Ramblings from the publisher

              Was it just an accident or
             did it mean something more?     
The other day I spilt half my cup of tea over the base of my Hoosier Hutch.                                      Oh!! why did that happen? Oh, my goodness, now I have to stop working to clean
this up.
The thing was though is that the tea went underneath the top half of the hutch
too... so I had to move the plant and the knick knacks off the top. Then empty
all the treasures displayed in the glass paneled part of the cabinet, and then empty the stored mix of things behind the slatted doors so that I could tilt the top half of the hutch back so I could get to the wet spots and let them dry out overnight. Phew!! that was a lot.
In emptying everything out of the top half of the hutch I had all these things scattered around the living room. I had to even question that all these things actually came out of that one cabinet? Really!?
Everything stayed in disarray for a few days as I had to get a handle on working on the paper because the timing was just as everyone was submitting their Ads/Articles for this issue. And I had a few new advertisers that I had to make sure got a reply from me since they were new and didn’t know how I do things yet.
Once everything was empty, I thought “I should really oil the whole thing, it’s been a while”, and that was another reason of why I didn’t just put everything back right away.
So, the hutch got oiled and the knick knacks and treasures all got dusted and eventually it all looked beautiful again. But I kept wondering “Why did this happen?”.
Somewhere along the line I heard that in Feng Shui they say that if you want things to change then moving 27 items in your home or office space. That shifts the energy. It can even be just very simple changes, like you can move a plant 6 inches to one side or the other from where it has been sitting, or move the stapler an inch or two, or moving your picture frames around. If you think about it, you can do 27 things easily... move the kleenex box, take the coats off the hooks by the door and hang them back in the closet, put the salt & pepper shakers in a new position, rearrange the pillows on the couch, etc.
So, was my spilling the tea just an accident or was it for me to make a shift in the energy of my home? Was it for me to take time to shift my work schedule? Was it to get me out of a rut, or simply adjust my routine? Or was it indeed just an accident?
If it was just an accident, it sure did cause a lot of effort on my part to get it all taken care of. There is a part of me that hopes it really had another purpose for all the time & energy I used to get it all cleaned up. Another purpose that has perhaps caused a positive shift for me.
P.S. I have definitely had a shift in my life since this happened. I’m smiling and expressing gratitude all day long. YES! THANK YOU!
P.S.S. - They I got sick... so there are a few spaces I didn’t have time to fill in properly... I’m calling them “doodle spaces” for you to use as you want.
I wish you a truly Great Day!


Debbie Dalrymple
Publisher & Student of Life
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