Insights into Psychic Development
by Badeish Lange
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On a personal note, The Language of the Soul has many endless expressions and definitions. It is my hope you might experience something new or, something said in a different way here which will capture added attention for the subject of “The Science of the Mind” and personal development of your intuitive talents.

Our sensory system located in the solar plexus region naturally reads a coded spiritual language, a language transmitted by many colors, sounds, and images; a light field of electrical and magnetic energies; all this exists in the quantum field of inter-dimensional space.

First, prepare the body to relax and be receptive: Prayer, Meditation, and utilizing relaxation techniques are helpful.  Next, be of the state of mind that you are born with natural technologies such as intuition and it is a natural part of our human DNA.  Accept your special abilities are unique to you as there are many expressions to these talents.  Intuition/psychic abilities are like a rainbow in the sky, all you have to do is look up and know nature is also within us sending signals or signs for us to interpret what we see and feel activated in the 3rd dimensional space. 

The definition of a rainbow is often a sign of hope, and good fortune.  For many, a rainbow carries a personal symbolic meaning representing inclusivity, and diversity, an all-embracing image of love and God’s protection.

Take the time to study symbols, images, music vibrations and also natural sounds.  Animals are archetypes and symbols which are representing something abstract. 

Adding to the coded list:  Photographs of landscapes, the language of color, people, places and things; there is guidance and signs all around with the communications of Spirit!

Example:  If psychically I saw a star, a cup, and river image, this would tell me one possibility might be that there will be a coming shift on the physical body and could affect circulation and the blood.  Now, how strongly I feel and see the images then becomes my reading of the given situation.

The Star represents spirit energy, the cup is the body and the river (depending on its image) would tell me how direct someone might receive the experience on their body.  It is again, an unspoken language. If at first you don’t understand an image, just ask the guides or angels for clarification. 

Reading images is known as reading “Holographically”; it is an important ability towards building your symbolic-library of images, the more you understand the holographic symbols, the faster the psychic messages are received and understood.  Think of it as a phone to another dimension and the transmissions are done in codes, symbols and even sound.  What I love about it is, it happens in seconds, no real waiting unless there needs more clarity coming from either side of the equation.

Making a Collage is the most wonderful adventure toward messages from another dimension, because the result is intuitive and designed by your emotional choices, dreams, wishes and desires; a Collage can holographically tell a story.

Photo Art of anything that catches your eye can quickly move into your emotions and you might not know why. Example:  Years ago while decorating my new home, I came across a framed painting of a dancer holding flowers to the floor as if it was her last dance.  I thought the colors and composition was so beautiful and only later did I realize that the dancer represented the end of my marriage.  The dancer painting is boxed up and has not been seen for years.  Now, it brings back sad memories knowing it was purchased unknowingly a message from Spirit.

The emotional body is the major conduit for the energy fields to transfer energetic communications.  The more we heal within our emotional body, the more we make contact with our intuitive-self.   It also prepares us to receive pure information that can be confirmed on the physical body.

Confirmation on the physical body from a psychic impression is very real and I don’t know anyone who hasn’t had goose bumps, a cool chill or sound that has offered a knowing confirmation or answer to a question. 

Years ago when my mother was alive, I would call her on the phone and share a story about something spiritually that I was doing.   It could have been a healing or psychic reading, a past life regression or interesting hypnosis therapy session.  I lived in Portland, Oregon and my mother lived in Boise.  She would only know the story without names.  I guess some would say that she lived vicariously through me and I was more than ok with that because upon hearing a story, Momma would get chills starting on the top of her head, the chills would travel down her body all the way to her toes. 

I use to call her my “Confirmer” as my momma sensed more way beyond what I even shared with her.  She was a closet psychic medium and was as a child punished if she talked or demonstrated her talents in any way. 

So Momma encouraged me to always thank the angels for their assistance, and be thankful that we could share something so unique and precious between us.

In experiencing the talents, it is always nice to have confirmations and if you have people who can confirm for you, it is truly a gift.  Self- doubt and other emotions can rise up when you use your talents so, it is important you have a deep knowing and also confirmation for yourself.

One more point to share is sensitives with psychic abilities have been treated with disrespect for the reason of fear, control, and religious separation. The government has recruited and trained psychics since the early 50’s in a race with other foreign powers. There has been a huge interest in those who can do what is called, “Remote Viewing” and it is now used by governments all over the world and especially our governmental departments of the NSA.

I know this would be a lead into a whole other subject but, we now know the human being is way more special in our Soul’s Talents and we should become aware of what multiple sciences are being hidden from us even now. Your talents are waiting to be discovered, and spiritually blessed by God our creator!  Don’t be afraid to travel the road less traveled, just remember to take the angels along with you!

Thank you for listening, 
Badeish Lange