Buddha’s Triangle
by Michelle Blair

Many people have self imposed stress during the holiday season with finances and time restrictions. Consequently, energetically on our planet we also have timeline condensing/ time variations with worldwide events that cause stress in the morphogenic field, (Group energetic field). Every day I meet people that are empathic and can feel the world-wide stress as well as their own stress causing many to feel helpless and despondent.

Recently a colleague, (Katie Fisher) that lives in Hawaii reminded me of acupressure points that may assist with stress called Buddha’s Triangle. All 3 points are within reach and can be completed by an individual on their wrist. I would love to share these points with you for the month of December.

These 3 points, Heart 7, Pericardium 6 and Lung 9 have individual purposes, but together create a triad of balance for the heart, mind and soul. Here is an image of the points. For more go to: https://images.app.goo.gl/5tp1pYRFrkfjSbrx6

Heart 7 called “Spirit Gate” helps to balance a mind that is teetering between depression and mania by giving a more grounded approach with appropriate boundaries. This point is also great for a scattered mind.

Pericardium 6 is a heart protector and called in Chinese Medicine “Inner Frontier Gate”. Pericardium 6 assists with calming a restless heart and quieting the mind. A person must be able to receive love and nourishment in order to move through fear and this point adds to the Buddha’s Triangle with a large contribution. We cannot give to others if we cannot receive for ourselves.

Lung 9 called The Great Abyss: helps with feelings of grief from loneliness and loss. When a person has this energetic pattern they may be blocked in their lung channel from a trauma. The person may accumulate materialistic items of increased value in an attempt to fill the Great Abyss within their heart. Lung 9 is effective by surrendering to a greater power than self.

Together the 3 points calm an over thinking mind that can lead to anxiety. These points will release grief, allow love into the heart, and give boundaries in difficult situations. Of course, this is a brief synopsis of these points because there is so much more.

I would like to Thank Lonny Jarrett the author of The Clinical Practice of Chinese Medicine for an inside view of the emotional components to these points. If you would like assistance through this holiday time, I will be here for you. You can reach me by phone, text or book an appt. through my website. Let us create your wellbeing through this holiday season bringing in a bright New Year.

*As always with Alternative medicine, Buddha’s Triangle is used in conjunction with appropriate Medical Health care and Mental Healthcare support.

~ Love and Gratitude Michelle Blair, RN

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