You Will Never Find Heaven on Earth with a Toxic Body
by David DeHaas
A client arrived the other day suffering from the usual, Brain Fog, Joint pain, Frequent urination at night, cravings of carbohydrates, chronic fatigue, and on and on.
As we went thru the list of symptoms she then made a statement. “I am actually pretty healthy for my age”!!!!! What??? You have a myriad of symptoms that prevent you from being able to think clearly, sleep well, go hiking, play with your kids and you say you are pretty healthy for your age????
I guess if you compare yourself to everyone else in your age that might seem true. But are you really?
The barometer by what you have set your standards is other sick people. That is the wrong barometer to gauge your well being.
Do you want to be able to go on hikes? Ski the big mountain, Mountain bike, ride dirt bikes, play basketball with the kids? Grandkids??? Think clearly? Feel Awesome?????
I look at the past greats like Jack LaLanne and I call him normal. In the 1960’s Dr. Bernard Jensen was invited to the Hunza Valley in Pakistan. A remote community that was very hard to get too. The Hunza’s grew all their own food. No fast food, no cola’s, no sugar. Many people were still working on their farms at 120 years of age with all their teeth and faculties.
For 9 months of the year they were completely cut off from civilization because of the extreme amount of snow they received each year. In the 1970s the government put a nice large road into the valley. With it came processed foods, oils, sugar, etc. Not soon after the road was installed, all of the usual problems began appearing in their society, Dental cavities, joint pain, brain fog, cancer etc.
The United States with its “State of the Art Medicine” is one of the sickest countries on earth. It doesn’t have to be that way.
You can choose your NORMAL and LIVE YOUR BEST LIFE, AND Find YOUR HEAVEN ON EARTH right now.
When our clients follow “The 4 Natural Laws of Healing” www.4NaturalLawsof, they remove the toxins causing the inflammation and are able to Live their best life.
We see it time after time when our clients do Deep Tissue Cleaning with Colon Hydrotherapy following the 4 NATURAL LAWS OF HEALING, they are able to get the toxins out, thereby reducing or eliminating inflammation.
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