PMS, PCOS, and unpleasant period symptoms can all be healed.
by Sydney Sage, Cyclical Living Life Coach - 208-608-2498


We often think that horrible periods and PMS are a life-long condition that there’s nothing we can do about. We’re told and taught that PCOS is an incurable condition with no real cause. That cramps are only gone with pain pills. That moodiness around our period is inescapable. 

But thank god for some modern goddesses, truth-seekers, and rebels who went out and forged the way beyond this restricted way of thinking and cracked the code on the key to true women’s health.

PMS and unpleasant period symptoms are simply messages that our bodies are trying to convey to us. That something is off, and it’s basically this: that we are NOT supposed to live and operate the same way every single day. And this is because us women, just as the moon, are cyclical beings that change four times per month. 

Ironically, a woman’s 4 monthly phases almost mirror the moon’s main phases. Men on the other hand, have a 24-hour cycle and can operate the same daily. Women’s cycle is 28 days with 4 major hormonal changes happening over the span of that 28 day timeframe. 

This means that us women will have a portion of the month where we feel differently: the most creative & energetic, the most confident & social, the most focused and task-oriented, the most introverted and introspective. 

We can live by these 4 phases in every life area; making life more simple, healing cramps and period symptoms, increasing intuitive abilities & manifestations, healing PCOS, PMS, and period symptoms, increasing our social life, work life, and business. 

Because when we tap into our cyclical nature, we start to flow with it instead of against it. We know what part of the month we will feel most social, least social, most creative, more introspective. We start to easily lose weight since we can tailor our workouts to our phases as well. We heal all negative and painful symptoms of our cycle; including cramps, back aches, breast tenderness, mood swings, total exhaustion on our periods, PCOS - you name it. 

This is only one portion of cyclical living, what I teach to women and men. The others ways we can live cyclically and become super in tune with the energies constantly around us is by living by the moon phases, the seasons, and ongoing Astrology. Learn to live by the cycles of your body, nature, and the cosmos by exploring my website