Here is the Fire Scrying/Candle viewing Exercise
by Charles Lightwalker

Fire scrying allows us to strengthen the will by learning to direct our energy in one place, and to sustain it for an extended length of time. The longer we hold our gaze upon something, and focus our devotion upon it, the more we absorb the energy of that thing, which allows us to align ourselves and our vibrational frequencies with our devotion. What we are training ourselves to do is to ground into that which we choose to ground into. We are training ourselves to take authority over our lives, and to choose where, when and how we direct, commit, and devote our energy.

It ‘s best to practice this exercise in seclusion free from distractions, in a dark room with your phone off, while wearing loose clothing. the intention is to liberate yourself from anything that could take your atention away from you, be it an incoming text, a wandering pet, or a swatch of stiff, tight fabric digging into our thighs.

For this exercise you will need five candles and a timer

Sit cross-legged in a circle comprised of four lit candles, each representing the four directions.

Light the remaining candle, and place it on the floor in front of you.

Set timer for 5 minutes.

Stare at the candle while summoning a though, or an energy, in your mind. The thought can be anything you want to strengthen, or call in: love, money, your dream job, etc., whatever you want.

Hold that thought/energy in your mind while gazing at the flame without diverting your eyes, or allowing any other thoughts to distract you.

The thought is your devotion. Your gaze is your commitment. Commit your devotion to that flame while focusing on nothing else for as long as you can.

When the timer rings, snuff out the four candles surrounding you.

Closing Exercise 

Set timer for 5 more minutes.

Say “I increase the fire inside my being to allow me to see in all directions.”

Breathe consciously and deliberatley, then repeat: “ I increase the fire inside of my being to allow me to see in all directions.”

Keep breathing and keep saying this aloud until the timer goes off.

It is important to finish all fire exercises sessions with this short closing, because a will that is fortified with the sight of the four directions, is one strong will.

Strengthening our will is crucial because it is only when our devotion to love is really strong- super strong, that we can’t be swayed, and can’t be distracted. Weak wills make us easy to control.
Charles Lightwalker is a Spiritual Healer, Metis Shamanic Practitioner,
and teacher of the Metis Medicine Ways. 509-389-7290