What is a Womb Wound and Why Does It Matter?
by Victoria Savage RN - Nurse Savage On Your Side “Wisdom Guided Oracle”

Remembering we are energetic beings at our very core, it makes sense that before we have much form to our humanness, that time we spend in the womb, we are reaching out energetically and reading, feeling and sensing all the energies that surround us.

If our mothers did not want to be pregnant, that is a primal wound to our spirits as we step into human form and one that will be the foundation throughout our entire life.

This is why it matters:

It will color everything we see, everything we believe, especially about ourselves, and everything we are. Until we discover our power in our spirit/energy. This is when we expand into our true natures and true selves.

It’s important to understand that there are also energies that enter during our gestation from our ancestors through our DNA, because we don’t just bring in their physical characteristics. We bring in their traumas, beliefs and experiences as well. Thankfully we don’t bring in all their energies, only the ones that will help us achieve what we wanted to learn and experience in this lifetime.

Then there are the energies of our past lives, our Karma.

Now, Karma is not punitive energy or pay back energy. It’s actually energy we chose to allow into this incarnation for our growth and learning. We bring it forward to assist us in this life for the growth and expansion we chose before we entered back in.

Then there’s the energies we absorb as we progress throughout our lives; our experiences in the type of family we came in to, and whatever that energy catapults us towards. (All being chosen by us in one way or another through our personal energy field.)

As children we begin by reading energy and absorbing energy, then as we get into about our 7th year and beyond, we begin to attract to us similar energy to what we are putting out into the universe continuously.

So, the wound womb created with our present life’s mother and father as well as from our past life’s energy, forms a foundation for us to launch from.

Remember, the womb is where we are preparing ourselves to step into the life and learning opportunities, we’ve chosen in our soul state. We did not enter as victims, even though we became victims at several times throughout life. I say this because the victim is powerless.

When we understand the power from the field of energy, and the power of intention, we are far from powerless! It is here we take charge, shift our focus, and make changes.

This is when we consciously begin to change what we are attracting, and how we are walking through this life. By taking charge of our thoughts, beliefs, and words, and consciously choosing and being in charge of what we are bringing to ourself.

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