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       Nothing is More Powerful than LOVE!

Love is the center of life.
Love is what unites us all.
Love comes in all shapes, forms and strengths.
There are so many different kinds of love, but I don’t think there
is any doubt that love is the most powerful energy that exists.

I recently got reminded that the love of a parent and a child is one of the strongest. We just got a new addition to our extended family and what a wonderful, beautiful bundle of joy she is!! Welcome baby Z’uri ♥

In my opinion, self-love is essential ~ without some amount of self-love you cannot truly experience love for another. Without self-love I don’t think we can ever be complete within ourselves. It seems to me that we would always be looking outward for our completeness.... and that gives away our personal power.... not such a good idea.

What happens when our love is tested to the point of breaking? How can we pick up the pieces of a broken relationship? I hope none of us has to experience this, but I would encourage us to get outside (meaning someone not connected to any of the people involved) help for resolution in such circumstances. Because believe me.... Love is also one of the most explosive energies!

This month I ask you to work on building YOUR SELF-LOVE! Start where you are and move forward. Sometimes my self-love is just acknowledging that I cooked myself a healthy dinner ~ that makes me feel proud of myself and makes me consciously accept my worthiness. It’s so simple to acknowledge ourselves in a positive way, however it is something, I know I forget to do on a regular basis.

There are so many things we can do to create avenues for self-love...
Join a group that interests you.
Volunteer for something that stimulates you.
Show kindness to others every day and make conscious note of it.... you were kind but didn’t have to be.... give yourself some credit.

We actually do good things all the time - I think we just don’t consciously give ourselves any credit for doing these things. Why not!? What you’ve done made someone feel better, acknowledge it and let yourself feel better too! That’s what they call a Win-Win.

While I was writing this article, I read this in a novel by William Kent Krueger... it ties in beautifully with my article ~

“The biggest word in the human vocabulary has only four letters and no definition that’s ever been adequate. We love our dogs. We love our children. We love God and chocolate cake. We fall in love and fall out of love. We die for love, and we kill for love. We can’t spend it. We can’t eat it when we’re starving or drink it when we’re dying of thirst. But ask most human beings what they value above all else in this life, and five’ll get you ten, it’s love.”


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Debbie Dalrymple
Publisher & Student of Life

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