Sun in Cancer
The Foundation
by Jeffrey Brian, Astrologer

This month the Sun is in Cancer shining light on what is important to the structure of our lives. You may have Cancer as ruling any one of the 12 houses that make up your individual astrology chart, yet the qualities of what Cancer represents will always hold true for that specific area of your life.

In astrology, we have reached the 4th month in the zodiacal calendar representing the sign, Cancer. Four is the number of foundation and so Cancer archetypally represents the 4th house of our home and family. If our home isn’t in order, we find the foundation of our lives a bit askew. Cancers are often represented as having a soft underbelly, very emotional and loving, yet adorning a hard outer protective layer like that of a crab.

Cancerian qualities are typically focused in areas of security, comfort, devotion, and nostalgia. The house represented by Cancer in your chart will highlight areas of your life where you are very protective, especially of yourself, close friendships, and family. You may be protective of your health, knowledge, values, and/or beliefs. The crab retracts into itself for protection. This is symbolic of a Cancerian withdrawing into themselves oftentimes finding the need to be alone with their emotions.

Cancer is a Cardinal Water sign with the planetary ruler of the Moon. The Moon in connection with water represents the moods of the soul. The tides of the water move up and down and so planetary placements reflect various expressions or experiences the soul has chosen to go through in the house where Cancer resides. If emotions are not allowed expression, they can become repressed to the point of anxiety or depression. Remember, a house rests on a foundation. The foundation must be strong or the rest of the house becomes weak. A house with no underlying support will begin having problems, until it becomes too fragile and falls apart. Strong support, especially emotional support and comfort are important if not a necessity.

Since Cancer is in a water sign, we often find those with strong planetary placements in a Cancerian house to have psychic or extrasensory gifts. This is because water in astrology also rules the spiritual world. With the Moon ruling this sign we find a spiritual connection to the soul. Where in your chart is your soul yearning to express? What is important in the foundation of you? Where do you need support? Where do your values and beliefs lie?

When a Cancer feels supported, valued, and comforted by security, their best qualities shine through as nurturers of our world. Their strength lies in giving that which they need.

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