfection -- your Authentic Self. Imagine your regular self sitting directly across from your Authentic Self; you feel a calm easiness flowing through you. What does your Higher Self look like? What clothes is your Higher Self wearing? Nothing at all? Oh-kay, you do you. But seriously, imagine asking your Authentic Self any question you’d like to know an answer to and wait for your Authentic Self to respond. The answer might be immediate, or it may take days or longer, but a still, small voice within you will tell you the true answer to what you seek. You don’t need outside validation for anything. You already know all the an­swers, because they lie within.
Imagine what your life would be like if you knew you had a direct connection to Source. Imagine that your Authentic Self is Source. In other words, you’re the plug. You’re the connection to everything and the gateway to your greatness. Your happiness, your wealth, your health, your inner peace. What does that feel like, knowing you have a direct connection to the most mag­ical Source of power that has ever been created? That Source lies within you, and you can activate its power whenever you want.
Learning to connect with your Authentic Self, like building any muscle, takes time and practice. Beyoncé wasn’t built in a day; don’t expect your Authentic Self to give you all the answers you’re looking for without practice. Take time every day to get quiet and be still. Quiet your mind and your emotions. As you master this meditation over time, you will connect with your Authentic Self easily and effortlessly, receiving the answers you’re looking for. Should you apply for that new job? Should you stay in your relationship? What steps should you take to find divine freedom? The most amazing thing about connecting with your Authentic Self is that you can ask any question you want, and you will receive an answer.
I have to forewarn you, though, that the answers you receive may not always be the answers you expect to hear. Your answers may come in different forms: a song on the radio, a tiny whis­per inside, a friend calling you out of the blue, a book that you happen to read. As you deepen your practice, these subtle signs will become easier to notice and decipher. Be kind to yourself as you learn to connect with your Higher Self. This journey may be brand new for you, and like all things, it takes time to master.
Have a happy July!
I wish you a truly Great Day!


Debbie Dalrymple
Publisher & Student of Life
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