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                 Important Conversations...
                 Finding the RIGHT Words
Probably the biggest thing on my mind right now is how to have direct, honest
communicate using the right words to say what you really want to say. And listening
so that you actually hear what the other person is wanting to really say. This is not
alwaysa simple task!
Most of the time as long as the other person gets the general idea of your words then
life moves forward and the understanding is close enough. However, there are some times, some things, that need to be said and heard exactly right.
We all know that there are some times where emotions are running amuck and you say things you really don’t mean at all ~ but in the heat of the moment you just blurt something out. These kinds of conversations can be very vicious and destructive and have torn apart many relationships. And unfortunately, some never get repaired.
My truth is most likely not your truth however I believe one cannot argue with the truth. So, as long as you are expressing truth, you would not have to defend yourself. But understand this ~ stating your truth does not mean that the other person has actually received the truth you have stated. It does not mean that the other person will not try to convince you that what you stated is not really your truth. No matter how different we all are, there are some people that believe you have to believe what they believe... you just have to. They will talk/argue until you come around to their way of thinking or run out of breath trying.
So, in addition to finding the right words and being a good listener, we see that being receptive is another side of the conversation. Being open enough to be able to hear the truth (of the person stating it) and be able to consider it a possibility is important as well. Before we enter into an important conversation we must ready ourselves to be open to what the other person has to say, to be receptive to listening to their truth.

Over the years we all change. Yet as we’ve lived our lives people around us came to certain conclusions about us. They formed opinions on how to interact with us ~ and we’ve done the same with them. As time passes do we acknowledge these changes and change our interactions with each other? I think generally we do not.

Our food tastes change, our wardrobes, our jobs, our hair styles, our relationships - they all change.... And guess what ~ so do our dreams and thoughts and outlooks about life. Hopefully we’ve all learned that each of us has the right to be our true selves, to have our own opinions and beliefs. And chances are they are not the same as they were at the different stages of our lives. I believe that if I want to be seen and treated according to who I am now in my life I must also respect and take into consideration who the other person is now.

Don’t assume or generalize what you think the responses from the other person will be. Really, think about that for a moment. Do you want people to assume you have not changed and treat you in accordance with how you were years ago?

So, when wanting to have an important conversation, my thinking is that I want to get my words just right where there is no room for misunderstanding. I want to get clear on what my goal is for having the conversation and take all the things above into consideration, so that the result will be a successful communication that brings us together in a beneficial way.
I hope you are feeling rejuvenated with the arrival of Spring!
I wish you a truly Great Day!


Debbie Dalrymple
Publisher & Student of Life
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