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           Hello and Welcome to 2019!
Are you ready for a brand New Year? Are we ever ready for a brand New Year?
I often wonder why the major winter holidays aren’t spread out a bit more. It
seems that once Thanksgiving hits, we are on a roller coaster all the way through
about mid January. It all passes by so quickly. I don’t feel that I actually catch
up with myself again until the middle of the month.
Therefore, it’s around the beginning of February that I finally center myself into a place of taking a look at the past year and look forward to what I’d like to create in the coming year. I used to beat up on myself for not being prepared to do this on New Year’s Day but not anymore. I think that waiting until I am actually ready is much better than trying to meet one specific date on the calendar ~ in fact, I actually take time several times during the year to evaluate and adjust my course. I now know that what is more important than a date on a calendar is how I am feeling and when the timing is right for me to be objective and open...not hurried and off balance from the rush of the holidays.
I hope that you enjoyed your Holidays and are ready to begin your best year ever! I hope that you will or already have taken the time to be in a positive, optimistic, bold, brave space to aim for some wonderful experiences in 2019. Possibilities are everywhere!! What do you want to reach for?
Here is a small portion of Astrologer Judy Joyce’s Dec. - Feb. newsletter giving us a little heads up for January 2019. To view the entire newsletter, go to http://www.judyjoyceastrology.com then search: 2019 world overview.
World Overview
As we move into 2019, many countries in the world are in flux. Alliances are changing. Power and control are shifting. Divisions between groups of people and their belief systems seem to be growing and sharpening. Technology, the cyber world and artificial intelligence are advancing taking us into new realms of possibility and unintended consequences. We know the old structures are changing, but exactly how much is unknown. There is a great deal of uncertainty. At the same time, new energy and new ideas are arising. The good news is that this opens the way for exciting advances that can be momentous.
We are sensing the approach of an ever strengthening wave of issues that must be addressed. That wave will overtake us in 2020 and initiate changes that continue for several years. We are entering a new era, although it isn’t likely to be clear exactly is happening in the beginning. It will probably be far in the future before we can look back and see what a significant turning point in history occurred during these changing times.
January 2019 will be a significant month. It’s more than the first month of a new year. We are turning a page in history and headed into a year of an uncertain and shifting power base as various players fight for control and influence that will have far reaching consequences.
Just in time to jump start the New Year, Mars, the planet of action, moves into the fire sign of Aries on Dec 31, 2018 at 7:20 pm MST. Mars is “the warrior” and is associated with self-initiative, independence, courage, enthusiasm, energy, vitality, strength, assertiveness, anger and competition. In the world Mars rules the police, the labor force, the military, aggression and war. Mars is the ruler of Aries and being in its own sign gives Mars extra power and strength. Mars in Aries will be very energetic, strong and assertive. Mars will stay in Aries until February 14, 2019 making the next 45 days a very active time.
Mars in Aries will be in an adverse pattern with Saturn, Pluto and Uranus at various times. This will definitely energize the fight for power and control discussed in the World Overview. We will feel this in our personal lives, too. It actually can give us the courage to make the changes we desire in our own lives.

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Debbie Dalrymple
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