Healing Miracles - A Case Study on the 10 Day Healing Retreat
by David DeHaas

It was 2 Pm Sunday afternoon the day before we start our 10 day healing retreat. I had a premonition about a client who had wanted to do our 10 day Cleanse and Healing retreat in December but her schedule at the time would not allow it. I was nudged by a premonition to give her a call. When she answered she was crying, I asked “What’s going on?”

She replied, “I am in the emergency room. I have a bleeding bladder oozing pus and I am in a lot of pain.”

I said, “Let’s get you in and get your body healed. Are you open to doing the 10 day this month?”

She said, “That would be great but I can no longer drive. I will call my Husband to bring me to Living Waters Wellness Center.”

3 hours later she came in and got on the colonic bed. That first colonic was a rough session. So many toxins and constipation were the culprits.

She joined the 10 day Healing retreat. On Wednesday her husband was diagnosed with the RSV virus and she became sick but continued on her healing Journey. Each day she was getting better and better.

9 days later she came into my office and said “Look at my shoes. David, I have not been able to wear these shoes since I was married 5 years ago. Then, they barely fit with no socks. Look, I am wearing wool socks and they fit fine. I have lost 2 pant sizes and a full cup size on my breasts.”

As I looked at her face you could see that her skin was now pink and glowing. She was beaming with joy!

She had not been in pain since day 3. She went on to tell me her anxiety is absent and she feels she is able to respond to drama versus react. I have not had to take any pain medications since day 3. When I got the RSV on Wednesday, I had a cough and sinus drainage and lots of sneezing, I did not use any OTC medication. I had a fever every night from Wednesday through Tuesday the following week. I had some laryngitis and residual cough and congestion. The cough triggered some asthma but I only needed the inhaler 2 times. Emotionally I feel better and cleaner.

I have missed this version of me for nearly 5 years! My insulin requirement appears to have dropped by 5%. My “muffin top is 75% smaller! My upper arms no longer “squeeze” into my shirts. Thank you for making the call!

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