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             Can you allow and accept?
Can you allow yourself to change?
Can you allow goodness to be part of your everyday life?
Can you allow yourself to apologize if you have misstepped?
Can you allow yourself to live fully?
Can you allow yourself to feel your emotions and process them in a
healthy way?
Can you allow yourself to have an open heart and be compassionate ~ not only with others, but also with yourself?

Can you accept that you are exactly where you are meant to be?
Can you accept that you are human and make mistakes?
Can you accept that life doesn’t always go the way you want it to?
Can you accept that the Divine only wants what is best for you?
Can you accept that what you give your attention to is what you will attract?
Can you accept that everyone has their own path to follow and you can not make them be who you want them to be?

I hope you said yes to most or all the above questions. Keeping an open heart and an open mind and not pushing against the flow of your life can make a big impact. Allowing ourselves to accept that we are where we are and that we want to change opens the door for change to come to us. We’re coming up on the New Year and this is a perfect time to start giving some thought to what you want to either incorporation or eliminating in your future. Believing in yourself and your right to have a great life is a good place to start to figure out what does or doesn’t work for your highest good.

Here is a little something to help you visualize another aspect of what is involved in creating new habits to override the patterns that are controlling your life.

Creating New Habits
by Lora Cheadle from her book FLAUNT! (see book reviews)

The first few times we choose something new, it is difficult, due to its unfamiliarity. But each time we repeat that new choice, it becomes familiar, known, and exponentially easier. Every time we make the same decision, neural pathways for that action are strengthened. The more times we make the same decision, the stronger that neural pathway becomes, and the more likely we are to make that same decision again in the future. Just like water running down a mountain, the brain flows to the deep­est channels first, and until the smaller channels become estab­lished, it takes enormous effort to divert it away from the larger, established pathways. With each healthy choice we make, the groove in the brain deepens, eventually replacing our former default programming with new, positive programming.

Which is why the decisions and habits we create in adolescence and early adulthood significantly influence who we become later in life and how we can unintentionally get locked into patterns of either overconnecting to or disconnecting from certain aspects of self. Challenging ourselves by asking Which version of myself is making this choice? is enlightening and causes us to realize that even though we are grown with educations, prestige, and experience, there are still certain areas of our lives where our adolescent self, our child self, or a wounded version of our adult self may still be taking the reins.

Set your intention to reprogram your neural pathways
in a positive, healthy way!
I hope your Christmas Celebration, in whatever form that takes,
is a very peaceful, blessed event that fills your heart

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Debbie Dalrymple
Publisher & Student of Life

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