A Synergetic Approach
by Charles Lightwalker


As a Reiki Master since 2001, I have used Reiki in many healing situations over the years. My greatest experience in using Reiki came when I had the opportunity to do a research project with local chiropractor Dr. Pat Dougherty. Our chief aim was to document the affects Reiki had on patients, in conjunction with their chiropractic care.

Dr. Dougherty and I selected three patients as test subjects. All the subjects presented with physical complaints, and all were familiar with both Reiki and chiropractic treatments. Each patient underwent a series of three combined chiropractic and Reiki sessions that were completed in a time frame of between 8 and 15 days. The order of the sessions was different for each patient.

The patients shared their level of wellness before their appointment by filling out a Quality of Life Questionnaire, in addition to filling out a pain diagram and writing a brief synopsis summarizing their feelings about each visit.

The subjects were not allowed to see what scores they put down on the previous visit so as not to bias their answers.

Interestingly, each subject put down a higher score on the third visit in every category than they did on the first visit.

The input we received revealed that patients receiving Reiki treatments prior to their chiropractic care felt more attuned to their bodies. They were better able to express where they felt off balance, and where aches and pains resided in their bodies. They also noted they experienced calmness after the combination treatments. They expressed the belief that the Reiki/chiropractic sessions made their day brighter, more enjoyable, and worry free. This peace of mind sometimes lasted several days following a treatment.

We cannot be sure that these results are solely attributable to the treatments we provided to the subjects. We can be certain from these results that all three of the subjects were more satisfied overall, and in distinct categories of life, than they were before they began treatment.

Dr, Dougherty also observed that it was easier to adjust the patients following a Reiki treatment. It also appeared that patients could communicate more directly their health concerns post Reiki treatment.

It is our belief that combining energy enhancement modalities created a synergy of healing that provided a deeper, more profound sense of well-being. As a result of this experiment, it’s obvious that combining energy treatments can enhance the quality of life for all who receive this care. With this awareness, it is my hope that more Reiki practitioners and chiropractors form partnerships to increase the effectiveness of their energy work.

Previously printed in UNIVERSAL L IFE MAGAZINE

Charles Lightwalker co-wrote the book Quantum Healing: The Synergy of Chiropractic and Reiki,
with Holistic Chiropractor Dr. Pat Doughtery, D.C.
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