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              We All Have Something...
There is something, at least one thing, in our lives that we don’t like
about ourselves.
No matter how perfect someone looks on the outside, there is at
least one quality about themselves that bothers them. You may
think a person has everything! You may wish you could have their life!

Look what a wonderful marriage they have.

Look at how much money they have.

Look at the lifestyle they live.

Look at that perfect family.

I wish my hair was like theirs.

I wish I had the opportunities they have.

I wish I had their house. Etc...

The truth is we really have no idea what another person feels or believes about themselves or their life (unless they tell us). Usually we walk through life thinking that others have a better or easier life then we do. However, reality is that we all have something ~ something that we wish was different.

When we judge, ourselves or another, we are making assumptions or basing our judgement on something that is probably not true. We feel a lack or make a judgement about ourselves that comes from comparing ourselves to another. Or, we have a belief that we know better than them and wonder way they do things the way they do ~ they should do it the way I would do it... A bit of a superiority belief.

Maybe it would be nice to have that other person’s life, but then again, what if that other person secretly cries themselves to sleep every night or goes home to an abusive spouse every night. Or maybe this other person goes to the dumpster behind a restaurant to get their dinner on the way home. These examples are pretty severe; however, we don’t really know the ins and outs of another’s life.

I’m discussing this subject because the holiday season is upon us and I know that so many of us still have family issues. I think we need to remember that we really do not know our family’s everyday ins and outs. We don’t really know why people drink to the point of drunkenness or why a person is so loud and rude or maybe they’re withdrawn.

I’ve been reminded before that my family members don’t have the same emotional filters or memories that I have. Just because I might get triggered by an event doesn’t mean that my sibling would be triggered in the same way. We may have grown up in the same house but what had an effect on me may not have even been noticed by my brother. For one thing he has his own filter from his experiences and insecurities ~ mine are probably very different ~ therefore we would both react differently to the same event.

So, don’t be so hard, or judgmental on yourself or others!

Trust me.... We all have something!

I wish You and Yours a very Blessed Thanksgiving!
May we all remember to share our better side with those, that we really
do love even though, we have a bit of trouble putting up with them.
We are all imperfectly perfect!
And please ~ remember all the things you have to be Grateful for....
there are many, if you will only take the time to think about it.


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I wish you a truly Great Day!


Debbie Dalrymple
Publisher & Student of Life

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