Unconscious Habitual Resistance
(Getting Out of Our Own Way)
by Badeish Lange 208-735-5376 ~ www.badeish.com ~ badeish@frontier.com

It’s amazing how often we can get in our own way without even being aware we’re doing so.  Even though we truly want to succeed, there are many reasons why we may unintentionally block our own efforts.

It is often unconscious for one’s “habitual resistance” to become an emotional polarization.  All action follows thought automatically and, if the thoughts are polarized, no positive action is possible. 

The challenge has always been to listen to the still voice from within, which gives an expanded view of our reality.  It will give meaning to what is working or a calling from the Soul level. 

We can choose to become aware of the denied parts of any un-lived, un-realized part of our life.  It can be easy to feel life is creating circumstances to block us, but sometimes the best course of action is to take a look inside of ourselves first.

When you find yourself facing obstacles that block you from your goals, it is important to not get discouraged.

Explore your “habitual resistance” on all levels by journaling in what areas you know that you have resistance energies. 

To further understand the serious backlash of underlying fears, listen closely to what you are thinking and giving meaning to. Be willing to shift out of the survival brain and into what is called an “Inner-Spiritual-Self.”

Here are important questions to answer for each fear:

1.   How old is this resistance?

2.   What other fears are wrapped up in my resistance? 

3.   What choices did I make which hindered my efforts? 

4.   What feelings and thoughts arise when I explore the different levels of resistance?

Viewing any situation from this higher perspective will permit you to control your thoughts by logically assessing what is happening and avoiding a reflexive-emotional response; Remember, you are using an Inner-Spiritual Self Tool.

Change is brought about by utilizing the “senses” to detect the shadow-self that is constantly shifting and changing portions of the mind.  There must be delineation between the conscious sense of self-awareness and the unconscious-self.

Here is the exciting next part of this inner exploration. 

Try to focus to release “habitual resistance” and get out of your own way.  Give yourself permission to explore the other side of the resistance. Let me say that again, “The other side of resistance!”

1.   If the blockage is removed, what do you see? 

2.   What do you know to do right now?

3.   What are the possibilities that could happen? 

4.   What new choices show up to move you emotionally into excitement and joy? 

Journal everything down and go back to it later. Pick up the journal and read what your “freedom” would bring into your life.  It’s always been there waiting for you to discover and to take the necessary action.

There is in my opinion, a black and white spectrum to consider when utilizing this above knowledge.  Is it to continue the same way or choose something new?  What would it feel like reaching your goals?  How would you handle your finances?  What time would you set aside for enjoyable activities or activities put on a shelf so long ago?  This is an opportunity to put away any old habit and let yourself start with a clean slate.

Removing “resistance habits” can prevent your inner-critic from unknowingly blocking you.

Put into action what is possible and then use meditation and imagined images to expand and charge your visions.  Again, once the resistance is released and your focus is on what is possible, you will activate the power of manifestation.

Thank you for listening,  Badeish Lange

Reference:  The Teachings of Abraham/Ester Hicks  
(Getting Into the Vortex)