Brain Fog - Is It All In Your Head?
by David DeHaas

That hazing feeling you feel in your brain, causing you to not function like you want.  In today’s world it’s become the norm.  Forgetting the little things, like where your car keys are, asking yourself why you walked into a room.  Work is difficult. You miss deadlines and getting out orders correctly, you forgot to call that client back. 

Some of you may not notice what has happened to your memory.  Memory issues can creep up slowing without you grasping how bad it is.  Ask those around you.  They may be embarrassed to point out how bad your memory is. 

Several things have contributed to your brain fog over the years.  Cooking meals in non-stick Teflon pans, drinking out of aluminum cans, eating foods with MSG, GMO food laden with Monsanto’s glyphosate, gassing up your car and spilling gas on your hands, taking over the counter meds, drugs, alcohol, dryer sheets, toxic soaps, electromagnetic frequencies from WFI, your cellphone and cell towers and the list goes on and on.  The average baby comes to earth with 250 chemicals in their liver!!!  Over time your toxic bucket is full and overflowing causing a myriad of health effects including Brain Fog. 

Your doctor starts chasing symptoms looking at hormone and thyroid tests and any test they can toss your way hoping to find justification to give you a medicine to take away your discomfort.  Symptom chasing will never get back your health.

You can get your mind back. 

First order of business is detoxing and healing the gut, in particular the transverse colon.  Old rotting impacted poop has been blocking your neurons preventing those little cell phones (neurons) from activating the nerves to the brain.  The entire transverse colon is a powerhouse of connections directly to the brain. There are more neurons in the gut than in the entire spinal column!!!  How the gut lives is how you live. 

To heal your brain fog, detox the colon with Colon hydrotherapy sessions, at least 10 in a row.  This helps to restore the microbiome, that amazing 5 lbs. of good bugs that have a vast communication network to keep your immune system up and running.  Soon your brain will be firing on all cylinders. 

The fact is most of you reading this are constipated and many of you don’t know it. 

Regular bowel movements, (think eat, then poop) and in the right shape and consistency are the key to perfect defecation and a healthy body with a sharp brain. 

At the same time detox your Lymphatic system, Liver, tissues and get rid of those nasty non-paying tenants the parasites. 

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