Keeping My Promise
by Christine Haggerty

15 years ago, I was diagnosed with a debilitating disease that changed the direction of my life. I was bedridden for two years and needed help eating, using the bathroom, getting dressed, sitting up in bed, and even moving my head from side to side and up & down.

After several surgeries and years of rehabilitation including re-learning how to walk, read, and feed myself, I was blessed to receive the ability to understand and help others who suffer. This is a Divine gift and I give all credit to God. I am a conduit.

After years of guided study and practice with spiritual teachers, I opened my healing center near my home in Idaho, yet I work with people all over the world who are seeking healing in all areas of life.

During my years of ongoing suffering, I was attacked several times by the evil one.  I knew that I must be a threat to this evil, otherwise, it wouldn’t bother with me.  After many attacks in person and in my dreams and in my home, I finally figured out how to get rid of this tormenting entity.  I finally confronted it face to face and boldly stated, that I didn’t care what it was doing to my physical body, it was my heart, soul, and spirit that belonged to the Divine One, and nothing could ever take that away.  My faith was as solid as a rock and my love for God was untouchable. Soon after this, darkness left me.

As I continue to develop my energy healing and spiritual counseling skills, I take time throughout the day to pray and meditate and to give thanks to the Divine One who guides me in all things.

When clients come to see me either in person or through social media, I can tap into their needs and spiritual energy.  Sometimes, they are connected to a negative cord or energy, which I cut away and dispose of properly. I then fill that recently cut place with Divine Healing Light and seal it with a light of protection. As I am working, there are Holy angels and Holy Beings of Light with me.  Sometimes, while working with a client, a family member or a past loved one will drop into the session and offer their love.  They know this is Holy ground and Divine healing work is taking place.

Never in a hundred years would I have imaged that when I was ordained a Christian Minister, this would be my calling.  But God’s work comes in all sizes and all different packages.  I made a vow to God promising Him that I would hold his people in my heart…all His people, not just Christians, not just Catholics, not just Baptist, not just Mormons, not just heterosexual, and not just those who believe in the presence of a Creator… no exceptions.

When you seek help from me, I hope you will experience a place where your heart and mind can rest, your soul is filled with peace, and you sense the Divine Light of unconditional love. 

In Great Love and Light, Pastor Christine Haggerty


PS: I would also love to give a shout-out to Leanna Marino, an incredible Psychic and Healer, who recently moved to Hope, Idaho. You can contact Leanna at:  (760) 686-4313 and welcome her to our State and Healing Community.

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