Depression is it really YOURS?
by Charles Lightwalker

Ann, 35, call me a few months ago and said that she had been terribly depressed for a long time (since her early 20’s). She had seen a few doctors, and one of them gave her antidepressants but the side effects made her sick to her stomach. She also saw a psychiatrist who gave her psychotropic antidepressants, but they also made her sick. She then saw a clinical psychologist who helped her manage her depression, by using behavioral modification therapy, but it did not get rid of the depression. Ann remained unhappy, with no solution to her depression, a friend suggested she contact me. I told her what I tell all my clients, that I am not able to treat any condition or medical problem because I am not a medical doctor, but that I could clear her energy field and assist her in removing the core problem if the depression was in her energy field. She agreed to have me work with her to clear up this energy imbalance in her energy field.

In several private sessions, working with me and a Healing Key Way Practitioner, she was able to clear one layer of consciousness, we cleared her of several negative energies, demon energy, and earthbound spirit that was depressed in life. In another session, we cleared 35 soul fragments, 19 self-fragments containing depression energy.

Earthbound spirits bring the energy of their death and the negativity of their lives with them to the person they are attached to. I realized that removing these negative, dark energies from her would solve the problem, or at least I thought it would. It did help but there was still some depression lingering in her energy field, so I did past life regression and finally got to the source of her remaining depression. By using techniques that not only removed the energy but assisted her in reprogramming this past life situation, to release this energy from her current life, allowed her to move on with her life.

If one wants to truly rid themselves of depression, or other unwanted dis-ease, one should look at all options, that are available within the complementary healthcare community. There are practitioners who can help deal with depression and other problems without the use of drugs.

Living a healthy lifestyle, exercising daily, meditating and doing a spiritual practice will go a long way towards having a joyous long life.

Charles Lightwalker is a Spiritual Healer, Metis Shamanic Practitioner, and teacher of the Metis Medicine Ways. Charles can be reached at 509-389-7290 or emailed at