Are you a Chameleon too?
by Victoria Savage RN - “Wisdom Guided Oracle”
For most of my life I was the best Chameleon ever. I could be whatever anyone wanted or needed me to be. What I wanted was rarely a consideration.
I did this because I needed, well actually, I required the opinion of others in order to be okay with me and to know who I was. What I felt or thought wasn’t valid because I’d spent years building a distrust of myself. I only considered the opinions of others. If there was criticism, I anguished over it and re-examined what I’d done and how I would be better next time. I’ve discovered that many of us do. What they think is far more important than what I think.
I believe society as a whole gives the mighty THEY a huge amount of power and influence over ourselves and our lives. Through the years I’ve considered deeply who the hell THEY are. There is no THEY and yet we give so much of our power to them.
The truth is, each one of us here in this human experience doing the same thing…trying to figure out this thing we call life. Why then do we give them any precedence over us and our life?
Why? Because we’ve never learned to love or trust ourself.
So, I think it’s time to stop this insanity and begin to stand in our personal energetic and empowered selves. It’s time to begin to learn to actually love and trust ourselves.
When this happens, life becomes amazing in so many ways and a wonderful adventure. It’s not always easy, and not always a breeze, but full of growth, expansion, fulfillment and the velvet peace of learning to love, accept, and trust ourselves exactly as we are.
Are you ready to experience this for yourself?
The best part is, this journey is easier and more straight forward than you think. It’s not all Woo Woo and weirdness. It’s practical, it’s down to earth and it’s a blast!
I recommend that you first learn to muscle test yourself. This is a hugely powerful simple-to-learn tool that can be a great catalyst for you to begin to access your own inner wisdom.
If you’re ready to expand into your power, this would be a great next step.
This is also a tool to help you to begin to develop trust in yourself.

I have an 11 minute video that I’d love to send you to get you on your way. And, I’m offering it for just $11. To order your video email me at nursesavage@wholisticu. com or call 208-473-8254.