Well, I had started two different articles this month that just did not end up
coming together. So this is a slightly revised reprint from October 2014.


                    Our Thoughts

Envision yourself dipping your bare foot into a freezing cold swimming pool.
You get an excited look on your face. Your body tenses at the coldness.
You feel a shiver run through your body. An excitement is stirred in your

Close your eyes right now and envision yourself doing this. Really...I’m going to make a point about this...so, go ahead, close your eyes and dip your toes into the ice cold pool.

Were you able to actually experience this thought as if it were true? Did you feel the cold? Did you experience it like it really did happen?

I hope you did. Because the point I am trying to convey to you is that our thoughts have amazing power! We have control of one the strongest powers in the world...our thoughts. Or at least we can have control of this power if we choose to. To really envision and FEEL the reality of having what you want is a process that, at least for me, takes some time and practice.

We all use our thoughts for good already. We wish and we hope a lot...but how often do we actually envision what we want? And experience the feelings, fully, down to the smallest detail, of the desired outcome of our vision?

Decide what “it” is that you want. Close your eyes and see it unfolding. Feel the emotions of the event. Breathe in the realness of it. Know within yourself that this is real. Notice colors and the weather. Notice noises and feelings. Is anything moving? Does anything feel familiar or is it all new? From what perspective are you viewing this event? Can you put yourself into the picture and look out through your own eyes at the scene rather than being on the side lines watching the event?

Maybe start with something little and work your way up to bigger, more important things. By starting smaller you will build your confidence in the power of your own thoughts. You will see that you are indeed able to create what you want.

Do keep in mind that if you are envisioning changing someone elses behavior, or doing anything involving someone else, that this might not work. This is for you.

Envision being healthy. Envision being active and not having any pain. Envision having clear skin. Envision your body functioning like it did 10 or 20 years ago. Envision paying all your bills and having extra money left over. Envision getting that new piece of equipment you need or a new car ~ envision whatever is right for you....but do it in detail! What does your hair feel like? What foods are you eating? How does it feel when you slip on your favorite pair of jeans? What does it feel like to drive that new car?

To help you get into the imagining state maybe close your eyes and remember a really good day from your past....what did you FEEL? Were you excited? Were your cheeks flushed? Were you laughing? What was your posture like? How was your breathing? Now apply the same inquiries to what it is you are desiring/wanting now. What about this “Envisioned You” is appealing? How can you FEEL more of THAT today?

I wish you a truly Great Day!


Debbie Dalrymple

Publisher & Student of Life

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