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       How difficult are we going to make it?
I went to the One Soul Expo in Boise recently and in one of the seminars I had an
ah-ha moment.
As most of you know, from reading my articles, I have been struggling with where to live for
a while now. Am I going to keep living at Lake Tahoe (where I’ve experienced being
lonely for the first time in my life), am I going to go to Redding, CA to live with my
daughter and granddaughter or am I going  to move back to Idaho .... or where?
My beloved belongings have been in storage for over 4 years now and I miss “my stuff”, it’s not really about having material items .... it’s that probably 60% of my stuff, my treasured stuff, not the shovels and rakes, in storage are things that I’ve worked for and picked carefully. They nurture me. I like, and miss, their beauty and comfort. Not having a place to settle into has become an issue for me. All I seem to do is go around in circles about the whole thing. I have been traveling for periods of time from Tahoe to Redding to Sonoma to Idaho and back again.

I have asked the Divine for guidance, I have worked at envisioning my new home yet still I do not seem to get a clear indication. Of course, there are a lot of other things attached to this as well, the biggest being finances and closeness to my family.

So, back to my ah-ha moment. In the seminar, with Abigail Aguiler - who brought the Expo to Boise, she asked us to close our eyes and envision something we wanted to manifest. And instead of the heaviness of picking a location to live and imagining what the house looks like, this time I had a different experience. I envisioned myself arranging my beloved furniture in a room. I was amazed how much simpler and easy it was to simply arrange my furniture. This felt real to me and doable. I felt so much happier and lighter.

It was like I suddenly realized that I had been making this decision too difficult! I am now choosing to concentrate on how I will feel being in my new home arranging my stuff around me .... this is how I will manifest where I will live, at least I hope so. It just feels so much better than the heaviness of the other way, which hasn’t gotten me anywhere over the last year.

And it has been really fun remembering some of my treasures and where I will put them in my new home. I haven’t been looking out the windows of this new home because I don’t know what my view will be. Maybe it will be the mountains, the ocean or maybe just a brick wall .... I have no idea.

I’ve always been a person that could swing from one extreme to another. Like living in the city or living in the country, living in the mountains or on the ocean .... both sides appeal to me. The view of a brick wall doesn’t really appeal to me but if the rest of the home feels right, well then, I guess I could learn to live with the brick wall.

But then again, I’m remembering that I can choose again. If I find I am unhappy living with the view of a brick wall .... I can make the decision to change my mind again and look for something that will make me happier. We can always choose again!

Often, I forget the words: simple, easy, flowing. I get wrapped up in the idea that life is difficult, which sometimes it is (and we can learn a lot in those times) but it doesn’t ALWAYS have to be.
So, my question to you this month is .... How difficult are you going to make it? No matter what the decision is. Can you possibly make it simpler .... and let go of the heaviness? Try it ~ it feels really GOOD!

I have definitely not mastered this mind set however, I can say that I am a work in progress ~ as I think we all really are.

May we all find simplicity, ease and flowing in our choices both big and small. Let’s not let it be so difficult!

Enjoy the rest of your summer!!

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I wish you a truly Great Day!


Debbie Dalrymple

Publisher & Student of Life

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