Solar Activity Affecting the Human Body
by Michelle Blair
Some people may be aware that we are in a solar cycle causing multiple solar flares/ Storms. Often I refer to to find out the status on strength, quality and direction of a solar flare. Many solar flares affect our computers and phones causing more stress at home and in the work place. The reason they affect our electronics is the flares affect the satellites orbiting the Earth. There are holes in our Earth atmosphere and when we have solar flares there can be intense heat reaching the Earth surface. The Flares will also affect Schuman’s Resonance frequency for the Earth. During a flare the Schuman’s resonance can spike causing physiological complaints in Human Beings and Animals. Some complaints may be headache, joint pain, and gastrointestinal issues (bloating, nausea).
Recently my Angels and guides have been speaking to me about radiation from these flares. Radiation waves are invisible to our eyes, so we may not be aware of the effect. Much like nuclear power, X-Rays, CT scans and MRI’s used in hospitals. The sun emits rays of Electromagnetic radiation, X-rays, UV radiation, Geomagnetic storms, and Gamma rays.
So my question to my Angels and guides is how can we protect ourselves using crystals and stones. Now there is more to this subject such as nutrition, sleep etc. But these topics will have to be covered separately. With angelic assistance I started researching stones that can protect our body and could assist with solar flare radiation emissions. Some stones that may be of assistance are Smoky quartz, Black Obsidian.... There are quite a few more that were unexpected, but I have hesitation without giving education and understanding directly to an individual.
Now each stone has a specific purpose for a particular radiation, or lymph swelling. Yes with radiation comes that bloat from a sluggish lymph system. I hear many people complaining on being very bloated right now. To better understand these stones in conjunction with lymph and radiation from solar flares, I am teaching 2 individual classes on the same topic, Tuesday September 20th at 1 PM & 5:00PM. Class time 3.0 hours.
Each person that signs up will choose stones to create their own Ascension/ Radiation Protection bag. These stones are included in the class price. Classes will be limited to 10 people per class. Handouts will be available.
Cost: $75 ~ To sign up, Please contact:
Michelle Blair (The Crystal Nurse)
Text or Call: 208-869-0104
Please sign up or Email questions to: Light
* This class is used in addendum to your existing healthcare regimen and is not to replace allopathic, Naturopathic, Chinese Medicine or other medical resources.