Grounding Your Energy
by Allison Dodrill, Psychic Medium ~ 208-286-4643

As you open yourself up to your intuition you may find that receiving messages and information can make you feel - unstable. You can go from feeling empowered one minute, feeling high on excitement when you realize that you really can do this, to feeling tired, exhausted, confused, and crazy. 

That’s why, as you open yourself up to your intuition and all the different psychic channels that are opening around you, it’s important to find ways to ground yourself. 

Psychic energy is all about changing your energetic vibration to receive other channels.

We actually function, as humans, at a pretty low level of energetic vibration, and spirit operates at a higher level, so when we’re receiving information from spirit - whether it’s our guides, angels, whoever/whatever, we’re raising our energy up, and they’re bringing theirs down until we’re at a level where we can communicate.

Your spirit or higher self is actually shifting as you reach for the communication level, and you’ll feel a lot of that in your upper body - you could experience headaches, exhaustion, sadness, mental fog or a general heaviness when you’ve finished  sharing psychic energy. That’s whether you’re giving someone a reading, or receiving a reading.

Or sometimes you’ll be buzzing for a while.

The main thing is to rebalance your energy by grounding yourself once you’re finished. Being grounded in this sense is simply finding a way to reconnect to your physical self, and to earth, and to the present.

And like everything else I talk about here - it’s not that complicated. 

Sitting in a chair, place your hands palm up on your knees. Imagine a laser or a  cord that reaches from your root chakra, or your tailbone, the bottom of your spine, through your chair, through the floor, through the ground, to the earth and deeper, deeper, and deeper until the other end of the cord rests in the center of the earth. 

And gently bring yourself back.

You may prefer something more physical to ground yourself. If you happen to be standing outside, you can step your feet out shoulder-width apart and just feel the energy surge from the soles of your feet through the earth, and ground yourself that way. 

Any physical activity; going for a walk, dancing, yoga, housework - anything that makes you aware of your physical being can help ground your energy.

As you open up to your own intuitive ability it’s important that you take care of yourself through the highs and lows, and the ebbs and flows of energy. It’s all about building your own energetic tool box and, when needed, finding the right person to support you on your journey.  

Allison Dodrill
Everyday Intuition