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                   Our Relationships
I recently met with James (Jim) Collister for an enjoyable lunch where he
introduced me to his teachings and his book entitled The Last Relationship
Book You’ll Need. We printed an excerpt from his book called Guide for making
relationships work...Be Interested in last month’s issue. Jim basically walked me
through his philosophy about relationships and that has caused me to be seeing
life a little differently. 

I realized what I didn’t really consider was ALL our relationships ~ like our relationships with our cars or our homes. Usually when I hear the word relationships I almost always think of romantic/partner/spouse relationships. My boss was just my boss...but not really. My boss is a relationship. My landlord is a relationship. My garden is a relationship. Everything is a relationship and how we treat and interact with everything has an effect on each of these relationships.

Seeing all these different interactions as unique and individual relationships changes things for me. It has brought my awareness into focus in ways I never was aware of before. It’s really silly that with everything I have learned and know about how energy works that I still held these things as just being part of my life but never felt connected to them as a one on one relationship.

I mean, I have consciously put energy into my connections and interacts, say with my power bill, but to actually consider it a relationship is new to me. I’ve just always considered relationships as being with individual people not with EVERYTHING! Having a relationship with my plants will probably cause them to grow and be healthier because I will be connecting with them in a different way now. I will see them as a relationship. Considering my relationship with my own body and my thoughts (my self-talk), I wonder how I can improve these things? Can you imagine how our lives would change if we paid more attention to and gave more kindness to these areas?

Our personal relationships can make a huge difference in our day to day lives. They can shift us from just a typical day to a great day or a lousy day. They can bring us great joy or terrible frustration. All relationships are to be nurtured and cared for ~ now I will be nurturing and caring for pretty much everything I have any interaction with. I am finding though that I need to be and stay in the present moment to actually see/make this whole concept work. I am often swept up in the interactions with daily life that get me off track so, for me, I need to keep reminding myself ~ what is it I want to be giving my attention to. Finding that balance can be a little tricky.

I hope this article will make you think about all your relationships and just maybe you will see them in a different way now too.

May we all find a beautiful balance in all our relationships!!

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I wish you a truly Great Day!


Debbie Dalrymple
Publisher & Student of Life

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