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                     Giving Thanks
When we acknowledge the things in our life that we are grateful
for it can make us step out of our busy day and center ourselves in
a positive emotion. It brings feelings from inside ourselves to our
physical consciousness. It brings us to a state of gratitude that
radiates from us, so not only does it make us feel good, it can also
spread to those around us. We just feel better when we are in a
state of gratitude.
Gratitude journaling is a great way to keep track of the things that are right and good in our lives. And writing things out makes them more powerful as well.
But even if we just take a few moments to be conscious of the things we are grateful for it makes a difference on our happiness meter.
With the holidays upon us we often think about time with our families and some of us may not think we have anything to be grateful for with our family members.... but think about it for a minute. There are things to be grateful for ~ they may not seem like really positive things ~ but you can be grateful that your parents created YOU. You could be grateful that your siblings live in another state and none of you are going to be traveling this year so you won’t have to see them. See, not the most positive things but, things to be grateful for none the less.
I have mentioned this may times, (and I don’t mean any offense to anyone if by chance these abilities don’t apply to you because of your personal circumstances) ~ we can always find something to be grateful for. How about the fact that you can read this, how about gratitude that you are alive, and even if your life isn’t the greatest right this minute, you know there are others have it worse than you do.
Can you name five things right now to be grateful for?
1) _______________________________________________________________
2) _______________________________________________________________
3) _______________________________________________________________
4) _______________________________________________________________
5) _______________________________________________________________
And when you bump up against things that make you feel bad/angry/ungrateful, then you will know that those things should be what you take some time to consciously work on to change. What small steps can you line up to change these things in your life? Tomorrow is a new day, Monday is a new week, there will be new moon cycles and in a few months we’ll have a new year... all of these are good times to start something new.
Feel the Joy of Practicing Gratitude
~ Happy November My Friends ~

I wish you a truly Great Day!


Debbie Dalrymple
Publisher & Student of Life
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