Why look to Energy Healing for chronic, autoimmune, or terminal diseases?

by Victoria Savage RN - “Wisdom Guided Oracle”


Down to our very smallest particles, we are nothing but little atoms full of ions and protons and neutrons all vibrating around one another…We are pure Energy down to our very core.

Every disease or dysfunction begins at the energetic level…without fail.

So how much sense does it make to treat these things from only the endpoint rather than the beginning?

Emotions are energy, thoughts are energy, and beliefs are energy.

The law of energy says that energy goes out and attracts energy just like it.

The body holds on to energy in very patterned ways.

So, this is what it can look like in just one scenario:

A woman is raped.

Some of the emotions surrounding this are rage, powerlessness, unsafe, guardedness, hypervigilance, need to hide and more. Physically, the energy of these emotions can get stuck in the low back, pelvis, and hips. This leads to physical dis-alignment, as well as chronic back and hip pain.

As energetic beings, we bring in more than muscle and bone in our DNA. We also bring in the energies of our ancestors as well; their traumas, phobias and experiences.

How many women in our history have been raped, subjected to abuse, were powerless over their bodies, were viewed as property and were suppressed, depressed, oppressed and repressed. Billions!

These energies are then multiplied from generation to generation. Unless the foundation of a problem is addressed, it is only covered up and continues to multiply in its effects. Treating it from only the physical aspect just masks the problem, it doesn’t fix it.

This is why looking at every dysfunction from the energetic, and spiritual aspects, as well as the physical is far more effective for true and complete healing.

As an RN healer of 30 years, and now an energy healer as well, I believe traditional medicine does a lot of good things, but unless we compliment it with the energetic/spiritual aspect, we lose a lot of healing opportunities and call these situations chronic pain, chronic disease or dysfunction, auto immune diseases, or terminal disease. Louise Hay said, “Uncurable means it’s an inside job.”

You have the power and possibility to heal from anything. It starts in your own energy through the power of Intention.

If you’re faced with one or perhaps multiple diagnosis’s, I urge you to consider more than just traditional medical treatment. Especially if you are only being treated and not cured. Add in the holistic component to give yourself the best chance to be healthy.

This is what we call Complimentary therapy, not alternative therapy.


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