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                Is That Your Door?


In referring to the saying and picture on our cover this month,                                        I ask ~ Just how hard do we really want to push on that door that                                  is not opening for us?

I’m not talking about just giving something a little try and then                          abandoning your quest because it’s a little bit of a challenge to                                   open the doorway. Most really good things are a bit of a challenge. However....

Have you ever questioned just how long you are going to keep hitting your head against that brick wall?

Have you ever questioned why you are pushing so hard to make something happen that you are totally losing the desire to create it any longer?

Are you wearing blinders? Do you have to be right? Did you commit to ______? and therefore will not give up no matter what the cost ~ just because you committed to it at one time?

Are we holding on because we just don’t know how to let go? Or who we will be without this noose around our necks... all because at one point we committed to it and now we’ve carried it so long?

When do we accept that change is VERY NEEDED? That we will not be any less of a good human being if we; let go ~ accept change ~ change lanes ~ start fresh ~ let the past be the past?

Can we make a choice for our own happiness, success or new adventure in the present time? I’m not talking about just running head-on into another thing just to get away from the old thing. I’m saying, what if we really think things through and choose a new way? What if we choose a new/different door that welcomes us into more happiness, more success, more love, etc.

It can be scary and we may have to do things that are outside of our comfort zones. And we may decide that some things require more than we are willing to give at this time.... that is okay too. What once was a dream of ours many have now passed us by.... however, we have other dreams or maybe we want to create a new dream at this time in our lives. And the door we open doesn’t need to be life altering, just life affirming. Maybe it’s time for you to research your family tree, or take a painting class, or finally put your photo’s in albums. But it could be starting a new business, going on dates, or moving across the world.... who knows ~ they all sound exciting and life affirming to me.

The covid-19 virus has caused a lot of us to re-think our futures, why not think BIG! Why not look at other doors and see what they may have to offer. And I think now is a good time to consider different options. We have more community connections now... why not talk to your neighbors, family and friends. Ask them how they see your situation and if they have any advice.... however, YOU have to be open to hearing what they have to say, so make sure you feel safe with these other people and KNOW that they are not judging, only offering their view point. I think you may be very surprised at what you hear. Others see things about us that we don’t see and they have suggestions about things from their view point that we might never have considered.

I’m working on consciously seeing more diverse view points in my life. Maybe it’s because I’m getting older and wondering how much more time I have to get creative in making changes to who I am. Maybe it’s because I want to be happier. Maybe it’s because I am more open now to seeing things in a new way... not so worried about failing or what someone else might think of me.

I will tell you that it is pretty exciting to consider other options. Letting go of things or realizing that I can change things more consciously is fun and
full of possibilities. I think I had forgotten what it felt like to see the glass half full instead of half empty.

I had excuses, routines and limiting beliefs for myself that had really put me into a hut. In asking a few people to honestly share how they see my life has given me a charge of energy to make changes. It’s invigorating! It has helped me to see just how many excuses I’ve put in my own way.

I have a renewed desire to make changes that will bring me more happiness. And of course, the Universe supported my feelings by bringing me two saying....

Don’t put off being Happy & What change can I make today?

So, as we head into Fall, I’m suggesting that this is a time to give some serious consideration to your future. Covid-19 is not going away anytime soon, and in some ways that will make change harder, or at least make us push out changes further time wise, however, it will also give us more time to make and explore plans for the changes we want to make.

I’m not thrilled about stepping out of my comfort zone, but if not now when? Am I going to wait until I’m a few years older and most likely deeper ingrained in my hut? Am I going to wait until the world rights itself, not knowing how or when that will happen? No, I am not going to wait!!! I am ready and excited to start a new chapter in my life now.

If it is right for you, I ask you to join me. Let’s see where we can go. Let’s see what change we can create for our best and highest good! Best wishes for all of us ♥


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I wish you a truly Great Day!


Debbie Dalrymple
Publisher & Student of Life

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