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          It just takes a moment...

Literally, it just takes a moment for your world to change.
It can be for the better, or the worse, or just different,
but it can happen so quickly. Sometimes the change is total
upheaval ~ such as major events like the loss of life or limb,
yours or someone close to you.
But the moments I’m referring to today are the ones where your awareness shifts. We’ve all had them. Those Ah-Ha! moments, that cause you to see a whole different perspective that, you couldn’t even conceive the moment before.
We get things set in our minds about what we feel or think and it can be very difficult to change those things until an Ah-Ha moment comes along ~ then those very things can have an entirely different impact to our beliefs.
After the, Airing Dirty Laundry, article I wrote last month about how I was feeling shame after sharing some very private thoughts with others, days later I had an Ah-Ha! revelation moment. And to my joyous surprise, the Universe has fully supported my Ah-Ha moment. From a deck of cards called Lightworker Oracle cards** I drew first 2 cards, and two days later 2 more cards. I was totally impressed with the messages these cards gave me! I haven’t experienced such clear guidance that these cards offered me in a really long time. They touched on everything I was feeling and put the energies in perspective for me in a way that caused me to work with these same 4 cards daily, allowing their messages to really soak into my beingness. I am truly feeling that I have a fresh start to my life. I am feeling that I have finally broken free from the darkness that has been inside of me for so many years. I am feeling that a have a happy future ahead of me! YES! Finally!
Our moments tick by so quickly. If we truly want to be in the present moments we need to focus and align ourselves, which can be difficult given all that we have to get done in our days. I had a session with Victoria Savage a while back and she give me a little notebook to write in ~ I have since used that notebook to write the highlights of the 4 cards I pulled and I read it every day ~ usually twice a day. This has become my daily meditation practice. I know this is not the standard meditation, however, for me it has really helped me to hold onto the shift, the Ah-Ha moment, that I want to fully embrace moving forward. Reading theses notes everyday (I even set my phone alarm to remind me) is my way of reaffirming to myself that I have started a new chapter in my life.
I can’t, and actually shouldn’t want to, go backwards. My life drastically changed several years ago and every time I acknowledged that I felt hurt, angry and resentful...that kept me trapped in a not so nice place. And it wasn’t until my Ah-Ha moment a few weeks ago that I was able to accept that “Nothing is as it was, nor will it be so again”, and I finally accepted it without the painful emotions.
Our journeys can be very hard sometimes. We may even want to give up at times. I just want to say... “Hold on. Hang in there. Trust Love more than your Wounds!” Find someone you can trust and spill your guts - or even go tell it to the mountain - just get it out...it might just lead you to an Ah-Ha moment of your own.

Thanks to everyone that supports HedraNews!!!
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I wish you a truly Great Day!


Debbie Dalrymple
Publisher & Student of Life
**Although there are a ton of varied different types of cards available, over the years, there are four decks of cards that I’ve used more than any others. They are Lightworker Oracle by Alana Fairchild, The Crystal Ally Cards by Naisha Ahsian (Earth Elements & Crystals), Healing with the Angels Oracle Cards by Doreen Virtue, and Sacred Path Cards by Jamie Sams (Native American teachings). I never studied using cards however, they have helped me have some focus when I just didn’t have a direction of any kind to hold on to. When you find a deck that you really connect with you can get comfort and direction when your life seems off.

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