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              It’s so wonderful when Spring gets here.
          Every year I seem to forget what it feels like to
              have warmer days and sunshine! I like it!!
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We’ve all hear that we are molded by our childhood. That we
have programing that comes from our early lessons in life. We
tried to be lovable. We tried to be good enough. Yet somehow
the feedback we received as children still made us feel less than enough. And then we spent years of our life trying to prove that we are lovable and enough.

I think, most parents and teachers did not really intend to stunt our growth or crush our spirit, (unfortunately there are also the ones that did). I often say that a child knows everything, their world is wide open, until we send them off to school. Granted there are some teachers that really do intentionally help our child expand and grow but mostly I see children get the magic sucked out of them when they are told that they don’t know anything and are at school to learn the ways of the world. We break their spirit by taking away their innocents of freedom from conformity. They conform to coloring inside the lines and the many complicated layers start being taken on.

As we have grown up many, many, other conformities have occurred that have created more layers of not lovable or good enough. Sometimes we can forget the things that have hurt us along the way. We can bury the very memories that cause us to not live our best and brightest lives. Is it any wonder that there are so many of us walking around depressed, angry, feeling less than good enough? Having forgotten our dreams and without hope and without our sense of freedom and innocents. Seeing the glass always half empty.

I’m sure you feel the pressures every day, as we all do, just as our parents did, that we have to do this and do that and at times that makes us short with our children and loved ones. We don’t intend to be short but it happens none the less.

I feel, it is very challenging to actually live our daily lives in a more spiritual manner. If you really think about it, we are pulled in so many different directions every day, heck, every hour, that it can take great effort to stay centered and grounded at times.

I think the way we keep growing is by sheading the layers of conformity we’ve collected. We need to peel back the accumulated layers and finding our true selves again. Where is that child that knew everything? And of course, I don’t mean literally knew everything, I mean the energy of wonderment and exploration. The energy of being enough - just as you are. The magic that made you, uniquely YOU! It is still inside of you - it just got buried over the years. Where is that daring energy that says anything is possible?

Do you believe you can change?
What are you still carrying from your childhood?
Do you know how these things still effect you today?
Most important - Are you willing to change?

Are you willing to open up that ugly space and thank it and let go of the energies that were created in some way to protect you or keep you rooted into an energy/place that no longer serves your highest good?

I found myself continuously saying... “I don’t know!”. It seemed that I had reached a place where I could not decide things for my own life anymore. It seemed I was broken.... I was feeling broken! I was feeling lost and hopeless, not able to see a way back to happiness.

Recently I noticed that I had been having synchronicity’s pop up here and there that got my attention. I was thinking a lot about this new information that was coming into my path. And so, with perfect timing, I had another patterning release session with Julie Matheson and to my great joy I released a pattern that was totally messing with my life.

At first, I was feeling a little shaky. It seems I can’t help myself from questioning “Have I really let that pattern go?” Having hope again, after several years of not believing or trusting feels a little foreign. But overall, I am feeling gratitude, hopefulness, lighter, freer, and all around more capable. (Julie Matheson is an intuitive holistic counselor and author. She helps people to clear their patterns ~ see her article on page 7.)

One thing that has been challenging to wrap my mind around is that in my session, Julie said to me, “This is a pattern - It’s not you!”. I’m still processing that statement because it has been difficult for me to separate my self-thoughts and learned beliefs from the fact that these thoughts and beliefs are not really who I am... they are just the patterns that I have allowed to run in my life.

Now instead of saying “I don’t know” I have changed my thought or response to be open ended in saying, “I haven’t decided yet” or “I’m still working on that aspect of my life”. Knowing that if I am quiet and listen my inner knowing will help me find the answer.

*** I have to add a little note here because I just inserted the article on page 19 called Self-Compassion. This article relates to several of the things I’ve mentioned in my own article... so be sure to check it out.

My wish for you this month is that you will take a good look at your life without judgment. Instead ask yourself if your belief is actually YOURS and IS IT TRUE. See where you want to make changes... and then have the courage to follow through!

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I wish you a truly Great Day!


Debbie Dalrymple
Publisher & Student of Life

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