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We have cut back on our distribution locations
since many places are closed.
You can pick us up in many of the Albertson stores,
the Boise & Meridian Co-op’s, Natural Grocers,
Grocery Outlet and a few other regular locations.
See list on the "This and That" page link above.
It would be helpful if you could please spread the
word to others that might be looking for Hedra’s.
Life is up in the air for many of us and our businesses.
We hope to publish again next month however, we will
have to wait and see what happens.
My love and prayers to you ~ May We All Stay Healthy!
Hold On Dear Ones

Wow! Things sure have changed in the last month!!
Now is the time to pull together ~ but not too close ~ to connect with our families, our neighbors and communities. This is an opportunity to give help and support to one another.

It is very easy, at this time, to see what living in the space of fear looks like and what it can invoke in people. Everything is very uncertain and that can be incredibility unsettling. There is no doubt that our lives are being severely changed.
Now is also an excellent time to use our spiritual tools. We must take care of ourselves on all levels. And we have access to resources in our own homes and skills that we have learned that can help us in these times.
Do you have a yoga book laying around that someone gave you? Look through it to find some breathing methods to relieve stress or to calm fear. Share this with another if the opportunity arises.
Do you have a recipe for essential oils that makes an anti-viral hand soap? Make two batches... one for your home and one to give to someone else.
If you know someone that is shut in their home... you can always knock on their door and then quickly go back to stand on the sidewalk and talk with them from there when they open the door.

Work at holding your center... keeping your emotional balance.
Find a reputable fact-based source to get your information.
Meditate or Pray for Divine Light to help heal all beings on our planet and to guide our leaders to do what is right for all people.

If you have something to give or share with another - do so. My friend Julie and her husband Jim loaned their outdoor heater to a small local coffee shop that are now only taking orders out of a window. They noticed that the people standing in line were cold so they offered the use of the outdoor heater to the coffee shop and now when they go by, they get to see their heater being used and appreciated by the patrons. My friends also suggested that if you want to support your favorite restaurant or small shop in this uncertain time - consider purchasing gift certificates now that you can use once things settle down.
I remember starting this paper 24 years ago to help people remember that we have options in how we choose to heal. In most cases healing does not happen just one way and one way only. We are not that simple; our bodies are very complex. We are more than flesh and bones.

And we need different options in the way we heal, hence, Complementary & Alternative Health Care Practitioners and the reason why HedraNews exists.

It is at times like this, with the Coronavirus (COVID-19), that the HedraNews paper is needed more than ever since it has so many practitioners that regularly support selfcare often offering alternative methods and remedies. Not to mention that Hedra offers uplifting sayings and other information that feed our hearts and souls.

Most people say that reading Hedra just makes them feel better or happier or hopeful. So, this month I hope this paper helps you feel good, learn something new and entertains you while you stay healthy!

Thanks to everyone that supports HedraNews!!!
♥ It is very much appreciated ♥

I wish you a truly Great Day!


Debbie Dalrymple
Publisher & Student of Life

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