Introduction to Cyclical Living
by Sydney Sage, Cyclical Living Life Coach - 208-608-2498


Cyclical Living is living in tune with your body’s phases, the five moon phases, ongoing solar + lunar astrology, as well as the four seasons. Cyclical Living organizes, streamlines, and simplifies your life while getting you tapped into the ever-present energies that constantly affect you and others around you. 

For women, this lifestyle will heal all PMS, PCOS, endometriosis, and period symptoms, as their cycle is 28 days long and they have a big hormonal change 4 times per month which affects all other body systems and affects their mood, energy levels, and intuitive abilities. 

For men, their cycle is the same every 24 hours, but they are also affected by the moon, astrology, and the seasons. When we all embrace our natural biorhythms life gets so much easier and almost starts to feel magical. I also include International Coaching Federation educated professional life coaching in addition to Cyclical Living, so I am trained to help clients with any types of requests or topics they want to work on. We can see amazing changes start to happen at the 3 month mark, and even more transformational change at the 6 month mark. 

Life coaching is also an amazing addition to therapy, whereas therapy we are generally working on the past + healing, while life coaching is generally working on the future + goals. 

Some of the benefits of Cyclical Living are: You become deeply in tune with the energies of the moon, astrology, the seasons, and your own body  You activate your full potential by no longer fighting your body’s natural rhythms and fluctuations  You know how to show up in your business or at work and you align that with the cycles of your body and nature  You will increase your financial health + business  You know when to make social plans because you know which chunks of the month you’ll have more energy and which chunks you’ll be more introverted  You will easily lose weight  You will have a customizable guideline of how to eat and workout according to your monthly phases (for women)  You will tap into your intellectual strengths based on your changing hormone levels (for example in your menstrual phase you are best at analysis, data, getting into finances, and reflecting)  You will improve all of your relationships by knowing how nature’s cycles may be affecting your loved ones.

I offer sliding scale pricing and your first coaching session is free to see if you enjoy it and we align. I can’t wait to speak with you! Stay tuned for next month’s issue where I will explain how to live by the moon in a simple way, debunking some of the common misconceptions around living by the moon.