The Drama of the Inner-Child
by Badeish Lange
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This article is addressing the therapeutic approach to emotional damage caused by early injuries to the child-within.  The term “Child- Within” does not originate with me but is taken from a word used in Transactional Analysis.

The Swiss psychotherapist J.K. Stettbacher and author of “Four Step Method of Therapy” says that we are all prisoners of our childhood, whether we know it, suspect it, deny it, or have never heard about the possibility.

He was able to develop a remarkably effective therapy method because, unlike thousands of his successors, he never allowed himself to be deterred by the truth about childhood abuse and neglect and their consequences.

Sterrbacher believed that it is absolutely essential to voice previously repressed natural needs, so that through healing these needs can be fulfilled.  The search for the true self requires inner-commitment.  With assistance, the right healing method can help make sense of our suffering, and help embrace forgiveness.

This information below is the practical and healing approach to the inner-child’s woundology and everyone might want to learn more about what exist within the sacredness of their Child-Within.

                   The Four Steps to Dispense the Woundology

1.     We must face the truth with our minds and our heart, acknowledging the pain and fear to which we were subjected.

2.     We must speak out against this mistreatment, confronting our parents in an “inner-dialogue”.

3.     Describe your perception of the situation here and now, feelings and articulate your feelings as well as postulating your right to have them, seeking, and identifying realities.

4.     Finally formulating your needs.

For some people, to use this healing approach or modality, their first emotion might be fear; not wanting anyone to see their hurts, pains, and even weaknesses is the average response.  The unknown truth is that these emotional injuries, shows up on the physical body and not just the emotional personality.  Here is another little known fact:  This type of healing modality can be less painful and the experience may cause a major shift that can perhaps change someone’s life in a shorter period of time.  

Some may ask why this method of Stettbacher’s approach is not as well known.  The medical field has its protocol and educational structure, changes in many fields of medicine take sometimes many years and most professionals will not step outside their well-designed matrix. 

This healing modalities’ approach did not come from my educational background till much later.  I experience the gift of being able to psychically see and hear the inner-child communications.  I am so happy now to have had the confirmations to share this therapeutic tool with other practitioners and interested people. 

For an in-depth and fast track toward making some life changes, you might want to read the reference books at the end of this article.  Though the effort of self-education, you may re-discover parts of yourself that have been missing and now found!

Here is an example of what I experience when this phenomenon of seeing, feeling, and hearing the inner-child happens.  The first psychic/intuitive reaction is to see what conditions the child will project, the emotional levels and environments of the inner-child. Their emotional recall of past upsets intuitively can happen in the blink of an eye.  Hypnotherapy also approaches a similar inquire to collect the emotional events held within the client’s cellular recollections.

My experience with an inner child can happen anytime through a photo, a voice over the phone or someone in person.  I gather as much information as I can and report it back to my client.  If they want, we choose to continue getting information from the inner-child or arrange for a hypnosis session.  In a hypnosis session, the child-within experiences become more energetic and a profound experience for the client.  The inner-child sometimes recall past lives and spiritual contracts we have with significant others. 

The child-within may also read their physical body and can give instructions for the release of challenging and rooted emotions.  Most clients will feel energies vibrating into higher octaves during this transformational healing process.

Since being an empath, it is very important to monitor my client and help the procedure of gathering “energetically and cellular stored” information that is unconsciously deposited in the body.  Once this happens, the extraction of unwanted attachments can begin.

There is so much more to this healing process.  Hopefully you will take this therapeutic science seriously.   Maybe, you have already had a confirmation and deeper understanding of your own inner-child experience!

Over the years, I have experienced a wide range of inner-child’s styles of communications but, I must tell you being an empath takes special precautions when going in the realm of someone’s pain and emotional wounds.  It has brought amazing spiritual growth and rewards.  

Some things cannot be measured by cultural standards.  If someone’s illness or upset/woundology leaves their body and their life force is strengthened within their body, mind and spirit…..they are the living proof that miracles can painlessly happen!

Two more important sharing’s:  The child-within is connected to the Soul’s -Senses where angels reside.  The inner-child usually has a secret name and likes to be addressed by this name once the communication begins.  Ask yourself, “Do you know your inner-child’s name”?

Thank you for listening,  Badeish Lange

Drama of the Gifted Child    by Alice Miller
Four Step Method Therapy      by J.K. Stettbacher
Breaking Down the Walls of Silence     by Alice Miller
Magic Child     by Jane Meyers