Hip Pain, Back Pain, Sciatica Pain? Pooping in the Pelvis is the Cause
by David DeHaas

The average person packs an extra 12-15 Lbs. of old rotting fecal matter in their colon.  This is bad for many reasons.  That rotting mess has to go somewhere and if it’s not straight out then it will saturate the tissues of the colon wall.

As more poop build up occurs in the colon, less blood flows to the hip.  When the poop is not exiting on a regular basis your body just keeps pushing it into the tissue.  This causes the blood to get turbid and dirty and the Lymphatic is now laden with this toxic material.  You get calcification and crystallization and scar tissue in the sciatica.  You think you have a Low back or hip problem.  At the root of it you have a pooping problem.  If you were to look inside the colon you would see a big pooched out area holding a mass of fecal matter. 

Your chiropractor will adjust your sciatica.  But the sciatica is not the problem. The sciatica is out of joint because of the putrefaction of the colon.  Leaked infection into the bloodstream into the tissues, creating infection, inflammation. It’s like putting a burger on a barbecue, you dehydrate it and it became beef jerky and it shrinks.  So, the tendon and the muscle shrinks shorter and gets thinner. Now your body is out of alignment.

When you continue to “poop in your pelvis”, you have so much inflammation you pull calcium from the bones, from your spine and from your hips to try to buffer down the infections that created the inflammation so you don’t have a mutation.  Calcium is trying to bring up the pH so that you don’t get cancer. 

Which hip usually goes bad first???  The right hip.  The small intestine drops digested food into the right side of the large colon. Now the digested matter has to go against gravity up the right side and then across the transfer colon.   

It’s not unusual for this area of the colon to get as big as 16” in diameter. 

It takes at least 10-12 sessions of colonics to get all the way around the colon.

Joyce, a client, had a sore back and had a hard time walking and could not squeeze her hands together.  Her hands were crippled with arthritis.  After the 10-day healing retreat, where she did 10 straight colonics she could squeeze her hands and bend over without pain.  She was able to get back into gardening and painting, hobbies she had not done in years. 

What hobbies are you missing out on?  You deserve to live your best life while you are on earth.  Cleanse and allow the body to respond back to wellness.

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