Mastering The Mirrors
by Geri Habstritt, Medical Intuitive Quantum Healer

Your life is your mirror.  What do you see?  The mastery question in every experience should be “what in me invited this to be?”  Good, bad, it matters not the label or judgment.  If it is in your matrix it’s because you invited it in.  We are all co-creators in this collective experience creating with the content of our energy fields.  This includes thoughts, beliefs, focus, environment, unresolved lineage and unhealed emotions. Many are challenged with this and won’t fully wake up to their mastery because of the level of responsibility it takes to own this and move through it.  It is much easier to blame.

I carried victim consciousness for many years as does everyone who is born into human form until they remember they are a creator as opposed to a victim.  Victim’s will always attract rescuers and abusers.  This scenario can cycle for lifetimes and generations until someone in the lineage breaks the cycle.  The perpetrator can be yourself.  Many people abuse themselves through self judgment.  Until complete self love is achieved, awareness is gained through constant observation and a willingness to take ownership of everything in your life, the cycle will continue.

What about the children who are born into abusive families?  Why would they create such an experience?  For an eternal soul, one life experience of a brilliant little being who is certain they will never forget who they are and confident they can put an end to abuse throughout an entire lineage is an act of love and mastery.  This awareness in no way excuses ill behavior but offers an enlightening perspective.

Recently, a friend called who was pet sitting and said the owner was scared something bad was going to happen to her while she was sitting and she shared that she was in turn scared that one of the pets might die on her watch. Their fears of being responsible for someone else’s death were mirroring each other.  It just takes one of these individuals to become aware, lift and witness the emotion or false fear and it will simultaneously heal in both of them.  Imagine how quickly we could turn this worldly experience around if we all became responsible.  The quickest way to dissolve fear is to witness it as opposed to processing through it.

When I first awoke to the fact that I was responsible for EVERYTHING in my experience, not only was it immensely empowering because I can now fix, heal and change everything but if I can create years of pain and drama then I can also create beauty and magic.  Through tenacity, love and awareness everyone has the ability to manifest a miraculous life.

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