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                 2020 - Be Positive!

A new year - A new beginning. How about making 2020 a year to be
positive? We can all try a little harder to see the good side of life.
Try seeing things through anothers perspective and have compassion.
Let’s make 2020 the year we judge less and love more.

Below is a newsletter from Reid Tracy at Hay House from 12/1/19. I think we can all benefit from this article. I hope you enjoy it.
Most People Are Good
by Reid Tracy CEO, Hay House

I was recently listening to a song by Luke Bryan called Most People Are Good. I love the title of this song because it’s something I truly believe.

Between breaking news alerts and social media updates, it can feel impossible to avoid negative news stories. Sometimes, it’s hard to remember that most people are good and want to help others live a better life.

There are several other particularly great lines in the song such as:

“I believe kids oughta stay kids as long as they can, turn off the screen, go climb a tree, get dirt on their hands.”

To me, this is one of the biggest things missing from many kids’ lives right now—something they miss because they’re constantly on their electronic devices. Even if they are outside, they’re often still staring at screens. I personally love it when I am out in nature without a cell signal!

“I believe we gotta forgive and make amends, ‘cause nobody gets a second chance to make new old friends.”

This is so true! If you remember, I discussed this just a few weeks ago, after I’d come back from the River with my childhood best friends. It is completely impossible to make a new old friend—although sometimes it can feel like you’ve known a new friend forever simply because you connect with them on that level. Such a great feeling to have.

“I believe that youth is spent well on the young, ‘cause wisdom in your teens would be a lot less fun.”

I always tell my kids—Dane and Ava, who are now 17 and 20—”when you get older, you are going to realize that may not have been the greatest decision!” But, regardless of the well-intentioned tidbits of parental wisdom I try to offer my kids, this line in the song is still so true.

Looking back at my youth, I now realize that many of my big lessons happened while doing things my parents tried to help me avoid. I guess we all need to let our kids make more mistakes—although, that’s a tough reality to accept.

“I believe if you just go by the nightly news, your faith in all mankind would be the first thing you lose.”

There’s so much negativity in the world right now, and it feels like the news outlets talk more about the things that are going wrong in the U.S. and globally more than anything else. But—we must remember that there are so many good people out there in the world doing amazing things for humanity.

Louise Hay often recommended that we minimize our news consumption and instead focus on all of the beautiful things that are happening in the world around us. I think her advice is more important than ever.

Let’s spend this month focusing on all the wonderful, positive things we have in our lives and remember—most people (truly) are good.

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