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              An Attitude of Gratitude
I know “Keeping a Positive Attitude” doesn’t sound like much, however, time 
and time again I hear or read about how a positive attitude has worked miracles in
people’s lives.
Keeping a positive attitude sounds evasive and doesn’t have a handbook of instructions
however, you know it when you are feeling it. There is a wonderful energy that one
feels.We can see the other side of a situation. We can project our positive feelings into
our thoughts on the issue we are dealing with...and it feels good.
It sounds too simple. How can thinking and feeling, in fact imagining and projecting, something better than what you see before you actually change the situation?

We all have a few minutes in our day in which we could close our eyes and simply feel our way into a higher vibration. We can choose to envision a different scenario. We can even avoid the matter at hand that is weighing us down and look at the other parts of our live that we can be grateful for. Feeling and expressing gratitude for anything will lift ones spirits and bring in a higher energy vibration.
So even when you are facing a very hard situation your attitude of gratitude can make a difference. It may not be any kind of cure for your challenge however it is proven that how you look and perceive a situation changes your energy. And changing the energy allows Universal avenues of possibilities to open up.
Our world is a mess! A really, really frightening mess!! So much chaos, illness/death, anger and confusion. A big lack of trust and uncertainty is everywhere. And when you look at the big picture ~ it feels helpless. How will we ever get back to some sort of normalcy?
In my opinion, we can’t just stick our heads in the sand and pretend, we shouldn’t shut down inside and just retreat within ourselves either. One thing we can do is ~ STOP continuously repeating negativity and living in the fear of “what if’s”.
What we tell ourselves has a powerful impact on us. What we tell ourselves is not usually based on fact ~ it is often based on our emotions/feelings and triggers from our past experiences. Or even from others emotions/feelings/triggers.
Right now, we can be present within ourselves with an attitude of gratitude, we can ground ourselves with the Earth Mother and give thanks for the good/positive things we do see/hear/feel, we can work at raising our vibration and wish Divine love and light every day to everyone and everything that seems to need help or that simply crosses our path.
Whatever we want has to start with us! Having a positive attitude within yourself and energetically spreading goodness to all that is around you will help...yes, it seems too simple, but I ask you to give it a try anyway.
I wish you a truly Great Day!


Debbie Dalrymple
Publisher & Student of Life
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