5 Powerful Things I’ve Learned from Being A Life Coach
by Sydney Sage ~ 208-608-2498 ~ www.resourcequeen.us


1. At the end of the day, we all have the SAME problems + desires; truly. More money, fulfilling + loving relationships, wanting a better career, wanting a different mindset, desires to achieve certain goals, communication, boundaries, dreams, etc. They are just so unique and different because each of us lives such a unique life but the overall themes, I have noticed, are so similar. 

2. The Universe just wants to be heard, seen, and witnessed. Since we are all little pieces of the universe experiencing itself, just the sheer power of pure presence and active listening helps us work through SO much stuff. Just having a soundboard to hear us talk helps us, and I think this is partly because if another piece of the universe hears another piece, then it is{and we are} learning, growing, and expanding. 

3. Just holding space is so insanely healing. If you ask someone about their day and just be silent without interrupting, you will notice something magical happen. They will talk your ear off because if you listen without interrupting or interjecting with your perspective or advice, they feel so seen and heard. People rarely actively listen these days. The power of presence and true attention is so validating for any human. 

4. People are self-improvement junkies, at times seeking every external resource they can think of to better themselves. But life coaching is truly so customizable, collaborative, and catered to each client and I think that is one of the many reasons they get such great results. You can read the most incredible books all day, but with someone guiding you, helping you learn the best ways to hold yourself accountable, checking in with you each week and helping you course correct, you have a very custom-tailored experience and new mindset shifts in real time that you just can’t get from external resources. I’ve seen many people have mindset breakthroughs and habit shifts from this work more than self help books, what those resources are missing is an integration piece to make the new amazing changes truly last. But using books and other resources can help too!

5. There are ALWAYS pros and cons to everything. Working from anywhere, making your own schedule, traveling whenever you want is amazing but you also have to kick your own butt, fight off loneliness, and seek out friends + community when you start feeling depleted. Just remember getting to one place doesn’t guarantee happiness, there will always be a trade off. It’s about gauging your priorities and if it’s worth it or not.

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