A Message from The Galactic Federation of Light
Channeled by Shawna L. Frances for HedraNews, December 17, 2021


Good day dear ones. We are the Galactic Federation of Light taking advantage of this opportunity to reach you directly via this channel, Shawna L. Frances. Welcome to knowing yourselves in a whole new way. We reach out to you beyond the veil of forgetfulness into the pure, deep knowing of who and what you are.

What we are about to explain may stretch you far beyond where your mind has been in the past. We understand this, and we do not take this lightly. For this is the dawning of a new age. And with this new age comes a responsibility and a willingness to see beyond what you’ve known.

As stewards of light and of truth, we humbly step into this role of being the ones to help bring you this truth, to relay this information, and to gently and lovingly nurture the blossoming of consciousness which is essential for this new age.

Again welcome. Reaching beyond the veil of forgetfulness requires a bit of faith and trust on your side. This is not for the faint of heart. Many of you who feel this calling can’t quite understand where the drive is coming from. It’s there, lurking just below the surface of your consciousness, ready to come up for air when it feels safe to do so. We’d like to invite you to this place of faith and trust NOW, dear ones. Allow your mind to rest and recede to the background while your heart, and your everlasting soul, come forward to be engaged.

Imagine if you will a ball. A big, red, shiny ball. Imagine this ball being tossed around, from person to person. Feel and sense the amusement that the people who are passing the ball around feel. They are in the moment, ready to catch the red ball, then in turn ready to pass the ball to someone else.

Now allow yourself to imagine that this ball is made of light. Pure, high-vibrational light. When this ball of light gets passed around in a playful way, it actually expands the consciousness of everyone who comes into contact with the ball. And each time the ball changes hands, the frequency of light it carries grows brighter and stronger. This is similar to what is now occurring on your planet.

When the light exchange happens on a more widespread level, the momentum of the light that is changing hands devours the dark that once stood in its way. It is the exchange of light – both a receiving and a giving – that propels the planet forward into new levels of love, light, frequency and life.

What are you doing right now, dear ones, when it comes to your light? Are you gleefully and humbly accepting the gifts of light into your heart? And then are you happily, and without conditions or attachment, sharing that light with others? Are you keeping the ball for yourself, or are you passing the ball?

We’d like to inform you that what you decide to do with your light is having a MASSIVE impact on the collective consciousness here on this beautiful planet. It may be one of the biggest decisions you can be making on a day-to-day level when it comes to your existence, your peace and your happiness. These are glorious times of change for both Earth and humanity, and the rising tides of higher-vibrational energies coming onto the planet right now must be dispersed and shared freely among all of you so that the full rewards of these gifts can be known.

We’ll go even further to say that the possible “hoarding” of light and energy for your own benefit actually stifles the flow of energy and is counter-productive. It is only in the exchange of energy that the energy can continuously flow, grow, move and be a catalyst for great change.

With this very brief passage, we leave you with just a glimpse into the full reality of who and what you are as energetic beings of light having a temporary human experience. As The Galactic Federation of Light in service to humanity at this time, we humbly ask that you allow the pangs of your heart, and the gentle tug and draw of this message, to touch you deeply. We come here to Earth, this jewel in the cosmos, to be of service as a liaison between you and higher-dimensional light. This light encompasses the totality of who and what you are, as a being of Source. Irrefutably connected. Sharing in consciousness and purpose with others who have similar missions.

In a world full of duality, contrast, division and death, you may be wondering how you can truly carry the light, let alone pass it along to others. The shared social construct here for many of you is that light and love are scarce and there isn’t enough to go around. The surprise is that you CREATE the light through the sharing. You create the light through intention. You carry and pass along the light through simple choices. This world is changing rapidly, and what this really means is that you as singularities here are changing rapidly, in accord with the changing vibrational levels here in this plane of existence.

With a bit of acknowledgement of the enormity of your role as a bringer and sharer of light, you cannot but help to step outside of the denseness, even if briefly, to consider who and what you are and how you are impacting the collective. Every choice, thought, action and belief carry a specific energetic signature. These signatures ripple out to infinity. The key, from this place, is to realize on a deep level that it is YOU who embodies the changes that you seek outside yourself. The fix to the problems on the planet start with the energetic signatures that you emit. Being consciously aware of these signatures will be the catalyst that help propel you forward in your missions of light.


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