The Language of Color -- Part 1
by Badeish Lange
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Many theories have been researched and tested on the subject of how to use color for healing purposes, personality identification, clothing apparel and our environment.  How colors effect our mind and body is an ongoing subject of scientific investigation.

Color has a spectrum of electromagnetic light, which triggers receptors in the human brain. Our brain receives the Color Codes and introduces a natural way to focus on our relationship with the intuitive, the physical body and spirituality.

The psychic and psychological use of color can produce a holistic approach to the Art of Healing.  Throughout the years, color communications has been at times a source of education, a firsthand experience and at times receiving mystical knowledge.  Here is an example:  Years ago I was trained and licensed in massage therapy. 

One day I had a female client up on the massage table and as I was moving some congestion out of her stomach area, all of a sudden I saw intuitively this very muddy dark blue color releasing like smoke. 

I knew blue could mean “father” so I asked my client about her father-relationship and it turned out that it was a case of molestation.  Together, the client and I removed an old blockage that had been affecting her digestion and sexuality for years.  Let’s just say that the release of the old congested energies were replaced with a “pure light force” and she experienced what is spiritually referred to as a “Renewal”. 

Our world is full of colors everywhere we look and yet, few know the symbolic language and the power of information that colors vibrate at. 

Science has discovered that Color is a live energy and has a “Vibrational Reality”.  Feminine, neutral and masculine qualities make up all Color.  Color vibrations received through the brain activate left and right brain responses.  The brain, in turn, creates a bio-chemical response to the trinity of the body, mind, and spirit.

Understanding the Language of Color can also reveal an intuitive self-portrait.  Your likes and dislikes of certain colors began when you were about two years old.  Preferences for particular colors are actual information coming from deep within our mental and spiritual framework.  Our color choices have established a personal language of our feelings, vitality, need, motivation, security and fulfillment.

This is a sharing on the Color Red that you might find interesting.  Of all the colors that I have studied and experienced throughout the years, Red Personalities are the most interesting and a possible major challenge.

Challenging because Red’s life force is rarely used for the good and when it is in balance, amazing things happen for this person and the people around them.

Usually Red personalities are earthy, project self-confidence but can be very secretive about their true identity on deeper levels.   Here are some characteristics of Red Personalities:

Sensuality/sexual, very physical, athletic, compassionate, easily angered, requires personal freedom, demands attention, indulgent, over-powering, forceful, spontaneous, very possessive, temper, bored easily, competitive, craves changes and needs to be in control, and mental issues.

These are just a few notable characteristics of the Red Personality and most have an attitude that “seeing is believing”.  If it cannot be proven through science…it is not real.

Who do you know that might be a Red Personality?

Ask yourself this question, “What color am I?”

I knew as a small child that my color code is Purple.  Only later in life did I learn the actual information around the color purple and importance of this vibration playing out in my life.  Here is a thumbnail of the Color Purple:  Teacher, healer, sensitive, spirit quest, sees beyond the common reality, philosophy, unconventional, interested in humanity, childhood wounds, and control issues.

Every color vibration and combination of colors is information forming a “language”.  Throughout the years Angels and Spirit Guides use color as one of their methods of contact or presence.

We have Firing Codes of Color everywhere:  Rainbows, fire, all bodies of water, oil slick, chakra system, clouds, landscapes, human auras field, sunrise, sunset, dreams, crystals, rocks and many more.

Color Breathing in a meditative style is very powerful for the whole body. Pick a color from one of the seven rainbow colors and visualize in your minds-eye a room to sit in breathing your color choice.  Please pay close attention to what you are feeling on the physical body.  You might want to record your experiences for reflection or you may discover an answer to a question.

Here are a few fun facts:

In the late 70’s an airline found that using brown and yellow interiors on some of its planes tended to make some passengers sick.  The interiors were quickly changed to a soothing green and blue grey and the airline claimed 50 percent less airsickness.

Years ago, many public environments such as hospitals used red, orange and purple but found that their patience’s acted out more and experienced additional feelings of depression.    

Next month, I will be sharing more fun facts about color and Color Tools utilized for healing,

Thank you for listening,  Badeish Lange

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