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I read a short story recently that got me thinking...
A part of it said, and I paraphrase here,
   If someone doesn’t want you or what you have to offer, it’s okay.
   They are just one person on a large planet.
   You don’t have to contort yourself into being the right fit.
   Paraphrased from a story by Susie Moore from her book Let It Be Easy
How often do we try to fit someone else’s wants or needs? Rather it
be in a personal relationship or a job environment. How far do we go to make ourselves fit in?
There are lots of reasons that we might have to conform to what someone else wants and to some extent it is perfectly okay, as long as it’s not strangling our soul.
Personal relationships: which covers everything from the family you were raised in, and the one you created of our own, to say, your relationship with your computer repair person ~ and everything in between. We have so many different kinds of relationships and they can be complicated or they can easy. I think the level of comfort we have in our relationships is determined a lot by how authentic we get to be in them.
Work: we all need an income to support ourselves and/or our families. So we have jobs. I’m pretty sure there are a majority of people that don’t get to be themselves at all in their work environments. But even if we are a good match for the job, there might be some aspects of the job where we can’t totally be our natural selves, where we have to conform to what is needed.
I’m just wanting to remind you that who you are and what you offer are important. I’ve heard it said that we all have a special gift that only we bring to the world. Is your gift being shared or is it hidden in order to conform?
If it’s hidden, is there some way you can think of to bring it into the light and share it... even if it is only on the weekends or in the sanctuary of your own home?
I think everyone wants to feel appreciated and valued, especially when it is for who they truly are. If your life isn’t what you are wanting consider that there are billions of people on this beautiful planet and I’m sure there are people that would want you and what you have to offer.
Just think about that for a while.
I hope you have a fablouous May!! 
I wish you a truly Great Day!


Debbie Dalrymple
Publisher & Student of Life
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